Self-protection is one of the highest priorities in the home and the same as the best dehumidifier for gun safe in garage or anywhere you choose to keep your firearms. How?

Most individuals would go far extent to ensure their safety and that of their family, which sometimes includes purchasing a gun, with a license, of course. But metals most times when kept in tight spaces like the garage safe (since you can’t exactly flaunt it around the home especially if there are children around) tends to get rusty and corrode if moisture is not adequately kept out. This can only be prevented using the best gun safe dehumidifier.

Gun safes are essential, with a responsibility of keeping your family safe from accidental discharges and misuse as well as potential theft. Except you go for a gun safe with built-in dehumidifier, we recommend you purchase a dehumidifier designed especially for these safes, as these ensure the excellent condition of the gun when it is needed to be used and secures your valuable item.

There are majorly two types of dehumidifiers, which are the electric and desiccant type. The desiccant type is recommended as a safe dehumidifier, that’s if you don’t want to damage your safe by making holes around it while using an electric humidifier plugged in the room. You can simply place the desiccant dehumidifier or also called gun safe moisture absorber in the safe and locked it up while it does the rest of the job.

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Top 5 best dehumidifier for gun safe in garage

1) Stack-on-SPAD-1500 Rechargeable cordless dehumidifier: Best stack on gun safe dehumidifier

Special features: weight 1.05 pounds, dimensions 10 x 8 x 3 inches, small and compact

Stack-on-SPAD-1500 Rechargeable cordless dehumidifier: Best stack on gun safe dehumidifier
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The stack-on-SPAD-1500 dehumidifier, takes after the design of most conventional safe dehumidifiers, with a small, portable design and light weight that makes for easy placement and usage with a safe.

They last about 3 to 4 weeks before charging is needed. When the beads change color, like most desiccant dehumidifiers, you just simply need to plug it to an electrical outlet until it is ready for use, which is after the gels changes from purple (dry) to pink when it is wet.

The device is not battery powered, merely making use of electricity to heat the crystals to dry them up, so if you are worried about it heating up while plugged in, just know that’s the standard mode of operation. It pulls out moisture efficiently out of the atmosphere, effectively keeping your gun from rust.

Depending on the size of the safe and amount of items present, purchase several devices that would be suitable for the required purpose. You wouldn’t expect to use a cup in emptying a storage tank, would you?


  • Doesn’t require batteries,
  • small and compact,
  • can function for a long time (about 3 – 4weeks),
  • can serve fairly large spaces (about 100 cubic feet)


  • takes time to recharge.

2) Dry-packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier

Special features: dimension 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches, weight 1.65 pounds,

Dry-packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier
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The canister of the silica gel wouldn’t take up much space in a regular gun safe (although it may vary depending on the size) but proves an immediate effective agent for significantly lowering the amount of moisture in the safe, hence preventing rust and corrosion to a very great extent.

Unlike the stack on SPAD dehumidifier, this type doesn’t make use of electricity to recharge/ dry up its silica gel. Instead, it employs the conventional way of putting it in an oven to heat up.

As the gel loses moisture completely, it changes color and becomes orange again from its already moisture saturated dark green color. Be sure to remove the lid and take away the clear plastic viewer before placing in the oven, and it would take more than 4hrs at 250F to dry up the gel.

This canister gel humidifier is excellent and would do a decent job in keeping moisture out of your safe. Although it doesn’t take as long as the electrical rechargeable ones, you’d have to compensate by watching it in the oven till its dry or risk burning the whole thing up.


  • doesn’t require batteries,
  • small sized,
  • contains a high amount of silica gel for absorbing more moisture,
  • considerable less amount of recharge time.


  • requires an oven for recharge.

3) Snapsafe safe cylinder dehumidifier

Special features: 9 x 8 x 6 inches, weight 2 pounds, built in indicator for when a recharge is needed.

Snapsafe safe cylinder dehumidifier
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This is a small canister dehumidifier that would fit in perfectly in your safe or toaster oven. Like the dry pack canister type, the silica gel has the blue to pink indicator at the top that lets you know when a recharge is needed and can be viewed through the top easily, while the remaining gel fills up the rest of the container.

The snap safe is also recharged by heating like most conventional canister dehumidifier, and it is recommended you use an oven at 300 degrees temperature, be sure to heat up the oven before placing the canister in it. Complete recharge time takes about 4- 8 hours, and after full recharge could last from 20 – 30 days before another is needed.

The lifetime warranty is also a good catch and reason to purchase the product, but you should know that it only covers devices made of defective products, so you don’t have to pay for the manufacturer’s mistake. In all, you would be happy with this product, and we guarantee it would serve you just fine.


  • no batteries required,
  • lightweight,
  • warranty against defect material and craft,
  • considerable less amount of recharge time.


  • need an oven for recharge.

4) Probreeze renewable cordless mini dehumidifier : Best gun safe dehumidifier battery powered

Special features: weighs 15.2 ounces, can cover up to 333 cubic feet

Probreeze renewable cordless mini dehumidifier : Best gun safe dehumidifier battery powered
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The pro breeze cordless dehumidifier is very similar to the stack on spad type, from having the same looks to design and shape, plus the silica gel material for absorbing moisture. As the gel absorbs moisture, it changes color from orange to green, with the fully dark green color an indication for the need of a recharge.

The gel used in this unit is nontoxic, meaning in cases of spillage, you wouldn’t need to worry about safety, especially when there are kids in the home. The device can serve a reasonably large space about safe, of about 333 cubic feet, and recharge medium is by the use of electricity, which could span as long as 6- 24 hours. When the device is completely recharged, the gel changes the color back to bright orange, although you would have to keep an eye on it as it has been known to pop up when overcharged

The device like most on our list can serve you for several weeks before its gel changes color depending on the level of moisture content in your atmosphere. The full wan year warrantee means although it doesn’t cost a fortune, it’s still not a gamble and would always be replaced in case of defects.


  • non-toxic gels,
  • no batteries required,
  • full one year warranty,
  • can serve large spaces.


  • long recharge time.

5) Eva dry E-333 renewable dehumidifier

Special features: serves up to 333 cubic feet, silica gel, no toxic, item weight 1.45 pounds, dimension 9 x 8.2 x 2.9.

Eva dry E-333 renewable dehumidifier
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This unit works like a charm, absorbing all the damp and smell from your safe and keeping everything inside in a pleasant and non-moist condition. They are designed to cover safes or closed spaces of about 333 cubic feet, having a relatively lightweight and small dimension, meaning it would take an inconsiderate amount of space in your safe.

They contain silica gel which changes color gradually as the device becomes saturated with moisture from the environment, turning pink from its originally blue color. It is also effortless to recharge and takes about 8 – 24 hours, although the duration has been known to increase (within that same range) with continuous usage. The device can last up to a month, which could vary depending on the amount of moisture content in your safe.

This unit is sure to make a noticeable difference in the humidity level of your gun cabinet. The silica gels are very hygroscopic and can absorb a large number of water molecules from the atmosphere. However, be sure to use the device in a space not too ample for its recommended capacity for maximum performance and effectiveness.


  • last long before renewal is needed (about a month),
  • requires no batteries,
  • long life span (up to 10 years),
  • renewable,
  • five-year warrantee,
  • easy recharging,
  • serves a relatively large amount of space for its size.


  • long recharge time.

Moisture in gun safe: causes and effects

Owning a gun safe is a perfect step towards protection and a higher level of security, but you should also know that it comes with a downside.

Gun storage or safe seriously inhibit the flow of air thought whatever item it is protecting, i.e., what you decide to place inside of it, allowing moisture to build up.

This could have adverse effects on the gun, ranging from rust and corrosions, and if the firearms possess wooden parts, then decays, and mildew could quickly become a problem.

Gun safe humidity control

When it comes to the control of humidity, there are several ways to counter it. Apart from natural aeration and cleaning to prevent mold and dirt build up, you can most make use of a dehumidifier. The major function of a gun cabinet and safe is to secure firearms, keeping out of the open site and reach of intruders, making it challenging to leave open now and then for aeration or cleaning sake.

For this reason, the, using the best gun safe dehumidifiers out there is the best option, as you don’t have to routinely clean and leave open for humidity control. The device should just be placed in the gun safes, and it would do the rest, carrying out dehumidification efficiently.

Where to put a gun safe in your house

Before placing a gun safe, there are several conditions you should take into consideration, which would be discussed. Many like to leave their gun safe in the garage, but since you own one for security sake, it should be nearer, except you spend most of your time at home in the garage.

The size of your safe should also be considered before choosing a location, small gun safes containing small firearms can be easily placed in the corner of the bedroom, while larger safes should be more out of sight.

There are some areas in the home that are just a no go for items like a gun cabinet, one major stand out places with a constantly high level of humidity, e.g., the kitchen, bathroom, basement with drainage issues, we’re sure you get the point.

Excellent spots for placing a gun safe are, on the floor beside a closet or underneath, personal room drawer, and for large safe, the basement would be a good option (if it doesn’t have drainage issues).

Where to put dehumidifier in gun safe

If you are wondering where the best position to place the dehumidifier is, then we advise you to stop immediately. Not at once, though, but after reading through what we have to say about it.

When it comes to the silica type dehumidifier, its performance isn’t affected by location or position in the safe. The material is hygroscopic and would absorb moisture from air regardless of where it is.

Therefore if you would be worried about the position, it should be as a result of orderliness or maximizing space in the safe, not the performance of the dehumidifier.

Can a gun safe be too dry: best temperature and humidity for gun storage?

YES, Although it is a well-proven fact that a high level of humidity can cause damages to your guns, you should also know that so can an absence of moisture. Low level of moisture is mostly harmful, especially for firearms with wooden parts in them, leading to cracks and damages eventually.

Many would advise maintaining a relative humidity of about 50% and temperature of 700F, which is generally safe for guns and bullets, but you should do well to always check with your manufacturer for specifications as per that particular product.

Factors to consider when choosing the best dehumidifier for gun safe in the garage

  • Size:

The size of whatever humidifier you decide to purchase should be small enough to go unnoticed as regarding space consumption in the safe. It should not be so big that you would have to create space for it.

  • Dehumidification type:

Of course the small-sized dehumidifiers that can actually fit into a safe are mostly the desiccant type. This is the best for a gun cabinet, cause of size and ease of use and maintenance. It works so well you can even forget it was there in the first place.

  • Working and recharge duration:

This is important, the device should be able to work for a long amount of time without needing a recharge now and then. When it is finally time to recharge, you wouldn’t want your dehumidifier to be out for too long, would you?

  • Price:

Desiccant dehumidifiers are generally less expensive compared to other types. So depending on your budget, you can always purchase what you can afford.

Final Verdict: Best gun safe moisture absorber in the garage

Although most of the desiccant type of humidifier is similar, there is still some distinction in performance, which is why we rate the Stack-on-SPAD-1500 Rechargeable cordless dehumidifier as the best for you. It is pretty small and portable, not consuming much space in your safe and although it might not have been designed to serve a more substantial area like some others, it performs well enough for regular gun storage. It also lasts long before a recharge is needed.

The Dry-packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier ranks next for the considerable amount of silica gel it contains, with a high level of moisture absorbing capacity. Hence, it can withhold high moisture content than most. It’s a canister type, therefore needs to be recharged in the oven, taking a considerably less time to recharge than conventional silica gel dehumidifiers, while being able so to serve reasonably large spaces.

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