Due to the multipurpose use of RV (recreational vehicle), you would want to make it as comfortable as it can be, thereby customizing it to taste of different seasons and location. No matter what may be, you would have to endure cold most of the times because of its design. Hence the reason why you need to get the best space heater for RV.

We all know that these awesome autos are useful in several proposes ranging from living in it as a home to using it as a traveling vehicle; whether long or short distances, RVs are handy to have and many go for it due to it being cheaper than purchasing an actual home.

If you are planning to get an RV, travel trailer or even a pop-up camper, you must also be planning to get the best electric heater for RV. Why? Although most of the RVs do come with propane heaters, but it pays to switch to electricity running heater because of the energy consumption rate and availability. This doesn’t go against using a propane heater; in fact, I would recommend you have a dual source of energy for your heating.

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Even though there are different varieties of heaters in the market ranging from oil filled to the catalytic heaters to infrared heater. There are some distinguishing factors to consider when choosing the best electric space heater for Travel trailer or Rv

Top 5 best space heaters for an RV

1) Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Portable Propane Heater

Special Features: Auto shut off when low oxygen level is detected, heat level control knob and wide coverage

Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV

The F274830 is on top of our list due to the possession of propane heaters. As said earlier, the propane heaters are best for RVs because it doesn’t need electricity. Mr. heater would heat up the environ efficiently, the large size that takes two 1lb cylinders is capable of heating a 33ft RV with the outside temperature well below at 15degrees compared to the interior and a wall of 1.5 inches to roughly 70degrees in about 20 minutes.

It is the best heater around for your RV, works great and would make your life while living off your home a bearable one, even in winter. It is also very safe to operate with numerous safety protection, like the automatic low oxygen shut off that ensures the device turns off by itself when the oxygen level in the room drops dangerously low. The over tip protection is also present in case it is knocked down by pets or children.


  • Automatic low oxygen shutoff system
  • Tip-over safety shutoff
  • Battery powered


  • Heavy and bulky

2) DeLonghi EW7707CB oil filled heater for RV

Special Features: ComforTemp Button, safety heat features, adjustable thermostat and silent operation

De'Longhi Oil Heater

The DeLonghi EW7707CB makes use of the radiating technology to disperse heat into the atmosphere, doing an adequate job when placed close by. It is a perfect oil-filled space heater, which means it is less prone to fire or child burns while ensuring there is little or no spike in your electric bills.

In a room size of 120sqft, the EW7707CB heats it in about 15 minutes while using up not more than 1500 wattage setting, but while in operation you should be careful enough to avoid contact because it could get a  bit hot. Always keep away kids and pets.

In all, this heater is great and would keep your RV warm during the winter period with no noise, no leaks or bubbling sounds at all and no need for maintenance because the oil system is permanently sealed, making you never need to worry about refilling the heater.


  • Comfort Temp Button that cuts cost by maintaining room temperature
  • Silent operation
  • Thermal cut off


  • Heats up during operation
  • Lack of tip over protection

3) Lasco 5538 Ceramic Tower Heater

Special Features: 2 quiet settings, Adjustable thermostat, built in safety features and remote control

Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

The Lasco 5538 comes with one of the best most essential qualities around in the remote control, which eliminates the inconveniences of having to get up to change the setting constantly. You can comfortably sit where you are and adjust the temperature, turning it up and down as necessary.

On auto setting, it brings the RV room to a set temperature and turns off, kicking back on a couple of times when the temperature gets below the set range. If you mostly wake up to a cabin kitchen looking like a frozen wasteland in the morning, purchasing this product would change a lot, with the ceramic convention heater type ensuring there’s enough heat to go round the house and the fan for even distribution purposes.

It is quiet even on the highest setting and gives no issues with the overheating setting due to the inbuilt adjustable thermostat.


  • 3 years warranty,
  • user-friendly digital interface,
  • cost friendly.
  • cool to the touch
  • Built in timer


  • lack of tip-over protection

4) Lasco CD09250 Ceramic heater

Special Feature: Push buttons control and automatic overheat protection

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

The Lasco DCO9250 is small but of great might, it can run for really long stretch times (a friend even ran it for up to 5 days, overnight included with no change in his electric bills). Therefore it is very energy efficient. Even in the living room of considerable space, it ramps up the temperature within minutes, eradicating cold in the process.

The CD09250 heater is among one of the best camper heaters out there and can conveniently serve a 40ft camper having a bedroom of about 12ft x 15ft with the slides out. It would keep the entire area warm on a 40-degree night when setting to the highest. For a device of its size, it puts out a lot of heat but also has a thermostat for heat regulation.

It’s not the quietest in operation, but for the price, you can easily overlook such a setback. Overall, you would be much more satisfied, and it would save you a lot of stress.


  • overheat protection,
  • cool-touch exterior,
  • three-year warranty
  • cost friendly,


  • noisy operation.

5) AmazonBasics Ceramic Space Heater

Special Features: Tip over switch, auto shutoff, 3 output options and carrying handle

Amazon Basics 1500W Oscillating Ceramic Heater

The AmazonBasics heater is built with a really sensitive over tip protection, which ensures that unless it is perfectly upright on the floor or a completely flat surface, it won’t function. This feature comes in handy because many fires in RVs has started by heaters that don’t possess it. There is also a pressure pin beneath the device that restrains the heater from working if not fully depressed; this prevents the item from being used on softer surfaces like carpets.

It is very simple, lightweight and blasts a lot of heat for its size, although it is suitable for RVs with small rooms. If used daily for up to 10 hours per day, it could add about $20 monthly to your electric bills, which is a cheaper alternative compared to using a central heater.


  • tip over protection,
  • portable, cost friendly.


  • suitable for really small rooms.

How to Pick the Best RV Space Heater

As discussed earlier, if you are looking to improve on the comfort in your RV because of excess cold, your best bet is to purchase a good space heater. There are several qualities to look for in the RV space heater you eventually choose to go for, which are:

Size: Since most of the RV doesn’t have the luxury of space like an average house, the size of the space heaters becomes a very important factor. This means that although it should be efficient, the device must not be too large, or else it would occupy a large amount of available space in the RV’s interior.

Why go for huge RV heater when they could both look bulky and cause a lot of obstructions in the vehicle. Large heaters should also be avoided as they can release too much heat for an area as enclosed as an RV. You should ensure that you pick a portable heater which is mobile enough to be taken off during summer where it is no longer needed.

Heater type: When it comes to the Heating type of top portable heaters, there are several options to pick from ranging from the ceramic to the infrared and propane heaters. They all come with different advantages and disadvantages, you would want to go for the most convenient of them all.

Ceramic convention heater: this type of heat works by heating the air and circulating it around the room using a fan. They are efficient and takes cold out of the air quickly, doing it in a swift manner and are considered a safe source of heat since they don’t contain hot coils or emit dangerous gases. Heaters that use ceramic convection also emits no smells.

Infrared heaters: this type of heaters operates by heating the objects in the room rather than the air, producing a low, consistent heat to maintain the temperature of the room. This device works best when placed close to the person or people needing it, providing heat for the objects specifically and doesn’t produce heat blast like the ceramic convection heater. The advantages are that it emits no noise while in operation, unlike the ceramic type, stays cool to touch while in action and it warms the room without drying the air.

Propane Heater: for situations where you are going camping in a place with no electricity supply, the propane heater is what is best for you. It makes use of propane for heat production and does not emit noise or odors during operation.

In all these, we would like to say that electricity remains your best option for you, but if at all you run out of electricity, propane heaters are probably the best you would want to go for because it runs off propane gas instead of electricity, eliminating the constant monitoring of power level in the RV.

Energy consumption: In RVs, electricity isn’t so much of an abundant commodity because they mostly run on DC batteries. Many RVs makes use of batteries to electrical power appliances, and in turn, these batteries are charged when the vehicle is connected to a constant AC power source. Purchasing a space heater that consumes much power would mean that your batteries would drain faster than usual, which could leave you shortage of power at important moments.

Safety Features: If you dont want an impromtu fireworks, always go for the heaters with inbuilt and outbuilt safety protection. space heaters generally has the potentials of causing fire hazard if care is not taken. Some heaters often have the specific features for product, make sure you strictly obey without manipulation

Final Verdict: Best space Heater for RV

Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV portable propane heater comes out on top majorly due to its ability to use propane gas as an energy source, therefore saving power in the RV. It also covers really wide areas and is best for your RV.

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