No one likes to come home to a hot and uncomfortable house, especially on those hot and humid summer days. However, central air conditioning can be expensive to run, and window units are bulky and noisy. An affordable and inconspicuous way to cool your home without breaking the bank is by using the most energy efficient split system air conditioner.

Split AC systems consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on the exterior wall of the room you want to cool. Energy efficient Inverter air conditioner and Energy efficient split system air conditioner cost more than your regular air conditioners, but the amount of money you save due to their energy efficiency and their longevity will make it worth it.

A certified technician should always install split AC systems. They don’t require ductwork, just electrical cables and tubing to connect the indoor and outdoor systems. This makes them more comfortable and cheaper to install, and you won’t need to do any renovations to accommodate them.

Benefits of Split AC systems

  • No Noise Disturbance:

Most of the sound in traditional ACs are operational. The outdoor unit of the split system contains the compressor, condenser coil or capillary tubing. By installing this outside, the significant sources of noise are kept away, unlike in a traditional air conditioning system.

  • Aesthetic:

Many of the splits in the market are stylishly designed, giving your home an elegant look. They’re also inconspicuous and portable, so they don’t take up much room. You might even forget they’re there.

  • Energy efficiency:

This is the reason why many opt for split AC. The ductwork required for many traditional AC systems generally increases energy expenditures. Heat exchange in the air duct system leads to loss of energy. Since split system air conditioners do not require a duct network, there is little room for energy loss.

  • Multi-split system:

Another advantage of split systems is that you can decide to go for a multi-split system, which has more than one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. This makes it possible to cool several rooms at less cost.

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Most efficient heating and cooling systems available 

1) Pioneer air conditioner mini split Heat pump

Special features: 19.5 SEER rating, Dehumidifier, Wireless internet, Remote control, Timer.

Pioneer air conditioner mini split Heat pump
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The Pioneer mini-split heat pump unit is a wall mounted, a ductless system that uses inverter air conditioning and heat pump system. This 12000 BTU unit can cool small to medium spaces of about 450 to 500 sq. Ft. It has a SEER rating of 19.5 and an HSPF rating of 9.5. This makes it a top energy saving AC.

It runs quietly due to its inverter compressor, so it is unlikely to interfere with your sleep at night. It also comes with a remote control which makes it easy to use, and select among the four operating modes; cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation, and an automatic switchover mode through its onboard computer.

It has a night mode function which allows it change its temperature settings according to your body’s temperature levels throughout the night and an auto restart function that remembers all the previous settings, due to its cloud programmable wireless internet remote access, in case of power failure. This unit was made for ultimate comfort.


  • Easy to use.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Auto restart function.
  • Cooling + heating + dehumidifier function.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Can only be used in small-medium spaces.
  • Not easily installed, requires a professional.
  • Cost of installation.

3) Senville mini split air conditioner

Special features: 19 SEER rating, Low ambient cooling, and heating, Whisper quiet technology.

Senville mini split air conditioner
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The Senville mini split air conditioners are an affordable and efficient way to heat and cool your home. The low ambient cooling and heating system enables it to cool and heat (up to 5F/-15C) regardless of the temperature outside. It also works as a dehumidifier.

Its high SEER rating makes it one of the most efficient split system air conditioners you can find. It uses an inverter compressor, so it combines energy efficiency and whispers quiet operation. In silent mode, it barely makes a sound while pumping out air.

Although it includes an easy installation kit, valuable knowledge about split AC systems is required for installation. This unit is perfect for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and commercial applications.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • 19 SEER rating.
  • Inverter compressor.
  • Whisper quiet operation.


  • Can only be used in small to medium spaces.
  • Requires skill to install.
  • Cost of installation.

4) Cooper and hunter Alice mini-split ductless air conditioner

Special features: Control lock function, Noiseless operation, intelligent pre-heating.

Cooper and hunter Alice mini-split ductless air conditioner
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The Alice series of DC inverter-driven split AC systems from Cooper and Hunter offer higher performance and energy efficiency. These innovative series combine comfort with stylish design to give your home an aesthetic look. It has an inverter-driven compressor, which has a low voltage startup and can cool a room in minutes.

Its SEER rating of 16 and modern, elegant design meet modern lifestyles and will fit in perfectly into a modern home. It can cool or heat spaces of up to 500 sq. Ft., perfect for home use. It also has a control lock function that saves all the settings and keeps your children away from toying with its controls.

The compressor of the Alice unit works at low frequencies, thus saving energy and maintaining the set temperature. This accounts for the almost noiseless operation from both the indoor and the outdoor units. It comes with remote control and LED display.


  • 16 SEER rating.
  • Remote control, LED display.
  • DC inverter technology.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Intelligent pre-heating.


  • Requires professional installation.
  • Not budget friendly.
  • Cost of installation.

5) Classic America wall-mounted ductless air conditioner

Special features: Easy installation kit, remote control, timer, anti-freeze pipe sensor, automatic air swing.

Best ductless air conditioner
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The Classic America wall-mounted ductless air conditioner is a powerful and highly efficient split inverter with a 16 SEER and 12000 BTU output. It comes with an easy to install kit and various other functions, such as wireless remote control, anti-freeze sensor and timer and washable filters.

Its sleep function is geared towards making your nights as comfortable as possible. The unit also comes with an automatic air swing which makes air delivery even more effective than a lot of other splits ACs and makes it very effective in cooling and heating medium spaces.

The elegant and classy design makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for a decorative air conditioner. It comes with five operating modes, allowing you to choose the one that fits your lifestyle, and it also maintains your set temperature.


  • Easy to install
  • Remote control
  • The high energy efficiency ratio
  • Can be used in medium to large spaces
  • Maintains set temperature.


  • Not budget friendly
  • Requires more than a basic skill set to install
  • Cost of installation

Types of Split system Air conditioners

  • Wall mounted air conditioner

There are various types of wall mounted split air conditioners, depending on style, capacity, or function. They can either be engineer fit or easy fit. In engineer fit split ACs, interconnecting pipes are not supplied with the air conditioner, which means that the installation of the wall unit and the condenser is specific to the building.

Wall mounted air conditioner

Easy fit ACs are supplied with the interconnecting pipes and cable in a plastic sheath called an ‘umbilical cord’ that has a quick connect end. This system is usually pre-charged with refrigerant and has a comfortable design that makes the unit easy to install by an electrician or someone skilled in DIY.

Because it has to be fitted by a skilled professional, easy fit ACs can actually be more expensive than an engineered fit AC. Also, easy fit split air conditioners have a common issue with the length of the umbilical cord because it can either be too long, and the excess length has to be hidden, or that it is too short for the particular application intended.

Before buying either of these types of air conditioners, make sure that the pipe length stated by the manufacturer will be suitable for your use. And although the installation of engineer fit air conditioners is quite expensive, the installation is neat and exact to the building, so it doesn’t interfere with the building’s integrity.

Wall mounted air conditioners are usually installed above head height and come with various operating modes, including heat pump, timer and remote control function, air purification and dehumidifiers.

This is the split AC type we recommend for you owing to the fact that its user friendly and has a even distribution of cool or heat pump

  • Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

The ceiling cassette air conditioner, also known as a cartridge air conditioner, is designed to be fitted into space for one or two ceiling tiles. The unit is intended to be hidden above the ceiling line. The only visible part is the lower facing with its central inlet grille and four edge outlet louvers.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

These units are mostly for decorative purposes, but they can also deliver an improved cooling or heating capacity across a wide area because the air is distributed in 4 directions. Usually, a single ceiling cassette air conditioner can do the same job as 3 or 4 walls mounted units.

Generally, they are Modelled to lift air vertically into the unit and discharge treated air horizontally along the ceiling avoiding direct release directly onto occupants, and some allow air discharge from four sides. There is another common type of ceiling air conditioner, which is called an under the ceiling air conditioner, but they aren’t as aesthetic and can end up looking bulky.

  • Floor mounted Air conditioner
Floor mounted Air conditioner

Floor mounted split air conditioners are divided into two types. First of all, column air conditioners which are large, high-capacity units used to cool a large room instead of several smaller units. They are generally used in lobbies or waiting areas. These ACs produce a steady flow of fresh air, which makes them unsuitable for enclosed spaces.

Also, there are smaller air conditioners which are smaller in size than the big, bulky column air conditioner and closer in size to cabinets. They are ideal for providing high-efficiency cooling and heating to smaller spaces.

It is recommended that skilled professionals install these units because the pipes and cables between the inside and outside units are explicitly installed to the building before the system is charged with refrigerant.

  • Duct mounted air conditioner

Duct mounted air conditioners are also known as the channel or central air-conditioners. They are the ideal option when a building already has a ducted air system. The building’s ductwork and duct mounted air conditioning system are typically hidden in the ceiling voids.

Depending on the layout of the air ducts, they can service a good number of rooms. Also, depending on the design of the air duct system, they can have the ability to cool fresh air or a mix of new and recirculated air. This type of air conditioning is commonly used where there are several different rooms to be cooled

  • Portable split air conditioners

Portable split air conditioners are capable of a higher cooling capacity than many other types of similar sizes. They can offer up to 16000 BTU capacity. They’re easily uninstalled and moved around, which is a significant advantage.

Portable split air conditioners

The design of portable split ACs usually involves a plastic sheathed umbilical cord which contains the electrical line and the refrigerant pipes. One end of the pipes typically have a quick connect capacity; this means that the connection between the two parts of the system can be dismantled to allow easy installation and uninstallation so that a pipe end can be passed through a window or hole in a wall.

Portable split air conditioners are easy to move and set up in a new room. They can be used for semi-permanent installation because the outside unit is put on mounting brackets and the umbilical cord is passed through a drilled hole in the wall.


How do split system air conditioning work

Split AC systems get their name from how they’re set up. A split system is composed of two separate units, called the evaporative coil and the condensing unit. They are split into an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the condensing unit, also known as the condenser.

The condenser is where the compressor and refrigerant and the fan are located. An air conditioner works by using electricity to take heat from inside your house and transfers it outside, making your house cooler. That hot air is brought into the condenser, where the compressor actually compresses the refrigerant, which is housed in the evaporative coil, causing it to heat up.

As the fan blows air over the refrigerant, it loses most of its heat, and that heat blows out of the outdoor unit. If you’ve seen an outdoor unit of a split system AC, you’ll notice that it blows hot air. That is the hot air taken from the house.

The indoor unit contains the evaporative coil. When hot air expands rapidly, it cools down. The refrigerant heats up, due to the compressor action, and cools down quickly to above freezing temperature. This fresh air is then passed into your home, cooling it down to your desired temperature.

The refrigerant doesn’t cool down to freezing temperatures because natural humidity could freeze it into a block of ice. If your AC is freezing up, you should see a technician.

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Factors to consider when choosing the most energy efficient split system air conditioner

  • EER and SEER and rating

EER stands for energy efficiency ratio. It is the ratio of the cooling output (BTU) of an air conditioner divided by the energy(watts) it consumes. For example, a 9000 BTU AC that uses 900 watts has an EER rating of 10.

The SEER rating is usually preferred to EER because EER measures the energy efficiency of an AC at one operating temperature while SEER calculates the energy efficiency during the cooling season at varying temperatures.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is the ratio of the cooling output of a room air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it consumed in watt-hours. Most modern ACs have a SEER value ranging from 13 to 21 or 25. The SEER value you choose should be based on your environment and location.

  • Inverter compressor

One of the factors that makes any air condition energy efficient is the inverter technology that find a means of regulating energy consumption and sound. The moders split ACs are mostly inverter air conditioners but if not, you should make sure you have choosen the inverter split AC.

  • Size of the room

The size of the place you want to cool has a role to play in determining what split system AC you buy. A big AC doesn’t necessarily cool a small room faster. A big AC installed in a small room will perform less efficiently than an appropriately sized AC. The cooling capacity of an AC is measured with its BTU (British thermal units).

  • Dehumidification and Heating

Split AC systems that offer cooling, heating, and dehumidification functions can end up saving a lot of money for the buyer. This makes your AC relevant year-round. Cooling you in the summer and pumping heat during those cold winter nights.

An AC that also acts as a dehumidifier is also a huge plus for buyers. They are especially useful on those days when the humidity levels are high and everywhere feels clammy and uncomfortable. A dehumidifier removes humidity from the air, leaving it crisp and clean.

  • Quiet operation

Listening to your AC run noisily all night can be a significant source of irritation for those trying to sleep. Buying an AC with a smooth operation is a step towards enjoying your peace. Many ACs also come with a sleep or night mode that are designed for your comfort.

Final Verdict : Most Energy Efficient split AC systems

After careful consideration of the top 5 products, one of them stands out in efficiency, productivity, and capacity. The Pioneer air conditioner mini split Heat pump with its 19.5 SEER rating and 12000 BTU output can comfortably cool/heat most rooms in a house while saving you a substantial amount on your electricity bill.

It’s super quiet and allows you to switch between modes effortlessly. It even comes with a dehumidifier function and an automatic switchover between modes. To sweeten the deal, it has a wireless internet computer, and it falls under the budget-friendly category.

The Senville mini split air conditioner is another good split AC unit. It has a 19 SEER rating and is almost as energy efficient as the Pioneer unit. It came close, but the Pioneer unit is our pick for the most energy efficient split system air conditioner.