The environment in which a baby should spend most of his or her time should be nothing short of clean air for  conducive growth, therefore equipping a baby’s room is one of the most important act. One should be more concerned about the airborne that cannot be seen precisely and can cause harm still. Most of these include low humid conditions that breed pollutants as well as organisms that dwell in the air, causing infections when breathed in, and in order to eradicate them, one would have to make use of the best air purifier and humidifier for baby.

Standing alone, the safest air purifier for babies is tasked with the necessary act of removing pollutants in the air, ranging from particles to airborne organisms that could cause harm when breathed in, while the humidifier helps improve moisture conditions in the atmosphere.

Now, instead of the stress of having to purchase these two devices individually, as well as an expense on separate energy bills and maintenance schedule, one can now get these two functions in one, having both the best air purifier for the baby nursery as well as a humidifier to match.

In this article, we would be reviewing several products that are sure to do this dual job just fine and recommending the best out there for you. We would also consider several important features that these devices should have as well as answering some critical frequently asked questions in the world of making use of a humidifier and air purifier.

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Best Air Purifier and Humidifier for Baby
UnitTypeHEPA filterActivated Carbon filterTank SizeCoverageQuiet
1Brondell Air Purification System with Humidifier Evaporative YES YES 3.5L Large room YES
2 Oreck WK15500B Air Refresh 2-in-1ULtrasonicYESYES1.5LSmall room YES
3SHARP KC850U Plasma Cluster Air Purifier Humidifier EvaporativeYESYES2.5LMedium roomNO
4Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier Evaporative NO NO 1.4 gallonLarge RoomYES
5 OPOLAR EV01 Digital Evaporative HumidifierEvaporativeNONO2.0LSmall roomYES
6bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air PurifierUltrasonicNONO1 gallonmedium roomYES

Top 4 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combos for Baby

1) Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier 

Special features: air purifier and evaporative humidifier, dual true HEPA air filter, Activated carbon filter, 3.5L water tank capacity, item weight; 20 pounds,

best humidifier and air purifier for baby
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This Brondell product is top-notch and is at the prime when it comes to choosing devices that can double as a humidifier and air purifier. It has simple looks, coming with an all-black or white body design, and most of its control functions totally digitized for maximum user convenience during usage. The top side of this device contains digital soft-touch button controls, as well as several indicator lights and symbols for alerting its user accordingly.

The device’s air purifier is designed with two HEPA filters in place for double action cleaning of particles as smalls as 0.3 microns in size, in the room, as well as having built with it, an activated carbon filter.

This carbon filter containing granulated particles is responsible for dealing with odor-causing pollutants in the atmosphere, including dangerous gases like formaldehyde and VOCs that are prominent in new homes or furniture, which could cause health and respiratory diseases. With a very impressive CADR rating, the unit can recycle air in a large room about 3 times in an hour.

With a tank of about 3.5L in capacity, the humidifier aspect of this product can serve large sized rooms of up to 627sqft in size, for a whole day before a refill is needed. It also works with the auto mode, hence automatically shuffling between different speeds for effectively maintaining humidity levels in the air at a safe level. The humidifying process also comes with a filter, which is responsible for removing dirt in the water to prevent them from getting into the atmosphere.

Though the product might be quite pricy, it would be worth every penny should you invest and do know that it comes with a 3-year limited warranty, which ensures you are making a risk free investment. The filters last very long, with the HEPA and carbon filter being able to go up to a year before replacement is necessary, and he humidifier filter about 4 months. As soon as the filter becomes intolerable, an indicator light pops up to alert you.


  • pure HEPA filter,
  • Suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • Activated carbon filter,
  • high CADR,
  • auto mode,
  • humidifier filter,
  • long-lasting filters,
  • air quality indicator,
  • 3-year limited manufacturers warranty,
  • filter change indicator,


  • it is expensive,
  • suitable for only large-sized rooms,
  • moderately sized water tank,

2) SHARP KC850U Plasma Cluster Air Purifier Humidifier 

Special features: air purifier and humidifier, plasma cluster ion technology, energy star rated, item weight; 20.5 pounds, True HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter,

Best air purifier and humidifier for a baby
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Amongst the product of SHARP combining both air purification and humidifying features is the KC850U, which applies a very different air purification process compared to most products. It has a simple design, looking very plain with a boxed shape and a digital LED display fitted in a slit space at its front side.

There are also indicators to match its performance, and also make for perfect user experience, while the display shows immediate humidity level of the atmosphere at every time.

The air purifier aspect of the device comes with two different filtration stages, with are the true HEPA filter and an activated capon filter. The HEPA filter, of course, removes up to 99% of airborne contaminants, while the carbon filter odor molecules and gases.

Though these two filtration stages are pretty useful, the KC850U takes it a step further by the inclusion of plasma cluster ion technology. This is effective against several viruses and bacteria, and not just in the manufacturer’s statement, but has been tested and confirmed in different laboratories. It is also ARB certified, making it completely safe.

The humidifier is also able to do a good job, producing enough mist to condition moisture in a medium-sized room up to 254sqft, keeping it at a safe level. Also, the filters of this product have really long lives, being able to last anywhere between 2 to 5 years, depending on usage and atmospheric conditions, before replacement is needed. There are also indicators that check the quality of filters always, displaying the condition, and when it finally needs replacement.

In all, this product is a perfect one to consider when making a pick on the best humidifier and purifier for your baby room, owing to its many qualities. It is also able to work irrespective of user input, which is called the auto mode (its air purifier), whereby it senses the air quality and shift fan speed to match and keep the environment clean. The purchase package also comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is energy star rated, hence would consume lesser power than average therefore lesser energy bills for you.


  • ion air cleaning technology,
  • auto mode,
  • long-lasting filters,
  • dust and odor indicator,
  • suitable for medium-sized rooms,
  • low power consumption,
  • filter change indicator, 
  • true HEPA filter,
  • carbon filter,
  • low energy bill,


  • it is expensive
  • Just 1 year warranty

3) Venta LW15 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier 

Special features: Air purifier and evaporative humidifier, 1.4-gallon water tank, energy star rated, item weight; 7 pounds,

Venta humidifier and air purifier for baby
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This is not the prettiest of devices when it comes to looks, coming with very odd stripes that cut across the body. Therefore there’s a very slim chance that it would add any form of beauty to the home.

It is, however, efficient in performance, being both able to clean the air as well as humidify it. However, it has a small footprint, making it able to fit into small spaces, as well as weighing very little for much easy mobility.

The device is designed differently when compared to most on the market today, and this is as a result of the fact that it uses zero filters both in the humidification and air purifier process. Without a HEPA, charcoal, or activated carbon filter, this device still manages to do a pretty decent job in riding the air of contaminants.

It, however, consists of a fan that draws air in from the environment and forces it through a specially designed inner structure that removes dust.

Being completely filter-free ensures that the user wouldn’t go through the stress and cost of frequent replacement as well as cleaning; hence a lower running cost compared to other products.

It is also energy star rated, meaning it consumes less energy and, as a result, adds next to nothing on total monthly energy bills. The humidifier makes use of the traditional process, and is evaporative type, generating clean mist in a reticent manner without the problem of white dust.

The device comes with a 10-year warranty, which is pretty awesome though you should look through the manufacturer’s conditions as it’s not an express one, and also has a low water level indicator, that works with the auto shut off feature.

On water going low, the unit goes off automatically, and the indicator lamp shines bright. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain, and it produces no white dust, though it needs to be used with an exceptional clean water solution to avoid mineral build-ups.


  • 10-year warranty,
  • filter-free,
  • low energy bills,
  • auto shutoff,
  • quiet operation,
  • low water level indicator,
  • easy to clean and maintain


  • suitable for small-sized rooms
  • need to be used with a clean water solution,
  • not a True HEPA filter or carbon filter.

4) bblüv Ümi Ultrasonic Humidifier + Air Purifier + Essential Oils Diffuser

Special features: ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier, aromatherapy, sleep mode, LCD display screen with touch control, 1-gallon water tank capacity, 360 degrees rotatable mist output,

Best Air purifier and Humidifier in Baby room
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This Ümi humidifier and air purifier employ the tower type design; therefore, it is very narrow in shape and has a tiny footprint that ensures it can fit anywhere around the home. The top side of the unit contains its water tank, which has a transparent split line that allows the user to monitor water levels with relative ease. It comes with an LCD display also, which is responsible for displaying temperature and humidity values of the environment for information and subsequent actions to be taken.

The design of these devices is also wholly filterless, both the air purifier as well as the humidifier, which significantly reduces the expense of having to fork out extra cash on filters annually. Despite the lack of filters, this product does an excellent job of putting the right amount of moisture into the air, enough to get the humidity level up for a medium-sized room. The humidifier is also built with a sleep timer mode, which is essential for selecting its working duration between 1 to 12 hours.

The air purifier also lacks any form of filters, and it is suitable for medium-sized rooms,  as well as being very quiet while operating, enough to be used in a bedroom. It also makes use of very little energy, further adding glamour to its already filter less operation and, as a result, low running cost. On water running dry in the tank, the device shuts off immediately, in order to prevent damages from overheating or fire hazards.

For the more soothing mist, this product has been built with an aromatherapy chamber, which allows the user to add essential oils that give fragrance alongside mist for those who fancy it. Despite these cool features, this humidifier and air purifier in one lacks a True HEPA filter, or carbon filter for adequately dealing with gases and micro allergens in the atmosphere, making it not as good as some of its peers.


  • essential oil compatible,
  • timer,
  • auto shutoff,
  • quiet operation,
  • filterless,
  • suitable for medium-sized rooms,
  • energy saver,


  • lack of True HEPA filter or carbon filter

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Features to consider in choosing the best humidifier and air purifier Combo for baby

  • Safety:

how safe the device is since it is going to be spending a lot of monitored and unmonitored time in your baby’s room is the most important thing to consider when choosing the best humidifier and air purifier in one.

The essential safety feature is the auto shut off. Significant potential hazards that could occur when faced with this device are overheating, which could cause burns when coming in contact with or lead to a fire.

The auto shut off is built in to ensure none of these ever happens, as it shuts off the device as soon as the water in its tank runs out. Any device that would be used in a baby’s room must have this feature.

  • The true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter:

These filters are a must-have for any air purifier that would be really efficient and have an impact on the environment. The HEPA filter is a several layered plated surface that is specially designed to hold up to 99.97% of allergens as smalls as 0.3 microns, while an activated carbon filter is responsible for removing gas molecules as well as other VOCs in the air.

  • Capacity:

Since we are considering a humidifier as well as an air purifier in one, it is expedient to know their individual room capacity, and how well they would do the job they are meant to. The humidifier capacity should be able to match that of the baby’s room size, while the air purifier should have a good enough CADR (clean air delivery rating) while being able also to match the room size. Sizes vary from small to medium to large.

  • Auto mode:

The auto mode is an important feature to have in a device such as this. It helps with all-round better user experience, eliminating the stress of having to toggle the air cleaner and humidifier setting individually, always trying to match them to give the best blend. Instead, the unit runs individually and works to balance both purity and humidity levels by itself.

  • Running costs:

These include money spend due to the increase in energy bills, as well as filter replacements, and other general maintenance. To say the least, filters should last for a year, while the device should preferably be energy star rated, hence consumes less energy with the exact same performance than the ones that aren’t.

  • Tank size:

The size of the water tank determines the running duration of the device, though the large the tank, the more likely expensive it would be. It is best to go for a unit that would run for at least a day or more, saving you the stress of several refills in a short period of time.

  • Timer:

The timer is all about being able to choose how long a device would run for before it shuts off automatically. They afford the user much flexibility, especially when one wouldn’t be present to monitor their operation, and turn on or off accordingly. With this feature, you can leave your humidifier and air purifier running while not at home.

  • Humidifier filter:

Units with filters for air purifying, as well as another one for water that goes through to be humidified, offers a second level of safety in both the air that would be released into the environment, as well as the mist that affects humidity. Cleanliness is never a price too high to be paid for, is it?

Benefits of air purifier and humidifier for baby

The benefits of using a humidifier and an air purifier for your little one cannot be overestimated but can be summed up in one word, healthy.

Humidifiers are designed to increase the level of moisture in the air by releasing moisture into it, which in turn gets rid of low humid conditions. This was invented to combat several inconveniences and infections that come with low humidity, including cold, cough, flu, virus infections, sinus, and many more.

Therefore, having a humidifier helps your baby stay healthy irrespective of the atmospheric condition, by making the immediate environs inhabitable by those organisms, and alleviating infections already gotten to the baby

Air purifier, on the other hand, works by attacking these contaminants directly, instead of their habitat like the humidifier. They work by drawing in air from the atmosphere and filtering off the causative factors of most infections and airborne diseases, hence preventing them from getting into the body of your baby.

It is a constant recycle process, whereby the air keeps on going through filtering to remain clean. This provides a conducive environment to breathe in, riding it from both seen and unseen contaminants.

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What kind of humidifier and air purifier is best for the baby?

Talking about the best of both for babies, the essential quality to consider while the unit does its job, is the risk it poses. Weighing safety and performance, the best humidifier to purchase in a baby’s room, is the ultrasonic type.

This is as a result of their ability to produce very clean mists, as well as do so without any source of heat, therefore reducing the chances that the baby gets burns to virtually zero. Ultrasonic humidifiers are also quiet, hence be able to cohabitate peacefully in the same environs as your baby.

For air purifiers, on the other hand, the dangers they pose are mostly in those that make use of ionizers or ozone generators.

Ozone is well tested and known to cause long term damage to the body, including lung problems and chronic irritations for adults, let alone babies, therefore total abstinence from anything remotely like ozone generators or ionizers that produces a certain amount of ozone.

Do ensure enough research is done before purchasing any air purifier, checking for ozone possibilities.

When to use a humidifier or air purifier for baby

Though it might sound very wise and beneficial to say “make use of humidifiers in winter, and air purifiers in summer,” but in truth, how clean the air is or how humid, most times, doesn’t depend on the season. Get me right, I don’t mean summer air is clean, or winter is very humid; all  I am saying is that there is a possibility that winter air is as messy as summer, while low humid conditions exist outside wintertime.

We, therefore, recommend that you have an air quality indicator, as well as a hygrometer for measuring humidity, in order to measure the various levels of these parameters at every instant. This is the best way to know when to get that air purifier or humidifier running and also the duration for which it would work too.

Air purifier and humidifier in baby room door closed: is it advisable?

Air purifier, as well as humidifiers, work best behind closed doors, in basic terms, they are designed to make an impact in confirmed environs.

Imagine leaving all doors and windows open every time, the amount and extent to which air would circulate from the outside environment through the room and back again, exchanging particles, as well as moisture level across.

A humidifier and air purifier in that condition would find it hard to keep up with the constant dirt coming in, as well as the moisture it’s generating going out the window.

Having a system like this is sure to create endless work for the unit, ensuring that the air is never clean to a safe level, neither do humidity get to an acceptable one. Therefore yes, it is advisable to use the device behind closed doors, though you should do it right, considering safety.

Do ensure that it is not a vaporizer that could overheat the room, as well as the air purifier not making use of ozone for cleaning the air.

Is it safe to use a humidifier in the baby room all night?

As earlier discussed, how safe it is to use a humidifier in a baby’s room largely depends on the user and how well you make use of the device.

Generally, units that make use of heating elements, hence boiling the water to steam, which is then released into the atmosphere, are not advised to be used in the baby’s room all night. This is due to the possibility of overheating the atmosphere that could cause burns on the baby’s skin or the baby, somehow coming into physical contact with it, as their body surface is always hot to touch.

Regardless of the presence of an auto-shutoff or not, we recommend you stay away from humidifiers with this technique.

On the other hand, other types of humidifiers are pretty safe to use, most notably the ultrasonic type, as earlier said. They lack entirely heating element, but instead produce mist by ultrasonic vibrations that breakwater into a fine mist that is released into the air.

Their body surface is most times very cool to touch at any point while operating, hence eliminating the fair of babies coming in contact with them that could cause burns.

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Final Conclusion: The best air purifier and Humidifier Combo for a baby 

The Brondell Air Purifier O2+ Revive Air Purification System with Humidifier is our stand out the device when it comes to choosing the best air purifier and humidifier for your baby’s room.

This is so due to the presence of both a HEPA filter as well as an activated carbon filter, which is sure to rid the air of any contaminants and odors. These filters also last really long, only needing change every year, while the device can work in the auto mode, and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Standing behind by some distance behind is the Oreck WK15500B Air Refresh 2-in-1 Hepa Air Purifier & Ultrasonic Humidifier, which is the next decent option to consider after the Brondell model.

It also boasts of double filter, with the HEPA filter present, but doesn’t make use of carbon filter, as it uses charcoal instead.  This is undoubtedly not as good as an activated carbon filter, but it is not a bad option either.

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