Beyond doubt, using saunas are very beneficial to health, as they come with numerous health benefits from muscle relaxation to stress relief. However, due to being electronic devices, it poses a risk of exposing users to high levels of EMF, which simply attaches an aura of unsafe, around a very health beneficial product. This makes the criteria; best infrared sauna low EMF, very important for users to look out for in a purchase.

Nothing changes as per manner of operation in the best low emf infrared saunas, asides the fact that it generates weigh less amount of emf than a regular sauna. Depending on the peculiarity of a person’s body, exposure to emf could result in different reactions.

Some are pretty susceptible and quickly experience sleep and anxiety disturbances, while others won’t. Studies, however, have shown a correlation between exposure to high emf and conditions like cancer, leukemia, stress, and some other health ailments.

Low emf saunas come in different designs and sizes, and depending on the peculiarity of your need, you could go for the best low emf portable infrared sauna for mobility’s sake or just the regular whole body type.

Apart from the best portable infrared sauna low emf, there are also the best far infrared sauna low emf and the best ultra-low emf infrared sauna. We would be going through some low emf sauna reviews in order to help you make the choosing process much easier.

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What is a low emf infrared sauna?

As far as electricity is involved, there would always be a level of emf generated due to the flow of current. This is found in all kinds of electrical appliances, including saunas.

Now, low emf saunas are the ones which only generates a little amount of emf while operating, compared to regular sauna level. They are mostly characterized by requiring a low amount of power to run, hence lower current, and the consequentially lower amount of emf generated.

Low EMF far infrared sauna benefits are not specific

There are no exactly exclusive benefits to using low emf far infrared saunas, but rather, it gives you all the benefits of a regular infrared sauna, without feeling sick after sauna.

Using a regular far infrared sauna comes with numerous benefits like muscle relaxation, detoxification, and stress relief, but also makes the body liable to some health implications from prolonged exposure to emf, like difficulty sleeping, incidences of leukemia, cancer, fatigue, etc. low emf infrared saunas simply come with all the benefits, without exposure to any of the risks.

4 Features to consider in choosing the best infrared sauna with low EMF

Emf level:

The emf radiation level of a sauna is an important feature to consider before purchase. This is due to the numerous negative impact it can pose on the human body on exposure to high levels.

Ideally, a sauna cannot generate zero emf, and as far as here is electricity, there would be a level of emf. What is important is that this emf is in a minute or negligible quantity, this level should be as low as possible, and the lower, the better.

Maximum heat capacity/ time it takes to heat up:

This is the amount of heat the infrared heaters or heating element can produce. Though infrared saunas do not normally require a large amount of heat, just like always, the higher the heat, the faster you would get heated up.

Levels around 130 to 150F should suffice. Also, it is one thing to be able to hit high temperatures, and another to do it in a short period of time. Saunas that hit high temperatures easily are always better to use, making the whole heat therapy process faster.

Temperature and time control:

This all boils down to user flexibility. Imagine having a sauna where you can set precise temperature desired (especially if you know the right temperature for your body). Another option is to start by increasing temperature gradually till you get a comfortable level. The time feature, on the other hand, is like an alarm system, which alerts users as soon as they set a particular amount of time in the sauna.

Comfortable relaxation and easy to assemble:

Comfort when using a sauna is largely down to how spacious it is. The space in a sauna determines relaxation position, as spacious enough products allow laying, sitting, standing, and some even yoga, while the more confined products leave you with mostly sitting.

Saunas are also larger than your regular electrical devices, which is why they are delivered in parts, rather than as a whole. It is down to customers to put it together as a result, and getting one that can be done with minimal stress should be the goal.

Top Infrared Sauna with Low EMF


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Being a boutique incentive agency, be sure that whatever comes out from the shaping tools of the maxxus group contains both elegance and quality, which is just what their sauna line stands for.

Narrowing our search parameters further, the maxxus group also produces quite an array of low emf saunas, and we would be talking about the B00L56KZBC model.

Low emf infrared heaters

With seven positioned emf far infrared carbon heaters, be sure to get the most even of heat distribution, and a process that gets every part of the body uniformly heated.

With the far-infrared spectrum, these heaters are able to penetrate the skin up to 40% more than regular ceramic tubes heaters, for more health benefits, and they also generate a very low level of emf.

While using this sauna, we recommend you don’t sit too close to the haters, stay precisely about 6 inches away, as coming too close exposes the body a higher level of emf than recommended.

Spacious and made of hemlock wood

One of the best things about using a sauna is the addition relaxation feature it comes with. Full body saunas allow stretching, and change of positions during therapy, and with this model, you can go in alongside two other individuals for more collective experience. The sauna is also made of hemlock wood, which is well famed for its durability, and smooth finish.


This is the science of using light with different colors in order to adjust body vibrations to a more harmonious and beneficial health frequency.

It works in hand with the heat generated by infrared rays, helping the body vibrate at different frequencies associated with different physical symptoms. In a nutshell, chromotherapy enhances the health benefits of a sauna.

Media support

For a more rounded relaxation feeling, the sauna is built to support audio outlets like FM radio, CD, and MP3 players, which are all wired to a speaker for playing media files while undergoing therapy.


  • 7 low emf far infrared carbon heaters for omnidirectional heating,
  • spacious enough to accommodate up to 3 people at a time,
  • made of natural Canadian hemlock wood,
  • media support with built-in FM radio, CD, and MP3 connection with speakers,
  • clasp together assembly for easy setup,
  • chromotherapy lighting system for more effective therapy,


  • Could produce some amount of emf on close up exposure to the body.


  • The product has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


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More carefully crafted than the regal array of dynamic saunas, is the golden design models. With a shape like that of a hexagon, the golden designs ensure that your money is well spent, as it offers both quality and a luxurious look. In the actual sense, dynamic saunas do make good and quality products, with several years of customer service under their belt.

Low emf heaters

With ten heaters, this product comes out so far comes out top of our list with the highest amount of heaters a sauna contains. One thing you would never be short of should you choose to go for this product is a good level of heat. However, it is known to take up to 10 minutes before it heats up completely, which is kind of disappointing. It doesn’t change the fact that the carbon heaters release just a little amount of emf, however, for a completely safe therapy.

Double paneled natural hemlock wood

At this point, having hemlock wood material shouldn’t be a shock anymore. The wood has the best qualities for saunas and is very durable as a standalone covering. However, that was not enough for a dynamic sauna, as they still double paneled every surface in the sauna for even more durability.

Media support

Its media support includes provision for FM radio, CD, and MP3 media support, which all makes for a better relaxation experience. For further convenience, the controls are touch-enabled, with one on the interior part, and another at the exterior. Create your desired atmosphere without shuffling between indoors and outdoors.


The presence of about six different light colors helps with speeding up the health benefits of chromotherapy by vibrating the body at several frequencies.


  • 10 low emf carbon heating panels,
  • made of natural hemlock wood with a double paneled wall,
  • media enhancement with FM, CD, radio and MP3 support,
  • dual easy to operate soft-touch panels,
  • chromotherapy,


  • takes about 30 minutes to heat up which is a bit long,
  • requires special plug adaptor to use (cannot connect to regular sockets),


  • Three years limited warranty

Dynamic “Venice” 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

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Well known for their box shape and tidy design, dynamic saunas have long been in the game, with carefully designed models over the years. This particular one has pretty decent looks, which is backed up by a good level of quality performance. It does a very good job of raising the core body temperature through infrared heating.

Low emf infrared heaters

This sauna has installed in its interior, six dynamic low emf far-infrared panels. This build-up allows it to generate heat of up to 1300F, and being a far-infrared spectrum, it penetrates deep into the skin of the body, giving many health benefits as a result. The fact that it is able to do this at a temperature of simply 1300F remains one of the wonders of infrared saunas. More importantly, these heaters generate only a little amount of emf

Double paneled hemlock wood design

With a body made of hemlock wood, this product already comes with basically the best material for making saunas. Now being double paneled, it adds a good amount of rigidity and protection from external hazards too.

Media support

Like many other saunas, the comfort of media support isn’t left out of this product. You can play your favorite music through its inbuilt MP3 aux connection with the speaker, aiding in a complete relaxation act while therapy is going on. The sauna lacks a radio in case you are a fan of one, would have to result in using your mobile phone.

Chromotherapy with remote control

With nine different colors available for choosing, the sauna supports a wide array of chromotherapy, which helps in vibrating the body at different frequencies associated with physical ailments. It overall makes the therapy more effective. The lights can also be controlled from a distance through the use of remote control.

Tricky to assemble

Putting together this unit is really a tricky action to carry out. For some, it is pretty easy and straightforward, wrapping up in an hour or two. For some, however, its first and foremost not a one-man job, with several complaints received of the wood being too heavy, and the locks not holding properly.

Complains of the sauna also being too fragile to be moved frequently, with doors that aren’t sealed has also been received. This allows heat to escape through the sauna, also contributing to heat escaping and a longer time to heat up.


  • 6 dynamic low emf far infrared panels,
  • made of Canadian hemlock wood with a double paneled surface,
  • audio enhancement with built-in MP3 aux connection and speakers,
  • remote control feature for light only,


  • doors aren’t sealed, which leads to heat escaping from the sauna,
  • pretty fragile and can break with too frequent movement,
  • takes about 45 minutes to heat up to maximum capacity,
  • tricky to assemble


  • The product comes attached with a Limited lifetime warranty

Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna

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Stepping down from the arrays of full-body saunas, this product made by Durherm is more of a cost-effective and user streamlined sauna. This product is essentially a foldable wraparound material, which the user just needs to sit in and relax while being heated up. Though this design allows the existence of portable saunas, body positions are greatly limited to sitting alone.

Three hi-tech low emf heaters

With the use of 3 hi-tech superconductive and ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements, this sauna is able to generate a good level of heat, and in a short period of time at that. These panels are able to heat the atmosphere in the sauna above 110F, giving the body enough of the heat. They also release a very low level of emf, and from our measurements of surface and atmospheric emf level, we can conclude that is is safe.

Handheld controller and heated foot pad

For attributes like temperature and time control, a handheld controller (synonymous to LED control panel seen in full body saunas) is wired to a comfortable pocket beside the arm outlet area. This makes it easy to reach any time. Since users would always have to sit, foot pads are also provided to no leave the feat out of the whole heating process, as opposed to just placing them on the floor.

Time control

With this sauna, a specific temperature level can be chosen depending on the user’s preference. The sauna has an alarm reminder system, which allows users to set from anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes of operation, after which it alerts the users.


  • handheld controller for easy use,
  • heated food pad, portable and mobile,
  • three hi-tech ultra-thin low emf carbon fiber heating element,
  • time control feature from 5 to 30 minutes,
  • heats up quickly,
  • contains head and arms opening for engaging in other activities during therapy,


  • poor durability,
  • can only accommodate one person at a time,
  • the chair is pretty uncomfortable


  • One year warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Durherm Infrared Sauna

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To round up our list of low emf saunas, we would be reviewing another portable sauna, made by Durherm. With lots of similarities between this product, and the one just reviewed before it, this model is only simply a lower version, though it stills fall in the category of saunas that would “do a good job” as per heating the body.

Three hi-tech low emf heating elements for fast heating

With three superconductive hi-tech carbon heating elements, this sauna takes a very little amount of time to heat up to maximum temperature. They also work in hand to create more uniformed heating of the body, while generating a safe level of emf only. It reads about 1 to 2 Milgauss above the room, which is perfectly safe for the human body.

Portable and easy to setup

This is an obvious advantage of purchasing this sauna, as it is very portable and easy to setup. In about 5 minutes max, you should be done (and that’s if you lack experience). It also comes with a chair for users to sit on while undergoing heat therapy, and due to being very confined, the chair might not be so comfortable for very tall people.

Heated footpad with remote control

We’ve already talked about the three-carbon heating elements for adequate heating of the body. Due to a required sitting position, the feet might not experience much heat and is why heated food pads also come with this sauna. The sauna temperature can be varied to suit your desire, with the aid of remote control.


  • 3 hi-tech low emf ultra-thin carbon heating elements,
  • portable and easy to use, heated foot pad that can also be controlled remotely,
  • contains head and arms openings,
  • heats up pretty quick,


  • can only accommodate a person at a time,
  • the chair might be uncomfortable to use depending on body size.


  • Comes with one year warranty,

Final Verdict: Our pick for the best infrared sauna low emf

The cherry top on our cake today is the JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 NE2HB Infrared Sauna. It’s no news that JNH is one of the biggest manufacturers of quality saunas today, which is why this product of theirs is able to come out top, quality!

After primarily satisfying the criteria of low emf levels, this sauna has extra quality in its durable build, along with chromotherapy. It comes with easy to use control panel, and media support for optimal relaxation. Putting together and dissembling this sauna is also pretty easy too.

Now, the icing just below the cherry is a Maxxus 3 per Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Canadian Hemlock Sauna. This sauna has pretty much the same quality with the JNH product, matching it in heater type, build, and media support. It is even easy to assemble too, but it ultimately falls short in the amount of emf it generates. Though they both product safe levels, the maxxus generates more emf than the JNH sauna