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The 5 Best Humidifiers For Sore Throat in 2022


Those times of the year when the temperature drops really low, we mostly have to make do with breathing in cold and dried air, which in itself isn’t bad. For some with allergies, this could cause real problems like sore throat, or should we say for everybody, since we’ve all experienced it at one point or the other in our lives. We recommend purchasing and using any of the best humidifiers for sore throat, and if you’re wondering why our recommendation is a humidifier, keep reading to get the insight.

There was a time where the causes of sore throat were generally attributed to one of either an extremely hot or cold temperature. However, after much research, it has been discovered that neither can be held responsible for causing such, as it is somewhat more of a humidity problem, further adding to the high profile benefits of having a humidifier. If you want to get rid of this throat discomfort? It’s simple, get the best humidifier for dry sore throat.

Why does a sore throat happens?

Sore throat doesn’t just develop all of a sudden, as there is always a significant cause anytime it is encountered. There are several things that could cause the throat to start to feel itchy, dry, tender and irritated, which we would discuss shortly.

One primary causative agent in the home is bacteria. As soon as they accumulate in the body over time, one would start to see the symptoms of sore throat. Allergies, smoke, chemicals and other irritants could also be responsible as causing agents. The dryness that rids the air of moisture, hence the human body, including the mouth and throat, could leave you feeling dry and itchy supporting harmful microbes to thrive both in the body and environment around.

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How does a humidifier help a sore throat?

The way a humidifier works is pretty basic, and it is; get mists into the air to increase its moisture content, and keep doing that over and over. The trick is that most bacteria and viruses that cause sore throats are unable to survive long in a moisture-filled environment, hence significantly reducing their quantity.

In the body, the throat needs to remain dry enough for these infections to continue thriving, and if you take that away by introducing moisture, surely they’d die off or reduce to a bare ineffective minimum, thereby letting you free from the soreness resulting from their presence.

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What type of humidifier is best for sore throat?

Considering the sore which is to be treated, its tenderness and how quick one would need to act; we would recommend an ultrasonic type. Athough many other humidifier types are more effective in the quantity of mist generated and moisture increased in the atmosphere, the clean process of a generation that the ultrasonic humidifier offers is second to none.

It creates moisture by breaking down water through ultrasonic vibrations, releasing a beautiful, smooth and clean mist into the atmosphere. Other types are not as clean as the ultrasonic one and could escalate the infection rather than eradicate it. However, you should adopt and stick to a clean habit while using the ultrasonic humidifier for more effectiveness and zero contamination.

Top 5 Best Humidifiers For Sore Throat

1) HoMedics Cool & Warm Mist Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier

Specifications: 1.5 Gallon tank size, item weight; 5.26pounds,  LCD display, humidity sensor, clean tank technology, tower type humidifier, warm and cool mist option, mist temperature measurement programmable humidistat, night light with switch, clean-mist technology,

HoMedics Cool & Warm Mist Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier
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If you have ever had a run-in with humidifiers in general, then the HoMedics brand should be nothing of a stranger to you. Having been in existence for over 30 years, they have come up with this excellent humidifier that does a little over enough to do justice to all sorts of sore throat problems. It is a tower type humidifier, rising about 20 inches off the floor, and comes with a really cool design that features both a LED screen, as well as visible buttons for easy control.

The humidifier is an ultrasonic type with a cool or warm mist option (though the warm mist isn’t as warm as most would like) depending on the user; hence it is suitable for humidification both in winter and summer seasons. The mist output levels can be varied as per quantity released in order to fine-tune performance to your taste, while the working duration of the device as a whole is backed up by a 1.5-gallon tank capacity. I know that doesn’t sound like much on hearing, but what is even more impressive is that it has a runtime of up to 65hours on the low setting. That is just impressive, but do know that it could be less or even more depending on usage and atmospheric conditions.

As earlier said, it comes with a LED screen, and one of the things displayed is the humidity level of the atmosphere, as it contains a humidity sensor. All these features work in hand to allow the user program the device to function automatically, which is called the auto mode, allowing you to set a humidity level to be attained or merely a running duration after which it shuts off automatically.

Using this device is pretty easy owing to the several convenience features it possesses and also has a specially treated anti-microbial tank, which inhibits bacteria growth, hence reducing cleaning frequency and duration by a great extent. Coming with the purchase package is also a demineralization cartridge for dealing with mineral content in the water, which eliminates white dust produced with the mists.

We recommend you clean the tank every 2-3 weeks depending on usage and also replace the cartridge every 30 – 40 fillings. There also exists a 1-year limited warranty on purchase of the product, making it the perfect combo of performance and value for you, though you should be ready to part with a quite a sum of cash.

What we like

  • long runtime,
  • packed with demineralization cartridge,
  • auto mode,
  • auto shutoff,
  • anti-microbial tank,
  • does not produce a white dust,
  • easy to clean and use,
  • whisper-quiet with timer,
  • suitable for large spaces.

What we dislike

  • it is expensive
  • one-year limited warranty

2) Pure Guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

Specifications: cool and warm mist option, 2-gallon water tank, Night light with switch, dual rotating nozzle, dual mist nozzle outlet, ultrasonic technology, aromatherapy, product dimensions; 7.8 x 15 x 12.5 inches, item weight; 5.55 pounds.

Pure Guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier
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This humidifier is undoubtedly one of the top products out there when it comes to class and actual performance in effecting a change in humidity levels. Being made by the Pure Guardian brand, be sure to expect much. It has a neat and curvy design, which splits the unit with the upper part consisting of the tank, and the lower, the rest of the humidifier. The front side harbours the control buttons for toggling between various settings of the device.

With a 2 gallon-sized water tank, be sure to expect a rock-solid backup time from this device, being able to last for up to an extremely impressive 120hrs per complete fill. It is also suitable for large spaces, and can conveniently serve up to 600sqft in space while retaining effectiveness in controlling humidity levels and hence alleviating sore throat problems. The water tank is designed with anti-silver treatment, whose principal function is to restrict the growth and accumulation of moulds in the unit, hence guaranteeing an always clean and healthy mist production.

A standout feature in this device is the presence of a dual rotating nozzle that allows it to release mist produced in different directions, covering more ground and raising humidity faster than a regular humidifier with a single nozzle. While operating, it blends with the atmosphere to give a noiseless performance, hence making it very suitable for bedrooms and to be used both at nights and in the day. As soon as the water gets low in the tank, an indicator pops up to alert the user to top up, and if ignored, the device shuts off as soon as water levels get too low.

The top side of this device contains night light that gives it a glowing appearance at night (can be toggled on or off depending on the user), adding a touch of beauty to the room. While its primary purpose is to disperse mists, there also exists an aromatherapy option, whereby essential oils can be used to add a great deal of scent to the atmosphere. As per automated features, the H4810AR possess a timer feature for toggling its working duration. Despite these great features, this humidifier has been known to produce white dust, which could be a real problem around the home.

What we like

  • long runtime,
  • large water tank,
  • suitable for large spaces,
  • quiet operation,
  • silver clean treated water tank,
  • wide-area coverage,
  • essential oil tray,
  • low water level indicator and timer,

What we dislike

  • white dust problems

3) BOYON Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Specifications: compatible with fruits and flowers, LED display, transparent water tank, remote control, humidistat, top-fill water tank, ultrasonic humidifier, touch buttons, 360 degrees mist nozzle, 4 in 1 filter, multi-coloured night light, product dimensions; 7.2 x 7.2 x 13.6 inches, item weight; 3.86 pounds.

Best Humidifier for dry throat
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Specially designed for adding tenderness alongside a touch of beauty to any environment it is placed in. The BOYON ultrasonic humidifier’s design is basically a complete set in performance and looks. Coming with a completely transparent glass tank sitting on the rest of the humidifier components, water in the tank is effortless to monitor both for cleanliness and quantity. At the bottom part of the humidifier is the LED screen which, to a great extent, aids the user in interaction.

A very peculiar quality that comes with this humidifier and is rarely seen in most others today is that one can just simply dump stuff in the tank. When I say stuff, of course not objects that would obviously damage it, but mostly fruits and flowers that can add a bit of your desired sent to the mist produced by the device. In simple terms, like the smell of oranges? Simply drop a few peels into the water tank of this humidifier, and not to worry about pollution, as a 4 in 1 washable filter is there to clean up behind. This removes the constriction of always using essential oils, as well as the expense of purchasing them.

This device is an ultrasonic type, and produces only cool mists, though it would have been more desirable if it had both cool and warm. However, it is every bit of the modern type, when compared to other products in the same grade, having a programmable humidistat for selecting an appropriate humidity level you want it to attain, as well as a remote control for the convenience of operating from a considerable distance. The LED lightings around the body are also really cool.

It is built to be compatible with hard water, and wouldn’t give much white dust problems as far as your filter is in good condition and clean, and with a 360 degrees rotatable mist nozzle, be sure to get your mist with impact and specificity. Cleaning isn’t much of a headache, as well as taking apart or putting together, and in all, it’s a great device.

What we like

  • fruit and fragranced flower mist,
  • easy to operate,
  • auto mode, easy to fill,
  • easy to clean and disassemble,
  • wide coverage area,
  • clean mist,
  • compatible with hard water

What we dislike

  • cool mist only,
  • relatively short runtime,
  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms,
  • requires frequent cleaning

4) GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers 

Specifications: top-fill, aromatherapy, ultrasonic type, 4L water tank, night light,

GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers 
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The design description of this humidifier in one word is sleek. Having all-around curves for blunt edges and a directly overall design to match, the humidifier is sure to look like more than a humidifier in around the home, adding a little bit of beauty. It comes with a transparent slit at the front side, which gives a see-through to the water tank for efficient monitoring, as well as just a single control button for toggling through various settings.

Much convenience is being desired when using humidifiers today, the manufactures, GENIANI, really put that in mind during the design of this product. This is due to how easy it is to top up the water tank, as you don’t have to detach and place under running water like other types, but rather by just opening the top cover and pouring in water as at when due. This device boasts a 4L water tank capacity, which is pretty significant and should run for about a day on the lowest setting, though its mist generation, and hence room size service capacity is quite small. It is suitable for small-sized rooms only.

Still, on the convenience of the user, this product has been designed with several features that make it very easy to use, the first of which is the auto mode. The auto mode or smart mode, when activated, hands over the controls of the device to an in-built intelligence sensor, which does the job of adjusting the mist output levels to match a preset humidity level chosen by the user.

It is tranquil while operating, and is really easy to clean, the problem of overheating or fire hazards is also eliminated through the presence of an auto-shutoff feature which turns off the device as soon as water runs dry in its tank. Purchasing this device can be said to be relatively risk-free, due to a 2-year warranty package included on sales.

What we like

  • easy to fill,
  • essential oil tray,
  • quiet operation,
  • auto shutoff,
  • large water tank,
  • easy to clean,
  • auto mode,
  • 2 years warranty

What we dislike

  • relatively low runtime,
  • suitable for small spaces only,
  • cool mist only.

5) Pure Guardian H965AR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Specifications: 1-gallon water tank, aromatherapy, silver clean protection tank, night light, Refill indicator light, product dimensions; 7.5 x 7.5 x 13.2 inches, item weight 2.3 pounds,

best humdifier for dry sore throat
Check the price of this product

This is a tiny and portable device and falling amongst the low budget pure gem products; you can be sure to expect a well affordable but still quality product. Though of course, you shouldn’t express too much. Carrying a cone-like shape, the device boasts a translucent water tank, for easy monitoring and two control buttons for smooth operation.

With a water tank of only 1 gallon, one might not expect much as per runtime for this device. In reality, however, it is able to afford a runtime of up to 70 hours on the lowest setting. That’s hugely impressive for a 1-gallon tank device. The water tank is also treated with clean silver protection, which has an effect of avoiding the accumulation of moulds and slime on the water surface in the tank over time. This makes the device filter-free, hence reducing the user running costs drastically.

There exists an indicator close the control button, which glows as soon as the water in the tank gets low, alerting the user to refill, and should all signs be ignored, or maybe not seen, the auto-shutoff feature kicks in. This is very useful against overheating and unnecessary power consumption. The mist produced by this humidifier is only available in the cool type. Hence the device lacks the warm mist option, which is seen as a downside of the unit.

Running this unit is very quiet, while there also exists an option of night light that could be toggled on or off as desired, making it more suitable to be used in the infant’s room. The device also poses the problem of littering white dust all-round the room, which is generated with mists. It should, therefore, be used with distilled water only.

Pros: filter-free, long runtime, mould resistance tank, essential oil, low water level indicator, auto shutoff, quiet operation.

What we dislike

  • cool mist only,
  • white dust problems,

Considerations for choosing the best humidifier for Dry sore throat

  • Room coverage:

owing to the fact that the sole purpose of purchasing this humidifier is co combat low humidity problems, which would, in turn, ease sore throat problems.  

Regardless of where you are in the room or home, the moisture released from the humidifier should be able to get there for relieve, which is why it is necessary to get a unit that would efficiently serve your space adequately.

Don’t settle for less, though less might be cheaper, and it would as well turn out to be a waste of money.

  • Auto mode:

This really comes in handy for much convenience while retaining an adequate performance of the humidifier. Allowing you to choose a humidity level you want the device to take the environment to and maintain while you do other stuff is really underrated.

  • Warm and cool mist option:

though one might argue that humidity is humidity, whether in the cool or warm form when seasons change it is quickly realized that mist preferences are primarily influenced by seasons.

In basic terms, it’s soothing to be able to stay warm while receiving moisture in a frigid environment, and when its summertime, cool most would do just fine. A humidifier with both allows you to combat sore throat in summer and winter.

  • Aromatherapy:

This is simply a unit’s compatibility with essential oil that adds a bit of fragrance to the mist produced. Though it might not precisely be important or directly affecting the sore throat, it’s always good to have a pleasant smell in the atmosphere, especially when you intend allowing that moist to ease a path as sensitive as the throat.

  • Anti-microbial protection:

Since sore throat is caused by infections in the first place, it is expedient that you try to prevent more of those bacteria causing infections from reaching there while treating the infected area.

With an anti-microbial (or silver coated) treated tank surface, you can achieve just that. It prevents the accumulation of microbes, slime, and mould, hence ensuring you breathe in a clean and infection-free mist.

Can a humidifier cause sore throat?

Though it is well famous and generally accepted that having a humidifier in your home working, overtime would ease sore throat symptoms to a great extent, some are still sceptic about if it actually does that or maybe even causes the sore throat in the first place.

If you are one of those, you should know that sore throat is supported by arid and humid conditions, and if a humidifier exists to eradicate miserable humidity, it couldn’t be the cause of dry throat.

A humidifier works to raise the level of humidity in the air by releasing moisture into it, therefore opposing a significant cause of sore throat in the process. However, just like most equipment, if misused, it could do more harm than good.

This is where keeping your humidifier clean comes in. irregular cleaning of the unit is sure to breed all manner of moulds and bacteria over time, which would be mystified along with your water and sent into the atmosphere, then inhaled by you. Breathing in such is sure to cause more infections than solutions.

Final Verdict: Best Humidifier For Sore Throat

From raw quality and performance, the HoMedics Cool & Warm Mist Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier comes out as the best for efficient humidity control that is sure to ease your sore throat. The device is handy in mist production and is able to serve large spaces while boasting of every modern feature you would love to see in a humidifier, some of which are the timer and auto mode. It also has an anti-microbial tank, easy to use and clean and doesn’t give white dust problems.

Falling short by quite a distance to a second-place is the Pure Guardian H4810AR Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier. Though it can serve relatively large spaces, its impact isn’t quite like the HoMedics, but with the presence of a dual rotating mist nozzle, it quickly raises humidity levels in a suitable environment. In short, its performance is impressive. A silver clean treated water tank and an impressive tank size with a runtime to match also ensures it’s on top amongst similar products.

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