For a single small bedrooms humidifier selections, you will only need the best small bedroom humidifiers that is portable. This is very important to ensure moderate humidification and not to over humidify your small room. But why do you need a humidifier?

The battle against low humidity is never-ending, with several changes across the year depending on seasons and times. Our most fatal weapon of warfare is in the form of a humidifier, which works wonders against low moisture environment, effectively creating comfort and more natural breathing.

It is also essential for you to purchase a good humidifier for bedroom that is able to account for your exact needs, and if it is a small room as in this case, getting a large-sized humidifier would mess things up quickly by doing you more harm than good.

Although low moisture levels can be detrimental to your health as an individual, so can high levels too; therefore you should look out for top rated humidifiers for bedroom, as per the size that concerns you, which in this case is small.

This article would serve as a guide and bag of information which are essential in your decision making process, as well as recommendations on specific products in the market.

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Types of humidifiers for bedrooms

Based on misting type:

  • Warm mist humidifier:

This type of humidifier function by heating the water, producing a warm, soothing mist that is great for combating cold and flu, and they are mostly quieter than the cool mist type.

The mist released also tends to be cleaner than the cool mist due to the heat generated that kills micro bacteria growth, although they would require very frequent cleaning with more effort being applied.

This type of humidifier, though poses more harm due to their rather warm nature of heating and could lead to burns if dealt with carelessly, especially in small spaces or used in children’s room.

  • Cool mist humidifiers:

This type of unit releases a cool invisible mist that evaporates into the air, hence adding to its moisture level. They are perfectly safe, unlike the warm mist type, although generally noisier and would require maintenance too. When there is a filter used, it should be cleaned regularly.

Based on Mode of action:

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers:

They are the quietest of them all, making use of a diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency, hence breaking down water into droplets that are then pushed out into the air by a fan.

They virtually create a fog and requires to be used with distilled water in order to avoid problems of white dust, while requiring less maintenance than the other two.

  • Evaporative Humidifiers:

This is the noiseful type of humidifier that makes use of the filter and wilk to humidify a room. We wouldn’t recommend this type of humidifier for a bedroom.

Based on Capacity:

  • Whole house humidors:

As the name implies, they are a large capacity unit that comes with large water tanks, and are able to serve really large spaces in the home. However, they should not be confused with the type installed with the HVAC system in the home.

  • Portable Humidifiers:

These are the small humidifiers that we are talking about. They can be moved to anywhere and they dont require a specific position or installation

Bottom line: The best small humidifiers for bedroom must be an ultrasonic, portable, warm or cool mist humidifier

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Top 5 best small bedroom humidifiers

1) Crane Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special features: sleek award-winning design, clean control, dimensions; 8.6 x 13.4 x 8.6 inches, item weight 4.5 pounds.

Crane Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers
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This is a lightweight unit, which allows easy mobility around the home with a weight of just 4.5 pounds, and it possesses an entirely transparent water tank.

Coming from the crane family, this model of humidifiers comes with the sleek award-winning design, with a teardrop shape, it is undoubtedly going to add a right amount of beauty to your home. The utterly transparent tank allows the user to monitor water levels during operation easily, and the unit also poses indicator lights.

While on and running, the green indicator light comes on and stays that way for the whole duration, and while some might find it discomforting exceptionally at night, it would be an excellent addition for those that like a touch of brightness in the dark.

As soon as the water in the tank runs low, the green light goes off, while another which is red comes up, and the unit’s auto-shutoff feature kicks in, turning off the device to avoid overheating and regular consumption of energy since there is no mist output.

This product has been designed to serve rooms of good capacity, being able to cover bedrooms of up to 500sqft, with 3d0degree rotational nozzle at the top, helping you direct the mist output to your preferred location.

For a user to enjoy a unit stationed in the bedroom at day or night, it must be noiseless, and this unit doesn’t fall short in that regard, running in an ultra-quiet manner, it is easy to forget it was ever there in the first place. Since it doesn’t need filters to operate, it saves you cost on running.

Overall, this unit handles humidity control well enough in bedrooms and would be a good buy for anyone, possessing features that make operating it more comfortable. The water tank is detachable and can be easily placed under a tap, making the unit easy to fill.

As per regular maintenance, cleaning isn’t difficult due to the few numbers of parts it has, and you should know that it is to be used with distilled water only in order to avoid white dust problems. The 1-gallon water tank size is not exactly impressive about this unit, with a runtime of just 24 hours on the lowest setting, though it would do well in serving your small room needs, as well as its lack of an aromatherapy chamber.


  • filter-free,
  • 360 degrees rotational nozzle,
  • auto shutoff,
  • whisper-quiet,
  • easy to fill,
  • easy to clean.


  • small water tank,
  • short runtime,
  • suitable for distilled water only,
  • doesn’t support aromatherapy.

2) UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Bedroom

UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier – Humidifier for Bedroom
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UCAREAIR humidifier offers cool mist only as a result of the potential hazards associated with generating warm mist that could lead to overheating and burns. It has a pretty good looking design, being egg-shaped and consisting of a completely transparent tank that affords you easy monitoring of water levels. The unit is relatively lightweight and can be easily lifted around, as well as having a handle attached to its tank for lifting and refilling purposes.

The tank is about two liters in capacity which is of truth really small, as a result of that, only affording a runtime of just 10 hours on the lowest setting. It can serve a room size of up to 200sfft though, effectively putting out mists that provide you a right level of humidity control.

At nights, the device has an option of night lights, giving you maximum relaxation during sleep, and for those who thrive in complete darkness, the light can be turned off.

Depending on your immediate needs, the mist output levels can be varied, as It provides an option of two veils of mist levels. Filters aren’t required to run this unit; as a result, they are cheaper to run than regular humidifiers that makes use of filters which would necessitate frequent change per time, though you should know that a downside to having no filter is that they cannot be used with the regular hard tap water. They should only be used only with distilled water.

Due to the excellent design of this product, it is easy to pull apart and clean, as the water tank can be removed and a cloth used in cleaning the base portion, and with a wide enough opening, the tank is also easily cleaned. This wide opening at the top ensures that filling the tank comes easy for further comfort, and the auto-shutoff feature is also present in this unit, effectively turning off the device on an empty water tank.


  • quiet operation,
  • auto shutoff,
  • easy to refill,
  • easy to clean,
  • filter-free,


  • small water tank,
  • suitable for distilled water only,
  • doesn’t support aromatherapy.

3) GENIANI 2 L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Timer – Best Air Humidifiers for Bedroom

Special features: night light, easy touch control panel, item weight; 2.2 pounds.

GENIANI 2 L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Timer - Best Air Humidifiers for Bedroom
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GENIANI humidifier offers you a good deal of value for money spent, coming with a good level of portability, and therefore easy to move around the home. The unit’s control is designed with soft-touch buttons, which in a way gives it a more advanced feel than its analog counterparts, and with a not so large 2 liter water tank, it is able to afford the user a fair deal of runtime of up to 24 hours on the lowest setting and subject to atmospheric conditions.

Like all ultrasonic humidifier son our list so far, this unit doesn’t require a filter in its day to day operation, hence saving you a few bucks on costs and one of the best features about this unit is its possession of a timer. The timer is built into the unit, which enables the user to select a working duration of the produce, and then it is able to work exclusively while you face your daily routines and other work.

It is really quiet while operation, allowing you to use it conveniently at night, while it possesses night light that also gives out a dim glow into the environment which is awesome for kids and other individuals that fancy such. The night light can be turned off, too if you are light-sensitive in your sleep.

As per maintenance, the unit should be kept clean through regular maintenance that can be done easily with a cloth. The manufacturers’ design, allows the user to disassemble easily, cleaning the parts of the unit, and due to the anti-slip handle, topping up the water tank isn’t much of a fuss. It doesn’t have built-in support for aromatherapy chambers.


  • timer,
  • auto shutoff,
  • filter-free,
  • quiet operation.


  • small water tank capacity,
  • short runtime,
  • lack of aromatherapy.

 Factors to consider when choosing the best small bedroom humidifiers

  • Water tank capacity and runtime:

There is a direct link between the size of a unit’s water tank, and its corresponding runtime, as the larger the volume of water it can hold, the high the runtime and vice versa. For a unit to be enjoyed with maximum comfort in your room, it should be able to hold a good level of water to avoid too regular refills that could quickly become tiring.

  • Auto shutoff:

The aim of the unit is to work in small rooms; therefore it might be more close to you in proximity than the ones you would find n the setting room, hence stating the need for safety. The auto-shutoff feature does just that, enabling the device to go off immediately the water tank runs dry, hence avoiding overeating and fire hazards or energy wastage.

  • Quiet operation:

For you to completely enjoy the benefits of a humidifier, it must not offer any form of irritation, and hence a zero noise level. High noise humidifiers are not suitable for a bedroom and should be avoided at all cost, as they could but offer you a distracting day and ruin your sleep. Hence, we encourage you to get the quietest bedroom humidifiers

  • Easy to clean and refill:

Since most small room humidifiers contain small tanks, it is important you find enough convenience to make up for it in the refill process. Units should possess a good grip handle water tank and a wide enough inlet for cleaning too.

Benefits of humidifier while sleeping

Using a humidifier while asleep is a great plus, especially for those with breathing difficulty, as the moisture it adds to the environment is useful for helping you break phlegm in your nose, and also the chest.

If you have been exhibiting flu or cold symptoms, a humidifier is a good natural way to combat it and might help you recover faster than you normally would.

A humidifier also combats problems caused by dry air in the environment, ranging from nose bleeds to dry skins.

Where to put a humidifier in your bedroom

The most important consideration to make when placing a humidifier in your room is its position of best impact.

Firstly, you must ensure that it is placed on a tabletop, where it can get sufficient elevation from the ground and release mist directly into your breathing environment, although you can place it on the ground too, just know it would take a while for its impact to be felt from the floor.

A cool-mist humidifier unit should not be placed directly next to the wall in order to avoid build-ups of moisture, and hence micro bacteria growth, as at least half a feet space should be left between the unit and the wall. The area in need of a good level of humidity should be where the unit is, like close to your bed, and for units that come with a 360-degree nozzle, you can easily point to such portions in the room without having to move the unit.

Sleeping with humidifier risks

There are a few risks associated with sleeping with a humidifier in your room, and one of them is overheating and burns. When the humidifier is a warm mist type, putting it too close to your bed could lead to mild burns especially for babies, as they function by heating the water to steam before releasing it into the atmosphere.

Humidifier setting should also be cautioned before being allowed to run over the night, as you wouldn’t want to wake up to poodle of moisture all around the home, would you? A high level of humidity, as well as a low, isn’t good for your health and could lead to infections as a result of mold growth.

Final Verdict: Best small bedroom humidifier

As per conclusion and our recommendation on the best unit for your small room, we would suggest the Crane Humidifier. This is due to a touch of beauty it brings to any room, as well as enough mist output per hour to effectively raise the humidity level.

Its very cost friendly and Its water tank is also fair in size, with a 1 gallon and can run for 24 hours on the lowest setting, with the auto-shutoff feature ready to kick in at any time.

The UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier is also a good choice, being able to cover up to 200sqft rooms, it would surely suit your needs. It also shares similar features with the crane model.

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