The question ‘what does a dehumidifier for your health‘ is not uncommon. Buyers of dehumidifiers who would like to know if dehumidifiers are safe especially when used for health purposes.

In this article, we are going to be explaining explicitly what a dehumidifier do to human body and its environment.

Are dehumidifiers safe or unsafe to use?

dehumidifier is a device on a specific mission: to decrease the total level of humidity present in the atmosphere.

If you are a regular sufferer of allergies, then you can testify to the awful experience from the kind of unease and health challenges that allergies can cause.

In humid seasons, when the average level of humidity in the atmosphere is always very high, the environment around tends to support the growth and existence of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mold, mites, etc. . These organisms of course are major agents and/or triggers for allergy flare-ups.

Faced with the question whether dehumidifiers are safe to your health, the straight forward answer is simply YES.

Dehumidifier is right for your health, but of course when it is used in a way it should. When used in the right direction and condition it should be used; a dehumidifier could help keep your environment clean, and ensuring the moisture level in the atmosphere is uninhabitable for common organisms that cause harm to the human body.

However, You shouldn’t be using a dehumidifier in the cold season. The level of humidity in the atmosphere is already dangerously low. So, removing more moisture from it would only further endanger your health. That is because air with very low humidity content also acts as triggers for some major allergies.

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What is the working principle of dehumidifiers to be safe

Observe the type of air that circulates in a refrigerator. You will notice that it is mostly scorched. This is because it contains a deficient level of humidity, and it is on this principle that a humidifier works.

A dehumidifier can either be a dessicant or refrigerant. The dessicants have no special protocol of work than to make use of chemical attraction to draw water from its sorrounding.

Refrigerant dehuhumidifiers works by drawing in moisture-filled air from the atmosphere. They run the air through several stages of humidity releasing processes before releasing the same air but with all of the humidity gone into the atmosphere. Over time, this humidity less air fills up the majority the atmosphere. Hence effectively dropping the humidity level of the environment in general.

The moisture filled air is drawn from the atmosphere into the unit. It is passed over a cold refrigerated coil. This causes the moisture in it to condense on the coil into droplets of water. Depending on the design of the machine; some might filter the water out turning it into potable drinking water with an osmosis process, while some others dispose of the water as vapor rather than liquid.

Afterward, the air is passed over a hot coil and then sent out from the humidifier into the atmosphere. This air is arid (contains no humidity) and clean.

In cold periods, dehumidifiers might find it more difficult to perform its task. Such low temperatures could affect the refrigerated coil, causing it to freeze and completely blocking the passage of air. Not to worry though, because most modern dehumidifiers are designed with inbuilt functions to counteract this. They can effectively keep the coil at normal temperature, therefore preventing blockage from ever occurring.

Are dehumidifiers worth it: Why do people use a dehumidifier?

You should simply know that Dehumidifier worth every of the penny you might want to invest on it.

As discussed earlier backed up by many research, they remove moisture from the atmosphere. This, in turn, makes the environment less hospitable for harmful microscopic organisms. Here are few reasons why people around the world use dehumidifiers.

  • To remove allergy triggers:

Dehumidifier removes allergy triggers like dust mites, molds and mildews, thrive in highly humid conditions, especially in areas of the home where there is always a high level of moisture. These allergens are responsible for respiratory mishaps like asthmas. Asthmas can be very troubling, especially for children at young ages.

  • Easy to use:

Dehumidifiers are generally very convenient to use.

  • Mold and Odor Removal:

Dehumidifiers also save you from bad and foul odors released by organisms when they begin to grow in humid conditions. They effectively get rid of that rotten and musty smell.

Molds are not just harmful to our health whenever you breathe them. They can also get damages to material objects in the home.

  • Drying Clothes:  

Environments with a lesser level of humidity mean your clothes would dry faster and cereals last longer without decay. Metallic objects like computers and other electronics would also experience lesser rust

  • Energy Efficiency:

Using a dehumidifier also saves your energy bills. It helps your AC run on smaller load, therefore consuming less energy and hence smaller bills. Otherwise, the unit would work extra time, making it more prone to breakdowns and repairs.

  • Asthma Prevention:

Dehumidifiers also go a long way in preventing asthmatic attacks. By removing contaminations in the atmosphere, a dehumidifier reduces the chance of respiratory problems.

  •  Condensation Minimization:

Proper area ventilation can solve condensation problems. You can also counter condensation by eliminating warm damp air and replacing it with a cold one. Thus, a dehumidifier effectively deals with condensation.

Is it safe to run a dehumidifier all the time?

At this point, it has already been established that the effects of a dehumidifier have a positive impact on our health, helping in reducing humidity level and easing the difficulty in breathing.

But another question arises on the use of dehumidifiers. Asking if dehumidifiers are safe to run for an extended period or basically all the time. The answer is YES, modern dehumidifier especially have many safety features that help it remain safe. Even when plugged in and left to run for extended periods.

We advise that though that you only allow your dehumidifier to run all the time at extremely high humid conditions (about 60% upwards). Once the level drops below 60%, then you can vary the working duration of the dehumidifier depending on your preference and body condition.

Most new models of dehumidifiers are designed for an extended period, and in cases where the tank gets full, they automatically shut off to prevent an overflow till the tank is emptied.

While some others come with an anti-tilt feature, meaning that it would stop itself from working as soon as it is pushed off balance to the ground, keeping you safe. The motor also shuts down when the device overheats, and it stays that way till it cools down well enough to kick back into its safe, healthy functioning.

Overall because of features like this, dehumidifiers are safe to use and run at all times, although you must be careful not to let it drop the humidity level of the atmosphere below 30%, as that is dangerously low and can have adverse effects. Some dehumidifiers can sense moisture level, and autoregulates it.

What are the side effects of dehumidifier?

Thinking if dehumidifiers are all of the advantages and no disadvantage, then you should know that having a dehumidifier could have adverse side effects on you generally, especially if you don’t know how to use it correctly and for the purpose it was designed for.

Firstly, one of the significant side effects of the dehumidifier is that it could lead to a high level of air contamination this happened in cases of nasty habits. When you don’t follow the recommended cleaning duration by the manufacturer, mold and bacteria might start to build up in the unit, therefore contaminating the air that is released into the atmosphere and affecting your health negatively. The dehumidifier should be disassembled, and all the parts cleaned regularly.

Also, do well always to empty the water tank of the unit, as when left for a long while, it could lead to molds growing on the container, causing a variety of health issues and allergic reactions. You would also do well to monitor the humidity level in the atmosphere, ensuring that it doesn’t drop too low. Although high humidity level could lead to difficulty in breathing, low levels of humidity could also cause a series of health problems too like making you more susceptible to flu and cold.

A deficient level of humidity can also cause dry eyes and skin, because those organs require water to stay healthy, without which the eyes start to become irritated and itchy. Such low temperatures could also affect wooden items in the home, causing cracks and reduced structural integrity; under such condition, it is only a matter of time before it gives up.

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Final Submission: Are dehumidifiers not safe for your health?

Dehumidifiers, when used in the right condition and proper way, are absolutely fantastic and good for your health, making the difference in your comfort level in hot seasons. On the other hand, if used ignorantly, it is sure to have adverse effects on your health, from irritations to flu and aggregation/ triggers of asthmas.

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