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The Best Ozone Free Air Purifiers – Consumer Reviews


Why you should check the list of ozone free air purifiers:

The joy of inhaling fresh air is unmatched in the interim pleasure, giving your body and nostrils an excellent feel. Therefore no one wants to stay in an irritating environment, not willingly anyway. This is why man went in search of numerous ways to make the air cleaner, and not for the excellent feeling, but more because of the benefits it brings health-wise. The air purifier was invented as a response to that, and no other perform it safer than the ozone free type, resulting in a lot of people investing in the products that match the best ozone free air purifier criteria since ozone generators are not recommended by the environmental protection agency.

Ozone free air purifier like the true HEPA purifiers does a great job in meeting the air quality needs of man, being able to combat numerous allergens and odors, knocking them off the atmosphere or trapping, and rendering them harmless. It is both able to deal with microbial and bacterial contaminations in the air due to the several filters layers to remove dirt from the air that flows through.

We’ve gathered the list of air purifiers without ozone from different brand names. Amongst the top manufacturers of this product, is the ozone free air purifiers Honeywell model, which is much famed in the market today, and of course, a decent pick amongst their many products. It would be matched with others of the same grade according to features possessed and quality, and a final recommendation will be given based on performance, to ease your search for the best air purifier for you on the market.

Is ozone from air purifiers hazardous?

Ozone air purifiers or ozone generators release ozone, which is a molecule that is pretty effective when paired against strong odor and other airborne contaminants and chemicals. It has very natural and smells fresh to match. Therefore it is handy for air purification and pleasurable breathing. Due to its very combative and capable nature, it is therefore preferred by some manufacturers, as cleaning agents in their air purifiers.

Regardless of its extensive usage or adoption by manufacturing giants, it doesn’t guarantee any form of safety while using this device. Ozone is a volatile oxygen molecule (O3) that is sure to react with anything it comes in contact with, therefore making it not just harmful to pollutants but also the body of a man. When breathed in, they tend to get into deep areas of your body, with the potential to cause damage to the lungs, eyes, skin, and other exposed areas.

The danger, however, is that damages caused are not immediate, but rather an accumulation of long term exposure to these oxygen molecules, and most times are pretty severe about dealing with. Ozone is therefore not recommended to be used in air purification and is totally not safe, which is why we choose to review only products without ozone generator.

Which air purifiers produce ozone?

Air purifiers that produce ozone or makes use of ozone in its purification process are always indicated by the manufacturer. As a result, in order to know the units that produce ozone, it is vital to go through the manufacturer’s specifications of the product, as well as the several filtration stages it employs to clean the air.

Most times, air purifiers that make use of ozone for cleaning always comes with an “ozone generator.” This is always boldly written on the pack of the device by the manufacturers, while some also make use of ion generators, which might produce minute levels of ozone or not. Once again, this is always indicated by the manufacturer.

What causes ozone in air purifiers?

Ozone in air purifiers are not a result of some causative factor but is preferably generated by the air purifier itself, some by design, and others as a byproduct. For air purifiers with ozone generators, these devices produce ozone by breaking down oxygen molecules, after which the ozone is released into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, devices that make use of ion generators, which release electrostatically charged negative ions into the air to bond with pollutants and knock them off the air, sometimes also releases ozone residues, some more than others. This is as a result of electricity flowing through a unique design plate, which releases ions.

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Top 7 best air purifiers without ozone in 2022

Reviewed below are the comprehensive list of the best hepa air purifier without ozone

1) Blue Pure 211+ Air purifier 

Special features: 3 stage purification, two washable pre-filters, energy star rated, AHAM certified, item weight; 13 pounds,

[image code=”B073WJL99W”]
best air purifier for the price

The looks of this air purifier can be captured in one word, which is the famous saying, “simplicity is the most sophisticated complexity.” Indeed it is pertaining to this device, being primarily of two colors only, it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and is sure to bring something extra to the home.

It is also a bit bulky in size, standing about 21 inches off the ground, but when it comes to performance, this unit is a beast in every regard. Being an energy star rated, be sure to get lesser cost on energy bills than expected.

The blue pure 211+ is designed to be able to serve medium to large-sized rooms of up to 540sqft in size, hence making it able to walk right into the rooms of most homes today. This quality of it has been independently tested by the AHAM (Association of home appliance manufacturers), hence making the product AHAM certified, which speaks volumes of its quality.

It also boasts of a very impressive CADR (clean air delivery rate), and from the test results carried out by AHAM, it can recycle the air in its 540sqft room about 5 times in an hour. For more precise measurement, its clean air delivery rate is about 350 cubic feet/ minute.

While operating the unit is very quiet, specifically whisper-quiet, and is barely noticeable while on the lowest setting, as fan speed increases, however, it becomes more audible. On the highest settings, it produces a maximum sound level of about 56dB maximum.

This air purifier cleans the air very efficiently, and it is primarily due to the presence of a 3 stage filtration. The first is the pre-filter stage, which handles large particles in the air coming in before it is forced through a particle and activated carbon filter, which deals with 99% of allergens, as well as odor-causing gases and VOCs.

The fact that this air purifier lacks a True HEPA filter is seen as a downside to its numerous qualities, though its particle filter would do a good job too. It’s also cool that the pre-filter is customizable, giving the user options to choose from different colors, based on your discretion, while it also comes with a 1-year warranty, though we recommend one registers the product after the purchase with blue pure, in order to stretch the warranty to two years.


  • particle and activated carbon filter,
  • suitable for medium to large-sized rooms,
  • quiet operation,
  • low energy consumption,
  • high CADR rating,
  • 1-year warranty, and 2 when product is registered with blue air.


  • it is expensive

2) Alen Breathe Smart Flex Air Purifier

Special features: sleep mode, true HEPA filter, two-stage purification, item weight, 15 pounds.

[image code=”B01M6YMWNA”]
best air purifier for the price

This unit is technically a piece of furniture that is to be placed in a visible area to beautify the home while doubling an air purifier. Coming in several colors to pick from, the device features a well-polished surface, with all the smoothness aby one would want, as well as being quite bulky in size for everyone to see.

It is amongst the best devices based on raw performance and has several other top features to consider, therefore makes our review list.

This product is designed with much user convenience at heart, especially in the area of noise generation. Its acute ability to work without constituting nuisance in the lowest setting is awe-inspiring, however, it is louder on the highest setting, but not without a fix.

The air purifier emits a frequency like send called pink noise, whose principal purpose is to lower the sound that is emitted from white noise. It averages about 55dG of noise on the highest setting.

The air purifier contains a True HEPA filter, which is designed like all HEPA filters, to remove up to 99.97% of allergens, pollutants, and other confirmations as small as the size of a virus. With this filter working well, you are guaranteed air cleaned from all these contaminations, but might, however, find it challenging to deal with odor-causing pollutants, and gases, due to the lack of an activated carbon filter.

When it comes to CADR, this product actually does well. Firstly, it is able to serve large sized rooms of up to 700sqft, which is very impressive and has 187 cubic feet per minute airflow. Therefore it can recycle the air about two times an hour in a 700sqft room. The filters last really long only needs to be changed once a year too.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • True HEPA filter,
  • high CADR,
  • quiet operations,
  • long-lasting filters


  • it is expensive,
  • lack of carbon filter,

3) Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air Purifier 

Special features: product dimensions; 20.08 x 10.83 x 22.32 inches, item weight; 21 pounds

[image code=”B00BWYO53G”]
best air purifier for the price

Deep from the design architecture of famous Honeywell air purifiers, it this product. Coming in 3 different sizes, which include the model for medium, large, and extra-large rooms, this device alsocomes with an option for a Bluetooth model, which costs a few extra bucks compared to the ordinary ones.

We would be reviewing the extra-large room-size model, which like its name, is built for huge rooms of up to 465sqft. Honeywell designed this air purifier to be simple in looks, as well as possessing control buttons at the top side for user control.

It purifies air through the use of a true HEPA filter, which does a really excellent job in removing allergens and contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. This filter also has a pretty impressive lifespan, needing to be changed only at the end of every year. Before passing through the HEPA filter, a pre-filter exists just at the entrance duct of the device to remove large sized particles that could shorten the life span of the HEPA filter.

As per its clean air delivery rate (CADR) rating, the unit also boasts an impressive one, being able to recycle air in a recommenced 465sqft room, precisely 320 per cubic feet per minute, and therefore up to two times per hour.

With an activated carbon filter also present, be confident that this filter is able to deal with odor problems also, and not just contaminants, and like the HEPA filter, it lasts long and only needs to be replaced at the end of every year.

The complete package involved in the purchase of this air purifier includes all of the following filters already discussed above, as well as a very impressive 5-year limited warranty. This alone speaks volumes of the trust manufacturers have in, and should it fail, be sure to know that you are not going to be the one on the losing end.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • true HEPA filter,
  • high CADR (320),
  • activated carbon
  • pre-filter,
  • 5 years limited warranty,


  • it is also expensive.

4) Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA 

Special features:  True HEPA filter, sleep mode, 3 stage filtration, AHAM certified, energy star rated, item weight 15.4 pounds,

[image code=”B01D8DAYII”]
best air purifier for the price

Winix is also one of the household names when it comes to designing and manufacturing top quality products as per air purifiers in the world today. The 5500-2 is no exception, featuring a smart look, and a pretty bulky size which one would have to create room for in the home.

Its performance is, however, impressive, and from firsthand experience, I can say it is worth the price. It comes with several indicators at the control section, for creating a better user experience and ease.

The device employs a 3 stage filtration system, which is responsible for cleaning contaminants in the air that passes through. With a true HEPA filter, this air purifier is sure to hold back contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, while still having a washable carbon filter to match.

Its carbon filter is responsible for dealing with volatile organic compounds and other odor in the atmosphere. Before these stages of filtration, there is a pre-filter that stands to remove large particles like pet dander from the air.

The highlight of this device is the presence of an extra filtration level, which isn’t seen in any product reviewed so far. This is the plasma wave technology. It works by emitting plasma waves, which doesn’t try to hold back contaminants like a regular filter, but instead attacks them on a molecular level, resulting in a cleaner and fresher air and as a result, more conducive atmosphere. The CADR is also very impressive, being able to serve medium-sized rooms of up to 360sqft, and is certified by AHAM (Association of home appliance manufacturers)

As earlier spoken of, this device has a very efficient monitoring system in the presence of several indicators. These include the filter replacement indicator, as well as the air quality indicator. They keep constant tabs on the quality of air in the room, as well as the filter life, effectively indicating when a change is needed.

For the air quality indicator, it works with the auto mode, which allows the fan speed to increase or decrease based on the present air quality, and as a result, its functions automatically.

Taking convenience to the next level, there is also a remote control option, which allows the user to operate it from a distance, and it is energy star rated, hence it would consume only about 70W and add very little to energy bills.

It is, however, only able to serve small to medium-sized rooms, though it comes with an extra positive, in the presence of a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


  • True HEPA filter,
  • plasma wave technology,
  • washable carbon filter,
  • quiet operation,
  • auto mode,
  • high CADR,
  • air quality indicator,
  • filter replacement indicator,
  • remote control,
  • low energy consumption,
  • 1-year limited manufacturers warranty.


  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,

5) LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room with True HEPA Filter 

Special features: True HEPA filter, LED display, 3 stage filtration, energy star rated, CARB certified, product dimensions; 22 x 18 x 10.2 inches, item weight; 11.24 pounds.

[image code=”B06W54K29J”]
best air purifier for the price

Also, coming on our list of products to review is the home appliance giant LEVOIT, precisely their air purifier model LV-PUR131. This is a great looking device, and although it is quite bulky in size, it is sure to add beauty to the room.

It is designed with a ledge like the top, which is only attached to the other half of the slim through a slim plastic.  The ledge-like area carries harbors the controls and digital LED display, which the user is able to interact with, for precise control of its functions. With an LED display, the unit is able to indicate settings that are on, like the timer and auto mode, as well as air quality in the atmosphere.

The device features a 3 stage cleaning process for getting rid of pollutants from the atmosphere, with the first being a standard pre-filter for removing large-sized particles. Behind the pre-filter is an activated carbon filter, as well as a True HEPA filter, which is responsible for removing specific particle contaminants in the air.

Inevitably, a true HEPA filter should be able to hold back particles of up to 0.3 microns in size, while the carbon filter’s specialty is in dealing with gas molecules and other odor-causing contaminations.

Being built for rooms of small to medium-sized capacity, this product is able to serve up to 360sqft in size and has a very impressive CADR, which is CARB certified. Its CADR in numbers is 135 cubic feet per minute, making it able to clean a 360sqft room about 4.5 times per hour.

This is very impressive, and from actual test ran, it does what the manufacturers say just fine. It is also energy star rated, hence would consume lesser energy than normal, which is about 40 watts.

With the auto mode, the air purifier wan cork independently of the user by automatically sensing the air quality in its surroundings, after which it then adjusts the fan speed to bring the air to a good and healthy level.

The filters have a decent life span, needing change every 6 months, and could be less or more depending on usage and atmospheric condition, but when it is time, the filter replacement indicator will pop up in order to alert its user.

The timer feature is also present, allowing the work duration of the device to be chosen, and it is also hushed while operational or the sleep mode can be activated for lesser noise production.


  • auto mode,
  • timer,
  • activated carbon filter,
  • pre-filter,
  • high CADR,
  • filter replacement indicator,
  • quiet operation,
  • low power consumption,


  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,
  • fair filter life,

6) Medify MA-14 Medical Grade Filtration H13 HEPA Air Purifier

Special features: medical-grade True HEPA filter, sleep mode, night light, item weight; 4.4 pounds,

[image code=”B07TMMCRGL”]
best air purifier for the price

There are many benefits to choosing the medify MA- 14 air purifier, with the most obvious being the fact that it is medical grade. The medical-grade title is not in the fact that it was built for hospitals and severe medical conditions, but instead in a quality which would be discussed later on.

It has a plain design, looking like a traditional air purifier, with a large surface area at the top, which is responsible for releasing already filtered air. The three control buttons are stationed at the front and include power, night light, and varying fan speeds.

Returning to why it is called medical grade. It is a result of the type of heap filter which this device uses, which is an H13 grade filter, and due to design, it has that extra bit in filtration capacity than regular True HEPA filters.

With this filter, the device is sure to produce cleaner and fresher air compared to many others, though you might still have to contend with gas molecule pollution due to the absence of an activated carbon filter. In all, this device has only one stage of filtration. On the filter approaching its life span, the filter replacement indicator light pops up to alert the user for a necessary change required.

Another let down in this air purifier is in the capacity of the room, which it can size. Being suitable for rooms of about 200sqft in size, its capacity is built to only cover small-sized rooms comfortably, and in larger rooms experience a drastic drop in performance. When in use in the recommended area, it, however, has a pretty impressive CADR of 120 cubic feet per minute, hence it is able to recycle the air in a 200sqft capacity space every 30 minutes.

Quietness while in operation is also one of the many qualities of this unit, making it very suited to bedrooms, and it also comes with a sleep mode, which is able to quieten its noise output degree further. The main catch in using this device, however, is the presence of a lifetime warranty attached to every unit purchased. This basically got you covered for the rest of the time in which you would be using this device, hence making it a win-win investment — no lost here.


  • Medical-grade True HEPA filter,
  • good CADR,
  • filter replacement indicator,
  • lifetime warranty,


  • suitable for small-sized rooms,
  • lack of Activated carbon filter.

7) PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter 

Special features: True HEPA filter, 2 stage filtration, robust motor structure, child lock

[image code=”B07TSHHLFT”]
best air purifier for the price

This device bears much in resemblance to the just reviewed Medify MA-14, having a very unattractive design, as well as a large air outlet of purified air at the top side of the device. Its top side is surrounded by thin light for cool looks, which can be turned off depending on the user.

Just at the top of the unit are the indicator lights, as well as control buttons for adjusting fan speeds, as well as changing through different available modes.

The device purifies the air using a 2 stage process, which includes a True HEPA, as well as a carbon filter. These filters do an excellent job in riding the air of contaminations but have a relatively short life span of about 6 to 8 months, compared to many others.

This duration could, however, vary depending on the frequency of use and the environment it is used in. The HEPA filter, as always, deals with allergens and other contaminants as small as 0.3 microns, while the carbon filter is in charge of gases and odor-causing pollutants, including VOCs, which are commonly found in the home.

A highlight of this PARTU air purifier is in its specially designed power moto structure, which is very useful and efficient while moving air in and out, as well as having a very low possibility of overheating.

Nevertheless, the device is built for small-sized rooms of about 215sqft but boasts a very impressive CADR when used in the recommended space. It is rated about 200 cubic square feet per hour. Therefore it can clean its recommended space about once every hour.

With an air quality indicator, you would always be up to date with the quality of air in your atmosphere, and it also comes with the auto mode. This allows the device to work independently of the user’s input, by simply switching between different fan speeds, in order to balance air purity at every point in time.

It comes at a relatively low price compared to similar products doing the same function, and I must say it’s a really fair price for the quality. If you want more, then you’d have to spend more.


  • air quality indicator,
  • auto mode,
  • carbon filter,
  • good CADR,
  • little chance of overheating,
  • auto mode


  • suitable for small-sized rooms,
  • Short filter life,

Features to consider in choosing the best ozone free air purifiers 

  • Zero Ozone Index:

This s very important since that is the sole purpose of our air purifier selection. Air purifiers without ozone will always be indicated by the manufacturer. Therefore be sure to read the buyers guides before going for any air purifier.

  • True HEPA filter:

The True HEPA filter is one of the most important quality every air purifier should have, by many is recommended as the minimum qualification of an air purifier for it to be effective.

Air purifiers with a True HEPA filter are able to remove allergens and other pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the air during purification. It is recommended by all medical association bodies for air purifiers and is a must-have for all devices.

  • Capacity:  

The capacity of an air purifier is dependent on the manufacturer’s recommendation, and different devices are made to serve various room sizes.

Do well to ensure you purchase a device that can adequately cover your room size area, as a smaller capacity device would only look like a waste of money, due to the fact that it would continuously chase, but never achieve a clean atmosphere.

  • Activated Carbon filter:

An activated carbon filter is solely responsible for how well the air comes out without odors. They contain little granules of carbon compounds, which are able to absorb odor-causing pollutants, as well as gases mostly found in the air.

Harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are also trapped from the air in this filter as soon as it passes through, therefore for cleaner air, and as a result, the environment, be sure to get a unit with an activated carbon filter.

  • Auto mode:

This feature is responsible for allowing the air purifier to both monitor and clean the air accordingly, ensuring you are never left unprotected from poor environmental conditions.

It applies a simple principle of increasing fan speed when the air is very polluted and dropping it back to a low when it balanced. Its significant benefit is the convenience it affords the user, being able to do all it is required to independently.

  • CADR rating:

This is another most important feature to consider, behind the filters the unit possesses, and it’s capacity. Like the fill name, the clean air delivery rate is simply how quickly an air purifier can cycle the air in a confined space through its filters per hour.

A high CADR would mean a faster impact would be made on the air quality in the room, while a low won would also mean the same.

How can you tell if you are being affected by ozone?

After a long duration of exposure to ozone, the extreme reaction of the human body is irritations, which is seen in different symptoms, long before actual damages actually occur to the body.

Significant signs and symptoms seen in the body involves respiratory heart symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, and wheezing. Some also experience symptoms like tiredness and lacking energy occasionally before returning to normal.

Symptoms might not be seen on a typical day, but on exposure to rigorous activities like exercises, or being under hot and sunny conditions, therefore making afternoons the most likely times for symptoms to pick during the day.

If at any time you start to experience any of these symptoms after using an air purifier for a while, the first action to take is to put that device away, then see a doctor as soon as possible.

What Product top our List of ozone free air purifiers in 2022

The product we would recommend picking the best ozone free air purifier is the Blue Pure 211+ Air purifier. This is primarily due to three features it possesses, which are the filter types alongside stages, capacity, and the CADR. These features are basically the most important to consider before making a choice, and in the Blue Pure 211+, they are pretty impressive.

It comes with a complete three-stage purification, including the pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and the activated carbon filter. These filters are recommended by professionals for air purifiers. It is also designed to serve large sized rooms up to 540sqft and is able to recycle the air in that area about 5 times in an hour.

Alen Breathe Smart Flex Air Purifier is also a good pick due to the presence of a true HEPA filter to meet the minimum recommendation. However, it is second behind the blue air 211+ due to its capacity. This air purifier is able to serve rooms of up to 700sqft in size, which is really impressive, and also has a CADR that allows it work enough to recycle the air in that recommend space, about two times in an hour.

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