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The Easiest Humidifier to Clean – Top 5 Easy to Clean Humidifiers

A humidifier is a great tool for improving the air quality of your home, especially in the dry winter months. It can help with dry skin, prevent the buildup of static, and even reduce your chances of catching viruses. For your humidifier to work properly, though, you must clean it regularly. If you allow dirt and bacteria to build up in the machine, your humidifier may do more harm than good.

This article brings you a good amount of knowledge concerning the best humidifier easy to clean in the market today, alongside recommendations on products that would well fall into this category. These products have been selected from a deep level of research and are sure to meet your easy to clean need, as well as a good humidifying capacity.

It’s important to occasionally deep-clean your humidifier to keep it in good condition. All humidifiers have slight differences in their builds and in their maintenance requirements, so you should consult your owner’s manual for cleaning directions for your specific machine. However, the overall cleaning process is generally the same for all models. Here are five steps for cleaning your humidifier:

  • Step 1: Disassembly You should first unplug your humidifier from the wall and completely disassemble it. Take out the water tank and empty it before unlatching, unlocking, and setting aside all of the other removable components. If your humidifier has an air filter, remove it and clean it at this time. You can wash your filter by rinsing it will cool water and letting it air dry. Do not use bleach or other cleaning solutions on the filter as they can cause permanent damage.
  • Step 2: Vinegar Distilled white vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent for humidifiers. You can clean the machine by pouring enough white vinegar into the humidifier’s base that it comes into contact with all of the same areas that water typically comes into contact with. Then, let the vinegar sit in the machine for 30 minutes to allow it to break down the buildup of dirt or debris. To clean small parts like the water tank’s camp, wipe the surfaces with a cloth dipped in distilled white vinegar. After letting your humidifier soak in vinegar, use a soft-bristled brush to clear away any dirt or residue that is stuck to the machine. You may have to use a small brush to get to hard-to-reach areas. If there are surfaces in the water tank that you can’t reach, add a few tablespoons of rice along with vinegar and cold water to create a slurry inside of the bank. Then, close the tank and shake it vigorously to dislodge the grime.
  • Step 3: Disinfecting Dump out the white vinegar from your humidifier after you’ve cleared away all the visible dirt. Now, you should disinfect the water tank to remove any remaining bacteria. Mix together a solution of 1 teaspoon of bleach and 1 gallon of water. You should always use heavy-duty gloves and goggles when working with bleach and other harsh chemicals. Then, fill the water tank halfway with this solution. Swirl the liquid around the tank to coat all of the inner walls. Once the tank is thoroughly coated with the bleach solution, let it soak for another 30 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinsing Drain the bleach solution from the water tank and use running water to thoroughly rinse the tank as well as all of the removable components you set aside. Once you no longer smell bleach on the water tank, you can stop rinsing and lay everything out to air dry.
  • Step 5: Reassembly Make sure everything has completely dried before you reassemble your humidifier. When you’re ready, put all of the removable pieces back and fill the tank up with clean water. If possible, use distilled water instead of tap water to prevent minerals from building up in the tank.

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Top 5 easiest humidifier to clean in 2022

1) MIRO-NR08M Completely Washable Sanitary Humidifier

Special features: sanitary humidifier, floating design, touch controls, night light, cool design, silent mode, cool mist type

The design and quality possessed by this unit make it basically one of the best miro product out there in the category of easy cleaning, especially coming with a completely washable design. Its round body both houses the water tank as well as a floating technology where which the mist creator is submerged in the water tank too.

The fine design ensures that it is a beauty to behold, adding a bit of better look to your room in general, and the bottom side where the round part sits on, contains the soft-touch control buttons which makes it easier to use while giving a touch of modern design.

This product is designed in such a way that all parts of the body are waterproof, hence can be immersed completely in water. Taking the unit apart is also a piece of cake while being waterproof ensures that even to the smallest part is washable. When taken apart, there are also no hard to reach corners like regular humidifiers, therefore washing maintenance is very convenient and easy to carry out, even up to the fan is waterproof.

It is a Bluetooth chip with preprogrammed AI like Alexa and Google Home, which enables the user to control the humidifier remotely from the convenience of your smartphone. Other more convenient smartphone feature like the voice control can also be used with the device.

Hot soapy water can easily be used in cleaning this unit, hence eliminating the need, and hence extra costs of cleaning agents like vinegar. The humidifier also exhibits beauty in the presence of night lights with different colour options to choose from, covering all the rainbow with extra colours in total, though the night light can be turned off to afford more comfort for heavy sleepers. It ‘doesn’t go down to zero brightness though in order to avoid knocking over in total darkness. It is suitable for large-sized rooms of up to 600sqft, though it has a small water tank (1-gallon capacity) and hence a short runtime (about 24hrs on the lowest setting).


  • completely washable,
  • easily dismantled,
  • compatible with noise muffler,
  • compatible with voice and remote app control (optional cost addition),
  • lack of hard to reach corners,
  • waterproof,
  • suitable for large rooms,


  • small water tank,
  • should be used with distilled water only.
  • short runtime.

2) Miro NR07G humidifier – Completely Washable Humidifier

Special features: washable sanitary design, cool mist type, floating design, analog control knob, swappable vapour caps, cool design,

The NR07G is the second humidifier on our list, bearing a strong resemblance to the first in appearance and design, but with a few tweaks along the line. It is has a round body that sits on a more flat surface where the controls are housed, resembling exactly like the NR07G in looks. One major difference though is that this comes with an analog control knob for toggling between mist output levels, compared to the oNR07G that is touch-sensitive, hence more digital.

The unit comes with a swappable vapour cap design, with two mist output outlets available. The tea kettle cap points to the side, and allows 360-degree rotation for the user, making it ideal for bedrooms and more precise humidification, while the volcano cap type is unidirectional, pointing straight up. There is also a tap built-in at the top side of the unit, whose passage leads to the tank, hence allowing room for the user to fill up easily, and without stopping the operation of the machine.

It also boasts of the floating technology, having parts that are washable and submersible in water. The mist creator floats inside a water bow, and has a direct connection to the control knob on the outside of the device, for varying the mists output levels. The humidifier also has parts that are completely waterproof, hence removing the extra time spend on cautioning during cleaning, compared to other regular humidifiers.

Being suitable for pretty large rooms of up to 600sqft crowns the overall performance of this unit, and it has a small water tank of about 1 gallon, which is able to last for a maximum level of 24hours and maybe 8 hours on higher speeds. In all, it is easy to use and extremely convenient to clean.


  • easy to clean,
  • easy to use,
  • waterproof,
  • washable,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,


  • small water tank,
  • should be used with distilled water only.

3) Pure Enrichment HumeXL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Special features: cool mist, 360-degree nozzle, touch control, night mode

This unit brings back the digital touch found on most humidifiers today, possessing all soft-touch control which gives the user a pretty awesome and convenient option. Its design comes with a casing that is some sort of noise proof, housing all the sound produced by the mechanical parts of the humidifier during operations. The overall size and weight of the unit though are large, making it quite bulky to move around the home, hence overall poor mobility.

When it comes to mist distribution capacity, as well as the amount of time taken to effect a change in the environment, the performance of pure enrichment Hume xl is definitely impressive. At the top side of the unit, exists two independent nozzles that can be rotated in a 360-degree direction, hence allowing the user humidify specific areas of the home, as well as the unit to cover more grounds and raise the humidity level in a shorter amount of time.

The auto-shutoff safety feature too, is built-in, which comes into play in order to avoid overheating that could lead to fire hazards, as well as preventing unnecessary energy consumption that could increase bills. This feature kicks in automatically when the water in the unit’s tank runs dry, while in use, or should incase the tank is suddenly removed from the unit. The device is suitable for small-sized rooms though, of up to 270sqft, while being also sure to create white dust problems when used with non-distilled water.

Most importantly, this model of humidifier is very easy to clean, with a design that enables it to be easily taken apart and washed with warm water, or other recommended cleaning agents. The water tank is designed to have a large enough opening at the top both for easy refill and cleaning; therefore, you hand would be easily able to reach in, wiping even to the smallest areas. It affords you a pretty good runtime of up to 50 hours on the lowest setting, while a five-year warranty is a deal sweetener.


  • easy to clean,
  • two independent mist nozzle,
  • low noise operation,
  • auto shutoff,
  • slightly large water tank,
  • long runtime,
  • five years warranty,
  • high mist output nozzle.


  • Suitable for small-sized rooms
  • should be used with distilled water only.

4) TaoTronics TT-AH014 Top Fill Humidifiers for Bedroom

Taotronics humidifier is designed with the maximum comfort of the user in view, being very easy to clean in refill. It is an average-sized unit, build with almost a 100 per cent opening allowance at the top of the unit (water tank area precisely), which allows the user to top up with water with virtually no-spill, as well as clean the unit’s tank.

The unit boasts a pretty impressive moist output rate, with the highest setting pushing out as far as 300ml/h, as far as 2ft into the atmosphere. This design also ensures that mist ‘doesn’t accumulate around the desktop on which it is placed, as it can lead to contaminations and damage to the furniture or floor on which it is placed. With a tank size of about 5 litres, which is pretty large compared to many other portable humidifiers today, and can give the unit a backup time of up to 40 hours in total before a refill is needed.

It is suitable for small-sized rooms only though, which is seen as a major let down in using this device, being able to serve sizes of around 320sqft at maximum. The device possesses one feature unique to just it so far on our list though, in the presence of an aromatherapy chamber at the backside. It, therefore, can be used with essential oils, which adds a good fragrance along with the most created and pushed out by the machine.

Being an ultrasonic type, one would also encounter problems of white dust when making use of this device. Therefore it is recommended you use with distilled water only. There also exists option of night light, which can be turned on to give that extra touch of cosy feeling at night or even turned off completely if you are rather disturbed by brightness.


  • compatible with essential oil,
  • long runtime,
  • easy to clean,
  • auto shutoff,
  • easy to refill,


  • suitable for small-sized rooms
  • should be used with distilled water only.

5) Homech Cool Mist Humidifier, Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier

Special features: analog type, cool mist, convenient handle, smart air technology, dustproof sponge,

This is an ideal unit which is suitable for generating mists and hence increasing the humidity level of an atmosphere it is placed in. This area though, should be a recommended room size, if not the effectiveness of the unit ‘wouldn’t be felt. The device is pretty portable, coming with a handle stationed at the top side for easy carrying, while down below is the control analogue for varying the mist output levels.

It is designed with a smart air technology, which makes it more efficient and effective in creating mists, and with a capacity of about 300ml/h, it is able to moisturize your space in a short period of time effectively. With a fairly large 4-litre water tank, the device is able to run for up to 60 hours on the lowest setting at max, depending on the atmospheric conditions which could make it fall way below that mark.

Cleaning this device is pretty easy too, as the tank which is a ‘humidifier’s major dirt accumulation point comes with a 92mm opening at the top, hence allows easy and quick refill, as well as the ability to accommodate your hand where you can use the adjunct brush for proper cleaning. The mist nozzle is a 360 degree rotatable too, which helps in precise humidification.

Lastly, the auto-shutoff safety feature is also present in this unit, and it kicks in as soon as the water in the tank runs out. It is pretty easy to use in all, and with an analog control system, although archaic, it is easily understood and used by many today.


  • long runtime,
  • 360-degree nozzle, auto shutoff,
  • fairly large water tank,
  • easy to clean,
  • easy to refill,


  • suitable for small-sized rooms
  • should be used with distilled water only.

Why You Should Keep Your Humidifier Clean

So many home appliances require regular cleaning and maintenance, so your humidifier may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, cleaning your humidifier is important to keep the machine running smoothly and to maintain good air quality in your home. Like with all appliances, if you don’t take good care of your humidifier, it won’t last as long. Large humidifiers aren’t cheap, so you should get your money’s worth by cleaning yours regularly and keeping it in top shape. More importantly, letting dirt and bacteria build up in your humidifier can take a toll on your health. The water in the tank sits there stagnant, and it’s very easy for mold and bacteria to build up. Then, when you turn the machine on, it releases those particles into the air. Although your humidifier may only release trace amounts of bacteria, it can build up in your home over time. As the air quality gets worse and you breathe in these particles, you may experience the following symptoms:
  • Coughing
  • Asthma attacks
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lung inflammation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
People sometimes go weeks or months experiencing these symptoms without knowing what’s causing them. Then, when they clean and disinfect their humidifier, the symptoms go away. A humidifier creates moisture in the form of mists, which is released into the air, and where moisture exists, there is always a tendency for bacteria to build up over time, leading to contamination. This is what would happen eventually if you fail to clean a humidifier, over time, the water tank would breed bacteria which would go on to infect subsequent water refills and be sent out alongside the mist into your atmosphere. This turns your humidifier from a source of health maintaining unit to a germ overflow dishing box.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning your humidifier isn’t something you only have to do once. Regular maintenance and disinfecting is the best way to prolong your humidifier’s lifespan and protect your home’s air quality. Here are three maintenance tips:
  • 1. Clean regularly The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends cleaning humidifiers with a capacity of five gallons or less once per week and humidifiers with a larger capacity once every two weeks. This may seem excessive, but the more frequently you clean the machine, the easier it will be each time. You won’t have to scrub a year’s worth of grime off the tank if you wash your humidifier before dirt has a chance to accumulate.
  • 2. Rinse the water tank with each use Each time you turn on your humidifier, you should empty and replace the standing water in the tank. This will prevent bacteria from building up inside the unit and contaminating the air in your home.
  • 3. Clean your humidifier before storage. If you store your humidifier away for the summer, it’s essential to do a deep cleaning first. Any dirt, mold, or bacteria on the tank will grow massively while in storage. You should also make sure all of the parts of the humidifier are completely dry before putting the machine away. Any dampness can lead to mold.
To keep your humidifier working well, you should add cleaning it to your regular checklist of chores. Deep-cleaning your humidifier at least once every other week will improve the air quality in your home, which will make you and your family feel healthier.

Air with low humidity could have aftermath effect on the human body, including causing or worsening dry eyes, skin and throat, which is why most people today opt for a humidifier. Having a humidifier around is one of the best ways to solve humidity problems, as it is able to perform the basic task of putting out moisture into the environment. A major problem faced when using a humidifier is the strict maintenance schedule required to keep it in a healthy condition, which is in basic terms – the regular cleaning. For this reason, it is important you go for not just a humidifier unit, but the easiest humidifier to clean.

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Factors to consider in choosing the easiest humidifier to clean

  • Top-fill design:

Then easiest humidifier to clean are those with a good top-fill inlet design. Units like this are mostly designed with a large entrance at the top side, allowing both the user to easily fill and put in the hand to clean thoroughly during maintenance.

  • Absence of tight spaces:

one of the major reasons while dirt might accumulate in a humidifier is due to the presence of small tight spaces that are difficult to reach during cleaning. Over time, they accumulate dirt that contaminates even the newly filled water in the tank. Units with though these tight spaces can be cleaned with 100 percent efficiency, as well as taking lesser time for maintenance.

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When should you clean your humidifier?

Most manufacturers recommend you clean at least once a week, after using for a few days. It is dangerous to wait till when the air starts to feel uncomfortable (hence bacteria has gotten in), as it might have done some damaged by then.

Rather clean often with a recommended cleaning agent (approved by manufacturer), because not all cleaning agents can be used with a specific unit, as some might rather cause damage to a humidifier than actually clean it.

How to descale a humidifier

Descaling is simply the removal of mineral build up in a ‘humidifier’s water tank, and it is mostly done in units where hard water is used. The easiest way to descale a humidifier is by cleaning your humidifier with undiluted white vinegar, as this removes the scales on the body of the tank, and it should be done frequently, precisely once every week is recommended.

In descaling, you should soak a clean piece of cloth in white vinegar, and rap in around the specific affected areas, allowing this setup for about a few minutes. At the end of this duration, the mineral deposits would have loosened from the body of the container, and then you should wipe the loosened deposits away with another soft cloth, and rinse affected areas thoroughly with clean water.

How to clean a humidifier without vinegar?

Asides using vinegar in cleaning a humidifier, there are also other chemical agents that can be used, and they would do a good job in keeping germs away. You can make use of bleach or hydrogen peroxide in cleaning a humidifier.

  • Step 1:

The first step is to take your humidifier apart, removing the filter if there is one and cleaning with cool water and leaving it to dry.

  • Step 2:

Mix a teaspoon of bleach or 3 per cent of hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon of water, and pour into the water tank of the unit. Stir properly, so the solution reaches all area of the tank.

  • Step 3:

lastly you rinse the water tank, especially the base area, and other small parts. Also, shake it well severally in order to remove every trapped moisture and get rid of bleach odours, then you leave it to dry.

You can also choose to make use of a readymade disinfectant or cleanser instead of the bleaching agent. They are mostly called a descaler or bacteriostat, and you use them following the exact same steps above.

Final Verdict: Best Humidifier easy to clean

Concluding on this review so far, if you would make a choice on the easiest humidifier to clean, then you should look no further than the MIRO-NR08M. This product possesses all the must-have qualities for being an easy to clean humidifier, combining them with a cool modern float technology that makes for both a complete set. Its complete waterproof design also allows the user, liberty to wash appropriately, not being cautious of potential damages that can be caused by water like in other humidifiers.

On the other hand, going for the Miro NR07G ‘isn’t a bad choice either, as it boasts most of the qualities of the NR08M, asides from the digital touch, as it instead makes use of an analogue knob for controls.

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