Remember those times during winter when your baby quickly contacts a cold? It is worrying when they have one. No medications can eradicate the cold at that tender age in such moments. You might want to get the best infant humidifier because it causes immediate relief from almost all cold ailments.

Several products are ranked among the best baby humidifier in the market that you could explore but only with the proper foreknowledge. This article contains baby humidifier reviews and a final verdict on the best nursery humidifier products you should go for.

So briefly, what are humidifiers?

Humidifiers release moisture into the air, which is essential during dry winter. This moisture can help your baby breathe properly and solve dry or irritated skin, chapped lips, sour throat, dry sinuses, stuffy noses, and cough.

There is a high tendency of baby congestion happening during this period, and also, they fall quickly to infections and sicknesses that are often rampant in cold seasons. This shows the need for a humidifier to create the optimal thriving environment and sleeping conditions, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably.

What kind of humidifier is best for baby?

Although there are many other types, the best humidifier for babies in the market today are of 2 types, and they are

  • Warm Mist Humidifier:

This kind of humidifier works by heating water to create warm steam. This slightly warm steam is not at room temperature. Hence warm mist humidifier adds some warmth to the nursery room when used.

Just like we have it in the popular inexpensive Vicks filter-free humidifier, the warm mist humidifier produces humidity like the one found outdoors.

  • Cool mist humidifier:

This kind of humidifier doesn’t add any form of heating to produce mist. Instead, they use an electronic method like ultrasonic vibration  to convert water into vapor or smoke.

Cool mist humidifier is often the most recommended for babies because they are experts in relieving dry air symptoms like dry skin, dehydration, and difficulties in sleeping due to heat.

Henceforth, all humidifiers produce water vapor into the surrounding dry air, but they achieve this purpose differently, and therefore the reasons for their different uses in different circumstances. The table below compares the two major types of humidifiers that are best for babies.

What kind of humidifier is best for baby cough?

Cool mist humidifier is highly productive for throat itching and blockage in the passage of breathing and speaking. Inhaling cool, humid air would go a long way to clear all forms of irritation caused by microbes.

This is because most microbes that cause itchy throat and cough are often inactive in the presence of fresh moisture.

Therefore, since room temperature generally raises the chances of a cough, a cool mist humidifier remains the best option for a baby’s cough.

What kind of humidifier is best for babies with cold and congestion?

Anything congestion or cold has to be from sinus and throat infection. Warm and cool mist humidifiers not only fix congestion causing sickness but also relieve sinus irritation.

As recommended by medical professionals, either warm or cold mist humidifier is the best option for cruel treatment. Hence, you should consider either as the best remedy for congestion.

Unlike the best humidifier for croup, cool mist humidifiers are the most recommended for congestion. This has much to do with safety, just in case a warm mist humidifier could result in burns on your baby. Other functions of cool mist humidifiers are the treatment of flu-like sneezing, croup, and other allergies. It is also a specialist in rehydrating dry and chapped skin that may lead to skin infection.

I must also emphasize that a cool mist humidifier can relieve most of the infant’s allergic reactions. In most cases, you may only need to use the cool mist, and your baby will be back up and healthy.


It is simply because most of the allergic reactions of babies to the environment are often what only need moisty air. Cool mist is usually recommended as a pretreatment before considering the warm mist humidifier. And I must bring to your notice that warm mist never implies hot steam, and the temperature of warm and cold mist is almost the same.

Conclusively, you don’t need just one type of humidifier for your baby. Rather, you need to first use the cool mist humidifier as a pretreatment. Better still, you might want to consider going for the unit with double options i.e., cool and warm mist humidifier.

Here’s how to choose a humidifer for the nursery

On this note, we will only be reviewing and emphasizing more on the best cool mist humidifiers for infants. But before that, let’s look at the things to look out for in the best humidifier before purchasing.

Things to consider when selecting the best humidifier for baby

Ease of maintenance:

Before you purchase a humidifier for your infant at home, you should ensure that it can be easily uncoupled for cleaning. After a while, when using a humidifier, there is a tendency for molds and other organisms to grow in the water container or outlet of the humidifier if it is not cleaned correctly.

This should be avoided at all costs because infants are still young, therefore, have weak antibodies and could easily get infected by the pathogens released by the humidifier. Since you must ensure the humidifier is germ-free at every moment, purchasing an easy-to-clean good humidifier is advisable.

Humidifier mode of dispersing moisture:

Several types of humidifiers exist based on their method of humidification. The cool ultrasonic mist humidifier produces mist utilizing ultrasonic sound vibrations, and the impeller warm mist humidifier uses a fan or disc rotating at a very high speed to create fog. These two humidifiers are known not to disperse materials from their water tanks into the indoor environment.

All in all, it is advisable to go for the humidifier with ultrasonic or evaporative humidification when purchasing for infants.

Why? Some humidifiers tend to release the residue in the tank alongside the water into the air. This may be dangerous for the infant, leading to another form of respiratory ailment.

Presence of a filter:

Humidifiers with filters could keep unwanted pathogens from getting into the air, but if left unclean and without proper maintenance, they could become a source of ill health. Therefore, although it is safer to go for a humidifier with a filter, you must be ready to take proper care of it.

Area of effective coverage:

The size of the room you want the humidifier to operate in would determine the size of the humidifier to purchase. But for a baby’s nursery room, a machine that covers a 100 square foot area may be suitable. Intend using it in a larger room, then you would know what kind of humidifier to purchase and for a larger size.

Built-in diffuser:

For a newborn’s nursery environment, having an inbuilt diffuser in the humidifier ensures that the room retains its moisture and has a pleasant smell that could have health benefits or simply ease congestion. Depending on the product brand and model, you might be required to purchase a specific diffuser.

Top 5 best Humidifier for babies

1) LEVOIT Humidifier for Infants

Special Features: smart humidity sensing, Aromatherapy, combine ultrasonic mist, and sleep mode

LEVOIT Humidifier for Bedroom Large Room Home
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LEVOIT Humidifier offers everything you might want in a powerful humidifier and more. The device is white and modern-looking, and while, thanks to its large tank, it takes up a lot of space, you get a humidifier that will work in large areas and for up to 50 hours straight without the need to refill the tank, which I find incredibly convenient. You can forget that you own a humidifier but still enjoy the effects of its work. 

I also found the Warm and Cool Mist feature very useful, as it allowed me to control the ambiance of my home better. The LEVOIT Humidifier for Bedroom Large Room Home covers a floor area of 753ft² and, according to the producer, provides speeds 4× faster than similar devices. In my tests, it did a great job of increasing the humidity in most of my living spaces in less than two hours, and my home is just under 650ft².

I must also mention the customizable humidity settings that offered me an easy way to adapt the humidity levels to my needs. You can choose the perfect humidity for kids or your house plants, which will be a considerable advantage for both natural and plant parents. The device can raise RH by 10% in 20 mins, offering quick relief if you’re struggling with flu symptoms. 


  • Very quiet
  • Customizable humidity settings
  • Big tank
  • Remote control
  • Essential oil diffuser included


  • Rather expensive
  • Considerable size
  • Not easy to clean

2) Honeywell HCM350W cool mist humidifier

Special Features: Filtered cool moisture, durability, ultraviolet and evaporative technology

Honeywell HCM350W cool mist humidifier
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This reasonably sized evaporative humidifier features curves all around, giving it a slick and attractive look. The Honeywell HCM350W Cool Mist Humidifier is built with a relatively large tank of about 4L that comes with a handle that makes it very easy to remove for refills.

The device is built to be extremely quiet, even when running at the highest speed, which I found to be the case during the three weeks I tested the unit.

The humidifier has a filter to prevent white dust from being released with the mist when non-distilled water is used. Filters for this device lasted me about 4-6 weeks. 

In cold weather, running at high speed, the Honeywell HCM350W can raise a 625-square-foot apartment to 25% and peak at 35% in warm weather. For the most effective performance, I recommend using it in rooms less than 400 square feet.


  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Large tank
  • Accurate filter


  • Doesn’t support essential oil usage
  • Doesn’t have an automatic shut-off
  • Expensive filter replacement

3) Acekool 2 in 1: Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 

Special Features: The Acekool 35oz Dehumidifier & Air Purifier 2 in 1 has efficient dehumidification, is energy-saving, has auto shut-off protection, multicolored LED lights, and operates quietly.

small Dehumidifier

The Acekool 35oz dehumidifier is a small and efficient dehumidifier that also functions as an air purifier and features seven colorful LED lights. It employs semiconductor dehumidification technology and features a 1000ml water tank capable of daily removing up to 350ml of moisture. It uses only 23W of power, which can help you save money on your electric bill.

One of the best features of this dehumidifier is its auto shut-off protection. This ensures it will turn off automatically when the water tank is full. 

It also includes an integrated colorful LED light and a button indicator light that turns red when the water tank is full. 

Its simple, modern cylinder shape lets you install it anywhere in your home. You can effortlessly turn it on/off or choose its setting to suit different scenarios with its one-button control. It runs softly (25dB) and will not interfere with your sleep, work, or study, making it ideal for your bedroom, office, bathroom, caravan, or garage.

The Acekool 35oz dehumidifier is an excellent mini dehumidifier for your bathroom because it effectively reduces humidity in the air and prevents the growth of mold and mildew, both of which may be a concern in bathrooms. It can also aid in the removal of unpleasant scents caused by wetness and humidity.

Place this dehumidifier in the desired location, ensuring the top air inlet and back outlet are not blocked. Press the power button to turn it on, then select the preferred mode. It will begin eliminating extra air moisture and turn off automatically when the water tank is full. The water tank can then be removed, emptied, and replaced.


  1. Efficient dehumidification
  2. Energy-saving
  3. Auto shut-off protection
  4. Portable and compact
  5. Ultra-quiet operation


  1. Limited coverage area
  2. Slow dehumidification
  3. Small water tank

4) Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – Queitest ultrasonic humidifier

Special Feature: Auto shut-off sensor, filterless, clean control, and one-gallon tank

The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is like a teardrop, which grants it the title of the most adorable humidifier on this list. But there are many reasons I like this unit. The water tank sits on top of the unit and features a transparent casing, making it easy to monitor the water level. The mist nozzle can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to send the mist in your desired direction.
The design includes an auto shut-off function restricting the device from working without water in the tank. It has a 4-liter tank capacity, so it is limited to a room of about 500 square feet, although it is much more effective in a 200-250 square foot room. It has noiseless operation except for the bubble burst that comes up occasionally.


  • Auto-off
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very quiet operation
  • Detachable cord
  • Cleanable tank


  • No timer function
  • No humidistat

5) Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

Special Features: Whisper quiet, Adjustable mist level, Aromatherapy, and ultrasonic technology

best humidifiers for asthma

This portable and stylish ultrasonic mist humidifier works efficiently when placed in a small room. Although molds start to develop after a while, it is easy to clean though you would have to be more patient around nukes and crannies. When the water in the tank runs out, filling it isn’t much of a problem.

For light sleepers, do not worry; this humidifier works quietly and wouldn’t disturb you, ensuring you don’t get interrupted at night. It comes with a little square tray pad at the bottom for essential oil, in case you would love a bit of fragrance alongside the mist it releases, and a small brush for cleaning.

The Levoit cool mist humidifier is also effective against the bloody nose, doing your child a lot of good in reducing the bleeding rate significantly.


  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 1 year warranty and a lifetime support from levoit
  • Auto shutoff function
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology


  • Only suitable for small rooms (200sqft)

Final Verdict: Best cool mist humidifier for a Baby

The best humidifier for babies to purchase would be the LEVOIT Humidifier because of its edge over others, i.e., having a diffuser, long-lasting relief, and a quiet touch panel. When tested, I could see the steam coming out, and when it was disassembled, the ease of reassembling it was very comfortable. It is the best value for the price in all dimensions.

According to the editor’s pick, the Leviot cool mist humidifier comes in second Leviot cool mist humidifier comes in second, according to the editor’s choice. It also possesses a diffuser and the same properties as the rest. Moreover, it has a large capacity of water tanks than others, and the adjustable mist level beats its competitors.