The most apparent notation of cold seasons is a drastic drop in temperature levels, which is generally combated by gearing up as well as seeking alternative heat sources. Although that does an excellent job of keeping the coldness away, however, there are other things you just might need protection from, one of which is infections like the flu. What better way to do this by having the best humidifiers for colds?

Over the years, humidifiers have emerged as a good relief for the cold season, and many have recommended people get the best humidifier for colds as they come in seasons. Well, it is not without reason, as raising the humidity of an environment is known to not only lower cold but also common infections during its season like a cough.

Catching flu during cold seasons is very common, mainly due to dryness of the air, which makes it very contagious. With the best humidifier for flu around working effortlessly, dryness in the air is avoided, and hence flu infections spreads less. Have you already contacted influenza? Be sure to get the best humidifier for flu season to alleviate the symptoms.

Cold and cough are never far from each other, though cold most times leads the park, be sure the other isn’t too far off, therefore it is expedient to have the best humidifier for cold and cough around the home.

Dry air also makes sure cough is more terrible than it usually is in humid conditions, and since the dryness of air sponsors most of the problems associated with cold, a single unit can most times double effectively as both the best humidifier for flu, cold and cough.

Do humidifiers kill the airborne flu virus

Well, humidifiers are designed and built to attack that low moisture level in the environment and is practically unable to do anything asides that, including killing airborne flu virus.

I know you might have heard a humidifier can help you avoid infections, and indeed it can, but it doesn’t work by killing the organisms, but rather another way.

Humidifiers simply remove contaminants by attacking their habitation, rather than they themselves. Here’s the picture, if you succeed by making the environment inhabitable by virus flu, they are rid of consequentially.

Virus flu thrives under low humidity conditions, and when that is taken away, they are too, and it’s just what a humidifier does. In essence, it gets rid of them, but indirectly.

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What kind of humidifier is best for the flu?

In picking the best humidifiers for colds that is sure to get rid of your flu problems, there are two important things we recommend you consider a must, before purchasing. The first is that the unit has a reasonable mist output rate that is sure to increase humidity without much fuss, hence making it inhabitable for airborne viruses to thrive in.

Also, the humidifier should possess a filter that is able to trap those contaminants, should they make their way into the device. Without a filter, the unit would quickly become a box of virus distributing machine.

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Warm or cool mist humidifier for cough

Though the warm and cold mist are beneficial for combating humidity problems directly, however, in many cases, one is preferred over the other. Cool mist is soothing and comforting, while the warm comes with a bit of warmth, and they are recommended at different times, based on the nature of the infection.

Cough primarily thrives in dry and low humid environments; therefore, in trying to alleviate its impact, we recommend you make use of a warm mist humidifier. This wouldn’t only solve the low humidity problems but is sure to add comfort by bringing a bit of warmth to the dryness already existing in the throat.

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Top 8 Best Humidifier for Flu, Cold and Cough

1) Premium Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

Special features: Top filling with leak-proof, warm and cool mist, 4L water tank capacity, LED screen display, humidity sensor, touch button control, air ionization lamp, aromatherapy, sleep mode, humidity sensor,

Premium Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

A product from Hupro, and just like the name, it’s really premium indeed. Its design at first glance is pretty captivating, being very compact and good looking. The devices are just a few inches above the floor and would sit well any around the home, and with an LED display screen at the top side, interacting and controlling couldn’t be easier.

It contains a water tank, which is 4L in capacity and can provide it a good runtime of a little over a day (30 hours precisely).For adequate monitoring and usage of the humidifier, there is a built-in humidity sensor that measures the immediate humidity level of the atmosphere, displaying it on the LED screen, giving the user more flexibility in control.

When it’s time for a refill, trust me when I say it would take just about a minute to do just that, as a result of the top fill and leak-proof technology present. Simply remove the top cover and pour in water, with this device, your detaching and carrying to the tap days are over.

It is able to make both cool and warm mist; the process of mist creation in this humidifier is as clean as it could get. Firstly being an ultrasonic type, it produces fine mist through vibrations that breakwater, while the presence of an air ionization lamp and ceramic filter takes purification to a whole new level. This lamp does the work of killing micro infections in the water with about 30 million cleansing ions per minute, while your permanent ceramic filter removes impurities and prevents buildups.

The humidifier also boasts of modern automated features in the presence of a timer for varying its work duration, hence saving cost, as well as a remote control option for toggling settings from the comfort of your couch. As soon as the water runs out in the tank, the device shuts off automatically to avoid overheating and higher energy bills. It is suitable for large-sized rooms of up to 500sqft and comes with an aromatherapy chamber to match its quality.

Though very quiet while in operation, the sleep mode also comes in handy for kids, as well as a 1-year warranty a sweetener to the purchase. It should not be used with hard water, because it is sure to produce white dust due to the presence of minerals, making it a bit more expensive to run.


  • easy to fill
  • quiet operation
  • suitable for large-sized rooms
  • long runtime and timer
  • presence of remote control
  • odorless mist
  • permanent ceramic filter
  • essential oil compatible
  • auto shut off


  • should be used with distilled water only
  • it is expensive
  • Just only 1-year warranty with lifetime support

2) Elechomes SH8820 Ultrasonic Top Fill Humidifier 5.5L Vaporizer Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special features: 5.5L water tank capacity, ultrasonic type, warm and cool mist option, humidity sensor, top fill, quiet operation, aromatherapy, sleep mode, LED display, two 360degrees rotatable nozzle, item weight; 6.3 pounds, child lock, humidity sensor.

Best vaporizer Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers

A perfectly shaped box with block edges, this device comes with a design that you wouldn’t usually see randomly on the streets, and one might even call it futuristic in looks compared to other humidifiers around. It possesses a display screen at the front side and several control buttons for toggling its settings. The screen exists for the purpose of working with a humidity sensor, displaying immediate humidity value of the atmosphere.

It also comes with a top fill design like the hupro product, making it much more convenient to top up after the water dries out, but be sure you wouldn’t be doing that very often. This is because it is backed up by a 5.5L water tank capacity, which is remarkable enough to afford it a runtime of up to 40 hours depending on usage. The units’ settings can be varied for it to release either the warm or cold mist type depending on your choice, but since we are trying to rid of cold here, the warm would be more soothing.

Being ultrasonic type, it is hushed while operating, and wouldn’t cause any form of disturbances, and also has the sleep mode for an even lower noise level, when used around kids. Talking about kids and how their fingers never cease to touch stuff in the home, the device has been built with a child lock option that ultimately puts you in charge when there are kids around, and should in case you forget the passcode set, simply plug and unplug the device.

It is suitable for large-sized rooms of up to 500sqft, and also comes with a timer feature for keeping your humidity up despite you not being at home. Safety features like the auto-shutoff and high-temperature alert are also present, as well as an essential oil tray for aromatherapy purposes. The mist nozzle is dual in nature and can be rotated in a 360degrees manner for directing mists to the desired location. This unit should only be used with distilled water to avoid white dust problems


  • suitable for large-sized rooms
  • presence of remote control
  • long runtime
  • essential oil compatible
  • quiet operation plus timer
  • comprehensive mist output coverage
  • auto shutoff
  • high-temperature alert
  • easy to clean


  • should be used with distilled water only
  • it is quite expensive

3) TLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic Warm, and Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special features: ionic generator technology, ionic resin filter, cool and warm mist option, 5.5L water tank, sleep mode, aromatherapy, dual rotatable 360degrees mist output, soft LED display, child safety lock, humidity sensor.

TLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers Large Room, 5.5L Ionic Warm, and Cool Mist Humidifiers

This is another top ultrasonic humidifier that can be found in the market today. Spanning just a few inches off the floor in height, it is designed to put out a right level of mists that is sure to positively affect humidity level in a considerable amount of time, while being also portable and beauty object for the home.

There are patches of modern looks on the body of this design, specifically in the presence of a soft LED screen, which acts as a visual aid for interacting with the unit.

It comes with a humidity sensor that runs round the clock, continually measuring the humidity level of the atmosphere and displaying results through the screen. With a 5.5L water tank, it can go up to 40 hours of continuous running before a refill is needed, and when the water runs out eventually, refilling is also easy. The tank can be detached and has a handle to be carried to running water; though this, it lacks the top fill feature.

When it comes to creating a mist in its cleanest form, this unit is up there, amongst many. It is designed with an ionic generator that is responsible for preventing secondary pollution, purifying the air alongside releasing clean mist for your benefits.

There is also an ionic resin filter, which treats the water specifically, removing mineral contents and other contaminations before it is mystified, hence reducing white dust problems to the bare minimum and increasing the life of the unit.

It is suitable for serving large rooms, with a dual rotatable 360degreees mist output nozzle for efficiently covering areas of your desire with specificity. Convenience while using this product is also optimal due to the presence of remote control for ease of operation, a timer for setting its work duration, and an auto mode that allows it work irrespective of constant user input.

If you are one of those with a flair for scent ad pleasant odor in the home, then be sure to know what your needs are well captured in this product, as it comes with an aromatherapy chamber for using essential oils.


  • clean mists production
  • mineral filter
  • suitable for large-sized rooms
  • long runtime
  • risk-free 10 months satisfaction guarantee
  • essential oil compatible
  • extensive mist output coverage
  • remote control
  • auto mode and timer
  • easy to refill
  • quiet operation


  • it is expensive

4) LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

Special features: 6L water tank, ultrasonic type, warm and cool mist option, aromatherapy, item weight; 4.92 pounds, humidity sensor,

Best large room Humidifier

This is a box-shaped design humidifier that comes with a ton of features that would pretty much have you covered against cold and symptoms associated with its season. This is primarily due to the high amount of mists it produces while running, effectively raising humidity levels to soothe your desire.

It allows the user to choose either a cool or warm mist option. It has an entirely transparent water tank, allowing one to monitor the water level quickly, and on the front side a led screen for displaying the level of humidity in the atmosphere.

Being an ultrasonic type humidifier, it is tranquil while operating and would easily blend into the background noise, and with a tank capacity of about 6L, be sure that you wouldn’t be visiting the kitchen tap very frequently (20 to 36 hours runtime).

The design of this humidifier allows it to work ultimately filterless. Hence it boasts a lower cost compared to units with filers that require periodic replacements. However, this unit is more prone to white dust problems as a result, and it’s recommended to be used with distilled water only.

Due to the lack of filters, the device has proven to be challenging to clean for many, and it also needs to be done frequently.

Coming to automatic features, this unit isn’t left out at all, boasting a really efficient auto mode, which allows effectively maintain set humidity by shuffling between different mist output rates. The timer isn’t left out either and exists for choosing the working hour of the device.

In all, the device is very convenient to use and operate, and also safe. This is due to the auto-shutoff feature that exists to turn off the device immediately water in its tank runs very low.

Aromatherapy chamber is also not lacking for those that would want to make use of essential oil, which adds a touch of fragrance alongside the mist it produces. The purchase package of this product is backed by a 1-year assurance, which isn’t bad for a form of guarantee.


  • long runtime
  • remote control
  • quiet operation
  • auto shutoff and timer
  • filter-less design
  • essential oil compatible
  • suitable for large-sized rooms


  • white dust problem
  • frequent and challenging cleaning
  • just 1-year warranty

5) Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic Humidifier

Special features: warm and cold mist option, humidistat, LED touch display, sleep mode, 6L tank capacity, humidity sensor, dual 360degrees rotating nozzle, aromatherapy, item weight; 5.07 pounds,

best humidifiers for colds

At first glance, it can be easily confused with the LEVOIT humidifier just earlier reviewed. Bearing much resemblance in shape and design, this humidifier has an entirely transparent water tank, while the front side of the device accommodates a digital LED display with soft-touch control for varying the settings of the unit. It also comes with a 6L water tank, that gives it enough backup for a long time.

This humidifier can be used with either the cool or warm mist option, and being an ultrasonic humidifier, it is tranquil while operating. It can run for up to 40 hours continuously before a refill is needed, and it is able to serve large sized rooms.

For convenience while using, it is built with a remote control option available, and also a humidity sensor that both measures the immediate level of humidity in the atmosphere (on LED screen) and works in hand with the mist output rate to maintain humidity while in auto mode.

On purchase, there is an optional filter that can be included for a slightly higher cost, which would do the job of keeping out dirt and contamination from your water. The filter should be cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of mold that would be harmful should it get into your surroundings. Aromatherapy feature is available; hence you can use this unit with just a few drops of essential oil per tank refill.

In all, this unit is easy to use, and also clean, though we recommend it be used with distilled water only in order to avoid white dust problems regardless of whether you purchase a filter or not.

Due to the numerous features available, the unit is able to remember always, the most recent settings, hence you wouldn’t have to toggle over and over again should there be a power outage. There is also a 1-year warranty attached to this product on purchase.


  • remote control
  • quiet operation
  • long runtime
  • suitable for large-sized rooms
  • essential oil compatible
  • optional filter
  • retains most recent settings


  • compatible with only distilled water only

6) Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom

Special features: 6L water tank, aromatherapy, filter-less design,

best humidifier for bedroom

This is a good humidifier, and I must say it has outstanding qualities for the price, though. Although it might not be able to rub shoulders with some of the best on our list so far, it would do a decent job when tasked with controlling humidity.

Coming with a simple design that gives it that popular traditional small appliance looks, this device doesn’t possess an LED screen or humidistat, which generally works in hand to measure and display moisture content in the air. Its controls are toggled by the use of a right old analog switch.

It boasts quite a large amount of water at full capacity, being able to hold up to 6L, which gives it a runtime of a jaw-breaking 50 hours. This is a really positive take away from purchasing this unit, as can run for days without it needing your refill attention. Its impressive mist output rate, as well as coverage area, means it is able to serve large sized rooms of up to 500sqft.

Like most products on our list so far, sitting behind this humidifier is the aromatherapy chamber. This allows the product to be used with essential oils, adding much-desired fragrance to the mist to generate for more comfort.

Requiring just a relatively low initial cost on investment, running the product actually also doesn’t cost as much as some other devices. This is due to the absence of filters that generally would be regularly changed.

The product is pretty ok, while being easy to use and clean and comes with a 2 years replacement guarantee; hence your investment is basically risk-free.

However, it lacks both the timer or auto mode features, and due to its filterless designs, it is best used with distilled water only. This is sure to add a few bucks to running costs, especially if you don’t have readily available distilled water somewhere at home.


  • essential oil compatible
  • suitable for large-sized rooms
  • long runtime
  • auto shutoff
  • low running costs
  • quiet operation
  • 2 years replacement guarantee
  • easy to clean


  • lack of a timer
  • lack of auto mode
  • white dust problems

Considerations for choosing the best humidifiers for colds

  • Room size capacity:

The most paramount feature to consider in a product, before settling with it as the best option for your home in cold seasons.

Simply, humidifiers are designed with a limit on the sizes of rooms of which it can serve. Most times it is indicated by the manufacturer, and we recommend you look out for it, compared with your home size before purchase. Get a unit that can serve your space correctly.

  • Rotatable nozzle:

This feature isn’t a must option, but it would really come in handy when you intend humidifying specific areas of the home that doesn’t seem to get enough moisture. Being rotatable most times in 360 direction, it allows you to choose precise directions on which the mist would follow, to your taste.

  • Mist output capacity:

The rate at which a humidifier is able to generate mist is almost directly related to its ability to affect the humidity in your atmosphere. In essence, a device with a higher mist output rate is sure to increase humidity in lesser time than one with a low rate.

  • Automatic features:

These include a timer, auto mode, humidistat, and an LED display. They all work in hand to alleviate most inconveniences that result from users interacting with the device. Purchasing one with all these is sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Easy to fill and clean:

In the cold season, the humidity level is on a default low. Therefore you can expect your humidifier almost to run all day, and if it can only hold little water, then be sure to get pissed by constant refills every now and then.

As a result of the expected common runtime, it would get dirty faster, hence requiring more frequent cleaning. Get one that wouldn’t make that tough for you.

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Can a humidifier make a cough worse?

The humidifiers in itself are built to operate with basically zero harm, but of course, as the saying goes, “the greatest downside to a weapon is its user.” If used recklessly, trust me when I say this device could do a lot of damage. There have been records of humidifiers making cough worse, but not cause of the humidifier, and here’s why.

Inadequate cleaning of a humidifier over time, leaves mold and other infections developing around every nuke and cranny of the device, quickly making a home for themselves. This organism is dragged through along with water from the tank before mystifying and subsequently find themselves being released into the atmosphere. When inhaled, they cause real damage to the body, like making a cough worse.

Will a cool-mist humidifier help with a cold?

Well, if you ask me, I think that’s the wrong question. The real question should be, will a cool-mist humidifier do the job of raising humidity levels to a considerable safe zone? If it is a yes, then sure, the unit will help out with the cold and everything it brings along. However, a warm mist type is preferred due to the extra soothing warmth that would be gotten from the heat coming with its mist.

Bottom line: What are the Top Best humidifier for cough and cold

The Premium is the best humidifier for flu out in the market, especially in cold seasons. This is a result of its impressive combination of warm and cool mist and its long runtime. It boasts a 4-liter water tank capacity, it is also effortless to fill up, as well as possessing a good mist output rate that is sure to ease humidity problems. The automatic features like timer and auto mode don’t lack either, making this machine a good buy on the market.

Standing behind this Premium product is the Elechomes. It has a quite operation, being ultrasonic type. Plus, it covers a large area of space (500 sqft). Moreover it has other features like auto-shutoff and high-temperature aler.