When it comes to cold, no room is too small, and no room is too large to be affected.  Meaning that as the winter season approaches, you would have to find a way to heat up that your room irrespective of the size for the sake of comfort and warmth. With Medium size been the commonest nowadays, having the safest best space heater for medium sized room is the best way you would want to keep warm.

Although some of the space heaters for a medium sized room on the market today might be appealing to you, there are still several qualities to take into consideration when choosing the most efficient indoor electric heaters for medium sized room.

There are frustrating times when you want to heat a portion of your house; maybe your room, and due to just having a central heater in the parlor, you would have to heat up the whole house. The invention of portable space heaters makes it easy for you to choose specific portions of the house, where you might need to heat up without having to heat the whole building.

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Most of the space heaters nowadays are also portable models, meaning you can quickly move them around. Also, the Space heaters are also cheaper to run than the conventional house heater, heating up at a faster rate. Henceforth, We would be reviewing the best portable heaters for a medium-sized room in this article.

Top Electrics Space Heaters for Medium Sized Rooms

1) Vornado TVH500 Whole Room Vortex Heater

Special feature: Whisper quiet operation, auto shut off, remove control timer and multiple settings

Vornado TVH500

The Vornado TVH500 is our first best space heaters around, designed for medium to large sized room with even high ceiling. With this product, energy is saved as you can choose heat setting as low as 800 watts or as high as 500 watts while experiencing perfect circulation of warm air around the room in time.

It comes with a handy remote, an LCD screen for ease of interaction and an auto-timer ability. All these for convenience sake and it’s great at offices and homes as an alternative to complete heating. It also has embedded safety features such as fire-resistant steel that is always cool to touch, protection, a non-glowing heating element, and automatic tip-over automatic safety protection.

The Vornado heaters are good distributors of heat more efficiently than most heaters around with a relatively quiet fan and not really fast at heating up rooms although it does, you would have to be patient.


  • whisper quiet operation,
  • auto shutoff,
  • remote control features,
  • 5-year warranty.


  • it’s expensive,
  • takes time to heat up the room.

2. DeLonghi Dragon TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater

Special features: 24hr on/off timer, adjustable thermostat and high durability

De'Longhi Dragon Oil Filled Radiator Heater

This is an oil-filled heater that provides powerful and safe room heating and is suitable for medium to a large sized room, allowing you to control the thermostat to your taste.

The TRD40615T is also built to have a patented steel design that ensures maximum heat flow while maintaining a low surface temperature. This ensures if you have kids and pets around or mistakenly placed your hands on it, the repercussion wouldn’t be a burnt skin.

Not to worry, the oil is permanently sealed and wouldn’t leak and never needs refilling. It has a user-friendly interface, letting you choose from three different temperature while lowering electric bills and comes with other safety features like thermal cutoff.


  • silent operation,
  • smart operation,
  • a thermal cutoff feature,
  • anti-freeze setting to prevent freeze pipes


  • no remote operation,
  • it’s expensive.

3. Honeywell HZ7300 Delux Energy Heater

Special features: programmable thermostat, oscillate for wide area heating and digital smart technology

Honeywell HZ-7300

The Honeywell HZ7300 has a simple design and offers powerful heat in a slick modern design, suitable for a nightstand, desktop or tabletop placements. You have an option of choosing from two constant heat setting, and if you would like to be more precise in selecting the heating level of your home, there’s also a thermostat available that enables you to do just that.

The device is ideal for use in offices also and can cover small to medium rooms, heating the room it is placed in as opposed to heating your whole house, therefore potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

It has a very small size, and if you judge its efficiency by that, then you would be dead wrong because it puts out so much heat than you would expect for a device of its size, although a downside is that It could be very noisy.


  • adjustable thermostat
  • 3-year warranty


  • noisy operation

4. Lasko 5409 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Special features: Adjustable thermostat, 3 quiet settings and safe to the touch

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop Space Heater

It is a portable unit that features a lot of manual controls, ranging from an adjustable thermostat to different heat settings and has a handle for easy movement around, doing all this at an energy consumption rate of 1500 watts.

Like most modern electric heating devices, the Lasko 5409 also features overheating protection in case you forgot to turn it off before leaving home or falling asleep in your bedroom without adequately regulating it.

When the atmosphere is heated enough, it shuts off, therefore protecting skin burn and the home from being overheated. The housing of the device is also specially designed to ensure touching doesn’t lead to burns. Therefore it is always cold on the outside during operation.

It works great and can be used for a long while if managed efficiently although you should be careful where you place it, as it is not wood friendly, i.e., putting it on wooden surfaces would lead to burns.


  • Lightweight and portable,
  • adjustable thermostat,
  • 3-year warranty,
  • overheating protection,
  • cost friendly.


  • manual controls.

5. Lasko 754200 Ceramics Portable Space heater

Special Features: 3 quiet settings, Adjustable thermostat, Built in safety features and convenient carry handle

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

The Lasko CD08200 is a ceramic type heater that also has an inbuilt fan for efficient heat delivery. The presence of two knobs located on the top side ensures that you can set the adjustable thermostat to your desired temperature or select from three different modes of operation; high heat, low heat or fan only.

It is portable and comes with a handle to easily transport from one place to another, packed with safety features that ensure the heater would automatically turn off if left for too long while the exterior always stays cool to touch even when it is on a high.


  • adjustable thermometer,
  • portable and
  • convenient to carry,
  • built-in safety features,
  • 3-year warranty,


  • manual operation,
  • no remote control.

Considerations for choosing the Most efficient indoor electric heaters for medium sized room

There are several electric heaters for apartments on the market, depending on the room you intend using it for. From apartment to bathroom to basement, top portable heaters are designed to suit the needs of different places. Therefore you must know beforehand where exactly you want to use the heater.

The following qualities are to be considered before purchasing an electric heater portable for your medium sized room.


The most important factor to consider before purchasing. Buying a very small heater for a reasonably large room could mean it would not be effective. Therefore you must know beforehand the manufacturer’s recommendation as for what room size the product works best.

The product should also be portable enough not take up too much space in the room where it is placed, and if you fancy beautiful designs, then you might also consider the ones that are pleasant to the eye.

Heating technology:

There are several electric heating technologies used by different heaters. Some are excellent when heating the whole room while some do well in offering direct heat to individuals and objects in front of them.

  • Convection heating is the most common type of single room heating, and it works by passing convection currents across a heating element. The device also contains a fan that helps circulates the flows across the room. The main strength of this heater is that it warms up the whole room it is placed.
  • Radiant heating is the best for targeted spot heating because they radiate heat directly to the objects right in front of them and don’t really affect the air in the atmosphere.

We would advise you go for heaters that use radiant heating technology, as it is best for medium sized rooms. The main reason being that in medium-sized rooms, the number of individuals that live there wouldn’t be much, and this make is easy for the radiant heater to target the few persons around. Therefore you wouldn’t need to heat the whole space, unlike large rooms that are occupied by numerous individuals.


In small and medium sized rooms, you would need to be cautious as per the type of space heaters to use. Let’s talk briefly about the various space heater types, alongside their safe usage.

  • Ceramics Heaters: They make use of an internal ceramics heating element, and are capable of regulating their temperature without the use of wiring and coils to generate heat. The heating element does this by using its positive temperature coefficient for self-regulation, ensuring they operate safely.
  • Oil-filled heaters: It generates heat through the diathermic oil inside the radiator. The temperature is then dispersed into the atmosphere through radiation. The oil-filled heaters are most prone to fire, which could be a problem in medium rooms.
  • Infrared Heaters: infrared heaters use the transfer of energy to heat surrounding objects and people. The heating element could be a quartz tube or tabular heating element.

For medium sized rooms, it is best you go for ceramics or infrared powered heaters. They are efficient in operation and are less prone to fire for safety reasons.

Smart operation:

Best heaters are those that can automatically sense the atmosphere, operates and shuts off based on the current temperature level in the room. In a freezing atmosphere, it increases the amount of heat released, and when the atmosphere becomes too hot, it reduces the temperature.

A space heater with an automatic timer is what’s best for you, as you would not have to turn it on and off for convenience sake. Other smart operation features are: tip-over protection, energy saving modes, automatic oscillation, overheat protection switch etc.

Power Consumption:

it’s not just about purchasing a space heater, but you should also buy one that wouldn’t have a high cost of operation after already investing in the product. The amount of power usage is always indicated by the manufacturer in the product description page. You probably would want to see that before purchasing the product.

Final Verdict: Best Safest space heater for medium sized room

The Vornado TVH500 Whole Room Vortex Heater comes out on top as the best space heater for medium sized room due to its overall qualities and smart operation.

The DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater comes up second, possessing all the qualities that the TVH500 has except a remote control.

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