Pets are really pleasurable and a joyful life  to have in the home. They have a friendly nature and tendency to make the house more fun, while being an extra companion. But with pets come responsibilities. For their survival, you have to ensure you make the house as comfortable as possible. This is one of the primary reasons why you should choose from the best pet safe space heaters.

Space heaters that you can leave unattended are really priceless when dealing with pets! Safety is your number one priority. In brief, there are no pet safe space heaters out there better than the ceramic heater type. Though it is not advisable to always leave a space heater alone with pets, we still recommend you go for a model with enough inbuilt safety features. At least safe enough to allow you go to the restroom and back with no much concern as to what is happening back in the sitting room.

Apart from safety, there are also some other features to consider before you dive into the market. We’ll discuss these features in this article, and you would get a recommendation in the end about which we place on top as the best cozy pet warmer out there.

Safest Space Heater for Pets
Pelonis Tower HeaterCeramic Tower22.6 x 7.2 x 7.5QuietYES300sqft
LASKO 751320 Ceramic Tower7.4 x 8.7 x 23.52 Quiet SettingsNO300sqft
ORONY Portable Space HeaterCeramic Compact5.9 x 5.5 x 93 Adjustable Quiet s=SettingsNO170-250sqft
Brightown Ceramic Compact 11.3 x 8.6 x 6.7QuietNO250sqft
LASKO 5307Ceramic Tower5.6 x 5.9 x 16QuietYES200-250sqft

Types of Pet Safe Space Heaters

The ceramic heater is a type of convection heater that distributes convection current across a ceramic heating element, causing it to heat up and as a result heat the air surrounding it. This eventually smoothly spreads across the room. The ceramic heater is from the top pet safe heaters, and there are several types which we will discuss below.

Compact ceramic heaters

As the name implies, these heater types are small and portable. Their small sizes make them best for self-warming in homes or very small rooms, and unsuitable to use as a heater for an entire room.

Ceramic Tower Heater

This is the best type of ceramic heater out there for you and and the best tower heater for your pets, whichever pet you might have. Most of them have a slim and tall design and disperse air in a very efficient manner by making use of a rotating motor.

Ceramic Wall Heater

Ceramic wall heaters are the types that are built into the wall. They can mostly cover a large area and are more permanent than the other two types, but also consumes much more power too. It is a high-quality and durable type of heater.

Top 5 Space Heaters for Pet Owners

1) Pelonis Ceramic Space Heater

Special features: Customized comfort, energy efficient, superior safety, and energy bill friendly

PELONIS Oscillating Ceramic Tower Indoor Space Heater

The Pelonis Ceramic Space Heater is a tower type designed space heater that has an impressive shaped body that enables it to fit into tight spaces in the home quickly. It has a vast body surface area from which it releases heat into the atmosphere and a built-in handle that makes the heater portable and easily transportable to where wherever you may need it alongside storage for the remote control. The height of the device is also adjustable.

The pelonis heater has a fan that oscillates and it distributes the heat it releases evenly across the room and is very quiet while in operation. It has a remote control that provides the ease of power while using the device. It also stays cool to touch during operation and has a very accurate thermostat, while the auto-off feature also comes in handy. Several safety features are in hand also like the tip-over and overheating protection and other features like timer and.

This space heater heats up your room really quickly and saves you a lot of dollars in electric bills per month when compared to using the central heating system in the home. It is also very comfortable to use and easy to set up after purchase, and really efficient. We totally recommend it.


  • remote control,
  • auto turnoff feature,
  • energy saving,
  • tip over protection,
  • overheating protection,
  • ceramic heater type,
  • cool to touch.


  • More expensive than similar space heaters

2) Lasko 751320 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

Special Features: Dual heat settings, Adjustable thermostat, built in timer, cool to touch and fireproof

Lasko Space Heater

This is a really nice looking device that isn’t just efficient in heating a room but also comes with some added touch of extra beauty; it has a sleek and curvy design that makes it look more like a decorative object than a space heater.

The device is built with several features like the timer feature which is great for choosing the duration which the device would operate, a manually adjustable thermostat that is found on the body of the heater and a remote control that enables you to cycle between thermostats setting from a distance. It also has a silent oscillation and a cool exterior to touch.

This device takes the chill out of the air efficiently when placed in a 27-foot trailer within 20-30 minutes, averaging an electric bill of around 30$. It could also heat a 250sqft space just fine and can do a great job of holding a 65-70 degree temperature in winter periods.

It heats a room well even when they are large and drafty with roofs as high as 10feet, and is very easy to use because of the remote control feature and also simple to set up on purchase.


  • remote control,
  • adjustable thermostat,
  • timer,
  • cool to touch exterior,
  • overheat protection,


  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms only.

3) Brightown Ceramic Space Heater

Special Features: Triple Heat settings, Overheat protection and Auto shut off

The primary focus in the design of this heater was on its small and portable size and its ease of mobility. It has a handle at the top that helps you comfortably lift the device and move it around. It is also a ceramic type, which is best for your pet and is cool to touch on the exterior.

It’s got safety sensors too, which turns the machine off when it is not sitting in an upright manner. Until the device is in a vertical direction, it wouldn’t function. It has a different fan speed to choose from; level I, II or fan and you can also turn up or down the heating temperature.

This machine puts out much more heat than expected from such a small machine and is worth its price in every way, although it is also a bit noisier than expected. It bursts out heat widely enough, covering a 100% area as wide as 13 x 12 feet when you place it close to you, and it’s prevalent in distributing heat around the room. The device wouldn’t cause many problems when it comes to operation as the controls are simple and the power cord is relatively long making it from the top list for pet safe space heaters.


  • energy efficient,
  • adjustable thermostat,
  • overheating protection,
  • cool to touch exterior,


  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms only,
  • no much difference in heat output at different temperatures.

4) Lasko 5307 oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

Special Features: Triple heat settings, and in built safety features

This Lasko heater comes assembled. Therefore there is no fuss in unpacking, and it has a tower design look. The tower design helps the device distribute air efficiently in the home. The device also has a handle for times when you need to move it around and a small size that ensures it isn’t too bulky to be lifted.

The device has three fan setting as well as 12 heat settings for heat level. It also comes with an auto oscillating function, and it atomically turns off on and off while running, once it hit the desired temperature. The external portion is also cool to touch while it operates.

In winter periods where the temperature is down to the 20s and 30s, so this device would be able to battle the cold, making the room warm for your pet . Although it cannot cover a medium or large sized room, and might not give out enough heat as you were expecting, it still does enough to take the room off the edge of the cold.


  • overheat protection,
  • cool-touch housing,
  • quiet operation.


  • suitable for small sized rooms

Safety Tips of using a space heaters for pets

Most heaters have excellent features such as the anti-tip protection and auto shutoff that could help keep your child and pet safe, but since we can never exert too much safety measures, it wouldn’t hurt to follow a few basic instructions still. This is essential especially when you have children and pets around.

  • Keep a considerable amount of space between the heater and other objects, especially flammable materials like furniture, curtains, couch, etc. they should be at least 3 feet away from the heater.
  • Ensure the cord is long enough to avoid a tripping hazard is paced in an area and manner that makes it not easily accessible to pets and kids.
  • Place the heater where it is not reachable by pets and kids.
  • Heaters mostly draw a fairly larger amount of energy than most appliances in the home, so they should, therefore, be plugged to a wall socket. Avoid plugging a heater to an extension box, because they could over heat and cause fire hazard.
  • Always turn the heater off when you are not around.
  • Ensure the heater is always placed on a hard floor and not an easily flammable surface or stand.
  • Heaters should not be used in enclosed areas like locked in a closet or under desks.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels before using.
  • The heater should always be unplugged when it is not in use.

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Qualities to consider when purchasing safe space heaters for pets – Fireproof and cool touch feature


This of course size is always one of the significant factors to be considered before purchasing a heater.  You wouldn’t expect a small sized heater to heat your whole house, because they are designed mostly for spot heating and wouldn’t do the job of a large heater. Larger heaters generally heat a much larger space than small heaters, and they also consume more energy.

Safety features:

This is arguably the most important feature to consider when purchasing a good space heater because a lot of homes have been set ablaze due to hazards that occur from using such a device. The product you go for should have a cool to touch surface, this is to avoid burns in case the pets, or your kid touches the surface during operation.

Automatic overheat protection that ensures the device turns off if it gets too hot during operation is also vital and is potentially a lifesaving feature. Another critical safety features us the tip-over protection that turns the unit off in case it is knocked over; this could occur mostly when you use a tower-type ceramic heater.

Fireproof space heaters are the best when it comes to picking pet-friendly space heaters. Most of them are cool touch space heater which remains cool on the body irrespective of the heat amount that is generated.


The thermostat feature on a space heater could either be adjustable or programmable. The programmable type of space heater means the device could be set to a particular temperature that it would keep the room in and while the adjustable temperature gives you an option of manually selecting temperature settings to choose from.


This feature is used to set the device to function at a particular period or duration. It is useful in saving power, hence electric bill cost.


Heater’s noise might not be too much of a concern in the day time, but at nights, loud heaters could be a problem due to disturbances. You should ensure the heater you purchase is silent in operation. Most devices give their decibel rating, the higher the decibel rating, the louder the device would be.

Energy efficient:

Some heaters have energy efficient modes that could help you save a few dollars on your electric bill.

Oscillating mode:

This is the ability to evenly distribute air easier throughout the room so that one place isn’t more heated up then the other.

Final Verdict: Safe space heaters for pets

Best space Heater for living room

The Pelonis Ceramic Space Heater is the best and safest space heater out there for your pets due to its ability to serve a large room and its overall safety features. We would recommend this because it is the best for your cats or dogs out there.

Best tower space Heater

Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater comes in for the best tower space heater because of its ability to serve drafty rooms even with high ceilings. It even has numerous safety features than the polonis but couldn’t serve a larger room.

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