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The Best Heater Overnight in Baby Room for 2022 – Consumer Reviews

During the winter season, in night periods, the cold is always significantly increased, therefore creating a need to keep you and your family warm during sleep. For grownups, shutting the windows and wrapping around a blanket might be a solution although not very efficient. But when you have a baby in the home, for health reasons, we advise you to get the best heater overnight in baby room.

A space heater is an essential device to have during cold seasons due to its ability to keep your baby warm. Unlike adults, babies generally are unable to effectively regulate their body temperatures simply because they have small body fat to insulate themselves from cold.

Although you would do well to dress them properly with caps, socks, gloves, head warmers, and blankets, they also help, but your baby sleeping with those isn’t so comfortable (you can try it out on yourself to know how your child would feel).

The best baby room heaters works in such a comprehensive way by releasing heat into the atmosphere to counteract the cold, and although keeping your child warm is essential, so is the safety, and you should always follow the heater’s precautions on keeping a space heater in a baby bedroom safe.

This article would discuss the several types of heaters for your child, the best for them and how to use while ensuring safety.

In a Hurry? Here is our Safest heater for toddler room

We pick DELONGHI EW7707CM oil filled safe Heater as the safest when it comes to heating baby’s room. Why? 

  • It comes with the tip over protection and the thermal cut off ;
  • Also, comes with the cool to the touch feature and multiple heat settings;
  • The comfort temp features allow this heater to cut your bill moderately by automatically maintaining an optimal heat.

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The best type of space heater for baby room

There are several types of space heaters out there, depending on the mode of operation and heat dispersal. Space heaters generally are either the electric type or the combustion type.

The electric heaters are more expensive to operate than the combustion type. The types of combustion heater are also classified into vented and unvented. The types of electric heaters are oil heaters, convection ceramic heaters, and mica thermic heaters.

The oil heaters are considered to be the safest heater type for babies because their surface doesn’t heat up as much as others, making it safe for contact with babies without fear of burns.

The ceramic heater makes use of convection current across a heating element that causes the air around it to warm up, while the mica thermic heaters combine both the convection and radiant heat type and their surfaces get really hot.

Best Heater Overnight in Baby Room
Type Dimensions Noise Coverage
DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil Filled Radiator 5.9 x 13.8 x 24.9 Quiet 300sqft
Vornadobaby Sunny Nursery Vortex 7.5 x 10.1 x 10.8 Quiet 300sqft
Honeywell HCE840B HeatGenius Ceramic 10 x 6.2 x 17 Ultraquiet 250sqft
Lasko 754200 Ceramic 7.5 x 6.7 x 10 White Noise 300sqft
Brightown Ceramic Oscillating 11.6 x 8.5 x 6.4 Quiet 170sqft

Are ceramic heaters safe for babies?

YES. Ceramic heaters like every other heaters are compact and portable heat sources. It has been generally observed that this type of heaters has a way of regulating their electric charge the moment the temperature hits 380-degree Fahrenheit.

Apart from the self-regulating features, most ceramic models come with in-built sensors and safety features like the cool to the touch and tip over protection. Therefore, a ceramic heater is the safest for your babies.

Are Kerosene heaters safe for babies?

NO. You should avoid using paraffin, kerosene and gas heaters in the baby’s room because of the carbon monoxide waste they release during operation, which is odorless and colorless but causes damages to your baby’s health.

Henceforth, We recommend the electric space heater type as the best heater for baby room overnight because they do not release any gas waste that could be harmful to your child’s health since the heater would be used inside the nursery.

Thermostatic heater for nursery: The Safe heaters for toddler rooms

Regardless of the type of heater, you decide to purchase for your baby (could be conduction type, radiant type or conductive space heaters), you must ensure that it is a heater with thermostat for babies room.

A thermostatic heater is the one that contains a programmable thermostat and works by recognizing a set room temperature, then turning the device on and off accordingly in other to maintain that temperature. This feature ensures the room is neither too hot or too cold at all times.

Why a thermostatic heater?

These types of heaters are considered to be the safest for babies because it simply self regulate itself in such a way that even if you mistakenly left it unattended to, your mind will fully be at rest that your kid is in a safe heat. Henceforth, any heater considered to be a best overnight heater in the children’s room must have a programmable thermostat.

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Keeping a space heater in baby room safe

There are several guild lines you should adhere to when making use of a space heater in the baby’s room. You should strictly follow these rules for maximum safety and comfort reasons.

  • Avoid using space heaters that make use of fuel such as gas, kerosene or paraffin, in order to prevent hazardous health effects.
  • Don’t place clothes on it to dry or use it in cooking, as this is a potential fire hazard.
  • Place it in areas where movement is very high to avoid tumbling over.
  • Place it away from flammable objects in the home like curtains and papers.
  • Avoid overloading the socket the device is plugged to with other appliances to prevent overheating and burning.
  • Purchase heaters that are certified by the UL (underwriter’s laboratory)

Considerations for picking the best heater for Nurseries or babies room

  • Programmable Thermostat:

As discussed earlier, the thermostat helps in regulating the working duration of a space heater. With a thermostat, the desired temperature can be set, and then the machine works to maintain that chosen temperature. Most heaters have a low and a high setting for you to choose from.

  • Size:

The size of a space heater is equivalent to the size of the room it is expected to heat up. Small sized personal space heaters are designed to serve a very few amounts of people (1 to 2), while a large space heater can serve an entire room and also consumes more energy.

  • Timer:

The timer function allows you to set the duration or period for which you want the device to run; it goes off once the set time elapses. This function helps a lot in saving you money and avoiding overheating.

  • The noise of operation:

A quiet device is recommended for the babies room, as noisy conditions could hinder sleep and make them uncomfortable at nights.

  • Remote control:

Although not so important but this makes using a space heater easier by giving you the option of controlling the device from a distance, therefore not having to walk up to it now and then as the need to change the settings arises.

  • Other Safety features:

The three major safety features you should also consider are the automatic shutoff, cool to touch and tip over protection. The auto shut off works by turn off whenever the element overheats to avoid fire outbreaks, and the tip-over protection turns off the device in case it falls on its face to the ground. This could also cause a fire outbreak.

Cool to touch ensures the heat generated isn’t translated to the body of the device while in operation. These features are essential when you intend running the heater in the child’s room overnight.

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Top 5 best heater with thermostat for overnight in baby room

1) Delonghi EW7707CM Oil filled Safe heater

Special features: Safe heat features like thermal cut off, anti freeze settings, adjustable thermostat and cool to touch

best heater overnight in baby room

This device comes fully assembled and is relatively large in size, it has a really lovely design, and while being mounted on a specially patented 4-wheel caster that requires no assembly and helps you move the device easily around the home.

They are generally more massive than the mica panel types, and easier to clean, and though they can be used in an area with high humidity, they reach full temperature slower than the mica types. This DeLonghi heater is built with an accurate thermostat that keeps the room at a constant temperature that has been chosen by the operator.

The thermostat in absolutely silent and it has a specially designed mode called the comfortemp, in this mode, the device automatically senses the atmospheric temperature of the room and adjusts its output level to balance it accordingly to provide a maximum comfort area.

The device is built to be portable, tough, silent, efficient and do not dry out, dampen or pollute the air, neither do they possess fire risk like many heater types. This makes them operate safely around walls, furniture, curtains than many other heaters although we advise you to keep it away from those.

It does an outstanding job in heating a 300sqft room and in a 12 x 12 room without insulation and no flooring that is always cold, you just need to push the comfortemp button and it does the rest, warming up the whole room and saving you a few dollars on electric bill than a central heating system.


  • adjustable thermostat,
  • anti-freeze,
  • timer.


  • it’s relatively expensive,
  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

2) Vornadobaby tempa Nursery heater

Special Features: 2 heat and fan seetings, child lock switch, cool touch exterior, tip over protection

The vornadobaby heater is built with the maximum safety of the baby in mind, with an all curved surface and absence of sharp edges that could hurt a child. The device also has a cute design that would also add beauty to the baby’s room alongside amusement.

It is designed to keep the room warm but is only suitable for a small sized room, putting out a lot of heat and is cool to touch during operation.

The device is also quiet during operation, apart from the occasional clocking sound it makes and the white noise it releases when on, therefore if your baby is a light sleeper that might be an issue. It also has a child safety button for deterring kids, locking the controls in case you have to step away, and safety features like the tip-over protection as well as auto shutoff.

The device is an excellent heater for children’s room, it has a sensor that works quickly to warm up a medium sized bedroom while shutting off after it reached the desired temperature.


  • adjustable thermostat,
  • cool-touch case,
  • tip-over protection,
  • auto shutoff,
  • 5-year guarantee.


  • Suitable for small sized rooms.

3) PELONIS Electric, 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater with Programmable Thermostat

Special features: digital thermostat, remote control, caster wheels, oil-filled radiator type, energy-saving, digital LCD display, dimensions; 12 x 13 x 25 inches, item weight; 16.09 pounds, slim design,  

This portable oil filled radiator has been designed to be one of the best heaters out there for your baby’s room, judging based on its performance and the quality it offers.

It is made with a slender design that enables it to fit into tight spaces in the home, occupying next to nothing, while below the unit are four caster wheels at the edges, which makes mobility problems a piece of cake. The unit itself is pretty weighty, though, standing at 16.09 pounds, and about 12 inches from the floor.

It also contains all the modern features one might wish for in a heater, coming with a digital display positioned at the top side, which exactly is an LCD screen for showing temperature levels, while also having a programmable thermostat which allows the user choose specific levels of heat you want the environment to remain at.

Due to the heating element used, many heaters tend to consume much electricity, but not this one, as it has been built with special considerations in place to make it an energy-saving device.

Using this device is also pretty handy, with the presence of a remote control affording you much flexibility and comfort while operating, as you can pretty much do whatever you want from a distance.

Also, due to the tendencies of overheating or fire hazards which accompanies any heating device, the overheating safety feature has been built into this Pelonis electric, so that it shuts off immediately on approaching overheat temperatures, while the tip-over safety also shut sit off in case the machine is unintentionally knocked over.

The final cool feature of this heater is the timer, with which you can set the machine to work for a duration between 1 to 10 hours, and it comes in handy, especially for users with not enough time on their hands to monitor the unit properly.

A downside is that this unit can’t serve really large room sizes, only able to cover about 165sqft, even though the whole purchase package is sealed with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which isn’t bad for the product’s price and quality.      


  • temperature level indicator,
  • easy operation,
  • easy to move around,
  • low running costs,
  • tip-over protection,
  • overheat shutoff,
  • programmable thermostat,
  • timer,
  • 1-year warranty,


  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

4) Vornado AVH2 Plus Whole Room Heater with Auto Climate Control

Special features: auto climate control, vortex technology, digital display screen, cool to touch, overheat protection, adjustable thermostat, item weight; 4.1pounds, product dimensions; 11.9 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches.

The Vornado brand is widely known for its heater designs, with most of them coming with a very small and portable design, being oval in shape, and resembling a miniature fan in looks.

The whole front end is occupied by the fan for dispensing heat, hence giving this unit a pretty large heat output area and hence a larger impact on the environment (vortex technology). The control buttons are located at the top side of the heater, alongside a digital display for easy operation.

The heater is designed with a digital humidistat, which is responsible for measuring immediate heat levels in the environment while displaying is value on the digital screen.

While operating, the body of this unit is pretty cool and comfortable to touch compared with many other types, which gives further protection since it would most likely end up in your baby’s room. In a case of actual overheating, the unit also protects its self and the environment by automatically shutting off.

A distinctive feature possessed by this unit is in the presence of an automatic climate control system. This feature helps the device to automatically balance the temperature of the environment with its reference point being set by the user. In this mode, it shuts off and starts up accordingly, depending on how close the atmospheric temperature is compared to the preset reference temperature.

With a weight of 4.1 pounds, and dimensions 11.9 x 9.5 x 11.8 inches, we would say this unit is most certainly mobile, and with relative ease at that.

Also considering the whopping 5-year warranty, money spent on purchasing this unit is certainly a protected investment for a really long while, and we recommend it among the best heater overnight for your baby room. It doesn’t possess the timer feature, though, which can be seen as a downside, but the auto mode should make up for that to a large extent.  


  • effective heat circulation,
  • cool to touch,
  • overheat protection,
  • 5-year warrantee,
  • auto mode,
  • adjustable thermostat.


  • lack of timer feature.

5) Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius Ceramic Heater

Special Features: Digital energy smart technology, programmable thermostat and 2 heat settings

This is a very small portable heater device that has a curvy design and would fit into spaces easily in the room. The controls are placed at the top for ease of access, and it has a red indicator in front that signifies when then the device turns on.

This space heater works great, with sufficient output, the fact that it goes off automatically when knocked over is a cool safety feature, and it also has an oscillating setting that spreads the heat around the room.

The smart energy thermostat ensures you can select the desired temperature, which the heater shutoff after getting to that point. It is also very cool to touch during operation, saving you the stress of always being cautious of skin burns.

It is easy to use and could be placed anywhere in the room while saving you at least $50- $60 on electric bills while heating up your small sized room efficiently.


  • tip over protection,
  • overheating protection


  • suitable for small sized rooms only,
  • poor durability

6) Honeywell HCE323V Digital Ceramic Heater

Special features: slim design, dust filter, digital controls, 2x overheat protection, programmable thermostat, plastic cool to touch the body, safeguard motion sensor, oscillating heat, item weight; 4.54 pounds,

Not so far behind in any regard compared to most modern heaters, is the honeywell HCE323V, coming with a very slim design like the pelonis type, which makes for an object that can simply be accommodated by minimal footprint around the home, both in height and width.

It comes with digital control buttons that are located at the top side of the unit for ease of access but contains no caster wheels for mobility’s sake and instead sits on a round flat balanced surface. It has provisions for oscillating function, meaning that the heat released would be evenly spread across the walls of your room.

 This heater possesses what many other units out there couldn’t beat their chest about, in the presence of a permanent filter, which helps to air of the environment as heat is released.

The programmable thermostat in the unit allows the user to choose specific heat levels of the home, hence giving more flexibility and precision to the overall user experience.

For many heaters, the temperature of the body would obviously get really hot while working, but not this one, as it is built with a cool to touch surface, which drastically reduces unwanted unexpected burns.

Asides the cool to touch body surface, the tip-over safety feature has also been built-in, effectively turning off the device as soon as it is knocked off its feet.

Now this device has also been built with a special feature for further protection, called the safeguard motion sensor, which works with proximity, knocking off the device as soon as an object gets within 6 inches of the heater. It is most useful, especially for homes where kids are expected to be around, and with the timer feature, you can set the device to run anywhere between 1 to 6 hours before shutting off automatically.

Lastly, its 2x overheat protection works by turning off the device in case of the temperature levels spikes beyond the ordinary or thermostat set value.


  • Clean environment,
  • overheat protection,
  • cool to touch body,
  • timer,
  • programmable thermostat,
  • proximity auto shutoff,
  • tip-over protection,
  • suitable for medium to large-sized rooms,  


  • lack of digital thermostat for temperature levels display.    

7) Ceramic Space Heater, ASTERION 1500W Portable Oscillating Electric Heater

Special features: oscillating heater, programmable thermostat, remote control, digital display, portable handle, ETL certified, product dimensions; 8.9 x 6.8 x 13.3 inches, item weight; 4.16 pounds.

This is a fair, tall heater, spanning about 13 inches off the floor, and with a rectangular shaped body sitting on a balanced round bottom. The joint between this bottom and the top side, allows for a rotation of up to 72 degrees towards the left or right direction, hence giving the user much flexibility in picking the direction of heat to the environment.

With a digital display screen at the uttermost side of the unit, you wouldn’t be short of proper indications as per the running mode, temperature levels, and other important on process details the user would need.

It also comes with an inbuilt programmable thermostat, which is responsible for allowing the user to choose from specific temperature levels depending on his or her comfort.

The device is pretty easy and very convenient to operate, especially with the presence of remote control, wherein you can tailor the performance of your heater to your discretion, and with the timer function spanning up to 24hours, you can choose the working duration of the heater anywhere between 0 to 24 hours.

Also, the important safety features have also been put in place for avoiding hazards in the presence of the tip over and overheat protection.

In all, this unit is able to distribute heat effectively around recommended spaces and is suitable for small to medium-sized rooms in the home. Weighing just only 4.16 pounds, and with a handle at the top side, this combination helps it attain a good level of mobility, therefore enabling it to be used across several areas of the home easily.       


  • programmable thermostat,
  • effective heat distribution,
  • easy to operate,
  • timer,
  • overheat protection,
  • cool to touch,
  • tip-over protection,  


  • suitable only for small to medium-sized rooms.

8) Lasko 754200 ceramic portable space heater with adjustable thermostat

Special Features: 3 quiet settings, adjustable thermostat, built in safety features, convenient carrying handle.

This is a small and nicely shaped device that puts out a pretty significant amount of heat for its size. It comes with a handle that allows for easy moving of the product around the home and relatively lightweight for easy lifting.

The heater is small and powerful, with an added benefit of operating as a small fan without releasing heat. The thermostat is also an awesome feature that allows for heat regulation and the device shuts off when kicked over or if it overheats.

These safety features are a sure bet for protection against fire hazards. It also saves a lot on electric bills depending on the degree of usage.

In a room of about 160sqft, the Lasko 754200 can raise the temperature by about 2-3 degrees under an hour and in a 12 x 15ft bedroom with slide out, it could conveniently keep the entire area warm on a 40degree night when setting to 1/3 of max the highest setting.


  • adjustable thermostat,
  • cool-touch body,
  • overheat protection.


  • Only suitable for small sized rooms.

9) Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating

Special features: ETL certified, digital thermostat, energy-saving eco mode, product dimensions; 23 x 8 inches, digital display, remote control, oscillating heater,

Being a slender tower type humidifier, the comfort zone oscillating space heater would pretty much fit into any area of your home, and it sits on a pretty wide and flat surface that gives it a good balance on the ground.

The heater is designed to allow the user to rotate up to 70 degrees towards the sides, helping you to both direct and distribute heat around the room based on your wants. It also possesses a digital display screen that shows the temperature levels.

With a digital humidistat, the heater allows the user to select functioning temperatures while working in hand with the display to show the temperature level on the screen.

Its modern design ensures that at every moment, the body of the unit is cool to touch even while the heater is the operation, hence avoiding the problems of unexpected burns accustomed to heaters.

The design of this unit also factors in the most important safety measures in the tip-over protection as well as the overheat protection. While standing on the ground, the tip-over protection button stays depressed, allowing the unit to run, and as soon as it’sits lifted up, it trips automatically.

The overheat protection, on the other hand, is responsible for turning off the device as soon as it hits extreme temperatures.    

Using this heater is pretty convenient in all, especially with the remote control feature, which allows you to change settings from a distance.

Another major advantage of going for this unit is that it is able to serve fair large room sizes, of up to 300sqft, performing the basic task of temperature increment though it lags in the area of the timer, which is seen in most modern heaters today.


  • effective heat distribution,
  • overheat protection,
  • tip-over protection,
  • timer,
  • cool to touch,
  • easy to operate,
  • effective heat distribution,
  • suitable for medium to large-sized room.   


  • lack of a timer.

10) Brightown oscillating ceramic heater

Special features: Quiet and powerful soothing radiant heat with adjustable thermostat

This is a very small and portable heater, built with a curvy shape that makes it beautiful to behold and a handle at the top for easy of conveniently moving the device around the home.

It has a tip over switch that is located at the base of the device, meaning it would only work on solid flat surfaces and if you intend placing it on a rug or carpet floor, you would have to put a hard surface to keep it on top for proper functioning.

The device has a built-in oscillating function that allows it swivel from side to side, therefore distributing heat evenly, and it also releases low noise while operating although the fan is audible, the noise doesn’t cause any severe disturbances. This heater would warm up your small sized bedroom in minutes while saving you a ton of electric bill


  • automatic shut off,
  • adjustable thermostat.


  • suitable for small sized rooms only,
  • should not be used in wet or damp locations.

What are the best ways to heat a baby room

Speaking about the best way to heat your baby room , first, you should know that there is no specific way that is best, but rather heat is accumulated through several means of which we would itemize in this section.

If you do well to follow each step, then be sure that the heat sources of your baby’s room would be diversified.

  • Try to get sunlight into the room:

Most people underestimate the importance of opening curtains and sometimes windows and allowing heat into the room’s space. This is the most natural way to get heat, and it should be done frequently, depending on the weather (of course we wouldn’t expect you to open the windows during winter)

  • Purchase and install insulating curtains:

These curtains are important for keeping the heat in the environment, and absorbing while retaining heat from the sun and other sources.

  • Seal opening that allows heat escape:

Such openings include windows and doors, as they could quickly frustrate your effort to generate heat. It is recommended you seal leakages in the windows, as well as keeping the doors closed at all times.

  • Make use of a space heater:

Of course, the most efficient way of heating up a room is to make use of a safety space heater. But we recommend it possesses key features like a thermostat for regulating temperature levels, as well as safety functions like the tip over and overheat protection.

What temperature should a baby’s room be at night?

It is important you get the right temperature range required/ recommended for your baby rooms at night, as it both helps them to sleep properly as well as keeping them healthy.

The recommended temperature levels for our baby is in the range of 67 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and we recommend you always make use of a thermostat in order in order to maintain this temperature levels.

In a case of no thermostat, always leave the door or windows slightly opened to avoid an overheating temperature.   

Final Verdict: Best Heater overnight in baby room and Nurseries

The Delonghi EW7707CM Safe heater is our top pick for the best heater overnight in baby room majorly due to its safety features and its ability to effectively function in medium-sized rooms, unlike others that are only for small rooms.

Nevertheless, Vornadobaby tempa Nursery heater comes in as the second best due to its similar features with the EW7707CM and its extra ability of a cool case to touch during operation and a warranty of 5 years.

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