One of the marks of the winter periods is that it drastically drags down the temperature of the environment to a deficient value even to the minus temperature scale depending on your location especially in extensive rooms. This eventually forces people to go in search for the best electric heaters for large spaces.

Having the best type of space heater for large drafty rooms ensures that although winter comes, you don’t go through the rigorous struggles of having to deal with the cold and its adverse effects.

When exposed to icy conditions, depending on the body system and its level of tolerance, it could quickly lead to health issues over time, endangering life and even ensure more money is spent on trying to get back in good health.

Depending on the structural design of your house, like the size of the room and height of the ceiling, there are devices on the market that would suit your exact specifications i,e., the best space heaters for large rooms with high ceilings is the perfect option for you since you know the roof of your home is farther away from ground level.

Apart from the structural design, In all your research and findings, we would recommend you settle for the best indoor electric heaters for large rooms. This is so because electric heaters are the best model of products out there to use, due to their low running cost and ease of usage, plus they also come with many other automated features.

This article would focus on the best electric heater for large room reviews while chipping in some other things we recommend you might need.

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Top Electric Heaters for Large Spaces of 2024

Dr Infrared portable space Heater

Special features: cool to touch, remote control, low noise blower that gives it a quiet operation, caster wheels, weight: 24 pounds, infrared heating style, life time filter.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

The Dr infrared portable space heater has a lot of similarities as the unique infrared type, being also box-shaped unit although bigger, and balancing on caster wheels for smooth movement around the home.

The design features a like wooden look with the controls and an air outlet at the front side of the heater, leaving all other parties very cool to touch even while the unit is in operation.

The major catch about this unit is that it comes with a unique energy saving mode, where the device primarily works to optimize energy without neglecting its primary task of keeping you warm although it wouldn’t work as well as when out of the energy efficient mode.

This could help to lower the energy bills by the end of the month because this device on the normal running mode has been known to cause a considerable increase in electric bills depending on the size of the room it is being used for and the duration of time it ran in that month.

This device cranks out heat and is quiet and easy to use, effectively maintaining set temperatures with thermostat that has a subtle delay on it, so it doesn’t go on and off every 5 seconds when placed on the auto mode.

Though electric heaters are known to be dangerous and burn stiffs, this unit is built the safety features like the tip over protection that ensures it shuts down immediately when it falls over, and also a shut-off feature against overheating that could lead to fire hazards.

Overall, this is a perfect heater that would efficiently serve your home in winter periods, making it an outstanding quality for the price that it goes. It is built with a very efficient and powerful blower that can push air as far as 23- 30 feet, and a remote control function for easy and convenient use though the unit would have to be on standby for you to make use of the remote in turning it on.


  • Efficient and Safe Operation: Combines energy-saving mode, auto mode, and auto shutoff for overheating protection. This ensures optimal energy use while prioritizing safety with features like tip-over protection and cool-to-touch exterior.
  • Convenient and User-Friendly: Equipped with a remote control for ease of use, offering quiet operation for minimal disturbance, and designed to be mobile for versatile placement in different spaces.
  • Reliable and Maintenance-Friendly: Backed by a three-year warranty for peace of mind and includes a filter for improved air quality and easier maintenance.


  • Limited Coverage Area: Offers a smaller range of effectiveness compared to other models, potentially requiring additional units for larger spaces.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

Special features: caster wheels, mountable on walls, carry handle, anti-freeze, item weight: 15.43 pounds.

DeLonghi Mica Panel Space Heater

The DeLonghi heater carries a slim look alongside caster wheels that give it mobility depending on where it is required. The design of the unit provides the user with an option of either mounting on a wall, given it the looks of an ultra-slim air conditioning system or just placing it on the floor in a suitable corner of your home.

By the side of the unit are the thermostat control buttons, giving you an option of regulating the heat released by the unit to your taste.

The device is built with safety features that ensure the safety of individuals in the home. Like other heaters on our list before it, it possesses the tip over function, shutting off immediately whenever it is knocked over, and a thermostat that helps in heat regulation making sure the unit never gets too hot and avoiding fire or electrical hazards.

In cold seasons, most heaters find it difficult to function without disruption due to the cold causing the pipes to freeze. But with this unit, you wouldn’t have to worry about that as its antifreeze feature keeps it going regardless of the season.

Problems and disturbances caused by noises have also been dealt with in this electric heater, because it makes use of the mica-thermic design in heating an ample space, while the whole deal is sweetened with the inclusion of a one-year limited warranty after purchase.

If you intend using this unit in small confined room space, then it would be an excellent buy for you, but for those aiming for large space heaters, we wouldn’t recommend this, as it is only able to serve up to 300sqft.

With kids, you should be careful, as the unit also has a hot surface while in operation, but in all this is a suitable device that doesn’t make a massive cut on your electric bills depending on how is used, while employing the mica heating technique that sacrifices heat quantity for a zero noise level.


  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes overheat auto shutoff and tip-over protection, ensuring a high level of safety during operation.
  • User-Friendly Design: Offers effortless mobility and a compact size, making it easy to move and fit in various spaces. Features an anti-freeze setting for additional protection in colder environments.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Equipped with a thermostat for precise temperature control and quiet operation, ensuring comfort without disturbance.
  • Assured Quality: Comes with a one-year limited warranty, providing a degree of reliability and customer assurance.


  • Limited Versatility in Temperature Range: Struggles to provide a broad range of temperatures, potentially limiting its effectiveness in environments requiring more precise or extreme heat adjustments.

DeLonghi EW7707CM

Special features: thermostat, comfort temp mode, weight: 23.4 pounds.

De'Longhi Oil Radiator Heater

The De’Longhi EW7707CM Oil-Filled Radiator Heater stands out as our second favorite choice for its impressive blend of efficiency, safety, and versatility. Ideal for indoor use, this 1500W electric space heater is perfect for rooms like offices and bedrooms, providing a comfortable warmth without drying out the air or stirring up allergens. Its user-friendly design and energy-saving features make it a great option for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective heating solution.

For ease of maintaining a desired set temperature of your choosing, and ultimately saving some cash on your energy bills, this unit has been designed with a special mode called the comfort temp. All you have to do is push a single button, and the unit carries out the remaining function, effectively maintaining the optimal room temperature within a fixed range while saving you cash.

This device also offers the same easy mobility option of balancing on caster wheels like the rest of the heaters on our list, possessing series of fins arranged serially, one at the back of another, that helps it distribute heat in a well-rounded and efficient manner.

If you eventually decide to purchase this device, then be ready to live cautiously around it, this is because while in operation, there is an increase in temperature of the body of the unit, making it hot to touch.

It doesn’t possess much safety features like some electric heater, but it can prevent overheating, which could lead to residential hazards by shutting off when the unit gets too hot. Although it is an oil type heater, be sure that you would never have to change the oil as it is permanently sealed and have a lifetime duration.


  • Enhanced Safety with Overheating Protection: Features a built-in mechanism to prevent overheating, ensuring safer operation and peace of mind.
  • Eco-Friendly Energy Efficiency: Designed with an energy-saving mode, reducing electricity usage and helping to lower energy bills.
  • Assured Reliability: Comes with a one-year limited warranty, offering assurance of quality and customer support in case of issues.


  • Absence of Tip-Over Safety: Lacks tip-over protection, which may require extra caution in homes with pets or children to ensure stability.
  • Limited Functional Flexibility: Missing a timer and anti-freeze feature, which restricts the ability to pre-set operating times and protect against extremely cold temperatures.

What size is considered a large living room?

Before you go out there to purchase a heater for your home, it is essential you know the exact size of your room to understand what size classification it would fall into, whether small, medium or large.

This is important because having a room size that is too large compared to the capacity of the heater would result in inefficiency, i.e., it would have zero impact on the temperature level of your home, and it wouldn’t be due to the poor quality of the device as it wasn’t designed for such purpose.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t have a large-size large-capacity heater, mounted in a small room, as this would have an adverse effect, excluding the apparent option of it cooking you up literally.

A living room is tagged small when it falls around the dimensions 10 x 13ft, which is equivalent to 130sqft and can be stretched to a maximum of 200sqft.

Medium sized rooms are considered around 12 x 18 feet, which is about 216sqft and can be extended across places of up to 300sqft.

15 x 28ft Sized from 300sqft upwards can be regarded as large rooms and you should purchase a heater for it accordingly, you wouldn’t expect a 500sqft rated heater to serve your 1500sqft because they both fall under the large room capacity, would you?

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What is the relationship between room size and heating temperature?

The size of the room most times have a direct relation with the heating temperature. For small bedrooms, attaining a temperature of about 25 degrees, for example, might seem very hot, not because 25 degrees is hot but because of the confined space, it is in.

While in larger rooms, it is more challenging to achieve higher temperatures because the heat is distributed across a more full area, hence limiting its overall impact.

Overall, the larger the room, the more the amount of heat (BTU) required to raise the temperature level, while for smaller rooms it is much more easier to heat with small BTU.

While heating an ample space, the speed at which the desired temperature is attained also depends on the size and capacity of the space heater in use.

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What is the best type of space heater for the large room: electric or oil heater

The electrical and oil type heater carries out the same function of heating a space, and I would say efficiently, but it still depends on the models in question.

These two units, however, does their job in an entirely different fashion, as the oil heater makes use of fins consisting of hollow columns containing oil.

The oil is heated using a heating element powered by electricity or a flame, and the heat it releases is circulated the home by the fins. On the other hand, the electric heater doesn’t make use of liquids but instead depends on electricity to heat metal columns and then to blow the heat generated out using a fan.

Electric heaters generally heat up more quickly than the oil type and have bodies that are cool to touch while it is in operation, unlike the oil heater that heats up itself as much as it does the environment. Be sure of burns if you come in contact with it.

Electric heaters though should be used with high consciousness, as it could be dangerous if it comes in contact with water, causing shocks and have been known to burn materials placed directly at the front of its heat outlet.

In conclusion, electric heaters are the better type due to its natural safety condition to keep to, don’t use it in bathrooms or spill water around, and of course avoid kids from putting their hands in the outlet, and you would be fine. It also heats up the room faster and more efficiently than the oil type.

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Tips to consider when choosing the best electric heater for large rooms

Portability and ease of mobility:

If you desire an electric heater that you can easily roll around from one room to another depending on your needs, then you should consider this. Units that are lightweight and balance on caster wheels are the most mobile, which is why most of the reviewed products possess this feature.

Heater type:

we have already established previously the electric heater being the best type for you, considering safety and performance. The electric heaters also have some models that oscillate, forcefully distributing the air properly across the room, which is an excellent feature to consider especially in summer when it can be used as just a fan without the heater.

Remote control:

Since the unit would be placed in a large room, running around and tinkering with the controls to suit your needs could be stressful due to the considerable distance. This is where the remote control feature comes in, making you do business with your unit from a range.

Room size:

Depending on how large or small the room you intend using the heater is, make sure you purchase a product that can adequately serve your needs according to manufacturers’ recommendation and actual performance. Always look out for the number of square feet the electric heater was designed to serve.

Energy efficiency:

Generally, the cost of running electric heating is more than other fuel option and this is the reason why you must ensure that even while using an electric space heater, it doesnt suck up your energy bill.

Final Verdict: Best Electric Heaters for Large drafty rooms

The Unique infrared whole room space Heater is unique indeed, coming out on top of our list, mainly due to it being an electric heater type and ticking all the boxes required of a right space heater.

With the tip over protection, lightweight, and easy mobility option with caster wheels, auto shutoff feature, this unit has everything you could want or would need in large space heaters.

Most of all what crowns it can cover literally large areas, with up to 1000sqft, this unit can serve most large sized room there is out there. Although the cost looks like a significant sum or is one, be rest assured that it would be well worth it in the end.

The Dr. Infrared portable space Heater falls short of the first position on our list, coming out second behind the unique infrared.

Although it possesses most of the same qualities as the unique, it falls short in the size of the room it serves, only account for about 700sqft, 200sqft short of the first.

There are positives to look up to though with the cool to touch, tip over protection, quiet operation, and many more features present. The three years warranty sweetens the deal, making this unit stand above the rest.

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