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The Best Mini Dehumidifiers for Bathroom – Consumer Reviews

Steamy hot showers and luxurious bubble baths relax us and turn our bathrooms in daily retreats. However, the very hot and moist conditions that clean and soothe us can lead to mildew, mold and constant, smelly dampness. Mold and mildew are full of toxic allergens that, once inhaled, can make it difficult to breathe, leading to health issues ranging from asthma and rash to headaches, runny eyes and nausea. Furthermore, humid conditions encourage dust mites, another air pollutant. How can you stop water spray and condensation from becoming enemies in your sanctuary? Get the best mini dehumidifier for bathroom to guard your surfaces and air quality.

While fans and good air circulation from open doors and windows can cut down on humid conditions, many bathrooms still need the protection of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are designed to extract damaging moisture from the atmosphere so that your bathroom can remain dry and healthy, creating a better home for your family.

Do I really need a dehumidifier?

Does your bathroom smell musty and feel stuffy? Have you been noticing streaks of moisture on the walls, mirrors and windows in your bathroom long after you’ve showered? Do your ceilings have water stains or circles? Do you see the corners of wallpaper curling and becoming unglued? Are your tiles always wet? Are beads of moisture settling on your paint and warping the walls? Do you notice excess mildew in the corner of your shower? Are black mold spots appearing on the wall and ceiling? Do they return even when you try to wipe them away with bleach? These may be signs that you are in desperate need of the best mini dehumidifier for bathroom.

If your bathroom is always closed up, with no open or cracked windows or sufficient ventilation, this too suggests a need for a dehumidifier. If your bathroom is recovering from spills, leaks or flooding, it would also be wise to invest in a dehumidifier as part of your cleanup routine.

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Benefits of a Mini Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier sucks damp room air into an air inlet, extracts moisture by gathering it into a water tank and then returns drier air back into the atmosphere, according to a preset humidity level that you decide.

Many models are large and bulky, preventing them from fitting in a small bathroom space. Opt instead of a mini-dehumidifier. Most are no more than a foot tall and have a sleek, slender design with the capacity to handle a single, small room that is 170 square feet or less. The price of mini-dehumidifiers may range from $40 to $80 – a price that is manageable enough so that you can buy machines for the master bathroom as well as the guest bathrooms.

Your family will enjoy these benefits:

  • Reduction in the occurrence of mildew and mold: Ideally, the moisture level in a room should be below 60 percent to prevent mold. A dehumidifier can easily help you achieve that threshold to stop mold spores from growing and drifting. The machine will also make cleaning easier since there will be less mildew on bathroom fixtures.
  • Reduction in the stinky odors that damp rooms can cause: Dehumidifiers will zap the smelly fungus that forms in humid bathrooms and seeps into clothing in the hamper, the shower curtain, window curtains and the air itself.
  • Improved air quality and breathing conditions to mitigate allergies and asthma.
  • No more lingering cloud of humidity after a shower.
  • Better protection from dust and dust mites, which cannot survive in dry air.
  • Preservation of property: Your walls, counters, cabinets, linens, clothes, and other materials that can be damaged by too much moisture will be better protected.
  • Energy savings: High moisture levels increase the temperature in a room, making it stuffy and unnecessarily hot. Air conditioners try to remove moisture while they cool off a room. However, with the dehumidifier, your air conditioner can work less hard and your rooms will be cooler. This will save money on energy costs.
  • Increased temperature comfort: No more mugginess.


A mini-dehumidifier is the right choice if you want to save money and get a model that takes up less space. Go for one with the energy star symbol to ensure that it will save electricity. Also, look for these other coveted features:

  • Capacity: Choose a mini-model capable of removing between 300 and 600 milliliters of water from the air over 24 hours. This amount of moisture removal is suitable for one small room, such as a full-sized bath. Small models might remove as much as 25 to 40 pints but won’t be as compact as the mini-units. A mini-unit will remove water at a slower rate, but will disappear into your decor and look more stylish.
  • Noise Level: Because your bathroom may need constant moisture-removal, you want a dehumidifier with quiet, non-disruptive operation. Look for one that promises to operate at 33 decibels or less, which matches the level of a fan on low.
  • Purification: Consider a dehumidifier that doubles as an air purifier, which is important in a bathroom where smells can be offensive. It might be just a little larger than the typical mini-model, able to handle between 750 and 1,000 milliners of moisture a day. A combination purifier and dehumidifier should have a HEPA filter to trap dust, dander and pollen. Premium models might have additional filters, such as a pre-filter or carbon filter, which removes odors, minerals and sediments.
  • Portability: Buy a model that can be relocated from the counter to a shelf to the floor, to be near where you have the most moisture. An ideal model should weigh between three and seven pounds so that it is easy to maneuver. Most fan-based dehumidifiers have electrical cords and will need to be situated near an outlet. However, some very small mini-dehumidifiers, which are the size of a hand, use silica gel beads to trap moisture and require no cords; they have a battery that must be charged every month. Then, they can be hung on a hook in a damp room for daily use.
  • Easy Use & Maintenance: Select a mini-model that has an intuitive one-touch operation for powering on and off as well as a switch for low and high speeds. Green and red lights should alert you when the unit is functioning well or paused. Maintenance should be simple and require only once a year filter changes and superficial wipe downs.
  • Auto Shut Off Feature: The automatic shut off will prevent the tank from overflowing when it’s full and needs to be emptied. This is a necessary safeguard to prevent flooding when you are away. You might need to empty the tank once or twice a day if you run it continuously. When you see the auto-shut off light is on, simply remove the tank and pour the accumulated water into a sink or outside into the garden. Once the tank is returned, the machine will reset and continue removing moisture.
  • Auto Defrost Feature: The defrost feature ensures your dehumidifier will work in winter and fall when the temperatures are low. Some models without automatic defrost will not function at temps below 59 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidistat: A humidistat is an instrument that measures moisture levels in a room. Models with this tool will stop running once the desired dryness level is reached.
  • Automatic Reset: If you’ve suffered from power outages in the past, be sure to buy a model that will reset and restart whenever the electricity goes out and comes back on. This will ensure that even if you are at work or on vacation, the bathroom can stay nice and dry.
  • Drainage: Most models have a simple tray or tank that slides out for emptying. However, some models come with a pump and drainage hose that can be connected to a floor drain or sink.

The Best Mini Dehumidifiers for Bathrooms – Reviews

The following mini dehumidifiers are great for small, damp rooms like bathrooms. Each has its own unique benefits and disadvantages. Regardless of your requirements and preferences, you are sure to find a mini dehumidifier for your bathroom on this list.

1) Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier

Special Features: Removable Water Tank, Easy One-Button Control, Automatic Safety Shut-Off

[image code=”B01FYC469O”]

best air purifier for the price

The Pure Enrichment Mini Dehumidifier is a small but powerful dehumidifier that is the perfect size for most bathrooms. At 10.5 inches tall and weighing 3.25 lbs, it is small, but sturdy and will be easy to use and conceal in most bathrooms. It has the ability to remove up to 10oz or 300ml of water from the air every day, but can hold up to 27oz in its tank. Once full, the dehumidifier will automatically shut-off to protect your surfaces from spilled water.

The water tank is transparent, making it easy for you to see how full the tank is at a glance so that you can empty it and keep it running continuously. This is handy for when you want to check the water level without removing the tank and allows you to check it more frequently. It promises to be quiet, but doesn’t define exactly how quiet the machine is. Most users say that it is comparable to a white noise machine, which is quiet enough that it wouldn’t disturb most users if used in an en suite or master bathroom.

One thing that you should consider if you are interested in this model is that the minimum temperature and relative humidity levels for operation are not listed. This could be problematic if you are wanting to know the environment for which this model will work best. Another consideration is that a few users have reported an issue with the shut-off switch. If you choose this model, it would be best to keep a close eye on the reservoir levels and empty it before it becomes too full.


  • 27oz reservoir capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to check water level


  • Can only remove 10oz of water daily
  • Some complaints of a fault automatic shut-off

2) Honati Mini Dehumidifier

Special Features: 600ml (22 oz) capacity water tank, Auto-Off and LED indicator when water tank is full, Energy efficient with low power consumption.

[image code=”B07WTDNSJ5″]

best air purifier for the price

The Honati dehumidifier is another powerful, yet small dehumidifier that works in small rooms of up to 160 square feet. It features a quiet operation of under 33dB and is less than 9-inches tall and weighs 2.2 lbs. This means that it is very light and will fit in almost any small space, however due to the smaller weight, it doesn’t feel as sturdy as heavier models.

It can remove 10oz of water from the air daily and features a 22oz capacity reservoir, meaning that it can go approximately two days at full capacity without the water being changed. It also has an automatic shut-off to prevent the unit from overflowing if you can’t get to it right away when it is full.

It is an energy-efficient model that operates between 50°F and 122°F and a minimum relative humidity of 60%. However, it does suggest a minimum of 68°F for optimal use. This is a good temperature range for most indoor areas that are warm and humid year-round. However, if you want to lower your relative humidity below 60% or your bathroom stays below 68°F, this may not be the model for you.

Some people have problems with the unit working in some small spaces, but this could be due to the room having a lower room temperature or relative humidity than specified by the manufacturer.


  • Small and light model
  • Quiet at less than 33dB
  • Energy efficient


  • Doesn’t work below 68°F or 60% RH
  • Small capacity

3) Lonove Mini Dehumidifier

Special Features: Lightweight and Portable, Energy Efficient, Ultra-Quiet

[image code=”B07V6NT3P6″]

best air purifier for the price

The Lonove mini dehumidifier was designed for small spaces like bathrooms and even RVs. This model stands 11-inches tall and weighs 2.9 lbs, so it is very light and portable. Yet, it can remove 11oz of water per day from the air and has a 27oz reservoir.

This model has 360° of airflow and two inlet vents. This allows it to circulate the air in the room better. As a result, the dehumidification is more thorough and consistent throughout the room. It is recommended for rooms of up to 160 square feet and operates at 68°F or greater and relative humidity of 60% or higher. The company states that it can lower humidity levels in a space as low as 45%, so if you want your humidity levels on the lower end of the comfort level, this could be a great option for you. It is also quiet, producing under 35dB of noise. This makes it perfect for the master bathroom or bathrooms that are near bedrooms.

The main complaint on this model is that it doesn’t work well in all environments. While the actual operational temperature range of the unit is 59°F to 104°F, it is not efficient and effective until it reaches a temperature of 68°F. That means that if your temperatures regularly fall lower, you should choose a model specifically for those cooler temperatures.


  • 360° airflow
  • Very efficient model
  • Quiet


  • Higher operating temperature

4) Seavon Portable Dehumidifier

Special Features: Compact, Easy to Clean, 1.5L Water Tank

[image code=”B07ZH4PT1G”]

best air purifier for the price

Seavon’s portable dehumidifier is a modest size, but has a substantial tank capacity, making it ideal for small spaces that you don’t use daily. So, if you’re wanting a compact dehumidifier that you don’t need to check often, this one may be right for you.

The Seavon stands just over 11-inches tall and has a 50oz capacity. It can also remove up to 13.5oz of water per day, placing it at the top of this list for both daily water removal and capacity. It is on the heavier end, weighing 4.1 lbs, but that is the trade-off for having a larger tank and motor. However, this may not be a problem if you don’t plan on moving it between bathrooms.

The Seavon also claims to work in temperatures as low as 59°F, but no higher than 89°F. However, it can’t work below 41°F at all, so this is worth noting if you are dehumidifying a cool bathroom. The company doesn’t specify the minimum relative humidity level for this specific model.

The major downside to this model is that some users complain that it is somewhat noisy. It uses a larger motor to pull more air through in order to dehumidify the air more quickly, so this is to be expected.


  • Large reservoir capacity
  • Removes 13.5oz of water per day
  • Low operating temperature


  • Heavier
  • Slightly more noisy than less powerful models

5) HomeLabs Small Space Mini Dehumidifier

Special Features: 16 ounce/500ml capacity tank, Extracts up to 9 ounces/250 ml of moisture daily

[image code=”B072C3NMK1″]

If you want a tiny, easy to conceal mini dehumidifier, the HOmeLabs small space dehumidifier might be for you. This dehumidifier stands 8.5-inches tall and weighs 2.56 lbs. This means that it is very portable and can fit in the smallest spaces with ease.

However, the small size does have its drawbacks. It has a 16oz tank capacity and can remove 9oz of moisture per day. It also only works in spaces up to 150 square feet. This means that you will need to check the dehumidifier more frequently to keep it running and to ensure it runs continuously. If you forget to check the unit, there is no need to worry about overflow. It comes with an automatic shut-off prevent this issue.

The unit operates quietly and efficiently and works in rooms with more than 60% relative humidity. There is no information on the minimum temperature operational range on this model, so if you plan to use it in a cooler bathroom, this may not be the model for you.

The greatest drawback of this model is also its greatest asset. The small size is convenient, yes. However, if you have to change the water out daily, it may not be worth it, depending on how much moisture needs to be removed from your bathroom. It also removes the least water on this list, but there really isn’t room for a larger motor, so that’s to be expected.


  • Very small and portable
  • Quiet and efficient operation


  • Removes 9oz of water per day
  • Has a 16oz reservoir

Mini Dehumidifiers for Bathroom Explained

Bathrooms are the dampest rooms in your home. Showers, baths, and even the standing water in drains and toilets all contribute to excessive humidity in bathrooms. Unfortunately, this can cause a variety of problems from slippery surfaces and peeling wallpaper to mold and mildew. Not only are these problems unattractive, but they can also dangerous.

Moisture can cause slips and falls, a leading cause of emergency room visits while mold and mildew can grow, spread, and cause a number of serious health problems. This is why it is so important to keep the humidity levels in your bathroom at safe and healthy levels.

A very effective and cost-efficient way to do this is to use a dehumidifier in your bathroom. If you are concerned about space, don’t worry. There are many mini-dehumidifiers available in compact sizes that are perfect for any bathroom. Not only are they functional, but their small size also makes it easier to conceal and keep them out of the way.

Dehumidifiers work by pulling in air through a vent or vents, removing the moisture, and releasing the dry air back into the room. They do this by using a compressor with coolant that runs through coils.
When the fan kicks on, it pulls air through the cold coils where moisture collects and drops into the reservoir. The dehumidified air then passes through the coils and back into the room and circulates. All you have to do is empty the reservoir when it is full.

Before You Buy

This is important to know because the operational temperature of each model varies. This is due to the unit’s ability to defrost and collect moisture. If a unit becomes too cold, it can freeze over and stop working. Also, if the room temperature is lower, water simply can’t condensate on the coils.

That makes it important to know the room temperature in which the unit works best to ensure it will work for your bathroom. Before you choose a mini dehumidifier, make sure to use a hygrometer to determine the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity levels of the room.

Each model has its own requirements for operation. Once you find the models that meet the requirements for your bathroom, then it’s up to your personal preference. The size or weight of the unit and the size of the reservoir and its maximum capabilities can play a major role in your decision.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect machine for your bathroom, be sure to place it at least six inches from the wall, so that air can circulate around the entire unit. Soon, you’ll experience the fresh scent and cleaner air that your dehumidifier will bring. You’ll be grateful for the healthier and pleasing environment. To increase the efficiency of your dehumidifier, be sure to keep windows and doors closed while the machine is running so that maximum moisture can be removed. If you have gone years without a dehumidifier, you might want to have a specialist check the drywall and carpets for mold and remove any sections that are infected.

A Great Option for Your Bathroom

High humidity in your bathroom can quickly become a thing of the past. A mini dehumidifier is a great option for most homeowners and is very affordable and effective in maintaining healthy and safe humidity levels in your bathroom.

Whether you are battling condensation on walls or tile floors or you struggle to keep mold and mildew at bay, a dehumidifier will help you combat both problems. It is a simple solution that will help improve the comfort and safety of the bathrooms in your home and will mean less scrubbing for you as well.