Cold seasons are characterized mostly by a very high drop in the temperature level of the atmosphere, depending on the area you reside in. This could be a problem as it gives you uncomfortable nights and mornings where you wake up to freezing conditions, throat irritation, dry and cracked lips; also skin, and is also a sign that the air in your home is too dry, which is a call to invest in the best humidifier for single room where you sleep in.

Humidifiers operate by vaporizing water, thereby converting it into mist and then releasing it into the atmosphere to add moisture to it. This eases the problems caused by dry air in the atmosphere. Before you pick the best one room humidifier, there are certain qualities for you to consider, which would be discussed in this article.

This article is about single room size humidifier review, and we recommend the cool mist humidifier type as the best. The best cool mist humidifier for your single room should possess safety features for protection against home hazards and the presence of pets or children. If peradventure you live in a large room, this article content and verdict is also applicable for choosing the best cool mist humidifier for large rooms that are not doubled

Best Humidifier for Single|One Room
Everlasting Comfort HumidifierCoolUltrasonic Filterless500sqft1.6 Gallon
Honeywell HCM350W humidifierCoolFiltered Evaporative300-400sqft1 Gallon
Vicks HumidifierCoolFilterless Ultrasonic300sqft1.2 Gallon
Victsing HumidifierCoolFiltered Ultrasonic270sqft1.2 Gallon
Geniani HumidifierCoolFiltered Ultrasonic300sqft1.3 Gallon
Honeywell HUL535B HumidifierCoolUltrasonic Filterless300sqft1 Gallon

Types of humidifiers for home

There are majorly two types of humidifiers out there which can be used inside your home. These are the warm mist humidifier and the cool mist humidifier.

Warm mist or steam vaporizer humidifier

It releases moisture into the atmosphere by warming or boiling water with a heating element. Due to the high temperature of the water, as it is boiled, this type of humidifier is less prone to infections and development of molds, but it is very unsafe because of the danger it creates if children or pets are in the home.  The device overheating or someone coming in contact with it accidentally could lead to burns. Overall Warm mist is better for cold 

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Cool mist or impeller humidifier

It also makes use of water but vaporizes it by using a wick filter or high-frequency vibrations. There are types of this humidifier, which are:

  • Evaporative type 

This creates mist by forcing air through a filter that is saturated with water, which is then blown by a fan into the atmosphere, therefore adding more moisture.

  • Ultrasonic type

They make use of high-frequency vibrations that breaks water into micro-particle droplets, which is then released into the atmosphere of the room. This type of humidifier is the quietest and should be used with distilled water to avoid minerals being released in the form of white dust into the room. If any other type of water would be used, then the device should have a filter system for prevention.

Cool mist humidifiers are the safest type for your room due to the lack of a heating element, therefore no overheating hazards, although they require frequent cleaning and are prone to micro-bacterial infection.

Top 6 best humidifier for single room

1) Honeywell HCN350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier : Best one room humidifier

Special Features: Evaporative technology, highly effective, cool mist, durable and safe

 Best one room humidifier
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This humidifier is built with a very simple design, which makes it easy to clean. It is also very easy to set up, refill when the water runs out, and generally use, although it is pretty large. It could be easily moved around due to its lightweight and placed at a convenient spot in your room.

The device contains an ultra-violet light technology which helps kill germs in the water before it is mystified and released into the atmosphere. It is also very quiet even on the highest speed, although it releases a bit of white noise, this shouldn’t disturb your sleep. The issue of white dust being released by most humidifiers isn’t a problem for the chn350, as it filters ensures minerals are appropriately removed from the water.

A full water tank lasts about 8 hours on the medium level, while it can run a whole day on the lowest level. In a 200sqft room, you would be sure to wake up to much comfort, and lesser complaints of cold-related problems. Therefore it is suitable for small to medium sized single rooms.


  • ultra-violet light technology,
  • quiet operation,
  • filters last long.


  • best efficient for small to medium-sized rooms only.

2) Vicks ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Special Features: Highly medicated, ultrasonic technology, and quiet

best humidifier for infants
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This is an excellent looking cool mist humidifier, with a transparent water tank (1.5 gallons) that adds a bit of beauty touch to the device and helps you easily monitor the water level. It is shaped like a coffee maker and is about a foot tall with a control dial that allows you to change the direction of the mist to a place of your choice.

The device is filter free and therefore should be used with distilled water alone in order to avoid a white dust home invasion, or you just go ahead and purchase a demineralization cartridge. You would also need to keep an eye on the water level regularly because if you let the device run after the water is emptied, it would burn out the fan and the unit would have to be replaced.

It is suitable only for very small rooms, but for its size and price, it works efficiently and would be an excellent addition to your single room. This humidifier also puts out a lot of mist for its size.


  • cost friendly,
  • filter-free,
  • quiet operation


  • suitable for only small rooms,
  • no auto shutoff feature.

3) Victsing ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Special Features: Dial knob mist control, effective mist output, ultraquiet, and automatic shut off

Victsing ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
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This humidifier is simply a beauty to behold, and like the vics model, it also features a transparent water tank of about 2L, ensuring you can effectively monitor the water level with relative ease and it also has a led indicator for support. This indicates the water level by changing colors, green when at normal water level and is functioning properly, and red when the water level is running low. The device is also very small in size.

It features an automatic shutoff system, ensuring it never burns out due to lack of water and at 32dB, it is super quiet and makes more noise than a computer while it runs.

The unit is compact, well designed and in a room of around 200sqft and humidity level of about 30%, on the medium setting the device would work well to put out steady steam, increasing the humidity level to around 40-45%, and using about 5 ounces of water per water.


  • automatic shut off,
  • quiet operation.


  • suitable for small sized rooms only.

4) Genaini Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Special Features: Led night light, touch controls, very quiet and automatic controls

Genaini Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
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The genaini humidifier also follows in the footstep of the last two we reviewed, with a great design; shaped like an egg, and featuring a 360-degree mist nozzle that gives you the choice of selecting the precise direction in which you want the mist to be released in. The water tank is also very easy to refill as you just need to unscrew the top and place it under running water. It also possesses control knobs for selecting your desired operation level.

It is extremely quiet and very easy to clean, the tank is also large enough so that it lasts all night (5 to 6 hours) at the highest setting and could go the whole day at the lowest (3L tank). It is easily adjustable to your comfort level, and operates without using up much power, but is only suitable for small sized rooms.

The device is particularly useful against bloody nose, congestion, and coughing


  • filter-free,
  • 360-degree mist nozzle,
  • auto-shutoff.


  • suitable for small sized rooms only.

5) Honeywell HUL 535B Humidifier

Special Features: Ultraquiet operation, variable output settings, and filterless

Best humidifier without filter
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This is shaped like the genaini type humidifier and has ease of accessibility by possessing a water tank with a sufficiently large opening that enables easy cleaning and refilling. It is not too big, not too small and holds enough water to get you through the night; the water tank lasts for a whole day on the medium setting.

The device is filter free, meaning you wouldn’t have to go through the expense of purchasing a new filter at intervals, thereby saving you a few dollars, and it possesses the auto shutoff feature helping you sleep peacefully at night without being worried about the water running out. It is also very quiet while in operation, although it releases white noise that shouldn’t be much of a problem, it also has an option for adjusting the direction of the motion it discharges.

The device overall is easy to use and refill, and it appears to use water efficiently, putting out a right amount of mist for it size. It is suitable for small sized rooms.


  • auto shutoff,
  • filter-free,
  • quiet operation,
  • suitable for medium sized room


  • poor durability

what size humidifier do i need for my bedroom?

The primary thing to take into consideration while choosing a humidifier is the size of your room. After knowing the size of your bedroom, you should look out for the device with the specification that matches your room size. These specifications are always indicated by the manufacturer i.e., the approximate square feet the device can cover efficiently.

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Should humidifier run all night?

The answer to this question depends solely on your needs. If you don’t like to wake up to the stuffy nose and dry skin accustomed with the cold season, you can run your humidifier all night though there are risks involved.

Due to the risks, we advise you to purchase a humidifier with an automatic function i.e., it can be set to operate at a particular humidity level and goes off when atmospheric humidity goes beyond the level. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about the room having too much moisture and being infested by mold.

It is best you avoid using warm mist humidifiers overnight, to prevent skin burns from overheating. Humidifier with a timer feature can also be used, allowing you to set a particular time for the device to come on e.g., 2 hours before your normal wake up time, if you are skeptic about leaving the device on throughout the night.

Qualities to consider in choosing the best humidifier for one room

  • Size:

As stated earlier, the size of your room should be known before purchasing a humidifier, in order to help you select the right size that would be efficient in your home. You don’t expect a miniature sized device to serve your 1000sqft, do you?

  • Automatic features:

The two automated features to look out for are the timer, auto-shutoff and the humidistat. The auto-shutoff ensures the machine doesn’t burn out when the water tank becomes empty by turning off the device. While the humidistat is an automatic control system that turns the device on and off in order to maintain a set humidity level, this comes in handy when trying to avoid the atmosphere becoming too moist. A timer is used to control the period the machine comes on and shuts off, and is also quite helpful.

  • Anti-microbial system:

This is an added feature that comes in handy when considering health benefits. It is set up with either a filter or ultraviolet light that kills most of the germs or bacteria that could be expelled with the mist.

  • Safety:

As discussed and explained earlier, we recommend you go for a cool mist humidifier type, as it is the safest for you.

  • Noise level:

Sometimes, the manufacturer states in the specification the amount of noise released by the device. Therefore, if you are easily disturbed and irritated by noise type during sleep, you should purchase a device with extremely low noise output. In our reviews, we would specify the noise level of each from a user experience. Generally, the ultrasonic mist types are the quietest around.

  • Price:

A humidifier that will be running in a single room shouldnt be as expensive a s those that will be running in a full house. So, it is very important to consider the less expensive humidifiers that would perform a its perfect function

  • Essential oil

Although not as important to everyone but having a humidifier that permit the usage of essential oil is an added advantage.

Final Verdict: Best Humidifier for Single room

we rate the Honeywell HCN350 Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier as the best type for single room, due to its ability to efficiently increase the moisture content of the atmosphere and numerous healthy features, keeping your room free from infections. It is also our best pick for the best cool mist humidifier for large rooms.

The Vicks ultrasonic cool mist humidifier comes out next for its cost friendliness and its lack of filters, saving you expenses. It also puts out a large amount of mist for its size and is well and truly capable of satisfying your needs.

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