The Best Dehumidifiers For a Large Room

Coming across a sudden rise in humidity around the home is an experience that no one should go through. From degradation of wooden surfaces to the rapid spread of moulds and as a result their spores in large rooms, excessive humidity drags a lot of unhealthy living conditions along with itself and is only modified by the best dehumidifier for large room.

Humidity might be much easier to control in small-sized rooms, but in larger areas, you would need far more powerful products, than the regular dehumidifiers. The best large room dehumidifier should be able to pull a large amount of moisture from all corners of the room, and nothing less. Anything short of this would result in very poor dehumidification.

Depending on your peculiar situation, running the best dehumidifier for a large apartment or the best dehumidifier for a big room might just cut it. Keep in mind, however, that the dehumidifiers for the large apartment must be of more capacity than the one for just a big room.

For large room purposes, look no further than the iviation and Kesnos products. They both remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day (new DOE standard) while possessing all the top automatic features available to a domestic portable dehumidifier.

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What type of dehumidifier will dehumidify a large room effectively?

Speaking from experience that most large room are residential apartment, a dehumidifier that is designed to cover up to 4000sqft would suffice. There aren’t many single rooms out there larger than 4000sqft, and for the ones that actually are, they mostly make use of whole-house dehumidification, and not exactly portable dehumidifiers.

However, some Portable dehumidifiers rated up to 9000sqft (Dehumidifier for Large rooms) and would work well in large rooms since bigger is always better. But  you are better off installing a whole-house dehumidification system for extremely large-sized rooms, which is more effective than portable units.

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Top 5 best dehumidifier for large room

The different dehumidifiers on our review list would be discussed according to four categories; capacity, automatic features, ease of use/ noise level, and other features. Also note that all the products here come with the safety 20 seconds to 3 minutes time duration when powered on and off, to protect the compressor. Immediate shutting off can cause damage, and the delay time varies depending on the manufacturer.

1) Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier for large rooms
  • Capacity

This dehumidifier is out rightly built for high-end purposes, precisely large room dehumidification. For this reason, the product is designed and built with high fan capacity for drawing in the air per minute, as well as sufficient enough compressor for the moisture removal process.

Its overall dehumidification system is able to remove an impressive amount of moisture from the air, up to 50 pints in a day according to the new department of energy standards.

This high moisture removal is backed up by a fan and compressor power that is able to dehumidify up to 4,500sqft area. The dehumidifier does indeed, remove a high amount of moisture when tested, and it is why the 1.3galon water tank was put in place, for sufficient backup.

For more convenient running, the water can be channelled through a continuous drainage passage to wherever you would rather it go to.

  • Automatic features

This is a section in which the dehumidifier really comes out top amongst its peers. With every automatic feature, you can ever think of; this product has enough to practically run itself.

The first is a 24-hour timer function, allowing users to set precisely in hours, how long the device would run before shutting down. Proper use of a timer would afford users much operational flexibility of the dehumidifier, as well as intelligent power consumption. Moisture level can also be selected, after which the device is allowed to run and maintain it (auto mode).

The next automatic features to point at are the auto defrost, auto restart, and auto-shutoff. The auto defrosts monitors the coils of the compressor for ice buildups, which is common, especially under low temperatures. On detecting the presence of ice, it activates the auto defrost function, turning off the compressor and melting it off.

Having ice in the coils reduces the dehumidifier efficiency. The auto-shutoff, on the other hand, comes into play when the tank fills up. This feature causes the machine to shut off, preventing an overflow, while the auto-restart stores the preset user settings, restoring them on power outage and restoration.

  • Ease of use/ noise level

The first comfort feature of this dehumidifier is in its mobility. With the unit sitting on four caster wheels, moving the dehumidifier around is very easy. It also has a digital LED user-friendly display, with soft buttons for easy controls, and understandable interface.

The LED screen measures and displays the immediate level of humidity in the atmosphere at every moment. It also produces a decent amount of noise for its size, although it’s not completely quiet.

  • Other features

Its other features include being energy star rated, which allows it to consume a low amount of power while retaining high performance, and also a built-in air filter to clean the air during dehumidification.

Despite its top qualities, many customers have complained about this product lack of durability, as well as loud noise while operating. We, however, can definitely say that purchasing a sound ivation dehumidifier, should not have any of such problem for a while.


  • suitable for large rooms of up to 4,500sqft,
  • it removes up to 50 pints of moisture per day (70 according to old DOE standards),
  • large water tank of 1.3 gallons,
  • 24hour timer feature for limiting work duration,
  • a built-in air filter with life level indicator, energy star rated,
  • caster wheels make mobility easier,
  • auto-defrost and auto-restart,
  • digital LED user-friendly display with easy control,
  • automatic shutoff on an empty tank,
  • continuous draining option,
  • an auto mode for independent operations

2) Kesnos 70 Pint dehumidifiers for Spaces up to 4500 Sq Ft 

Best Large room Dehumidifier
  • Capacity

Examining the features as well as the actual performance of this kesnon product, it bears an exact resemblance to the previously reviewed iviation dehumidifier. It is built for the large areas, being rated for 4,500qft by the manufacture, and we must say it’s an area it can conveniently handle based on our performance tests.

This product has a very good fan, which is able to circulate the air in such large space and is responsible for its ability to dehumidify areas of up to 50 pints of moisture per day.

The dehumidifying capacity of this unit means that its water tank would fill up very quickly, and is the major reason why a 1.18 gallon of water is put in place by the manufacturer.

For those who would prefer not to cycle through the regular stress of emptying the tank every now and then, there is also an option for continuous drain, where the water is channelled directly out of the unit.

  • Automatic features

The automatic skill set of this kesnos product is pretty packed too, with the presence of a timer, auto shutoff, auto defrost, and the most impressive auto mode of operation. The timer is also a 24-hour clock, which allows you to preset the entire runtime of the machine, including when startup and shut down.

The auto-shutoff, on the other hand, is a custodian of safety, monitoring the tank level and turning it off as soon as it gets filled up, while the auto defrosts ensures ice isn’t present to hinder the performance of the unit.

The most impressive feature of all is the automatic mode. After adjusting the humidity sensor to your desired moisture setting, the machine takes over from there, working on varying its fan speed in order to maintain this preset level at all times, keeping you exactly where you want to be.

  • Ease of use/noise level

The position of this dehumidifier’s controls is directly at the top side, where it is easily reachable by users. The control panel is also made up completely touch control buttons, as well as a digital LED digital display which measures and shows humidity level of the home.

It also displays the machines modes as well as operational features like the timer; this makes the unit very easy and convenient to use.

As per mobility, it is built with a 360 degrees easy roll wheels with comfortable handles fore moving around, with this device, movement is both fun and easy. It is impressively quiet for its size, while operating, with no noise heard except one comes very close.

  • Other features

This includes a full water tank alert that comes into play as soon as the auto-shutoff kicks in. The internal parts of the unit are built with thermally resistant materials, guaranteeing it a good life span despite the heat being generated by the compressor. Behind the unit is also contains a washable air filter, which cleans the air that flows through the device.


  • suitable for large-sized areas of up to 4,500sqft,
  • 360 degrees easy roll wheels with comfortable handles for easy mobility,
  • automatic shutoff on a full tank,
  • included 1.18 gallons water tank with continuous drain option,
  • digital display with LED screen and touch controls,
  • 24-hour timer feature,
  • automatic mode for independent running,
  • auto shutoff and all, auto defrost function for keeping cold away from the compressors,
  • full water tank alert and thermally resistant materials,
  • it operates very quietly,
  • 30 days money-back guarantee,
  • it removes up to 50 pints of moisture per day (70 according to old DOE standards)


  • poor humidity sensor accuracy.

3) COLZER 70 Pints Dehumidifiers for Home Basements, Bathroom and Large Room

Best dehumidifier for large space
  • Capacity

This is another high-end dehumidifier that makes our list. Built for large area dehumidification, this product packs a good fan as well as compressor and other features to make the users’ life easy while getting the job done. It is suitable for areas up to 4000sqft in size according to the manufacturers, and we agree on; however, its 70 pints of moisture extraction per day is questionable.

On actual testing, this device extracts something closer to the 30 – 50 pints number, rather than the proclaimed 70. This is still a very high capacity and would do for a 4000sqft sized room. The tank is able to hold up to 7.4 pints of water in size, meaning you would have to empty it a couple of times in a day at high moisture environs, or better still, simply make use of the optional continuous drain connection.

  • Automatic features

This device doesn’t lack in any of the best features for optimal user experience. Firstly, it is protected from overflowing as a result of automatic shutoff that monitors the water level in the tank, and this also works alongside the auto defrost that melts ice formed in the compressor coils.

With a memory function, the unit comes back on immediately power is restored after an outage, without losing any of the user settings. This is also called an auto restart.

It possesses the 24-hour timer, for preset on startup and shut downtimes, which are both set by the user, coupled with the much-desired auto mode. This auto mode or intellect constant humidity as called by its manufacturers, allows the device to work between RH 30% – RH 80% (RH- relative humidity) accurate humidity.

The device continuously measures and work to reduce humidity to the chosen setpoint, on the lowest 30%, it runs constantly. Note that the set humidity would need to be at least 10% lower than the immediate room humidity or the dehumidifier wouldn’t work.

  • Ease of use/ noise level

Unlike other dehumidifiers so far, this product comes with two separate digital displays, one at the top and another at the front side of the device to keep the user updated on humidity information at all times.

This panel is coupled with a soft-touch button for easy controls too. Mobility is also very easy with the presence of 360 degree hidden caster wheels, as well as side, recessed handles for good grip. It is pretty quiet while operating.

  • Other features

At the top of the other features list of this product is a laundry mode. This model is specially designed for drying light texture laundry clothes in a safe space, removing the need to go spread under the sun. It is very effective and dries up clothes in no time.


  • suitable for up to 4000sqft areas,
  • good tank capacity of 7.4 pints with an option for continuous drain,
  • laundry dry mode for drying delicate material clothing, 24-hour programmable timer,
  • digital LED display at the top and front with soft-touch controls,
  • auto shutoff overflow protection,
  • 360 degrees hidden roll casters and side recessed handles for easy mobility,
  • an auto mode for independent functioning,
  • auto-restart after a power outage and restoration,
  • auto defrost


  • poor durability sighted by the numerous customer complains of failing units,
  • the product doesn’t quite match the manufacturer’s specifications in performance


  • Two-year warranty from the manufacturers.

4) LUKO 4,000 Sq. Ft Home Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bedroom

Home Dehumidifiers for Basements and large rooms.
  • Capacity

This dehumidifier is a rather low high-end budget product, possessing most qualities seen on more expensive products while coming at a lesser cost.

According to the manufacturers, its numbers stand at 50 pints of moisture removal per day from the air, coupled with being able to work effectively in up to 4000sqft area. This puts the dehumidifier amongst the top products at least, even though those numbers might be a bit exaggerated, the square feet area especially.

It backs it’s high per day moisture extraction rate with a 1.5-gallon tank which holds a good amount of water. For more convenience, you can always turn to the continuous drain option by attaching the hose and channelling to where ever desired.

  • Automatic features

The automatic features are championed by the auto-shutoff for safety first, turning off the dehumidifier to prevent an overflow of water when the tank fills up, while also freezing all button functions till the tank is emptied.

It is seconded by another rather efficiency feature in the auto defrost, kicking in every 45 minutes to get rid of ice formed in the coils to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency.

Asides those two frontiers, the auto mode is another feature that is in a league of its own. In this mode, it shuffles between off and on the state, automatically stops working when a specified humidity is reached, and restarts when higher than the target humidity. This humidity must have been previously set by the user.

  • Ease of use/ noise level

Unser convenience features include wheels for easy mobility around the home and a very easy to use control panel with digital display.

The functions of all its buttons are clearly written above them, with indicator lights to match as you toggle through different states. It is quiet while operating, and the presence of auto mode makes it virtually able to run independently. In all, we can safely conclude that this product is very easy to use.

  • Other features

These include two different available modes; normal and dry dehumidification for running normally and tasking the device with drying light material clothes. There also exist numerous indicators to keep users up to date, like the full water tank and filter cleanliness which is accompanied with 20 beeps to call attention.


  • large water tank of 1.5 gallons,
  • suitable for areas up to 4000sqft in size,
  • continuous drain option, operates quietly,
  • 24-hour timer for the feature for preset operation,
  • the auto mode allows the device run intelligently to maintain relative humidity,
  • automatic defrost function that kicks in every 45 minutes,
  • auto shutoff with complete freezing of control buttons on a full tank,
  • digital LED display and simple control buttons,
  • laundry mode, durable and washable air filter,
  • extracts up to 50 pints of moisture per day,
  • inbuilt wheels for easy movement


  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty from purchase date.

5) Vacplus 50 Pints Dehumidifier with WiFi Remote for Large Rooms

Dehumidifier with WiFi Remote for Large Rooms
  • Capacity

Being suitable for rooms up to 1000sqft, we would say that you have a pretty decent product on your hands, although not too capable in large-sized rooms. 1000sqft is on the borderline of medium and fairly large-sized rooms; therefore if you are looking for a product for well-sized rooms, this wouldn’t fit.

Although low end among large-sized category, it does a good job in riding moisture from the air when used in the 1000sqft recommended room size.

It is able to remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day (under a 90% relative humidity and 860F), a capacity which is backed by the presence of a decent 3.1L water tank size, and just like every other unit reviewed so far, it has the optional continuous drainage option.

  • Automatic features

The unit doesn’t have much as regarding automated features, simply possessing a 24-hour timer and automatic shutoff. Its 24-hour timer is programmable with a high level of precision, down to selecting the dehumidifier’s on and off time, which is an effective way of saving power. It also comes with the safety auto-shutoff feature for preventing an overflow of condensed water.

  • Ease of use/ noise level

The dehumidifier is very easy to use, possessing like others, digital LED display with soft button controls, and the screen displays atmospheric humidity level. Ranking user convenience, this device is basically the easiest to use. This is largely due to users being able to control all its functions simply with a mobile phone. It’s a really cool and convenient feature.

  • Other features

Talking a little more about the mobile phone control. After purchasing this device, all that is required is for you to download a Tuyasmart app and the humidifier is basically compressed into your phone.

The app allows your phone act as a remote switch, humidity monitoring and adjustment, as well as varying the operation modes of the unit. You can basically do anything, from anywhere, as far as the wife is connected.

It comes with the different modes; draining or normal dehumidification, and laundry mode. Run the product depending on your needs. There is also an air filter for basic cleaning of the air being circulated.


  • decent 3.1L water tank capacity,
  • continuous drain option,
  • digital control panel with LED display and soft-touch buttons,
  • WiFi remote control via mobile,
  • 24 timer feature with programmable on and off time,
  • auto-shutoff on a full tank to prevent overflow,
  • raining drying and laundry modes,
  • build includes air filters,
  • it operates quietly,
  • 360 degrees wheels for easy movement.


  • suitable for areas up to 1000sqft, which is the lower end size pertaining to largest rooms.


  • Two yeas money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet expectation or defaults.

5 Factors to consider in choosing the best dehumidifier for large room

  • Capacity:

The relationship between the capacity of a dehumidifier and its performance is in direct proportion. This means that the higher its pint rating, the more effective it would be in drawing moisture, as well as taking lesser time.

Keep in mind that a product is always rated by its manufacturer, indicating its maximum square footage and the capacity holds as far as it is running in the recommended footage too.

Although bigger is always better when it comes to dehumidifier capacity, for more economic reasons, however, we recommend you purchase a slightly higher square feet product than your room (100 to 200sqft more).

  • Automatic features:

Automatic features adds the much-needed bliss to user experience while using a dehumidifier. The most important ones which we recommend your product should have at least are; auto shutoff, auto defrost, auto mode, and timer.

These functions both help create a safe working environment, preventing the device from overflowing with water (auto-shutoff), melting ice in the coils as they form (auto defrost), working independently to balance humidity(auto mode), and a timer to choose how long it would stay in service. In all, with all these features, using the dehumidifier would be much more convenient.

  • Noise:

Due to possessing large compressors as well as high capacity fans for air circulation, dehumidifiers are almost certain to produce an amount of noise.

This should, however, be minimal, enough to not irritate. Purchase a product with a track record of quiet only, unless you intend locking it away to work somewhere in your basement.

  • Ease of use:

Features that make a product easy to use includes a digital display with control buttons and indicators. The button’s visual appearance alone screams at users what they do. Other convenient features include wheels for mobility because dehumidifiers are pretty heavy due to having compressors, and also handles for carrying.

  • Continuous drain:

This is another must-have feature in dehumidifiers for large rooms. Large room dehumidifiers have a larger tendency to accumulate water faster than the one in an average-sized room. Hence their tanks fill up faster and would require frequent emptying.

Having a continuous drain option eliminates the stress of taking out the water every now and then, and although it does not seem like much, it is basically the most user convenient feature to have in a dehumidifier.

How a big of a dehumidifier do you need for your room

Well, the size of the dehumidifier needed is determined by how large your “large room” is. From the efficiency perspective, you should get the largest size of dehumidifier that you can afford, as that would keep humidity far away from your environs, but when we look on the other side of economics, it is not exactly a wise thing to do.

At most, purchase a device that is rated to serve rooms a little larger than yours, in order to make up for any exaggeration in qualities as regarding performance. Simply measure your room size and shop products for that range accordingly.

How many pint dehumidifiers do you need for a large room?

A dehumidifier that is rated for a particular room size always comes with a minimum moisture removal rate in pints. For example, dehumidifiers with capacity up to 4000sqft, are mostly rated around 50 or 70 pints depending on the department of the metric energy system, per day.

The range of 1500sqft to 3000sqft usually remove 30 to 40 pints per day. What we are saying, in essence, is that as far as the product is recommended for your room size by its manufacturer, then it has enough pint moisture removal at least, to dehumidify your room.

You can choose to go for more performance, however, by vying for high pint products in the same class, for more effective performance, and in all you do, never go below a product that removes 40 pints of moisture per day.

Can a dehumidifier be too big for a room?

Yes, there is a possibility that the dehumidifier is too big for a room. This is characterized by having very dry air, too frequently, and in a short amount of time.

On the flip side of things; however, you could simply have a larger product for a room, but with controls that allow users to limit its capacity to fit its immediate environment. Therefore, in the real sense, a dehumidifier might be too big for a room, but works just fine, or be too big and cause too low humidity levels that are harmful to inhabitants.

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Final Verdict – Top Pick for the best dehumidifier for Large room

There really isn’t much between the Ivation and Kesnose products, making it kind of hard to isolate one apart as the best. They are both evenly matched in moisture extraction capacity (both 50 pints of moisture per day) as well room size area (both 4,500sqft). Moving to automatic features, they both possess all the basic features and even more advanced ones ranging from auto-shutoff to auto defrost, 24-hour timer, auto mode and auto restart.

They are both very convenient to use with simple user interface and display screen and have caster wheels for movement around the home. It is hard to tell these products apart. Therefore anyone would do just fine in your large-sized room, although history tilts more to the ksnose product due to numerous customer complains about the Iviation dehumidifier packing up ahead in no time.

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