The Best Humidifier for 2000 Square Feet – Consumer Reviews

There is nothing as effective in humidity control as purchasing a humidifier that serves your exact room area. Purchasing a humidifier is, first and foremost, about room size, and if you can get that right, you will have a lot less to worry about. This article discusses products on the best humidifier for 2000 square feet room size, and if yours fall in that range, you’ve come in contact with a bit of luck today!

Humidifiers come in different sizes and capacities, which makes them suitable for particular use. We will discuss top-rated humidifiers for large rooms and the qualities a product should possess to make it into that category.

Before going into our list of products, let’s cut to the chase and recommend the best large-capacity humidifier for the job. The Aprilaire 865 ranks top on our list, and rightfully so. It is suitable for large rooms of up to 6,200 sqft and can generate moisture of up to 34.6 gallons per day, amongst other unique features. This is what makes it unarguably the best big room humidifier for you.

What are the types of humidifiers for a larger room?

According to room size, humidifiers are either portable or whole-house products. Both kinds have advantages and disadvantages and anyone can use them for large room humidification. Under the two categories, there are evaporators, steam vaporizers, and ultrasonic humidifiers.

Whole-house humidifiers produce the highest amount of moisture; therefore, they are the most effective as a humidifier for 2000 square feet. They are also easier to maintain but cost more to purchase and run than portable units.

How to Choose the Top Rated Humidifier for 2000 square feet – Large Rooms

Listed below are what to put into consideration when choosing the best humidifier for 2000 square feet

  • Mist output rate:

There are two most valuable features to judge a humidifier. One of those is its mist output rate. Before purchasing a humidifier, lookout for the manufacturer’s specification on the maximum mist rate. Higher is always better when it comes to humidification.

Also, the more its mist output per time, the more expensive it would be, and possibly the more power it consumes.

  • Area capacity:

Now the following valuable feature which is area capacity. This article is for a humidifier with a room size of 2000 square feet. Any unit that doesn’t meet that expectation wouldn’t do an excellent job in humidity control in the room.

The manufacturer always writes the room area coverage under device specification and ensures it is up to 2000 sqft for optimal performance. Keep in mind that smaller products are cheaper and tempting, but in the long run, they make a poor buy.

  • Cost of running:

The power consumed by a dehumidifier depends on its power rating. Generally, larger capacity products consume more power than smaller products, but some large products have an energy star rate. These consume considerably less energy than they should. A humidifier indeed adds a few extra dollars to energy bills; we only need to ensure it’s a bare minimum.

  • Ease of use and installation:

Whole-house humidifiers are more challenging to install than portable humidifiers; however, they are much more stress-free to run.

With whole-house units, you do not have to worry about water refills and constant settings changes to suit your needs because many come with automatic control. Whole house products are more expensive. They do not require regular refills like portable ones since water is channeled in from a constant source.

  • Noise level:

Noisy humidifiers are not comfortable to live with. Therefore we recommend you stay from any product with many noise complaints in its reviews. Sleepless nights due to noise is a high price for humidification, especially when there are numerous quiet and effective products out there.

  • Runtime:

For portable humidifiers, having a long runtime eases user stress. You do not want to keep refiling every hour, do you?

Top 5 Best Humidifiers for 2000 Square Feet

1) Aprilaire 865 Whole Home Steam Humidifier – Best large capacity Humidifier

whole house Humidifier reviews
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Aprilaire products stand out amongst competitors, not just because of longevity. The humidifier giants introduced the first evaporative humidifier for forced air furnace systems in 1954 and have never looked back on quality or meeting customer needs. Today, they are still in the business of making some of the best evaporative types of humidifier for 2000 square feet – large rooms.

Large capacity

865 product is amongst the best humidifiers from Aprilaire, and rightfully so. Its first claim to this is in its capacity to humidify up to an impressive 6,2000 sqft. It has a very compact design, certainly not as fancy as you may like, but it is definitely effective.

This capacity puts it in a position to serve two times our intended 2000sqft. In purchasing humidifiers, you are better off with a higher capacity product than the intended use rather than a lesser one.

Also, manufacturers tend to exaggerate the capacity of a product. In actual testing, the device falls below the specifications described by the manufacturer. Whatever how less this humidifier is, it can serve for a 2000 square feet room conveniently.


An added advantage of this humidifier is its ability to create humidity and circulate it around a coverage area. This unit has a wall-mounted fan pack through which it releases moist air. As humid air flows through, the fan provides a boost to push it further and also distributes evenly across the room.

Users can wave goodbye to uneven humidification for good with this feature. It is part of what qualifies Aprilaire 865 as one of the best whole-room humidifiers.

Effective humidification

We talked earlier about how much area coverage this product has, but why can it do that much? Raising the lids a little bit, this device generates a moisture capacity of up to 34.6 gallons per day. This is awe-inspiring and helps its cause greatly in humidifying 6,200 sqft space.

Electrode technology

Electrode technology gives a humidifier many advantages, from easy maintenance to easy installation and use; products with this technology are a joy to use. The innovation makes use of electrode canisters to generate mist, which is aided by impurities in water. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about using the cost of using only distilled water or white dust problems.

At the end of a humidifying season, all you have to do is replace the canister. This technology allows a tidy and utterly stress-free use of the humidifier. However, a downside to this technology is how expensive the canisters are. They cost around $60 to $70, depending on your location.

Easy installation

The product as a whole is easy to install, especially since it makes use of electrode technology. Possible problems you might encounter are only during the mounting or connection of fittings. Asides from those, installation is straightforward.


  • Suitable for large rooms up to 6,200 sqft
  • Wall-mounted fan for air circulation
  • High moisture output of up to 34.6 gallons per day
  • Humidistat for monitoring relative humidity
  • Electrode technology makes the product cheap to run and very easy to maintain
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Canisters are expensive to replace (about $65 – $70)
  • Its consumes a lot of energy
  • It requires existing duct installation to function


  • The product has a 1-year manufacturer warranty

2) DOROSIN Ultrasonic Humidifier 

best whole room humidifier
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Room coverage/High mist output

You can rank humidifiers firstly by how well they can humidify an area. This property is tied directly to how much moisture it can generate per time. Good thing that Dorosin doesn’t disappoint in this. It has a high mist output rate of 2.4 gallons per hour. With such a rate, your room will never go short of moisture as far as the device runs.

Its high mist output rate and other features place the device room coverage at a maximum of 1620 sqft. This makes it very qualified as a member of the best humidifier for a large house, and we can confidently say it would do well in yours.

Easy to use and mobile

This humidifier comes with many convenience features that make an excellent user experience. First, on the line are wheels below the humidifier. These wheels help make mobility much more accessible than usual for a unit of such size. It also makes the dimensions 25.2 x 16.54 x 19.69 inches and 74.8 pounds, which is not much of a burden to transport.

The unit provides a dual water refill option for further ease. You can either fill the tank by pouring in water directly or connect a hose supplying water directly. With the latter, you would never have to worry about constant refills. In case of an overflow, an overflow output exists by the side of the unit to prevent water from getting into vital parts of the humidifier. A water output channel also exists to empty the tank simply.

Industrial and commercial grade with Mist output nozzle pipes

Another impressive feature of this product is its build. Made of stainless material, this humidifier is mainly for commercial and industrial purposes. Its stainless steel material makes it resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

You can have an optional purchase of mist output pipes for more executive humidification. These pipes project the mists directly into the atmosphere, affecting its humidity faster than usual. Note that the pipes are not included in the purchase, but you would purchase them separately instead.

Digital features

Another level of benefit for you is in its digital features. It possesses a digital display screen with a control panel. This screen displays the immediate humidity level of the atmosphere, keeping you informed on varying its setting accordingly.

Also, there exists delay protection after you power the unit off. That is due to an intelligent fan that blows the remaining mist out of the humidifier to prevent moisture from flowing back into the tank. Water flowing backward could leak into other parts of the units and damage the electrical components.


  • Digital display control panel with humidity sensor
  • Wheels for easier movement around the room
  • High mist output of 2.4 gallons per hour
  • Supports pouring water indirectly or channeling a water supply pipe to the unit
  • Timer feature for controlled runtime
  • Overflow output in case of overfill
  • Designed with stainless material for both commercial and industrial use
  • Suitable for large areas up to 1620 sqft space
  • Delayed protection for longer life
  • Extended mist pipe output


  • Being able to humidify a maximum of 1,614 – 2000 sqft makes it suitable for a considerably lesser area than the Aprilaire 865

3) Ideal Air HGC700861 Industrial-Grade Humidifier

2000 sq ft humidifier
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Ideal Air might not be among the top household names when discussing the best big room humidifier. However, they make quality products good enough to get the job done.

Industrial grade and high mist output

Don’t be misled upon coming across its industrial-grade description. This device’s industrial-grade specification is in the quality of the motor rather than its build. It is made of regular plastic and cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions. Therefore we recommend you do not use it in one.

However, its motor is powerful and genuinely industrial-grade to a great degree. It facilitates the forceful thrusting of mist from the outlet directly into the air, evenly distributing moisture.

With the help of this motor, coupled with other internal systems, this unit can generate up to 200 pints of moisture per day. Although this might be nowhere near the Aprilaire 865, it is still a perfect fit for our steam humidifier whole-house reviews.

Large area coverage and Multidirectional fogging head

This unit has a round shape, with its dimensions narrowing as you ascend. At the very top is a multidirectional fogging head. Its rotatable nature allows you to easily direct the steam to the intended location, providing more flexibility as a result, as well as comfort.

The product is rated to serve between 1,176 sqft to 1,614 sqft in area, although some factors like ceiling height and other dehumidification requirements also have to be considered. Its 200pint per day moisture level provides enough support to do its job well.

Easy to use

With dimensions 16 x 2 x 15.9 x 17.8 inches, and a weight of simply 16 pounds, this item stands out so far on our list as the most portable. It doesn’t even require wheels to be conveniently moved. It also comes with a handle at the top side for you to use while lifting.

For further convenience, the Ideal Air HGC700861 uses a direct water connection. With this feature, all you have to do is connect a hose with a constant water supply. The unit takes care of the rest. Note that the humidifier needs a water feed line, without which it would run out of water too fast.

Many people have received repackaged products rather than new ones from compiled customer reviews. For this reason, we tagged the company as very poor in service. However, there is a good chance that the fault lies with Amazon rather than a supplier.


  • Multidirectional fogging head
  • Large coverage area of up to 1614 sqft
  • A high volume of 200pint of moisture per day
  • Makes use of direct water connection
  • Industrial-grade motor for durability
  • Portable and very lightweight


  • A good number of reviews on poor packaging or delivery of used product puts overall service
  • Less powerful in humidification than other types of products reviewed so far

4) Ideal-Air 700860 Commercial-Grade Humidifier

Best Humidifier for 2000 sq ft
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The following Ideal Air product on our review list is the 700860 model. This particular unit is a step lower in class than 700861. However, it is a decent option if you are on a tight budget but still interested in getting something that works. But we must admit that it doesn’t perfectly fit in as the best whole-house console humidifier.

Industrial build/Multidirectional fogging head

Once again, the commercial-grade motor design is seen in this humidifier. This quality gives the motor durability and a very long life span, although the same cannot be said about other humidifier parts. The motor runs with enough power to effectively dispense steam from the top opening.

Steam distribution is further enhanced by its multidirectional fogging head. Its rotatable nature allows you to turn it in any direction you desire steam. It also has a large opening that allows a good amount of steam at a time.

Portable and easy to use

Indeed, this device’s strongest point. It has overall operability and ease of use, which we guarantee would give you zero stress. Its dimensions stand at 13.9 x 17.9 x 13.9 inches, and it weighs 14.5 pounds, making it easily moveable. Should you shuffle its operation between different areas, this device would make it very easy.

There is also no need for a constant refill since it provides direct water channels. This eliminates user stress both in regular checks and refills of the humidifier. Filling the water tank manually is stressful because it would be used up in no time.

Poor mist output and room area coverage

The lowest point of this humidifier is its poor mist output rate relative to similar products and expectations, as well as a poor coverage area. It is a budget device relative to 2000sqft expectation; therefore, we recommend only going for this option when on a strict budget.

The 700860 cannot humidify a 2000 sqft area because it is designed to function in a maximum of 320 sqft. It only produces 75 pints of moisture per day at maximum.


  • Multidirectional fogging head
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Industrial-grade design gives the motor durability
  • Continuous water feed line for easy and interrupted use


  • Designed to be used in small-sized rooms up to 320 sqft
  • The average mist production rate of 75pint per day is very low
  • You might experience some scale buildup problems if you used hard water


  • The humidifier comes with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

5) Aprilaire 500 Whole Home Humidifier

aprilaire 500 whole house humidifier
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There was no way we would write about steam humidifier whole-house reviews without including another Aprilaire product. This time it is the 500 model. Although a much smaller device in size and quality than the 865, this Aprilaire product remains a good pick as a humidifier for whole-house or more than 2000 square feet rooms.

Automatic humidification with digital control

A fantastic feature of whole-house humidifiers is that they can run automatically. This feature is seen in the Aprilaire 500. Its purchase package comes with a controller that measures and maintains the humidity in an acceptable range (35% – 45%). With an included blower activation switch, you can set the unit to run continuously or only when the furnace runs.

The presence of digital controls makes toggling through different settings and performance parameters more accessible and more fun. It is simple and not difficult to understand because every function is labeled.


This device’s strongest claim as to why it is on our list is its mist generation capacity. Seeing that it is a whole-house product, it is not shocking to know that it can generate up to 12 gallons of mist per day. That is very impressive for its size and cost price.

Water tray panel

This product does not make use of electrode canisters like the 865. It uses water tray technology located at the top of the humidifier. Water flows through this tray, where it comes in contact with dry, hot air from the furnace, which becomes moisture-filled. This air is then circulated throughout your home.

Another impressive feature is the product’s water tray replacement indicator. Depending on usage, the water tray needs to be replaced at the end of every humidifying season or before. The self-monitoring ability with an indicator light tells users when it’s time to replace the tray.

Dehumidifiers with water trays create more mess in a short period, therefore, require more frequent cleaning than the canister models.


  • It is designed for whole-house usage, therefore makes it a very effective over a wide area (3000 sqft in tightly built homes)
  • Automatic humidification mode
  • Digital control with an indicator light that informs you when to change the water panel
  • High moisture output up to 12 gallons per day


  • Uses a water panel which would have to be maintained and replaced frequently
  • It must be installed by a professional in order not to void the warranty
  • It requires existing duct installation to function


  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty

Do whole-house humidifiers really work?

Whole-house humidifiers generate the highest amount of moisture and work with a furnace to evenly distribute this posture across the home. The furnace ducts are well-designed to release air at strategic points in the house, and the whole-house humidifier takes advantage of this.

With the help of a good duct, a functional whole-house unit distributes enough moisture to maintain humidity safely and even to your specific desire.

What does a whole house humidifier cost?

The cost of a whole-house humidifier depends on its features. Features like higher mist output, coverage area, automatic mode, and other extras are considered when producers set a price. Primarily, the more its mist and coverage area, the more expensive it would be. Products like other qualities like automatic mode, timer, and auto-shutoff are also a bit more costly than the ones without.

Whole-house humidifiers cost anywhere between $120 and $1000. Some even cost above $1000. Some products are also more expensive due to manufacturers’ brands and reputations.

Where should a whole-house humidifier be installed?

The best spot to install a whole-house humidifier is on the furnace that returns the air duct. Although it can be mounted on the supply side, humidification is more effective when the product is on the return end and poses a lesser threat to the furnace in case of a water or electrical malfunction.

Also, make sure you leave enough space above the unit to mount your humidistat or digital controller. It is recommended to be at least 6 inches above the unit.

Conclusion: Best Humidifier for 2000 square feet

A humidifier is essential in keeping humidity in check across the home. It keeps everyone safe and healthy by preventing disease organisms from thriving in the atmosphere.

Our recommended buy for youth 2000sqft is the Aprilaire 865 product. It covers up to 6,200 sqft of space and produces 34.6 gallons of daily moisture. This combination is enough to control humidity easily, and for zero maintenance, it uses electrode technology in the mist generation.

The DOROSIN Ultrasonic Humidifier is another good choice. It is a portable ultrasonic humidifier with 1620 sqft coverage and about 2.4 gallons of moisture released per hour. It can be easily moved around due to the wheels underneath, and it s built with enough durability to work for industrial and commercial use.

The Ideal Air HGC700861 is a decent option for those on a tight budget because it can cover a 1,614 sqft area while generating 200 pints of moisture daily. Its multidirectional fogging head allows precise directional humidification.

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