Air purifiers are becoming essential products in homes today due to their ability to create a contamination-free environment for habitants. These devices, however, come with a financial burden whereby users have to purchase a new set of filters occasionally. In the long run, air purifier could be expensive to maintain, with some unit’s filters costing up to $70. To navigate this plane, we have put together a list of the best air purifiers without filters, for those in need of a less finance and maintenance hinged product.

Although filters are important in an air purifier, there are new and innovative products that are designed to work without one and still yield quality results. The best filterless air purifier makes up for the absence of a filter through other air cleaning mechanisms, to keep your air clean. Airfree Lotus B01GJ56MOG embodies just that and is our recommended product for the best filter free air purifier for you.

It compensates for the absence of a filter with a patented thermodynamic TSSTM technology that cleans the air effectively. It also saves you money, requires zero maintenance, and is very easy to use. Here are our top products for this best filterless air purifier reviews.

Do air purifiers need filters?

Filters used to be the bedrock of air purifiers’ performances over the years. However, with advancements in technology, it is now possible for an air purifier to function effectively without the use of a filter. It applies other cleaning technology to get the job done.

Types of filterless air purifiers

There are two major types of filterless air purifiers today, although a third category exists too for patented technologies different from the general two. They are:

Ionizers: They make use of electrically charged plates, which releases negatively charged ions that bond with contaminants (positively charged). This makes them too heavy, and they fall off the air, leaving the air cleaner and fresher to breathe in.

Ultraviolet Light air purifiers: Ultraviolet light is a very powerful cleaning agent that kills microorganisms like mold and bacteria in the air. They are easy to use and do not consume much electrical power; however, they require frequent cleaning.

Other methods: some manufacturers have specially come up with their design for cleaning the air without a filter. A good example is the thermodynamic cleaning technology seen in Airfree products.

How do air purifiers without filters work?

The mode of operation of a filterless air purifier depends on its design or type of air cleaning system it uses. However, they all share a common function, which is drawing in the air into themselves to be cleaned.

Ionizers releases negatively charged particles that bond with contaminants, while ultraviolet exposes the air to UV light, killing contaminants in it. A thermodynamic cooling system takes in air and exposes it to a high heat level, which kills microorganisms contaminations too.

Features we consider in choosing the best air purifiers without filters

Air cleaning technology:

Since there are no filters, the device would have to be designed to use some other mode of cleaning the air. This could be either ultraviolet air purifiers, ionizers, or more advanced filterless air cleaning methods (the thermodynamic cleaning technology falls here).

Although each mode has its advantages and disadvantage, we recommend you go for more advanced cleaning methods because it has little and tolerable disadvantages.

Running cost:

An purifier that consumes a lot of energy would significantly add to your bills by the end of the month. Since it doesn’t contain a filter, some might draw too much energy to power its filtration technology. Look out for and abstain from such devices.

Portability and noise level:

The air purifier should be portable enough to be easily moved around the home because you might have to strategically move it for it to be effective. It should also be quiet enough while running, especially if it would be stationed in a bedroom.

Top 5 best air purifiers without filters

1) Airfree Lotus Filterless Purifier

best air purifier for the price

Airfree is one of the leading manufacturers for the production of filterless air purifiers in the market today. They use patented technology in making effective air purifiers that do not need a fan or filter to get the job done.

Thermodynamic TSSTM technology

Now to the unique patented technology, which is the secret behind the performance of all Airfree products, the thermodynamic technology applies heat to kill microorganisms. This technology utilizes the same concept as boiling water, using heat to kill organisms in the air as it flows through. It does not generate ions, ozone, or UV light.

Air is drawn in through convection and flows through the unit’s chambers, where it encounters heat close to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat sterilizes the air, after which it is cooled and then released back into the environment.

Low running cost and maintenance

The obvious advantages of filterless air purifiers are their low running cost and maintenance. With this unit, you are eased off the expense of buying filters frequently or any other media. It does not need to be opened and cleaned regularly like units with filters too, therefore the maintenance schedule is zero.

Quiet operation with low energy consumption

It is tranquil, as quiet as an air purifier can be because it does not contain a filter or fan. Fans contribute to about 90% of noise generated in air purifiers. The absence of a fan makes it suitable for the quietest of places. The lack of a fan also means it consumes far lesser energy than a regular air purifier.

Cool design and capacity

The looks of this air purifier are impressive, easy on the eye, and it would surely add beauty to your room. The more remarkable feature regarding looks, however, is its design that allows you to switch between 10 different adjustable night lights. The sight is impressive at night. On the other hand, you can choose to leave it on a single light or completely turn it off, depending on your choice.

According to the manufacturer, it is recommended for large rooms up to 650sft. However, from our research and testing, it does not impact the air right away, but rather over a long time. Leave it on and remain patient by trusting its operational process.

This unit’s complete package makes it the best no filter air purifier for you.


  • Uses a patented thermodynamic TSSTM technology for destroying microorganisms with heat
  • Filterless design means a lower cost for you since you can wave goodbye to frequent filter replacement
  • It operates silently
  • Ten adjustable night light to choose from
  • Low energy consumption due to the absence of fans and filters
  • It requires zero maintenance
  • Suitable for rooms up to 650sqft


  • It takes some while to make a telling impact on the air


  • The unit comes with two years warranty

2) Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

best air purifier for the price

Unique patented thermodynamic TSS core technology

This technology is once again seen in the iris 3000 produced by Airfree. It cleans the air effectively without the use of filters or a fan, using TSS core technology that heats the air in the unit, and cools it down before releasing it back into the atmosphere. The technology in this unit is also able to reach about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and other household contaminations cannot survive.


Airfree iris 3000 also lacks a fan coupled with being filterless. The absence of a running motor during the purification process makes it very quiet and barely noticeable when running. The only identification is its indicator light.

Portable and Suitable for large rooms

The exact dimensions of this unit are 8.5 x 8.5 x 10.4 inches, which place it around the same size as the Airfree Lotus air purifier. It is also very light at 3.5 pounds and can be easily moved around. They are rated for 550sqft rooms according to the manufacturers, although you would have to stay patient to feel its impact.

Zero maintenance and low running cost

It contains no fans and no filters, therefore giving you less to worry about. The filterless design would save you cost on filters, and you wouldn’t need to clean it regularly. It is also very cheap to run because it does not consume as much power as units with a fan and filters.


  • Uses a unique patented thermodynamic TSS core technology for killing microorganisms
  • It doesn’t use ozone
  • Noise-free operation
  • Smart and portable design
  • Suitable for large-sized rooms up to 550sqft
  • Doesn’t make use of filters; therefore it is maintenance-free and has a very low running cost


  • It does not make use of a fan, therefore is poor in air circulation makes it take a longer time to have a telling impact on the air


  • The product comes with two years warranty

3) AIRFREE P2000 Filterless air purifier

best air purifier for the price

The thermodynamic TSS technology system

Like all previous Airfree products reviewed so far, Airfree p2000 also makes use of the thermodynamic technology for cleaning the air. This technology heats the air that flows through the device, killing microorganisms, mold, dust mite, pollen, bacteria, and other organic allergies, causing allergens in the air. It is also able to heat the air to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zero maintenance and low running cost

There is no need for any form of maintenance because it does not make use of a filter or fan. It also requires a very little amount of energy to run, and would add next to nothing on your energy bills come month-end.

Quiet operation and Suitable for large rooms

According to the manufacturer, it is rated for room sizes up to 450sqft, although like previous Airfree products, it takes time to make in impact. Since the unit draws in air and releases it through convection, therefore it does not need a fan, which also makes it very quiet while operating


  • It uses a patented thermodynamic TSS technology system to eliminate microorganisms; therefore it does not require a fan or filter
  • It does not emit ozone; therefore, it is very safe to use.
  • It operates very quietly
  • No filter to be replaced occasionally means a lower running cost
  • Zero maintenance is required
  • Suitable for large rooms up to 450sqft


  • It has very poor air circulation rate since it does not make use of a fan, and would take long to make a telling impact on the room

4) Clarifion – Negative ion Generator with Highest Output

best air purifier for the price

High capacity negative ion generator

Clarifion filterless air purifier takes a different turn to the air free products. It instead looks to negative ion generation to solve air contamination problems.

This unit is the best ionic filterless air purifier out there for you. Its ionization technology releases up to 10 million pcs/cm3, which bonds with airborne pollutants and makes them too heavy to stay afloat. The newly formed atom falls to the ground or on surfaces where it can be easily wiped off.

Portable and quiet operation

Although we have described so many units as portable before this one, this clarifion product takes portability to a whole new level and is less than half the size of the Airfree products. It doesn’t take up space in the home and can be easily forgotten that it is there in the first place.

It contains ten packs of clarifion for filtering air over wider coverage and prolonged use and is very quiet while operating. This air purifier releases virtually no noise.

Low energy consumption

With this unit, you do not have to worry about energy consumption or bills at the end of the month. It consumes a very low amount of energy and would add nothing (a few extra cents at max) to your bills.


  • Negative ion generator for killing microorganisms at a microscopic level
  • The filterless design saves you from frequent filter purchase
  • Very portable and mobile enough to be carried anywhere
  • No noise and low energy consumption
  • Easy to use with zero maintenance required
  • It is packed with ten units of Clarifion


  • It has a very poor room area coverage. Several units would have to be stationed in a large room for it to be effective.


  • 30 days money-back guarantee

5) IonPacific Ionbox

best air purifier for the price

High capacity negative ion generator

This is another filterless air purifier that generates negative ions to clean the air. It packs more power according to ion rating than the clarifion unit, although its small size means it’s not nearly as powerful in impact.

IonPacific is capable of generating up to 20 million negative ions per second, eclipsing every other generator in the market today by a factor of 5. It is very effective at cleaning the air when used in a recommended room size.

Extra portable

This unit picks off from where the clarifion stops and beats the standard by a mile. It is far more portable than the clarifion unit, and to put it into perspective, it can stand on your flat palm without occupying the whole area. This air purifier is basically a travel buddy and can go anywhere with you.

Power efficient and flexible

There are multiple power sources through which this device can be connected. It can use the supply from a 110V/ 220V outlet or a USB port to power up. This connection makes it flexible for use in cars, connected to personal computers, or directly to a source. The unit consumes only 1.5watts of power, which speaks volumes about now energy efficient it is.

Its filterless design also makes running much easy, and maintenance less frequent. You would save money off low running cost, and zero maintenance. This product is rated for 500sqft, but of a truth, it can barely clean the air in that space. It is more suited to small and closed areas of the home, or for maximum impact, simply use with close proximity at all times.


  • It makes use of a powerful air ionizer that emits up to 20 million negative ions per second and cleans microorganisms at a microscopic level
  • Very small and portable design helps it fit in anywhere
  • Can be powered by any USB outlets like computers and cars
  • Very energy efficient at 1.5watts
  • Filterless design for easy use and zero running cost
  • It does not require maintenance
  • It is suitable to be used in up to 500sqqft spaces


  • It is only effective in very small-sized and closed rooms.
  • Very poor fan capacity moves only a little amount of air

Healthwise, Are filterless air purifiers good?

A filterless air purifier could be dangerous to your health or good for you, depending on its mode of operation. We cannot conclude on which brands and models are bad for you, but we can tell you what quality to stay away from.

If it produces ozone above the EPA (environmental protection agency) recommendation, then stay far away from such a unit. They are harmful to your health.

Products that do not generate ozone are not harmful to you and would clean the air well enough to create a safe breathing space.

Filter vs. filterless air purifier – merits and demerits

Filterless air purifiers are not as effective as units that make use of a filter, and most filter-contained air purifiers today also comes with the technology seen in filterless products. Here are their merits and demerits

Merits of filterless air purifiers over filtered products

  • Filterless air purifiers are generally cheaper to purchase
  • They require less maintenance
  • They have a lower running cost since they do not require frequent filter purchase
  • They are small and very portable
  • They can destroy microorganisms instead of simply trapping them

Demerits filterless air purifiers over filtered products

  • They are not as effective as filter-contained air purifiers.
  • These units cannot filter physical contaminations like dust particles or dander since it has no physical filter.
  • Some of them create ozone by-products that are harmful to human health, which is not a problem in filter air purifiers.
  • Many of them cover only small square footage and require a lot of time to make a telling impact on air quality in general in the room, compared to filter units that impact the air in a short amount of time.

Bottomline: Best air purifiers without Filter

Airfree Lotus is the best air filterless air purifier out there. Its awesome thermodynamic cleaning technology is very effective against a wide array of microorganisms. It is very portable, easy to use, and comes with zero maintenance and filter replacement hassle. You have ten different lights to choose from, and it can serve up to 650sqft.

Airfree Iris 3000 is another good product on the market for you. It is of the exact same quality of their Lotus model and only falls short in-room coverage area, and a lack of led lights. With a thermodynamic cleaning technology, it cleans the air efficiently, at zero noise and zero maintenance.

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