In that period of the year, when the wet weather season falls in, it becomes challenging to dry clothes properly because we will have to dry them indoors. You might have tried spreading the clothes indoors and waiting for a long while before they dry up, but in the end, they never dry up entirely and could lead to a high amount of dampness and moisture in your home. The most effective way to tackle this issue is by purchasing the best dehumidifier for drying clothes.

Laundry is always a stressful process, and after going through the rigors, it is best to have a clothes dryer dehumidifier for ease of comfort while drying and for health conditions. Having the best dehumidifier for laundry is the best way to ensure moisture that could cause molds and black spots doesn’t build up in your home while also taking care of the wet clothes effectively in the house, drying them in a considerably short time.

Are you looking for the best dehumidifier to dry cloth? Then you are most certainly in the right place. This article focuses on the best dehumidifier for drying laundry, as we will review the top products and give a final verdict.

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Dehumidifier vs. Tumble Dryer – For laundry room

You can also use a tumble dryer to dry your laundry like the dehumidifier, and you might wonder which is best for you. We discuss each, then give our recommendation on which of the device to purchase for your laundry purposes.

The tumble dryer costs around the same price range as an equivalent dehumidifier or could be slightly more expensive. The energy consumption of the average dryer is very high and could make a significant difference in your electric bill. A dehumidifier is more portable and cheaper to run generally.

The dehumidifier dries your clothes, and the tumble dryer does so but in different manners. The tumble dryer is much faster and prevents VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from being released into the atmosphere during drying because it uses heat. The downside is that the cloth could come out stiff and rough. Although slower, using a dehumidifier ensures that your clothes don’t come out rigidly stiffly and could reduce ironing time.

With a dehumidifier, your home’s humidity level is also reduced while leaving your clothes dry. So this means you get two functions in a single device. It is generally easy to use and set up, saving you much time and energy; this is why we recommend using the best dehumidifier for drying laundry.

Qualities to consider when purchasing the best dehumidifier to dry clothes

  • Laundry boost mode: 

Although a good humidifier would effectively dry your clothes, products with a particular laundry mode are a real plus. This mode brings added power to the dehumidification process and correctly deals with clothes in a confined space.

  • Energy Efficiency: 

Why spend a lot of money running a machine after investing a considerable amount in purchasing it? We advise you to go for a device that is effective and efficient in managing energy. An energy-saving mode would come in handy. Do proper research to ensure the product doesn’t cause a considerable spike in your energy bills.

  • Timer feature: 

A timer feature would also be helpful in a dehumidifier, so you can set a period for it to operate according to your laundry schedule.

  • Size: 

Size is always an essential factor; you should purchase a product that can effectively serve the size of the room you want to place it in. Generally, humidifiers under 500ml are suitable for confined areas like wardrobes, cupboards, and small-sized single bedrooms. Going up to a 5-10 liter, it can cover a larger area of around 30 square meters which is a couple of rooms. You would need to go for a 10-20 liter machine for total house coverage.

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Top 5 best dehumidifiers for drying clothes

1) Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying dehumidifier

Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying dehumidifier
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When it comes to dehumidifiers that would cover your laundry, this is one of the best out there, it is a desiccant type dehumidifier that that effectively pulls out a large amount of moisture from the air. After using it for a while, I’ve noticed that the dehumidification rate isn’t affected by seasons or temperature; therefore you can count on the device to always operate at a maximum performance at all times.

The device also comes with a fan that also applies dry air specially for your laundry purposes, the direction of the fan is adjustable and could be easily adjusted to blow your clothes directly, causing it to dry faster. It operates in a very quiet manner, meaning you can run it throughout the night without worrying about the noise disturbing your sleep. The device has an embedded heater function that also keeps the home warm in cold seasons.


  • quiet operation
  • blows dry air
  • auto-shutoff after 24 hours
  • portable
  • constant dehumidifying rate at all seasons
  • heater function


  • it is expensive

2) Eva-Dry Edv-4000H Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry Edv-4000H Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier
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The Eva-Dry EDV-4000H Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier is a flexible and cutting-edge solution that excels in upholding ideal humidity levels and has a unique capability to dry clothes quickly.

The Eva-Dry EDV-4000H is exceptional in successfully dehumidifying your area and drying garments. This dehumidifier transforms into a helpful asset for individuals looking for a practical way to hasten the drying process for damp clothing and materials thanks to its built-in clothes-drying mode.

The EDV-4000H uses cutting-edge rotary desiccant technology instead of conventional compressor dehumidifiers. Using this method, the dehumidifier may function effectively even under lower temperature and humidity conditions. With the help of this technology, the dryer can dry clothes efficiently without using a noisy compressor, making it a more adaptable and quieter option.

This dehumidifier’s remarkable effectiveness over a wider temperature range is one of its most notable qualities. The EDV-4000H excels in colder situations where compressor-based units could struggle, guaranteeing that your clothing drying demands are constantly met, no matter the outside temperature.

The device features a swinging 3-position louver door for improved airflow and an intuitive control panel. Because of its careful construction, drying clothing is a simple operation you can set up and leave to do its job.

The EDV-4000H is a space-saving vacuum designed to cover areas up to 4000 cubic feet, making it ideal for laundry rooms and larger living areas. Adequate clothes drying is just one of its many features, making it a perfect home addition.

The EDV-4000H compromises efficient operation and minor disruption, with a noise level of 3.8 and an energy efficiency rating of 2.6; this ensures your clothes-drying procedure is energy-efficient and unobtrusive.

Additionally, the built-in ionizer improves air quality, which prevents spills by automatically turning on when the water tank is full. Thanks to the two fan speeds, you can adjust the dehumidification procedure to meet your unique demands.


  • Rotary Desiccant Technology: The innovative technology used in this dehumidifier ensures efficient and quiet operation, making it suitable for various settings.
  • Clothes Drying Capability: The built-in clothes drying setting adds value by effectively drying damp garments and fabrics, saving time and effort.
  • Wider Temperature Range Performance
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Ideal for Medium to Larger Spaces
  • Low-Temperature Operation


  • Price
  • Tank Size: The 2-liter tank might require more frequent emptying, especially in high-humidity conditions.
  • Size and Weight
  • Air Flow Capacity: The airflow capacity of 7 L/day might be lower than the larger dehumidifiers’ capacity.

3) HUMILABS 30 Pints Dehumidifiers

HUMILABS 30 Pints Dehumidifiers
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This dehumidifier effectively removes moisture from the air, sucking up to 3 gallons of water daily with its 30-pint compressor. This makes it the ideal choice for areas that are 1500 to 2000 square feet in size, such as my basement, office, and home.

Intelligent humidity control is what distinguishes this dehumidifier. Using the device’s digital display, which provides accurate readings, I can adjust the humidity level between 30% and 80% to suit my preferences. The blue, green, and red visual color indications make it easy for me to determine the room’s humidity at a glance immediately. Preserving a cozy and healthy living environment depends on this degree of control.

The HUMILABS dehumidifier features multiple humanized features that enhance its usability. The drying mode is excellent because it keeps clothes dry and clean, especially during wet seasons. I like choosing between two different fan speeds since it gives me the flexibility to meet diverse demands. I can customize the gadget according to my schedule using the 12-hour timer option, substantially reducing my energy usage.

Maintaining ideal humidity levels is made simple with this dehumidifier. Without frequently emptying the tank, the auto drainage system, which has a 3.3-foot drain pipe, continuously drains extra water. The substantial 0.528-gallon water tank has a “Full Tank” indicator that lets you know when you need empty it if you prefer manual draining.

The HUMILABS dehumidifier’s clean, contemporary style complements the furnishings in my house nicely. Its small size and 360-degree rotating wheels allow simple maneuvering without damaging floors. The integrated grip increases its portability, and the washable and detachable filter makes maintenance more straightforward and time- and energy-efficient.

This dehumidifier has an incredibly low noise level of 36 dB, which ensures a calm environment for studying or sleeping. Given its energy-efficient performance, I believe in its efficacy and environmental impact.


  • Efficient moisture removal for large spaces
  • Intelligent humidity control and customizable settings
  • Drying mode for clothes
  • Auto and manual drainage options
  • User-friendly and modern design
  • Quiet operation and energy efficiency


  • Manual Draining
  • Plastic Material

4) Ivation desiccant dehumidifier

Ivation desiccant dehumidifier
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My favorite quality is how whisper-quiet it runs, which makes it the perfect addition to my laundry area. This desiccant dehumidifier works softly while efficiently eliminating moisture from the air, leaving my clothes crisp and ready to wear. 

The adjustable swinging air outlet is one of the most novel features. I can dry clothes, towels, and even shoes with the help of this feature’s fine directional control. This dehumidifier works fast and effectively to dry wet laundry or damp apparel.

The Ivation Desiccant Dehumidifier stands out thanks to its outstanding performance at varied temperatures. Thanks to its desiccant rotor technology, it functions without a hitch, even in frigid climates, where conventional versions can struggle. It implies I can depend on it all year to dry my clothing efficiently without being concerned about the weather.

Laundry day is a snap because of the variety of capabilities this dehumidifier offers. I can change the humidity settings, set schedules, and even select a sleep mode for the LCD to operate more quietly during nighttime cycles. Additionally, it is simple to move around as needed because of the integrated carry handle and lightweight construction.

This dehumidifier has shown to be a valuable time-saver in cooler weather when indoor drying takes longer. It effectively removes excess moisture from clothing, vastly reducing drying time compared to conventional techniques. It’s not just about drying clothing; it’s about ensuring they emerge clean and dry.


  • Efficient Drying Performance
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Versatile Use
  • Customizable Settings
  • Quick Clothes Drying
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Continuous Drainage Option


  • Smaller Capacity
  • Limited Coverage Area
  • Water Reservoir Size

5) Mini Dehumidifier, Clothes Drying Small Dehumidifier

Mini Dehumidifier, Clothes Drying Small Dehumidifier
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The dedicated clothes-drying feature of this tiny dehumidifier is one of its most striking features. Your garments won’t become wet and uncomfortable on rainy days or inclement weather. This dehumidifier quickly removes excess moisture from the air using its moisture-extracting powers, resulting in textiles’ speedy and efficient drying. This means you can say goodbye to the aggravation of waiting days for your laundry to dry, particularly in bad weather.

The adequate clothes-drying feature of the Tgoon Mini Dehumidifier does more than speed up the drying process; it also does so without endangering your clothing. You can rely on this appliance to gently remove moisture from your clothing, preserving the fibers’ softness, freshness, and quality.

This device not only performs an excellent job drying clothing, but it also helps make homes more pleasant. Its negative ion function cleans the air by eliminating smoke and odors, and its effective dehumidification system stops the growth of mold and mildew. You not only get dry clothes as a result but also a better and fresher living environment.

Thanks to its svelte form and user-friendly functions, the Tgoon Mini Dehumidifier seamlessly integrates into any space. It’s ideal for compact areas like closets, small laundry rooms, and even bedrooms. Additionally, the silent operation guarantees you can use it without disturbing your sleep or routine.


  • Efficient Clothes Drying
  • Air Purification
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Efficient Dehumidification
  • Quick Drying Times
  • User-Friendly
  • Safe and Efficient


  • Limited Capacity
  • Single Function Focus: While its clothes drying function is excellent, it’s primarily designed for dehumidification and clothes drying, so it may not have advanced features like more complex dehumidifiers.
  • Manual Emptying
  • Single Mode

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Final Verdict: Best dehumidifier for drying clothes

The Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying dehumidifier is on top of our list due to its high moisture extradition rate and ability to work, irrespective of the season. While the Eva-Dry Edv-4000H Rotary Desiccant Dehumidifier is up next for its unique rotary desiccant technology, wider temperature range performance, and user-friendly features.

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