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The Best Humidifiers for Colorado: Surviving Colorado Seasons

For those of us that reside in Colorado, myself inclusive, it’s no more a news that we basically live in a somehow arid weather conditions, with the area averaging a mind-blowing 300 days of sunshine across a year and an average humidity level of 33%. Due to this alone, the need for the best whole house humidifier for Colorado homes cannot be overemphasized. The mist that comes from the best humidifiers for Colorado is one of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping you and your family healthy irrespective of the weather condition.

Unlike every other humidifier in the market, the rare weather conditions warrants that whatever is considered to be one of the best humidifiers for Colorado must possess some peculiar features that would enable it to be durable while performing up to the expectation of the user.

In this article, we would be reviewing the best humidifiers to use in Colorado, alongside the reasons why we picked them for such climates. In short, our recommendations and review will be your guide before you purchase any of the units.

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Colorado humidity in summer and winter – Brief Comparison

When the humidity levels of both summer and winter periods are compared, there exists a significant difference due to the winter been frigid and the heat of summer been scorching.

Relative humidity In Colorado depends on many factors, one of which is the specific season. Winter majorly falls anywhere between November and February, and from testimonies, it is the worse time to visit the area due to the extreme cold and humidity levels. Its average humidity during winter always falls in a range of 55.8% to 57%, which in its self is still a bit closer to the human healthy humidity range.

In summer, however, the degree the air is always extremely dry to breathe in, and there is a drastic fall in the average humidity level of the atmosphere. Humidity levels as low as 49% have been recorded, with a maximum level of 53%, which is dangerous to human health, and could cause a whole lot of breathing problems.

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Do I Need a Humidifier for Colorado’s climate

As a result of the dry climate conditions for most of the months of the year in Colorado, it is important one finds a way to remedify the situation by increasing humidity artificially.

This is where a humidifier comes in, as it is able to convert water to mist, which is then released to add moisture to the air, hence increasing the humidity and, eventually, the relative humidity levels. Using a humidifier is the easiest way of ensuring that you and your family aren’t affected negatively by the weather condition.

The best type of humidifier for Colorado

In areas as such, your specific type of humidifiers is also essential due to the peculiarity of the weather. Although there is an array of varieties to choose from, ranging from the evaporative to the ultrasonic, steam-based or whole-house humidifier, the best we would recommend for you is the whole house model.

This is due to its ability to cover an extensive area of room compared to the others, alongside putting out the right level of mist per day, that should be just enough to regulate or maintain humidity levers. Water is also an important feature required, and since it is sure to finish at a faster rate in humidifiers that makes use of tanks, having a unit with the continuous drain type system is more than convenient to use.

If paradveture you only need the unit for a small area, You might not need a whole house humidifier but rather a portable cool or warm mist humidifier with a good misting output.

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Top 5 best humidifiers for Colorado in 2022

1) Aprilaire 865 whole house steam humidifier

Specification: electrode technology, hard water compatible, item weight; 33 pounds, product dimensions; 7.1 x 10.1 x 20.9 inches. 

[image code=”B005DS4YY2″]

Aprilaire, a leading manufacturer of humidifiers around the world, and the inventor of the evaporative type humidifier far back as 1954, and out of years of research and dedication, came up with the 865 model which in a literal term is everything you could ever need in an area as dry as Colorado.

It comes with a build shaped like a box and is very compact and can be easily mounted in the home, though it weighs 33 pounds, which is a bit heavy since it wouldn’t be moved around so often, then the weight isn’t much of a concern.

This whole house steam humidifier has a capacity to serve up to 6,200sqft in size, which is pretty impressive for a whole house product and can efficiently serve the needs of most homes today, and with its electrode technology, maintenance is simply a piece of cake.

The electrode technology, first of all, ensures that you can run this unit completely free from cleaning maintenance, as all you have to do is simply replace the electrode canister at the end of aa humidifier season.

Unlike most modern humidifiers, this unit works with hard water; in fact, it needs hard water (which is very common in the area) to function, hence eliminating the extra costs of having to purchase distilled water.

The minerals in the water help the electrodes conduct currents more efficiently while heating the water up, and also eliminating the need for a filter, further reducing running costs.

In all, the unit is pretty easy to use and also install, due to the absence of filters. Its high mist output rate ensures that it is easily able to keep your humidity levels up. Its design enables it to work with or without a preinstalled HAVC system in the home as it has a mountable wall fan for pushing mists into the environment. Although it is expensive, with the quality it offers, it’s very well worth the buy.


  • easy installation,
  • lower operating costs,
  • high mist output,
  • can work without preinstalled HAVC system,
  • large coverage area.


  • it is expensive.

2) Dyson AM10 Humidifier

Specification: ultraviolet technology, air multiplier technology, dual function, AAFA Certified, item weight, 7.5 pounds, intelligent climate control.

[image code=”B00YGZFNJ8″]

The looks of the Dyson AM10 makes it stand out amongst regular humidifiers that we are all used to today, coming with some kind of alien-like appearance, that is undoubtedly cool and would add a pleasant touch of beauty whichever environment it finds itself.

The overall units look basically an oval ring sitting on a base that harbors the water tank and other electrical circuitry, and at the top of the ring are control buttons that have been placed strategically for easy access.

Another standout, aside from the looks of this humidifier, is its ability to perform a dual function. The unit is designed to act as a high-velocity device that would remain useful and serve the user during summer periods, unlike many humidifiers that are only useful in winter.

Pertaining to mist distribution too, the AM10 sticks its head up high, with the presence of air multiplier technology that evenly distributes mists into the atmosphere, hence a better humidity level control.

There also exists a built-in humidistat, which is responsible for monitoring humidity levels in the home and varying the speed of the humidifier accordingly to ensure the level is maintained.

With a Hepa filter, be rest assured that the device only releases clean mists into your environment, and the clean process is further enhanced by the presence of an ultraviolet technology, wherein the water in the tank is exposed to this UV light. It is simply a double layer of cleaning.

A significant downside to purchasing this unit, though it is the size of its water tank, which is pretty small and can only afford you a runtime of about 18 hours before a refill is needed.

There are other automatic features present, though, like the sleep timer that gives its user much flexibility, while it is also asthma and allergy certified plus is suitable for room sizes of about 168sqft.


  • sleep timer,
  • HEPA filter,
  • clean water tank,
  • can double as high-velocity air device for summer use,
  • asthma, and allergy-friendly,
  • auto mode,
  • auto-shutoff.


  • small water tank,
  • it is an expensive,
  • small coverage area.

3) Aprilaire 700 whole house fan-powered humidifier

Specification: built-in fan, automatic humidifier, item weight; 15.5 pounds, product dimensions; 10.3 x 15.9 x 18 inches.

[image code=”B07MJBG1FB”]

Another Aprilaire air product on our list is the model 700, boasting a smaller size than the earlier 865 models, and hence lighter weight, though the installation process isn’t stressful too.

It is just about the height of two toasters placed on one another, with the presence of distribution tray an advantage, as it eliminated the constant water tank refill concerns. The tray is located just above the unit, where in water flows by gravity, and is evenly distributed by specially designed outlets, and evaporation takes place.

The unit is able to serve vast spaces, with a mist output capacity that is able to put out up to 15 gallons of water per day, which does just enough to cover up to 4200sqft in tightly built homes adequately.

The presence of an auto mode is also another eye-catching feature in this humidifier, as it is able to operate independent of the user, effectively balancing humidity level in the atmosphere through the use of a humidistat

The unit is easy to install if you are originally handy with electronics, taking about 3hrs approximately to get set up. It also very water-efficient, and unlike most humidifiers that just keep draining water till the heater isn’t asking for more, this one makes use of a wick for absorbing water into the heater, hence ensuring there is maximum usage as well as zero leakages. If you find this humidifier leaking, then there is most likely a break somewhere.

For the price it goes for, this unit is pretty ok and would do an excellent job in your home, especially in climates like that of Colorado. It doesn’t possess any special features, though, but comes with a built-in fan for pulling heated air into the humidifier.


  • auto mode,
  • large coverage area,


  • it is quite expensive.

4) Mooka top-fill Humidifier

Specification: digital display, humidity control, anion generator, soft-touch control, multi-filtration system, item weight, 4.85 pounds.

[image code=”B07FL4R3LZ”]

This box-shaped humidifier does a pretty good job of raising and maintaining humidity levels, especially in winter periods.

It comes with most of the modern features available to humidifiers today, featuring a digital display panel at the front side, that corks along with an inbuilt humidistat in order to measure and display the humidity level of the atmosphere at every point in time.

Being an ultrasonic type, it breaks water down through oscillations and then releases it into the atmosphere as mist.

Its easy design ensures hat taking apart this unit for refill isn’t much of a task, as well as routine cleaning maintenance.

The top side can quickly be taken off, and its water tank filled without you having to take it out at all, which counts for more effortless convenience during usage.

In using this device, you can be rest assured that your environment would be more than free from contaminants that seem to find their way into your mist over time due to the presence of 4-mist filtration stages.

For heavy sleepers, a sleep mode has been built into the unit, which allows you to enjoy the similar performance of the humidifier while shutting the noise levels, as well as its display lights, all at the touch of a button.

As per the water tank, it comes with a 4Litre gallon, which is disappointingly little (but for its price, it’s a good buy). This water tank is able to afford the unit a runtime of only about 16hrs on the lowest mist level.

Amongst the features of this humidifier is also an anion generator, which from study and research, has been found to promote cell metabolism, increase the vitality of the blood, recovery from exhaustion, and improved appetite at appropriate levels.

The timer and auto mode features are also present, making the users experience more than convenience. It comes with a two years warranty as well as lifetime support.


  • timer,
  • sleeper mode,
  • auto mode,
  • easy to fill,
  • high mist output rate,
  • 4 stage filtration,
  • lifetime support,
  • 2-year warranty,
  • easy to clean.


  • short runtime,
  • small water tank,
  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

5) TaoTronics Cool mist humidifier 4L Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Specification: led display screen, cool design, item weight; 32 pounds,

[image code=”B07H2717BM”]

This is another good-looking humidifier on our list, spanning just a few feet above the floor and possesses the old and convenient analog control button type.

The front side comes with a transparent water tank design that affords the user an easy way of monitoring water levels in the unit. It also boasts a right water tank size in the 4 liter or 1.06 gallons, while being able to put out a maximum of 300ml/h of mist.

Being an ultrasonic type humidifier, guarantees a high level of quietness, boasting less than 38db of noise, hence very suitable for light sleepers even when placed in their bedroom.

If you decide to go for this product, you can be assured of getting about 12 to 30 hours of continuous mist production, as well as an area of coverage spanning about 322sqft.

The design of this product ensures it comes with a little digital feel, in the presence of an informative LED display which works in hand with a built-in thermostat to always tell the current relative humidity level of the environment.

This unit also comes with inbuilt filters that ensure a higher level of safety than regular humidifiers. The filter is a microporous cartridge type that removes frequent and odor-causing microorganisms from your water, and hence mist. it is recommended you change the filters after every 4 to 6 months of usage and not to use with essential oil, which is sure to cause damages and leakage problems.

Finally, in this unit, there exists an automatic shutoff feature that kicks in when the water in its tank goes low. Night light and sleep mode options are also present to increase your level of comfort further when using. Coming at this price, it is more than worth the investment in returns if you are looking for a humidifier for very small sized rooms in Colorado.


  • quiet operation,
  • humidistat,
  • auto shutoff,
  • it is not expensive,
  • night light.


  • lack of filter,
  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

Consideration for picking the best humidifier for Colorado

  • Mist output rate:

Owing to the fact that the effectiveness of a humidifier when placed in an area such as Colorado, is dependent on the rate at which the unit is able to generate mist and release it into the atmosphere. The higher the mist output rate, the better the unit would perform in a dehydrated condition.

  • Rooms size capacity:

The area of the room a unit can serve should also be considered before purchasing the right product for you, and a little advice from us for you to get a unit that can help a slightly larger room size than yours. For it is better to have a competent device than ending up with a small unit that doesn’t come close to your needs.

  • Continuous water supply system:

This term simply means a unit that is connected directly to the water system of the whole house, rather than having a water tank that requires a constant refill.

Be sure to know that due to the mild arid weather conditions in Colorado, even humidifiers with large water tanks would struggle to run for stretchy durations before exhausting the available water in the tank, hence requiring a refill. Those with a continuous design eliminates this stress.

Bottom Line: Best Humidifiers for colorado weather

After putting in strong considerations into each and every one of the several humidifiers on our list, we come up with the Aprilaire 865 whole house steam humidifier as the best recommendation for you. This is primarily due to its ability to serve vast spaces (up to 6,200sqft), as well as its high output mist rate. In simple terms, it is everything you would ever need in an area with harsh climates such as Colorado.

Coming far behind is the Dyson AM10 humidifier, which though it is also a good buy, is really far off when qualities are compared with the Aprilaire 865. Though it does a great job in performance, humidity regulation, its suitability to small-sized rooms only as well as a relatively small water tank, knocks it far off the top position.