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The Best Dehumidifier for Drying Clothes – Consumer Reviews

In that period of the year where wet weather season falls in, most times it becomes challenging to dry clothes properly because we are resolved to drying it indoors. You might have tried spreading the clothes indoors and waiting for a long while before they dry up, but in the end, they never dry up entirely and could lead to having a high amount of damp and moisture in your home. The most effective way to tackle this issue is by purchasing the best dehumidifier for drying clothes.

Laundry is always a stressful process, and after going through the rigors, it is best you have clothes dryer dehumidifier for ease of comfort while drying and also for health conditions. Having the best dehumidifier for laundry is the best way to ensure moisture that could cause molds and black spots, doesn’t build up in your home, while also taking care of the wet clothes effectively in the house, drying them in a considerably short amount of time.

Are you looking for the best dehumidifier to dry cloth? Then you are most certainly in the right place. This article focuses majorly on the best dehumidifier out there for drying laundry, as we would be reviewing the top products and giving a final verdict.

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Dehumidifier vs Tumble Dryer – For laundry room

A tumble dryer is also used for drying your laundry like the dehumidifier, and you might wonder which the best is for you. We discuss each, then give our recommendation on which of the device to purchase for your laundry purposes.

The tumble dryer costs around the same price range as an equivalent dehumidifier or could be slightly costly, and is also expensive to run. The energy consumption of the average dryer is very high and could make a significant difference in your electric bill. A dehumidifier is more portable and cheaper to run generally.

The dehumidifier also dries your clothes and tumble dryer also does so but in different manners. The tumble dryer is much faster, and also prevent VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from being released into the atmosphere during drying because it uses heat. The downside to this is that the cloth could come out really stiff and rough to touch. Using a dehumidifier, although slower, ensures that your clothes don’t come out in a stiff, rough manner and could reduce ironing time.

With a dehumidifier, the humidity level of your home is also reduced while leaving your clothes dry. This means you get two functions in a single device. It is generally easy to use, setup and saves you a lot of time and energy. This is why we recommend using the best dehumidifier for drying laundry

Qualities to consider when purchasing the best dehumidifier to dry clothes

  • Laundry boost mode:

Although a good humidifier would effectively dry your clothes, products that have a particular laundry mode is a real plus. This mode brings added power to the dehumidification process and correctly deals with clothes in a confined space.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Why spend a lot of money running a machine, after investing a considerable amount in purchasing it? We advise you go for a device that is not just effective but also efficient in managing energy. An energy saving mode would really come in handy. Do proper research to ensure the product doesn’t cause a considerable spike in your energy bills.

  • Timer feature:

Having a timer feature would also come in handy in a dehumidifier, so you can set a period for it to operate according to your laundry schedule.

  • Size:

The size is always an essential factor to consider, you should purchase a product that can effectively serve the size of the room you want to place it in. Generally, humidifiers under 500ml are suitable for confined areas like wardrobes, cupboards and small sized single bedrooms. Going up to a 5-10 liter, it can cover a larger area of around 30 square meters which is a couple of rooms. For total house coverage, you would need to go for a 10-20 liter machine.

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Top 5 best products of the clothes dryer dehumidifier

1) Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying dehumidifier

 [image code=”B079M4736Q”]


When it comes to dehumidifiers that would cover your laundry, this is one of the best out there, it is a desiccant type dehumidifier that that effectively pulls out a large amount of moisture from the air. After using it for a while, we’ve noticed that the dehumidification rate isn’t affected by seasons or temperature; therefore you can count on the device to always operate at a maximum performance at all times.

The device also comes with a fan that also applies dry air specially for your laundry purposes, the direction of the fan is adjustable and could be easily adjusted to blow your clothes directly, causing it to dry faster. It operates in a very quiet manner, meaning you can run it throughout the night without worrying about the noise disturbing your sleep. The device has an embedded heater function that also keeps the home warm in cold seasons.


  • quiet operation,
  • blows dry air,
  • auto-shutoff after 24 hours,
  • portable,
  • constant dehumidifying rate at all seasons,
  • heater function.


  • it is expensive.

2) EcoSeb DD122EA desiccant dehumidifier

[image code=”B00KHJICC2″]


This device works really great at an almost no noise level and would operate at either high or low temperature. The Humidity setting cannot be set to a percentage. The high level leaves the humidity around 45%, and if you turn on the drying setting, the humidity drops down to around 30%. The receptacle is easy to assess and remove the water; it has a timing function that you can easily use in setting the duration for which it should operate.

The incredible 3-D Louvre helps in accurate, comprehensive and pin distribution or dry air which is great for drying and laundry generally. The device has a tiny water container of about 2.1 quarts although it can remove up to 15-pint per day. For ease of comfort, you can easily use the continuous drain option if you don’t want to empty the water tank for up to 4 times per day in very humid areas. In the laundry mode, it doubles the dry rate.


  • tilt-over protection,
  • ionizer,
  • 3D Louvre,
  • auto restart function,
  • energy saving mode,
  • over-drying protection.


  • relatively expensive,
  • small water tank.

3) Ivation desiccant dehumidifier


One of the best things about this dehumidifier is that it can work in much cooler temperature than the equivalent compressor type (it still works below 60 degrees down to 34 degrees, unlike the compressor type that stops functioning below 50 degrees), it is also quiet during operation and really light in weight.

The device uses about 250watt when setting to a low, it can expend up to 4KWH per day and can cover a medium sized room, efficiently drying your laundry while removing moisture from your atmosphere or keeping it at the level you select.

The device is also built with safety protection, in case it falls over, ensuring you would have nothing to worry about in leaving it running at home with the pets or kids. It also has an option for continuous drainage.


  • anti-tilt protection,
  • silent operation,
  • advanced LCD control,
  • auto-restart,


  • it is also expensive.

4) Artdou 20 Pint portable dehumidifier


This is a very effective humidifier that can remove up to 20 pints of water per day. It has a particular dehumidifying mode that effectively keeps pulling moisture out of the air, after doing your laundry, you need to hang the clothes beside the machine and set it to the dehumidifying mode by pressing the cloth drying button.

It also blows air during the humidification process, which comes in handy when you need to dry your clothes quickly and the two fan speed allows you to control the amount of air it releases. The device contains a three-layer washable filter that enhances a clean and healthy environment while drying your laundry.

In general, it is very mobile and has an automatic safety function when the water fills up and a timer function for you to adjust the operating periods to your convenience.


  • quiet operation,
  • auto-defrost,
  • auto-restart and
  • shut off timer function.


  • suitable for small rooms.

5) Xiaomei Portable Dehumidifier


This device is really user-friendly with a digital LED screen display that shows the current humidity level, meaning you wouldn’t have to purchase an external device for humidity measurement.

One awe-inspiring feature about this device is how it automatically starts dehumidification and shuts it down according to the level of humidity it has been set to i.e., when the room level drops below the humidity setting it starts to run and shuts off when it goes above the setting.

The xiaomei works well in drying clothes and could remove up to 16L of water per day although it has a water tank of just 1.2L capacity and the timer setting ensures you can set automatically when it comes on and off to your laundry schedule.


  • automatic humidification,
  • timer feature,


  • no tip over protection.
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Final Verdict: Best dehumidifier for drying clothes

The Iris Ohyama Cloth Drying dehumidifier comes out the top of our list due to its high moisture extradition rate and ability to work irrespective of the season. While the EcoSeb DD122EA desiccant dehumidifier comes out second due to its ionizing function, and over drying protection, that helps your cloth not end up being crispy and too rough.

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