With winter around, living in a home with large space that doesn’t even get warm up easily, you must have been thinking of purchasing one of the best space heater for large drafty room which was why you stumbled upon this page. Yes, You are right, an appropriate space heater would be the ideal course of action and a wise investment for you and your family.

Unlike many families who have a central heating system at basement or large apartment, you may only need just a good space heater for your large room. But with so much variety of brands in the market with different specifications and efficiency, you may find it difficult to pick the best heater for large space. Which is why we have taken our time to select each of them and review after testing

What is the best type of space heater for large room?

There are so many products in the market to consider when choosing the best space heater for large rooms, ranging from the type of rooms, the people occupying the rooms, e.g., kids or pets, and other additional safety features.

Before shopping, you should also know that the larger the room you plan purchasing the best electric heaters for, the larger the size and power of the space heater to consider.

According to the mode of heating, the three main types of heaters for large rooms are

  • Radiant Heaters:

These heaters Work just like solar radiation in such a way that it makes use of gas, electricity or fuel to generate heat. Hence, most of the radiant heaters are infrared models, and these heaters work to warm rather than heating a whole room. In most cases, they are pointed towards a specific direction.

  • Convection Heaters:

These set of heaters work by creating air circulation that is actually hot rising air. Therefore, it makes it easy for convection heaters to heat a whole room

  • Combination heaters:

Space heaters like the ceramic radiant heaters combined both radiant and convection to heat a specific direction and a whole large room.

According to the mode of design, there are four major types of space heaters for drafty rooms which are:

  • Electric fireplace heaters
  • Freestanding heaters
  • Wall heaters and
  • Baseboard heaters

Qualities to consider when choosing the best indoor electric heater for drafty rooms

The following are vital attributes that should be examine in any heater for large rooms

  • Safety:

This is more important than any other consideration irrespective of how urgently you need to heat your room. Before installing your electric heater, you might want to check if it was tested for safety first. This can be done by checking for safety labels like Intertek, Underwriters laboratories etc.

Some other safety features you may want to check by yourself is the cool touch exterior feature and the tip over which triggers the automatic switch off function.

  • Size and power:

Size of the indoor electric heaters is one of the most important factors you might want to consider before purchasing. First, it dictates the space that would be occupied, and secondly, it shows how powerful the heater is; because big size heaters have been known to be more powerful than the portable one.

Depending on the room size, you should go for a space heater with the capacity to properly heat the large room. Purchasing a very large space heater for medium size rooms could do more harm than good in the long run.

Typically, space heaters with 10 watts will heat a 1sqft room. Therefore, you might want to consider a heater a unit of about 50-100 watts for a room of 7sqft.

  • Installation type:

There are just two types of large room space heaters according to installation type. There is the one that is mounted permanently in the room after purchase, once installed it cannot be moved around.

The other type is just put in a safe space in the room and allowed to do its job. If you don’t want to move your heater and plan on keeping it in one place i.e. permanently installed, look for the one with an oscillating fan to distribute heat, it is also recommended for rooms with high ceilings.

For portable heaters that are not permanently mounted on a wall, there is more chance of stumbling over it especially when you have kids or pets in your home, which is really dangerous.

  • Mode of operation:

Some of the best space heaters for large rooms operate automatically, i.e., when the room begins to overheat it automatically turns off, and for some others, the desired temperature would have to be selected manually by the user. Although the automatic heater is preferable but it is more expensive.

  • Heater type:

There is the conventional heater that passes electricity through a heating element, causing the heating element to become hot, some of them include a fan, for example, oil-filled space heaters. There are also the infrared heaters that radiate heat through infrared rays that transfer heat directly to a solid surface and not the air.

The convection heater with a fan warms the room more quickly than those without fans, the ones without fans warms the room slowly because the heating element is surrounded by either oil or water which must be heated first. The risk of fire is lower with oil-filled filters than those with fans. The radiative heaters is suitable for warming people in poorly insulated rooms or outdoors.

Best type of space heater for large drafty room

1) DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater – Overall best

Special features : Full room warmth, sleek look, lightweight and easily customizable

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater for large drafty room
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The DeLonghi heater is one of the best space heaters for large drafty rooms ideal for use as a spot heating in the bedroom, living room, office or anywhere in the home. You can customize the heating temperature because of the adjustable thermostat; you can choose between the high setting for 1500 watts and the low setting for 750 watts.

It also has a safety thermal cut-off so it doesn’t overheat and an internal tip-over auto-adjustment in case the power supply becomes unstable. The DeLongi does all these at low energy bills and can either be installed directly into the wall or wheeled around depending on your choice.

We got two of these to replace oil-filled indoor electric heaters, and so far they’ve worked well. No problem with the odors if you follow the recommended two-hour warm-up procedure


  • lower energy bills,
  • the convenience of choosing between mounting and wheeling,
  • efficient in large rooms,
  • quiet operation,
  • self-regulation of thermostat and multiple heat setting.


There is no much cons but the only setback is that because the heater does not have a fan, it transfers heat to the surroundings through radiation. This means you need to be close to the heater in order to feel the warmth.

Beyond its function as a spot heater, its ability to heat an entire room greatly depends on the air flow in the room; therefore, you should use a fan to circulate the air and increase the heat transfer throughout the room.

2) Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater 

Special feature: Tip over and over heat protection, Noiseless, Dual heating system and lightweight

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater
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Dr Infrared portable space heater advanced heating system enables greater heat production without using more power with a high-efficiency blower; therefore, it can deliver 60% more heat.

It is also the first to include a dua

l heating system for maximum transfer rate and combines the energy efficiency of radiation heater with the comfort of the conventional heater to heat your room fast and comfortably without a hotspot or cold spot, making it one of the best types of space heaters for a large room.

By heating only the objects in the space and not the air, Dr Infrared provides maximum warmth without drying out your skin like other conventional heaters that blasts hot air, stripping the room of moisture.

This heater works amazing, knowing someone that has purchased it. It heats an entire poorly insulated 35 foot RV in freezing temperatures up to 70F. When compared to the edenpure heater, it beat it with low price and heating capacity.


  • low noise level,
  • dual heating system,
  • auto energy saving model,
  • overheat protection.


  • it’s expensive to run
  • costlier than other units

3) Vornado MVH Whole Room Vortex Heater – Best budget friendly

Special features: 3 heat settings, whisper quiet operations, Tip over protection, and thermostatic control

Best budget friendly heater
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The MHV heats all the air in the room quickly, quietly and efficiently with a conventional heater and a fan. It does this at low energy costs.

MHV also contains three heat settings (750 watts, 1125 watts, 1500 watts) and an adjustable thermostat for precise heat controls and advances safety features such as a tip-over protection and safety shutoff system.

It is whisper quiet with a steady output current of 120-degree heat that envelops the room in a comfortable warmth and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • extremely quiet
  • tip-over safety switch,
  • programmable thermostat,
  • safely shut off features,
  • budget-friendly.


  • it is very effective only in small or medium sized rooms.

4) LASKO 6405 designer oscillating heater 

Special Features: Built in timer, fully assembled, adjustable thermostat and Over heat protection

LASKO 6405 designer oscillating heater 
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To my surprise, this portable heater heat up a 250sqft room just pretty easily. It actually does the job by holding a temperature of 60°-70° temperature. I haven’t noticed any spike in the electric bill like other units. I think this is because it auto switch off itself during the night after heating for a while.

The LASKO heater doesn’t just act as a heater to its surrounding but its ceramic material and cool shape ensure it fits in as a beautiful decoration. Its functions include a thermostat control, oscillation, timer, and wireless remote control.

Its convenient size ensures it fits in where you need it, without occupying much space. The automatic overheat protection ensures the heater will automatically turn off if left for too long, while the exterior of the heater remains cool to touch.

It is quite small, a well-designed heater and enough to heat a room (340 square foot with high ceiling) in half an hour. It only rotates 90 degrees during operation.

The oscillating feature greatly keeps the heat evenly distributed in a large drafty room. It’s about 30 degree when oscillating. The temperature must be 70° or higher before you can try to oscillate.


  • portable in size,
  • budget-friendly,
  • fully assembled on the purchase,
  • built-in timer,
  • blends with your decoration.


  • Not so durable when compared with other units
  • Plug is weak for such a good heater

Final verdict: Best space heater for large drafty room

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater is the best efficient heater for large space as it offers a variety of functions and safety. It is an excellent option when it comes to choosing panel heaters that maximize little power to generate a great amount of heat for a drafty room

The 2nd overall best is the Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater due to its features and service efficiency. This portable heater delivers about 55% more heat than its Heating competitors in the market. Above all, it has a compact and fascinating design.

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