In this article we provide hands-on examination of the top 5 best infrared saunas in the market.

Since the invention of sauna back in the 1800s, it has evolved from its original “pit dug in a slope” design to as portable as a foldable bag which we see today. A sauna is more of an enclosed room that generates heat that is absorbed by the body for health benefits. There are several ways, however, which this heat can be created, and we would be focusing on the infrared type.

The foundational design of saunas was that rocks are heated, and water poured on these hot rocks for immediate evaporation to create steam. However, infrared saunas took over for a more convenient and efficient overall function, generating heat by the release of infrared light, which is absorbed by the skin.

There are several models and types of this device in the market today, which makes choosing the best infrared sauna kind of tricky. We would be covering some products with entirely unbiased reviews of each.

Having one of the best full spectrum infrared sauna takes saunas performances to the next level, beyond regular expectations both in performance and health impact. In this infrared saunas – unbiased reviews, we have picked the top 5 products, from quality to most affordable, for an unbiased review of infrared sauna in general.

This unit boasts several qualities like oxygen ionizer, and chromatic light therapy, while it can also be used for hot yoga to mention a few extras. Its full merits would be discussed in our product review section, which also contains JNH sauna reviews, as they are also one of the top manufacturers in this business.

What is a infrared sauna?

These are saunas which makes use of infrared heaters to release infrared light. This light is experienced as radiant heat by the body and is absorbed by the surface of the skin for therapeutic purposes.

As opposed to the original working principles of saunas, which use steam to get the body temperature up, infrared heaters work by primarily conduction and convection from the heater air in the confined sauna space, and also direct radiation of the heated surfaces in the room.

This sauna makes use of a wide array of infrared light, which has been classified into the near, middle, and far spectrums. Some saunas come with a full spectrum (the whole array), while others make use of only one of the three (mostly far spectrum). Each spectrum has its impact depth and resulting benefits, which makes full-spectrum saunas far more expensive than ordinary ones.

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Top 5 Best Infrared Saunas – Consumer Reviews

1) Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum

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This product is really a top-notch unit from medical breakthrough, basically designed to be a mini home away from home, where you can effortlessly release stress in the most comfortable way. With the huge amount of research of over 25 doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, and pain specialists that went into making this product, it is able to improve blood flow, reduce headaches/ migraines, as well as optimal muscle relaxations. Be sure to get the best of quality with this product.

Full frequency spectrum with 3D heating (Ultra-Low EMF inclusive)

This sauna employs the services of a full infrared frequency spectrum to heat the body from all angles in a 3D surround heating system. This spectrum includes the near, middle, and far-infrared light, with each having different wavelengths for penetrating the skin at various levels.

Each of the spectrums also comes with their individual health benefits (the low for cell health and tissue growth, middle for proper blood circulation, and the far for detoxification and reduction in blood pressure)


The cost of this sauna product stands way ahead of most others in its range, so does its looks. It comes with a very tidy finish on the woods, and seats that possess backrests at no extra costs, which has long been an issue for customers demanding backrest inclusive in saunas.

The sauna is covered by tempered glass doors at the front side, for a perfectly insulated system, and is also tinted for privacy and style. Its interior is made of natural hemlock woods, which is completely free from harmful chemicals and allergens.

Yoga practice furniture design

The problem with several sauna designs is that they mostly have very small interiors, leaving users with no choice than to sit always. This medical-grade unit solves the problem, however, with wood furniture that can be disassembled.

With the seat and other objects out of the way, an activity like yoga is much more convenient to practice. Imagine the bliss of heat therapy with yoga. With dimensions 47.2 x 78.2 x 42 inches, it can well accommodate people in the so-called “giant category.”

Interior LED touch control for temperature regulation multipurpose electronic functions

For optimal user convenience, this sauna is designed with controls that are fitted in its interior; these controls are touch-sensitive and pretty straight forward to use. With this control, you are never lockout of a say on how hot or less hot the sauna should be at every point.

It allows temperature regulation, as well as having AUX and USB ports for electronic flexibility on whatever you might want to have in there with you. For those who would rather keep their electronics away from the sauna, there are 2 Bluetooth speakers installed to still get that playlist running regardless.

Energy efficient

With a power consumption of 120V as opposed to most other saunas with 240V, this device is amazingly energy efficient to a great extent. It also consumes far less power wattage per hour, with additions on energy bills estimated at about $10 extra per month. This is very impressive for a sauna at an angle considered.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Paraphrasing the words of a customer “unpacking and hauling off the trash was probably the worst part,” showing how easy it is to assemble the unit on purchase. For easy movement around the home, too, it is pretty easy to disassemble. It is basically a clasp together assembly. Keep in mind that this unit is also completely insulated with external protective heat covers made with hemlock wood, to keep users from harm.


  • chromatic therapy,
  • 2 Bluetooth speakers installed for audio relaxation,
  • comes with a radio, AUX and USB port inclusive for user electronic device flexibility,
  • full infrared spectrum range,
  • the very impressive design gives a luxurious look,
  • built with removable furniture to accommodate yoga practice,
  • very power efficient compared to other sauna products,
  • seats are installed with backrests for extreme relaxation,
  • optimal health benefits,
  • effective heat regulation,
  • 3D omnidirectional heating mechanism with natural Hemlock wood,
  • clasp together assembly for easy installation and breakdown in case of movement,
  • easy to use touch control internal LED panels,
  • protective heat covers,
  • heats up really fast


  • it costs a mini fortune to purchase,
  • suitable for two persons at a time only


  • All medical sauna products come with a three years warranty

2) JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB Far Infrared Sauna 

Unbiased review of Infrares sauna
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JNH is another popular brand of sauna manufacturers, with several quality models designed and produced over the years.

They possess very good designs, which makes the sauna also look like a piece of luxury and worth their price, doing all these without lacking in performance. The MG301HCB MG317HB is at the top of the food chain amongst JNH products and is surely a good buy.

Good design with tong and groove construction

Though this product has a very good design, with looks that smell like quality, taking a closer look, its wood finish isn’t exactly as quality as the picture portrays. It, however, is a tidy finish. Made with 100% hemlock wood, this sauna resists any form of growth that can cause infections.

The wood is specially constructed to fit a tongue and groove design, which enhances structural strength while leaving assembling very easy. For a more durable and long-lasting structure, its walls were built with dual wood layers, projecting the sauna from external impacts.

Optimal heater positioning

The device makes use of carbon fiber far infrared heaters for heating, but what is amazing about these heaters is their positioning. With one at the back, side, and calf areas on the sitting position of the user, be sure to get a uniformed heating impact from all angles, therefore maximizing health benefits to the body. This feeling gives somewhat kind of a 3D surround heating vibe. It is also built to be able to serve three people at a time (59 x 39.5 x 75 inches dimensions), which it can accommodate should you all decide to sit, for a more expressive position, one or two average height individuals is probably the best.

Digital touch temperature controls with audio enhancements

The digital controls include a soft-touch panel for varying sauna parameters, majorly the temperature level. This panel is very easy to use and pretty straight forward as per indicators, and among the control system includes two Bluetooth enhanced speakers and AUX jack for keeping your favorite playlist going while relaxing in the sauna.

Far infrared spectrum only

This sauna heats by making use of infrared light from the far spectrum only; therefore, it is not a full-spectrum infrared sauna. This makes its health benefits limited compared to full-spectrum models. With glass doors that do not completely seal the sauna from the external environment, the air still finds its way into the enclosed space, making the surrounding heating function take a while to get up to speed.


  • suitable for three persons at a time,
  • far-infrared spectrum,
  • strategic carbon fiber heater positioning for maximum health impact,
  • constructed from 100% hemlock wood,
  • tongue and groove construction for a maximum lock with a total seal,
  • dual wall protection from exterior hazards,
  • easy to use digital control panel,
  • 2 Bluetooth speakers for audio relaxation,
  • tempered see-through glass,
  • easy to assemble

3) Dynamic “Venice” 2-person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

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What comes to mind on reviewing this product is how portable saunas can get while still being accommodating. This product from dynamic Venice is real quality, heating the body effectively with a far-infrared spectrum which we would further discuss, and possesses long-lasting heaters.

Double paneled woodwork

It isn’t much of a surprise that this good quality sauna is also built with the famed hemlock wood too; instead, what is more intriguing is its double paneled woodwork design.

This design is basically reinforcing both the external and internal planks of the sauna walls, therefore giving it durability, as well as enough thickness to trap heat generated completely indoors. With these walls, you are left with a more efficient heat box, as well as a more durable one.

Chromotherapy with remote control

Chromotherapy is achieved in this sauna by the use of light and color to adjust body vibrations at frequencies, which makes the heat impact healthier. There are several colors to choose from and to make things easier, and it can be done with the aid of remote control.

These colors possess different frequency vibrations, which are related to different physical discomforts. Let’s just say the colors alongside infrared spectrum, does more healthy work than just either one of the two.

Easy touch control with LED display

Like most other saunas, this product is pretty easy and straightforward to operate too. Its control system is stationed at the external side of the unit and comes with a touch interface, and LED display panel for visual aids. Different machine settings can be varied through this panel, but since it is stationed outwards, you have to be sure about what you would need before stepping in and closing that door behind

Audio, Temperature and time function

For a more automated and easier use, the sauna allows users to vary temperature to the desired level. The time function is also present for selecting precisely the working duration in hours. This gives you a more undisturbed therapy section, completely freeing you from monitoring responsibilities. With an AUX port present and two Bluetooth enabled speakers, this sauna has room for audio relaxation from the comfort of your phone.


  • surround dynamic low EMF far infrared carbon heaters for all-round heating,
  • made of natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood,
  • double paneled wood plank interior and exterior,
  • easy to assemble in a short time,
  • easy to used touch panel with LED display,
  • temperature and time control,
  • comes with built-in MP3 aux connection and Bluetooth speakers,
  • bronze privacy tempered glass,
  • chromotherapy,
  • remote control light feature


  • far-infrared light spectrum only is used for heating,
  • not exactly convenient when used by two people,
  • the cushion has to be purchased separately,
  • the door is not well sealed


  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty and three years limited warranty for Costco members.

4) Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters

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Radiant saunas, according to their words, are “dedicated to providing high-quality products that heal your body and soothe your mind,” and that is just what they do at different grades, with each grade possessing enough quality to match its price, as well as durability.

The convenience of interior and exterior easy to use controls

The first major highlight about this sauna product is that it has a design that is tailored to fit user convenience. This is seen in the presence of both interior and exterior easy to use EZ control panels that are also touch-enabled. With these dual panels, one can easily create the desired environment before going in, and vary as you desire while in. All these without having to go in and out.

Oxygen ionizers with evenly positioned heaters

It contains six carbon heaters, which have been strategically positioned at different points in the sauna, for creating an even heat distribution which maximizes its health benefits.

Oxygen ionizers are also installed within the sauna for creating an environment with clean and refreshing air to breathe while undergoing infrared therapy.

Temperature and timer control features

Temperature is completely variable when using this sauna, and the choice is left completely in the hands of users based on their desire.

The device is able to hit up to 141 digress of warmth, going from 0 to 100 in just about 10 minutes, which we must say is really impressive. Asides temperature, the control design also allows users to select an amount of time for which the device would run, after which it starts to make an alarm beep sound to raise awareness.

Loading racks

Rolling back the years, this sauna is designed to comfortably accommodate many items that you might want to carry in for practicing hobbies. It comes with several structures that can accommodate magazines, towels, a CD player (which comes on purchase of the sauna).

For those who like to relax in a sitting position, the comfort furniture comes with backrests for convenience, though many complained about how very straight it is, rather than a slant backward for max comfort.

A downside to using this product is due to its high level of EMF generation, unlike the low stated by its manufacturers. Measuring radiation directly from the carbon heaters surface gives a pretty high reading, which might not go down too well with the bodies of many. It also makes use of a far spectrum only; therefore, it is nor a full spectrum sauna.


  • 7 colors chromotherapy lighting with interior and exterior controls,
  • oxygen ionizers for clean and refreshing air to breathe,
  • sound system with AUX port,
  • made of Canadian hemlock wood, easy to assemble,
  • strategically positioned heaters for even heat distribution,
  • scratch-resistant tempered glass doors,
  • easy to use EZ touch LED controls in the interior and exterior,
  • temperature control, loading racks,
  • heats up quickly,
  • the furniture comes with backrests,


  • Reads high levels of EMF,
  • Makes use of far spectrum infrared rays only.


  • Comes with a seven-year limited warranty, five-year heating and electronics, and one year radio

5) Durasage Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

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This Durasage sauna product is aimed at portability, without losing any of the effectiveness, giving it a lot of advantages over larger wood sized saunas. It has its disadvantages too, however. This is a good quality product, with a design that was well thought of and implemented, for a cheap ad affordable mobile product.

Portable design/easy to setup

At the end of setting up this device, making use of it encompasses the whole body with space for the head and hands to pop and remain outwards. Users are more or less left in a sitting position, on a very comfortable chair, enjoying the warmth while engaging in other activities. The product as a whole is very easy to set up and also folds up for easy transfer from a location to another. It takes roughly about 5 minutes to set up this sauna.

Heats up pretty fast

Due to its enclosed design nature, and possession of 3 high tech superconductive carbon fiber heating elements, the sauna heats up very fast in just about 5 minutes. Its material also ensures that this heat is trapped considerably, though there might be air leakages through the head and arm passages. The carbon fiber heaters are ultra-thin too, in case you were wondering how one can use the manager to stay clear in such a confined area.

Temperature control and timer feature

Fitted into the pocket at the front of the sauna is its control device, which can be used for varying temperatures, as well as time for which the device would run. With these controls, you can easily adjust the temperature to your taste and get the loud beep noise as soon as your set time countdown is over.

Very affordable

Alongside being very portable and easy to set up, one of its other best characteristics is that it is very affordable. Compared to other saunas that cost well over a thousand dollars, this costs way less and gives decent value for money. If you are looking for something more convenient and effective, however, you should probably look beyond this type of sauna.

This sauna can only be used by one person alone at a time, obviously, which is seen as its biggest downside, as well as relaxation problems for those who wouldn’t exactly prefer sitting down. They also produce EMF of almost 40mG, which would not exactly go down well with several individuals.


  • very portable and extremely easy to set up in no time,
  • heats up in no time,
  • comes with a timer feature,
  • cheap and affordable compared to other saunas


  • Can be used by one person only,
  • produces high EMF levels,
  • doesn’t heat up properly


  • Not included

Features we considered for unbiased infrared sauna reviews

Full-spectrum infrared: For unbiased infrared sauna reviews, the pinnacle of infrared saunas is having emissions from both the near, middle and far spectrums. Infrared from each of these spectrums penetrates the skin in different ways, giving them different health benefits as a result.

The near-infrared light comes with amazing health benefits while heating your body and raising its core temperature, while the mid-infrared wavelength penetrates the body deeper, therefore increasing circulation and blood flow. Over time, it has been known to significantly reduce muscle and joint pains.

Far infrared, lastly, contains most of the health benefits from infrared sauna therapy, heating the body directly rather than warming the air, raising its core temperature for a deep penetration that results in detoxifying sweat at a cellular level.

Chromotherapy: The whole idea of chromotherapy is how lights can cause the body to vibrate at different frequencies, aiding the penetration of infrared rays more.

The body vibrating at different frequencies can initiate better muscle relaxation, therefore relieving physical ailments. Though this feature might not sound as important as the radiation itself, it would be a good plus to have regardless, especially since most models these days seem to have it already.

3D surround heating: The idea of this design is that the body is heated from all areas at the same time, helping a uniform increase of its core temperature.

Imagine having all heaters station at the back of the chair, or all by the side, it results in just that area of the body getting heated up only, leaving the rest relatively lower in temperature.

The whole idea of infrared therapy is a harmonious temperature increase, without which the penetration, and consequentially health benefits would be greatly reduced

Spacious: For those looking to lay down, stretching all joints and body parts, and still want to share the sauna with someone, then be sure to purchase a really spacious product.

In some saunas, the only position is to sit while relaxing, while others can take a lay down with folded legs, and others full stretch. It is best you inspect the product’s dimensions before purchase to see if it would suit your needs.

Durable and able to hold heat: Most good, if not all, good quality saunas today, are made from hemlock wood. This gives it enough to hold together for a long time while being a microorganism resistant.

However, look out for the more durable products, which are seen in features like a double paneled wall, extra interior, and exterior layers for good heat retention. Different manufacturers have different ways of describing this quality.

The more a sauna’s layer, the better it would be able to hold heat and prevent air from entering confined space during therapy.

Easy to assemble: We must say that saunas are pretty huge compared to other house electronic devices that you might be used to. Therefore they do not come already assembled but rather in parts.

Assembling becomes a tricky business, which could easily become frustrating. This is why it is also thoughtful to purchase a product that would also be so much of a fuss to put together.

Audio relaxation/ low heat up time: Very few can match a combination of relaxation with healthy benefits while listening to your favorite music at the same time all in the comfort of your space.

Although this feature isn’t exactly necessary, it would do your therapy a truckload of good. More importantly, ensure that the sauna heats up pretty fast (we recommend in about 10 to 15 minutes) for you to be able to maximize its therapy befits within the recommended stay duration of 30 minutes.

Temperature and time control: It is important that the sauna comes with simple enough to understand controls, preferably LED touch screen, which has a good feel to it.

More importantly, users should be able to vary its parameters like temperature, setting an exact value that is suited to the body, and for a good blend, having a timer with alarm feature keep tabs on how long you’ve stayed in isn’t a bad addition either.

Which is better: Infrared sauna or dry sauna?

We are going to be matching the infrared saunas vs. dry saunas in different categories for unbiased infrared sauna reviews, to see which comes out on top, after which we draw a verdict from that.

Skin penetrating level/ heat generate: Dry saunas make use of evaporation to generate high levels of heat up to 195 degrees F, making it a very sensitive device to use, especially for those whose body might not be able to withstand high temperatures.

This also means that you can’t stay there for too long without it becoming a risk. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, makes use of a far lesser temperature at around 150 degrees F, but due to the rays being able to penetrate deep into the skin, they still cause more sweating than the dry type.

Humidity level: Due to the steam generated by dry saunas, humidity quickly becomes high alongside temperature, too, leaving you with a completely moist and sweaty environment.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, makes use of strictly infrared lights to heat up the body, causing only the body to sweat, while doing next to nothing to spike humidity. This is why it becomes possible to make use of phones, read magazines, and other activities you might want to carry out in an infrared sauna.

Energy consumption: The power consumption of a dry sauna ranges from 5KW to 6KW depending on the type of product, size, and model. Infrared saunas, on the other hand, only take about 1.6KW at best, consuming far lesser energy than the dry type. Depending on usage, the dry sauna is sure to cost about 2 to 3 times more to run than the infrared type.

Effectiveness: With one needing to raise your body temperature to very a very high level, and the other achieving even better penetration and impact at a far lesser heat level, it is pretty straight forward to point out which is more effective. Infrared saunas do a better job at a lower temperature while consuming lesser energy. It also takes far lesser time to heat up

Space: Dry saunas are usually very spacious, accommodating a whole lot of people, which is why they are mostly seen in spas and relaxation centers, compared to infrared saunas, which is more like a runaway private space. Most infrared saunas depending on design, are able to only accommodate 2 to 3 persons per use.

After the unbiased infrared sauna reviews, we can safely conclude that infrared saunas are much more beneficial to use, as well as run, compared to dry saunas.

Can infrared sauna be harmful?

Despite its numerous benefits, there are also risks associated with using infrared saunas, mostly resulting from overexposure. Staying too long in an infrared sauna can cause overheating, which is why sessions should be kept short, especially when you just begin. This can cause dehydration, leading to other complications like stroke (overexposure) and low blood pressure.

Who makes the best infrared sauna?

If we are to consider the manufacturing company as a whole, and who makes the best arrays of saunas, then we recommend the JNH giants.

This, however, does not mean that they have the single best sauna ever produced. Being in the business for so many years, while satisfying users’ needs with new innovative designs without its quality taking any hit, JNH has become a household name for making saunas and are known all around the world.

Does infrared sauna emit radiation that can cause can cancer?

Infrared saunas do not produce any form of radiation that would become directly responsible for causing cancer in the body; rather, it is even used for stopping the spread of some malignant cancer cells.

Cancer is a disease that can affect anyone at any time but is mostly help by exposure to ultraviolet light (found in the sun and radioactive materials, for example), which is a completely different spectrum of light compared to infrared used by the sauna. Infrared is not bad or harmful to the body, ultraviolet light is.

Final Verdict on Unbiased Infrared sauna Reviews

Standing shoulder-high far above the rest products on our list is the Medical Sauna 4 Full Spectrum. Asides its numerous pros (all combined mind-blowing features in one device), the fact that it heats with full-spectrum infrared light rays alone is enough to crown it king amongst its peers.

There is, however, also a benefit of luxurious looks with a fine and tidy finish, as well as furniture that comes with comfortable backrests. It is energy efficient with bill increment of just about $10 per month

The next best thing after this medical-grade product is the JNH Lifestyles MG301HCB MG317HB. Though this sauna only makes use of far infrared spectrums only, it is able to accommodate three individuals at a time (which should all be seated uprightly). Dual wall protection, chromotherapy, and surround heating mechanisms are some of the few positive qualities this sauna has on display.