As cold seasons approach, keeping our medium-sized bedrooms or apartments (about 300-350 square feet) warm becomes essential. The drop in temperature, while a welcome change from hotter months, can bring challenges if not managed well.

Without proper heating, cold weather can lead to health issues like hypothermia, joint pain, heart problems, dry skin, and more. Let’s make sure your space stays cozy and safe this winter!

In the past, fireplaces were common for heating, but they had drawbacks like coughing and inhaling gases from burning coals. Plus, they needed extra help from fans to spread the warmth.

Today, we have advanced electric heaters that are perfect for heating spaces like your bathroom or office efficiently and safely. This guide will show you how to enjoy the cold weather comfortably with a great portable space heater designed for 300 sq feet.

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Top 5 best Space Heaters for 300 Sq ft


Special features: Three Heat Sweep settings, two heat setting with an Auto setting, Filter for dust removal, Remote control.

This space heater designed by Lasko is cylindrically shaped with a circular stand which gives it stability. Performance wise, I would say this heater is not intended for large spaces because it is more effective in heating a bedroom (Insulated or non-insulated) of 300 to 350 sq ft. It automatically switches itself off when it reached a set limit.

Also, the quality of this Lasko heater is very admirable because of the fully assembled body built with quality material. It is small in size which and it allows for easy mobilization at any time. It has a filter which allows for easy removal of dust.

Lasko 6462 space heater uses a maximum heat capacity of 1500 watt, but Its interior safety features ensure the heater does not overheat if peradventure it is left running over a long period. It comes with an adjustable thermostat heater which allows you to adjust the 1500 watt heating element. As you adjust the thermostat, you get to see it on the digital display.

Apart from the overheat protection, the heater also has the merit of cool to the touch which allows you to touch without burning, even after running for long.

It also has a feature of 2 heat setting which includes high level and low heat with an auto setting. Its three heat sweep settings allow for even distribution of warmth and allow you to select 90, 170 or 360-degree coverage of the room.


  • Three heat sweep settings
  • Filter for dust removal
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Internal safety features


  • Requires a change of battery
  • Plastic top cover may melt with extended usage due to overheating over time.


Special Features: Fan circulation, eco mode Portable, Energy saver, 3 level wattage use (Low, medium, high), ceramic built. ETL certified, and remote control

Comfort Zone Space Heater

This comfort zone oscillating heater is one of the most intelligent heaters for small space because of its auto temperature sensor which can find equilibrium between the room temperature and the set temperature.

In other words, this unit is well known for its eco mode settings which is the ability to balance the amount of heat released into a space based on the room temperature. The intelligent was set in such a way that the eco mode automatically starts immediately; the room temperature is raised beyond a set level.

This versatile space heater comes with a fan circulation that ensures the even distribution of heat in the entire room. It is tower shaped with a stable stand. It also has a remote control which makes its operation more comfortable. The safety features are also brilliant in such a way that it auto shut off immediately its bumped. Other safety features are cool to the touch and optimal comfort with the ETL certification.

This portable space heater also has a large temperature display which makes manipulation easier. It is designed to consume lower energy on the electric bill by auto-adjusting itself to lower cost and giving out moderate heat by the help of the ceramic buildup. Its wattage can be adjusted to your comfort. It operates a low heat power settings of 800 watts, medium heat of 1000 watt and high heat of 1500watts with a 110 volts’ compatibility.


  • Lower energy cost
  • Protection sensor
  • Remote control
  • Portability
  • Fan circulation


  • Fan produces noise at quiet hours
  • The power button may be hooked up and stopped working


Special Features: Inbuilt safety features, fan circulation, triple settings, overheat protection, ETL listed

Brightown Space Heater

This portable heater is one of the easiest to use and its quiet. It comes with a carrying handle with a fan setting for just a breeze of warm air circulation and two other heat settings with 750 watts (low) and 1500(high).

The ease of use is accompanied by a lightweight and impressive amount of heat for the small size.

One of the reasons why I prefer this unit to many of its heater class is the ability to pour out heat without disturbing with noise. It only makes white noise with the fan setting. Although some buyers are complaining about the noise it’s not a noise that would even wake up a baby.

The safety features that come with this electric heater is just as great as other expensive heaters. It is ETL listed. It turns off automatically when tipped over and it is cool to the touch. The adjustable thermostat control also ensures that the heater doesn’t overheat


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Triple settings
  • Safety features


  • Cannot be used in damp locations
  • Short warranty duration


Special Features: 2 heat settings, Adjustable thermostat, best for personal space and a small sized room, auto-off tip over switch, cool and safe externals, Fan forced.

Honeywell Space Heater

This small circular shaped Honeywell portable wall heater has special unique features different from others. It uses radiant and infrared heating to meet the need of a small-sized personal space, like your desktop, tabletop or even nightstand placement.

With the Honeywell Uberheat ceramic heater, you can turn down the thermostat of your house and use it for the room you are alone. Hence it’s energy and cost saver.

In a bedroom of 12ft by 17ft, It produces great heat. It operates on 2 heat settings (high and low). The low does not consume as much electricity as the high setting. These heat settings are regulated by the adjustable thermostat to prevent overheating. The highest setting makes a white noise which is bearable except if you have issues with noise.

When choosing a space heater, the safety feature you’ll want to focus on includes an auto tip-over switch, overheat protection, and cool-touch housing. These ensure the unit is safe to use in your space.

I am recommending this heater because it’s the best heater for the money as its even capable of heating a condo without cutting much on the electric bill thanks to radiant heat.


  • Best for personal space and small sized room
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Save cost
  • Two heat settings
  • Fan Forced


  • No digital display to know the set temperature
  • Average durability

5) Andily Ceramic Space Heater with thermostat

Special Features: Thermostatic, ceramic heating element, ETL certified, three mode settings and advanced safety

Andily Space Heater

This Andily space heater is very useful in a medium spaced apartment. Just like most of the other heaters for 300 sq ft, this heater comes with a dual heat setting of 750 watts and 1500 watt. Apart from the dual heat settings, it has an ordinary fan for the circulation or warmth and air.

The adjustable thermostat helps you keep your room at a steady and comfortable temperature without overheating. This takes us to the safety features embedded in this portable heater. Apart from the fact that it is ETL listed, it also comes with parallel advanced safety features like tip over protection and cools to the touch


  • Triple heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Portable and lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean


  • No warranty
  • Cannot be used in damp areas

How is sq ft measured in houses?

Measuring the square footage of your home should be one of the things you consider doing first before getting a space heater. Square footage is calculated in several ways in different parts of the world. But here in this article is one easy way of getting the square footage of your room.

  • Get the measurement of the length and width with a measuring tape.
  • You could use a laser measure too
  • Get the product of the width and the length
  • You have your square footage!

Assuming you have a rectangular office of 25 feet wide and 40 feet long, and you want to get the square footage of your office, then you have:

 25 x 40 ₌ 1000 square feet.

If your office or room is oddly shaped, say having an L- shape, it could be divided into definite shapes of square and rectangle. Then, it could be calculated as follows

  • Get the area of both square and rectangular shape. Both fields should be treated as two different entities.
  • Get the addition of both areas
  • Then get the product to get the square footage of your office or room
  • If both measurements have separate units for example inches and feet, converting the unit values to feet should be done first before multiplying both to get the square footage.
  • You can as well use a square footage calculator

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How many watts per square foot for electric heat

In determining the watt per square foot for your room or office, there are quite several important top factors you should consider looking into. You should find the square footage, how well ventilated your room or office is (insulation), the number of rooms in your house, your ceiling height, climate zone, temperature zone among others. Each of these factors will be further explained in the proceeding outline

To determine how many watts per square foot for electric heat required for your room or office, first, you calculate the watt by multiplying the area of your room in feet by 10. This is particularly true for houses whose ceiling is constructed to be 8 feet high.

Modern houses have been constructed with their ceiling to be 9 feet high   (In this case, to determine the number of the watt, the area is multiplied by the area, height and 1.25.)Then, divide the wattage consumed in the room by its area in square feet. An illustration is given below:

Assuming you have a rectangular office of 20 feet wide and 10 feet long, and you want to calculate the watts per square foot.

Step 1: calculate the watt by multiplying the area of your room in feet by 10.

Area:    15 x 10 ₌ 150 square feet

Wattage: 150 X 10 ₌ 1500watts

Step 2: divide the wattage consumed in the room by its area in square feet

         1500watts / 150 square feet ₌  10 watts per square feet.

How many btu of heat do i need: For a 300 sq.ft

BTU, British Thermal Units is simply the amount of energy that would heat one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

With a BTU calculator, a 300 square feet will require 18,800BTU/hour or 5,509 watts or heat for 50Fahrenheit.

Considerations for picking the best Electric Space Heater For 300 square feet

Insulation: Rooms with heavy insulations demands fewer watts of power for their heating while rooms with light insulations demand higher watts of power for their heat. Places without insulations do not necessarily require a space heater because they are exposed environment such as garages although you can consider a NewAir Garage Heater.

Size: When considering purchasing the best space heater, one outstanding quality your space heater should possess is portability. You don’t want to get a big sized space heater for your mini bathroom

Safety: Above every factor to consider in choosing the best space heater is the safety of your home and family. The big or mini-sized portable space heater should be safe enough for an operation.

Usually, too, your space heater should have an overheat protection switch that is capable of shutting the heater off when it’s heating elements reaches a high temperature. This safety quality is known as regulation. This prevents your electrical circuit from damaging and of course, also protects your space heater.

Square Footage and Ceiling Height:

Space heating is at its best with a ceiling height of 8 feet tall. Nowadays, modern construction has involved 9 feet tall. There is always a need to compensate for this, with an increase in the wattage of the space heater with 25% for an extra 2 feet.

Power consumed:

The watts consumed by your space heater should also be of importance considering the number of other electrical appliances you use in your home or office. You don’t want an increase in your bills

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The Lasko  6462 warmth ceramic portable space heater stands out as the top best space heater because it is best suitable and designed for a 300 square feet room. Its other features such as hour 8-hour auto-off timer enables you to determine how long it should run. It also has a filter feature that separates it from others. The digital display is also an added advantage it has.

Also next to it is the Comfort zone. This stands out as the second best because of its eco mode settings that automatically detect room temperature and balanced with the amount of heat been pumped out.

If we were to choose the 3rd best, it would surely go to Uberheat ceramic heating because of its special unique feature of small-sized personal space usage as the house thermostat can be turned down to heat a single room and thus does not consume as much electricity. It saves energy and cost

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