Arizona State for long has always have to deal with the super-hot condition alongside dry air in the environment. The relatively low amount of moisture in the atmosphere is an apparent problem for people residing there. It causes a whole lot of discomfort ranging from difficult breathing to dry skin. So, check the best humidifier for Arizona weather, as it will keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

Having the best humidifier for Arizona would help you maintain the necessary humidity level in your home. This is especially in extremely cool or hot weather conditions. Narrowing down our recommendation, whole house type is the best humidifier for Arizona so far. However, it should possess certain features that would help it thrive and give out a desired output to the user.

Thus, this review article to inform you on the best humidifier for Arizona to the fullest. Alongside we make recommendations that would help make a choice.

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Is Arizona humid or dry?

The humidity level in Arizona is pretty low, making the area generally dry for most of the year. It mostly consists of a desert area which has an annual average humidity of around 35%. There some high elevation areas which could hit up to 50%, always varying depending on the time of the year.

Sometimes around midyear, humidity level is around 19% in the deserts and around 35% in mountain areas. In the afternoon, the levels sometimes could drop as low as dangerously 11%.

Compared to a standard healthy humidity level of between 35-45%, this is too low. Hence the saying it’s a dry heat. December is always the most humid months, averaging about 52 to 61% in humidity.

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Let’s Examine: Average Humidity in Phoenix and Prescott AZ During Summer

Here is the average humidity in Phoenix and Prescott AZ during summer.

AreaTimeRelative HumidityPrescottMay to September35 – 50%PhoenixMay to September20-40%

Generally, In Arizona, people in Prescott would enjoy a higher relative humidity level than those in Phoenix, as it is one of the driest in the area. Please note that these humidity levels may vary across different days and time. But they would mostly fall in the above-given range.

Top 5 Best Humidifier for Arizona Weather

1) AprilAire 600 Whole Home Humidifier

AprilAire 600 Whole Home Humidifier
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One of its most noteworthy characteristics is that this humidifier can cover homes up to 5,000 square feet. It is advantageous in Arizona, where the climate can be dry, especially during the winter. The AprilAire 600’s capacity of 17 gallons per day guarantees adequate humidity to maintain a cozy and healthy home atmosphere.

Another interesting function is the automated humidifier. It contains two sensors that track the relative humidity and temperature outside. As a result, the humidifier may modify the humidity levels as needed throughout the day to maintain ideal moisture. Once you set it up, you can leave it because it keeps your home’s humidity levels at the proper levels.

The digital control panel is handy and straightforward to operate. When the humidifier is on, the humidity percentage is displayed, and when to change the water panel. You have control over the humidifier’s functioning thanks to the blower activation switch and the service filter indication.

Maintaining ideal humidity levels between 40% and 60% has been demonstrated to have health advantages by lowering the frequency of respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma symptoms. It is especially helpful in Arizona, where the dry air can be uncomfortable. The AprilAire 600 contributes to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and dust mites.

Additionally, AprilAire, a reputable brand in indoor air quality solutions, created and produced this humidifier in the United States. Since developing the first evaporative humidifier for forced air furnace systems in 1954, they have been the market leader in entire home humidification systems. Considering that a respected company supports this product, you can confidently purchase it.


  • effective coverage
  • automatic humidity control
  • convenient digital control
  • health benefits


  • maintenance
  • power source: It operates on AC power

2) Honeywell HE280A Whole House Humidifier

Honeywell HE280A Whole House Humidifier
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The water-saving technology is one standout feature; it consumes 30% less water than conventional models. This function offers advantages for the environment and financial savings in a state like Arizona, where water conservation is essential. Maximizing water use, the PerfectFLO water distribution tray gives homeowners greater control over their comfort and savings.

The HE280A is simple to install since it fits easily onto the warm air supply or return duct of forced-air furnaces. Homeowners may easily set it up thanks to comprehensive, simple instructions.

This humidifier is appropriate for residential properties since it provides excellent coverage for homes up to 4,000 square feet. It assists in balancing the humidity levels inside the house, which is crucial in a dry environments. This humidifier prevents wood floors and furniture from drying out and cracking by maintaining ideal humidity, offering long-term advantages.

The HE280A’s flow-through design further lessens the need for maintenance and aids in keeping the unit clean; this is a massive advantage for those who prefer a low-maintenance humidifier that doesn’t need continual monitoring.

Customers have commended the HE280A for its quiet functioning, which creates a tranquil and cozy atmosphere. Additionally, because this humidifier delivers excellent features and performance at a reasonable price, you can see the value of money favorably.


  • water-saving technology
  • easy installation
  • effective coverage
  • flow-through design
  • perfectFLO water distribution tray
  • protects wood floors and furnishings


  • capacity limitations
  • limited runtime

3) Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic humidifiers

Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic humidifiers
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If you are looking for a product that adds a tangible amount of moisture, adding alongside it a nice touch of beauty, then you should look no farther than the Elechomes UC5501.

Being the first portable humidifier on our list so far, its appearance has a nice touch of slick design to it. Featuring a completely transparent water tank, with the front part carrying the user-friendly control panel.

This panel contains a digital screen tit is connected to an inbuilt humidity sensor. Hence displaying the humidity level of the atmosphere at all times, while the soft buttons are easily understandable for the best user experience.

At the top of the humidifier is a wide opening into the water tank for quick and easy refill, alongside cleaning as an adult’s hand can easily fit in.

The unit can serve rooms of up to 750 square fit, which is good enough for most large single rooms. Although it would fall short when expected to cover a whole house.

The unit allows for both a warm and cool mist, and has a 360-degree rotatable mist nozzle at the top. It has a water tank capacity of about 6 liters which is pretty extensive, giving it enough backup to last up to 40 hours depending on your settings. It runs for about 3 to 4 days after a full tank refill, depending on usage.

The unit also boasts several inbuilt digital features like the timer option, which allows you to choose a duration from 1 to 12 hours in which the machine would run for before shutting down.

Talking about shutting down, the safety shut off feature in this product helps avoid overheating that could lead to fire hazards when the water tank becomes empty.

Although cleaning could be easy, you can decide to purchase an optional filtration tank that helps ensure only clean water goes through to your unit. Hence reducing the frequency at which cleaning is done.

The features of this unit are further summed up in the presence of a small compact aromatherapy chamber located at the back bottom side off the unit, which allows the user an option of adding extra fragrance to the mist released in the home. A sleep mode is another feature that ensures a quiet, comfortable night.


  • easy to fill and clean
  • remote control
  • warm and cool mist release
  • aromatherapy compatible
  • optional filtration tank
  • safety shut off, timer
  • large area coverage
  • large water tank


  • lack of auto mode
  • single room humidifier

4) Everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
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This is a tabletop type humidifier that is sleek and generally affordable. It possesses a few features that would come in handy for comfort while serving its user. It is also portable, and an ultrasonic type with a stylish design. So, it adds a touch of beauty to the general looks of the home while being apt in humidity control.

The tank can contain a whopping 6L of water, which is more than enough to cover your needs for at least two days and can span up to 6 days in total depending on usage. The unit is split into two parts, with the top side being entirely occupied by the tank while the bottom section houses the control and other functions.

Being an ultrasonic type humidifier, this unit operates with total quietness, ensuring you are comfortable and also has an inbuilt safety feature that automatically shuts down the unit once it runs out of water ensuring a safe environment and the problem of overheating that could affect your device, though it lacks the timer feature. The running cost of the unit is also greatly reduced with the absence of a filter, saving you a few bucks now and then.

The unit is able to release mist at an incredible rate of about 270ml/hr which is pretty impressive, and with a capacity that can serve room sized up to 400sqft (small to medium-sized), it is very ok for regular domestic area, although some could find its inefficiency when placed in large sized rooms a turn off.

By the side of the unit, exists a small compartment specially designed for aromatherapy, precisely the use of essential oils, allowing the user to add a touch of good scent to the atmosphere in the home.

The product is easy to use over all and poses a less cost to run when compared to some other humidifiers, though the lack of filter means that you are more exposed to contaminants in the water that is used.

White dust problem is also an issue with this unit, which is why it is to be used with distilled water only, which could be an added expense. The two years warrantee adds some good finishing though, having your back for a good period.


  • quiet operation
  • auto shutoff
  • large water tank
  • low running cost
  • 2-year replacement guarantee
  • affordable


  • lack of a timer
  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms
  • white dust problems

5) Aircare 831000 whole house evaporative humidifier

Best portable whoe House Humidifier
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This is another whole house humidifier on our list, making use of the evaporative technique in producing mist which is released into the environment in order to effectively control its moisture level.

With a weight of 14 pounds, lifting could be a problem, which is why the this product has been built with caster wheels that makes mobility a piece of cake, as you can quickly push it across the home.

The trapmax filter technology is inbuilt in this device that allows for extra protection and helps in removing contaminants from the water, keeping your wick clean, hence the mist that is released into the atmosphere.

With an auto built in humidistat, this unit can automatically function to maintain a set moisture range, and with a pretty large water tank capacity of about 6 gallons, it can afford a runtime of up to 70 hours on the lowest setting and depend on the frequency of usage.

The unit bottom part also contains indicator lights that can be lit up by either a condition of the unit needing filter replacements or when the water in the tank runs dry.

Like the everlasting comfort ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, it comes with two years warrantee that would give you some assurance and convince about the durability of the unit in general.

A major let down though is the total lack of automatic features that are found in recent humidifiers these days, as it lacks the timer that really comes in handy when reducing electric bills although it makes up for it in its area of coverage, being able to serve a whopping 2700sqft which is very impressive for the price it goes on the market.


  • easy mobility
  • auto humidistat
  • filter replacement, and empty tank indicator
  • two years warrantee
  • large water tank
  • large area coverage
  • easy to refill


  • lack of a timer

Arizona Temperature Year Round

Although the weather is always sunny around the year alongside the air being dry, one thing that doesn’t stay constant across the duration is the temperature level. Winter periods comes with a mild feeling, while spring and fall give a warm touch. Summer, on the other hand, comes with a substantial amount of temperature rise, which is above 38 degrees always.

These results are based on a test carried out and data that have been gathered over time. The coldest time of the year always occurs in December, when there are days with temperatures low as 19 degrees as maximum and 7 degrees Celsius for the minimum.

The hottest times fall in early July, with the average temperature peaking as high as 41 degrees and a lowest of 28 degrees.

In Arizona, How Does Relative Humidity Change With Temperature?

Relative humidity could be affected by changes in temperature since it tells you how close the air is to being saturated. i.e., when the relative humidity reaches 100%, then the air is saturated.

Therefore there is a direct relationship between the level of water vapor in the atmosphere and the relative humidity

Relative humidity also varies with changes in the air temperature. If the water content in the atmosphere remains constant, when there is an increase in the temperature, the relative humidity decreases, and in a case of a decrease in the temperature with the water content in the atmosphere remains constant, then the relative humidity increases.

This is so as a result of the fact that colder air doesn’t require as much moisture as warmer air to become saturated.

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