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Does Air Conditioner Purify Air – Does Air Purifier Function Same as Air Conditioner

The essence of clean air cannot be overemphasized because what you take into your body system is a reflection of who you are! As the food is as vital to healthy living, in the same way, the air is paramount to staying alive! Breathing in good air is thus a big deal! Paradventure, you already own an air conditoner,then you tend to ask a question like does air conditioner purify air?

If you ever suffer from any airborne disease or sickness such as asthma, you will surely know the importance of the availability of air and breathing in a clean one. Installing an air conditioning system is an excellent way to ensure a good heating and cooling environment as well as achieving good ventilation in our homes and offices. However, a significant concern is if this system is capable of Purifying air at the same time.

This article has outlined the simple details you need to know about your air conditioning system and also how you can maximize the usage of your HVAC system in providing you with the comfort you deserve from a heating and cooling environment and at the same time, getting to breathe in a purified and clean air.

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What is an air conditioning unit

An air conditioner unit is a system whose primary function is responsible for the cooling of a place. A place in this context implies an enclosure or an interior. An air conditioner is more efficient in an enclosed arena because the cooling effect provided can stay and circulate in a given place where the impact is mostly felt and not an exterior where it is not being felt

An air conditioning unit operates with the use of a fan which ensures the even circulation or distribution of the cooled or warm air. In summary, an AC unit ensures that warm air or heat is being replaced with cooler air or otherwise and is targeted towards giving comfort to the occupants of a place.

It is essential to know that an air conditioning system usage is not limited to living things alone but as well as non-living thing as in a room with heat producing devices like computers and amplifier.  Any system constructed to achieve heating, ventilation and air conditioning is termed HVAC.

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How does AC work in a house

In simple terms, know that your AC works in the same manner as your refrigerator works.  An air conditioner has three units which work together to replace the warm air in your room with cooler air. These are the compressor, condenser, fan, and evaporator. While the compressor, condenser, and fan are the external units, the evaporator is the internal unit.

The internal unit has a coil box that contains an evaporator. The evaporator allows the refrigerant (the cooling fluid inside the coil pipe) to evaporate and absorb heat in your house. This sends cool air back to your home.

The external unit is the place where the heat from inside your house is dispersed out.  The heat absorbed from your house by the refrigerant is pumped to the external unit. As this heat is absorbed by the refrigerant, it moves through the compressor. This is the principal function of the compressor, moving the refrigerant throughout the AC system. In this manner, the fluid can be reused to cool your house.

The refrigerant is compressed to a higher pressure and pass through the condenser, another external unit. As it passes through, a fan distributes the air across the condenser coil causing it to cool. With the completion of this process, the heat from your house is distributed outside your house. The refrigerant is pumped back, and the whole process is repeated

The function of Air Filter in the Air conditioner: What do Air filter do in a House

Does Air Conditioner Purify Air with the help of filter? We would say Partially.

The air filter is a component of the air conditioner that is often overlooked. This component of the AC actually does have a great deal of work in ensuring that our AC can carry out its function of HVAC- heating, ventilation, and conditioning. Below is a description of how the air filter in our air conditioner carries out its function:

An air filter is made of a fiber glass material enclosed in a cardboard frame.  Air filters are air cleaners and help purify the air. They function in keeping the air that circulates in your home and office clean by trapping many contaminants and particulate matters such as dust, dirt, bacterial and microorganisms, hair, and animal fur, that can result in adverse health condition such as chronic asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing problem.

The air filter filters the air brought back into your HVAC system as the air is made to pass through the filter first removing any contaminants, thereby maintaining clean air in your house or office.

The different air filter has different cleaning abilities based on MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating. This value is determined on a scale of 1-16. Higher MER value indicates higher air purification.

MERV 1-4: HVAC systems with air filter of 1-4 air low air cleaners

MERV 5-8: These filters purify the air better than the first. They are made from pleated cloth or paper  to provide a larger surface for capturing particles

MERV 9-12: These are air filters with a relatively high quality which captures tiny particles. They help maintain clean air at an average scale

MERV 13-16: These are air filters with standard air filters that can purify the air of microns of 0.3. These have a higher efficiency over the above three.

However, there are filters with a higher MERV rating, but their thickness interferes with airflow into the HVAC system. While trying to maintain clean air, they obstruct the free flow of air provided by air conditioners.

Air Purifier vs air conditioner

You do not need to be confused as this article will give a clear difference between an air purifier and an air conditioner and the distinct function of the two entities, the advantages of using one or combination of both.

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Air purifiers are majorly used for health reasons. An air purifier helps in removing the pollutants that can cause health problems in your room such as dust, smoke, bacteria and more. The two air purifiers which exist are the HEPA filter which uses a dense filter to remove particles and the ionizers which use electrostatic means to remove particles.

Air conditioning or air conditioners are majorly used for comfort purposes. They ensure that warm air or heat is being replaced with cooler air. Air conditioning unit has been misunderstood as a cleaning system which is not supposed to be so.  Air conditioning alongside with an air filter can carry out the function of cooling the room or office as well as providing an atmosphere free of contaminants. However, you should know that air filters can provide cleaning and not the purification of air but for a short time.

Air purifier Air conditioner Combo: Can we use air purifier with AC ?

An air conditioning system may work in keeping your home clean, but it cannot make your home totally pollutant free. Air conditioners are combined with air filters but as good as this combination is, it is associated with some health risks which may include

  • An air conditioner contains moisture so it can accumulate molds and molds if left unlearned can trigger COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) for you and your loved ones at home
  • The air filters in the air conditioning trap the dusts and particulates cleaned from your room. The cooling system can remove out these particulates and circulate them back into your room
  • Air conditioners are known for spreading airborne diseases such as Legionnaire’s disease which is an infectious disease
  • The air filters in air conditioning are incapable of cleaning smaller particles that go unnoticed by the naked eyes. This results in chronic breathing problems like asthma attacks, bronchitis.

It is therefore essential and safe to invest in an air conditioner alongside an air purifier.  In this way, you can achieve an optimum cooling effect for your room and also enjoy a clean atmosphere in your comfort zone. Having an air purifier and air conditioning is sure a perfect combo of safety and comfort!

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Final Verdict: Do air conditioner purify the air of pollution

Air conditioning system majorly functions in heating, ventilation and air conditioning but it is important to note that as good as these functions mentioned above are, they are not capable of purifying polluted air in our homes. Air conditioners are used to achieve a comfortable interior environment both for domestic and commercial purposes as well as for living and nonliving things.

Air conditioners too when combined with air filters are not capable of achieving the purpose of complete purification. Air filters work for a short time by trapping the contaminants and particulate matters within it. This too has its negative effect because the trapped particles can be freed thereby entering the atmosphere once again, this also is without some side effect.

Safety first! To this end, a perfect way you can enjoy the safety in your home with your loved ones without neglecting comfortable is to invest in an air conditioner and an air purifier. An air conditioner gives your room a cooling effect that you desire. An air purifier helps clean to eradicate all harmful microbes in the air spread in your room by the fan in the air conditioner. It also has an added advantage of reducing the health risks associated with air conditioners. An air conditioning system and an air purifier is a perfect duo!

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