After the tussle and volumes of research done on why you need a dehumidifier and the best type of dehumidifier for your problem, what follows next is the price consideration. This leaves many individuals looking for the best dehumidifier for the money. With most first-time dehumidifier buyers avoiding breaking the bank, purchasing value mostly circles around the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars to test what dehumidifier really does.

For some others, on the other hand, it is merely a task of tailoring their budget and maximizing the value in return for money to be spent, leaving them to settling with the best dehumidifier below 100 dollars.

However, we must say that though these devices are generally expensive, with the right guide and information, you can end up with the best dehumidifier under $100, or in a varying currency, the best dehumidifier under £100, that would still do an excellent job in moisture removal.

From experience, a cheaper price tag doesn’t always mean inferior quality, nor an expensive one superior. Other performance-related features, as well as qualities, have to be put into consideration before a conclusion is drawn.

However, do know that there are some unique features associated with the more expensive device, and would be rarely seen in cheaper ones. All these would be discussed across this article as we go on.

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Why are dehumidifiers so expensive?

The primary reason why dehumidifiers are so expensive is down to its process, as well as the expensive individual parts or system that it employs to do the job.

Firstly, for a dehumidifier to be effective, it has to contain a powerful fan that is able to draw enough air in, as well as push it out after dehumidification.

Regardless of how good the condenser system of a dehumidifier is, if the fan is poor, a minimal amount of air would get in, which would simply render the device ineffective.

These products also come with a compressor and condenser coils like a refrigerator and trust us when we say that those are expensive pieces of stuff individually on the market today. They are the significant parts that remove humidity in the air that is flowing through, and if the device has a filter system too, then that just takes it to cost to a whole new level.

How much should you spend on a dehumidifier

How much you should spend on a dehumidifier depends on what you are willing to use it for, and how badly you need to get the job done. There’s no putting it any easier way, for faster and more effective outcomes over large areas, you would need to spend a whole lot more than when you intend using it in a bathroom.

How much you should spend is, therefore, dependent on other factors like how large and humid the room is, as well as the convenience feature you are looking out for, to make using the device much more comfortable.

Buying dehumidifiers under $100: is quality guaranteed?

We must admit, purchasing products this cheap is a bit of a risk, since the market is flooded with so many low-quality products, however, there are still some that cost less in this range and would do a good job when used in its recommended space.

This ensures that you get enough value in return for your money. The quality of products in this range cannot be compared to more expensive products, however, and is why we recommend you purchase the ones with a warranty attached.

Cheap Dehumidifiers: What features are you likely to miss out on?

The first thing you are sure to miss out on is in its capacity. They are most times unable to do much beyond 100sqft to 200sqft, and also have a low moisture extraction rate. Do not expect any automatic features like the Eco/ laundry mode or auto mode, and only the best of the best comes with a timer feature in this category (though rear, can be seen in the pure enrichment product).

You would also be forfeiting a humidity sensor that monitors and displays immediate humidity levels on a screen, as well as humidistat, which works in hand with the auto mode for allowing users to pick their desired humidity point. Auto defrost is another big miss, leaving the device to be only able to function in the summer season, becoming utterly useless during winter.

Top products on the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars

1) Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier

Special features: 1.5L water tank, ETL Certified Safe, product dimensions; 13.7 x 10.8 x 7 inches, item weight; 5.96 pounds, continuous drain option,

Check the price of this product

This medium-sized device from pure enrichment is an excellent product, considering matching its quality against the price it goes for. Being quite average-sized, the device is mobile, to say the least, while having a cool design to match with a completely transparent water tank, which aids users in easy monitoring of tank level at every point in time.

With a moisture absorbing rate of about 20 oz. per day, this device is much suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, wherein it does a decent job of getting rid of humidity in the air. Its tank is about 1.5 gallons in size, which is more than capable of meeting its moisture extraction rate of 500ml of moisture per day, or you could just use the continuous drain option instead. In essence, you wouldn’t have to empty this bucket too frequently.

For safety purposes, this device has been built with the auto-shutoff feature, which is permanently monitoring the water level in its tank, shutting the dehumidifier off as soon as the tank gets full, and avoiding over flooding in the process. The timer feature is also present, coming with a preprogrammed 4 and 8 hours option, which limits the work time of the dehumidifier to any of those times, depending on user settings.

The quietness of this device is up there at the top with the best, and we would say that in all it is a suitable device for small to medium-sized rooms, and cannot serve large rooms if you desire it has an impact on the atmosphere. There is also a 5-year warranty attached to purchasing this product, which speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s confidence in it.


    • fair moisture extraction rate,
    • timer feature for picking work duration,
    • auto-shutoff on a full tank,
    • quiet operation,
    • transparent water tank for easy monitoring,
    • 5-year warranty


    • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms up to 350sqft

    2) Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier 

    Special features: 20-ounce moisture removal capacity, Peltier technology, 2 liters water tank capacity, product dimensions; 9.6 x 14.1 x 7.2 inches, item weight; 4.85 pounds,

    Best dehumidifier for the price
    Check the price of this product

    What comes to mind at first glance of this dehumidifier is how portable and still efficient a device can be, especially when used in the right condition. We would admit, this device isn’t the best in terms of moisture removal, when placed in medium to large-sized rooms; however, it does a good job really when paired in small ones.

    In numbers, this dehumidifier is designed to remove at least 20 ounces of moisture per day and has a reasonably transparent water tank that allows users to monitor its water level easily. In case you miss the level; however, the auto-shutoff mode stands in place, by not allowing the device to run as soon as the condensed moisture water gets to a certain point, and also turns indicator lights to call attention.

    With Peltier technology, this device runs without a compressor, hence making it as quiet as can be and very suitable to be used in closed spaces like bathrooms, attics, or boats. The water tank is of a decent size, being about 2 liters, and you should know that this product does not come with a hose for continuous drain option. It collects minimal water in the first place, so there’s little no point in the first place. It also doesn’t contain any filters.


      • it is quiet while operating,
      • auto-shutoff on a full tank with indicator lights,


      • suitable for small-sized rooms only,
      • small water tank,
      • low moisture extraction capacity

      3) InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier

      Special features: small and compact, continuous drain option, Peltier technology, product dimensions; 9.8 x 6.1 x 13.9 inches, item weight; 5.7 pounds.

      Besst dehumidifier below 100 dollars
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      InvisiPure intentions when designing this product is that people are able to lay hands on a cheap dehumidifier, for solving moisture problems in very small spaces with high humidity content. As a result, do not expect much as regarding performance from this device, though it’s pretty and comes with little convenience extras.

      With a moisture extraction rate of only 1.7 pints per day, this device is useful for very small spaces with high humidity, because when tasked with bringing humidity down from like 55% to 50% level (which both falls in the safe range), it fails woefully. The automatic feature that however sums up this device is an auto-shutoff, which stands in line to prevent the tank from overflowing.

      Despite this low moisture absorbing rate, this device consumes a whole lot of energy for its size, and compared to similar products, 100W precisely. it also consists of a transparent water tank for easy monitoring, as well as the continuous drain option, for channeling water directly out of the device, and operates very quietly.


        • auto-shutoff on full tank,
        • quiet operation
        • Easy to operate


        • suitable for small-sized rooms only,
        • low 1.7 pints moisture extraction capacity,
        • consumes a high amount of energy at 100W

        5) Afloia Portable Electric Dehumidifier 

        Special features: 2-liter water tank, Peltier technology, energy-saving, product dimensions; 16.1 x 10.4 x 7.1 inches, item weight; 5.65 pounds.

        Afloia Portable Electric Dehumidifier 
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        This is an average-sized dehumidifier, which is designed only to make an impact in minimal areas, and from experience, would say it does little to help bedrooms. It isn’t the bulkiest of devices, neither is it the smallest, but know that it wouldn’t demand too much space than you can easily give in the home.

        Backed up by a 2-liter tank, this device is able to draw up to 0.75 liters of moisture from the air per day, meaning it would take a while before you have to empty that tank. It, however, employs the Peltier technology that makes dehumidifiers work without a compressor, meaning it is hushed, while also consuming a minimal amount of energy, being energy rated.

        When using this device, mobility is not a problem due to the presence of a built-in handle that enhances convenient carrying. It also possesses the auto-shutoff feature for switching off as soon as its tank gets filled, though there is no option for a continuous drain.


          • quiet operation,
          • consumes very little power,
          • auto shutoff,
          • convenient handle for easy mobility,


          • suitable for small-sized areas only,
          • low moisture extraction rate,
          • lacks the continuous drain option.

          6) Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier 

          Special features: small and compact, Peltier technology, energy-efficient, 52-ounce water tank capacity, product dimensions; 6.6 x 9 x 12.7 inches, item weight; 5.05 pounds,

          Best Dehumidifier for the money
          Check the price of this product

          Finally, on this list of reviewed dehumidifier so far is the pro breeze electric mini device. Just as the name states (mini), this device is a specially crafted product for small areas of about 100 to 150sqft, which is even evident from its size. It is very small and compact, which makes the device able to fit into small spaces in small rooms, and also very mobile.

          It has a portable water tank too that is 52 ounces in capacity, and helps in holding condensed moisture in liquid form. This device also makes use of the auto-shutoff feature, which turns it off when the tank gets filled, preventing an overflow, though the tank is transparent, therefore, can be easily monitored through sight.

          Being built to be energy efficient, this dehumidifier consumes less energy than most others would, and with Peltier technology, it is very quiet while operating. Also, this dehumidifier does not work in temperatures below 410 F; therefore, it is only useful in the summer season.


            • auto-shutoff feature with indicator lights,
            • low power consumption,
            • quiet operation,


            • suitable for small-sized areas,
            • low moisture removal rate,
            • doesn’t work in temperatures below 410 F

            Features to consider in choosing the best dehumidifier under 100

            • Moisture extraction rate:

            Despite the class of these products being under $100, we shouldn’t just sit back and expect the worst, rather they should be able to do an excellent job in the small-sized room they would be used, and that performance is tied to this feature. The moisture extraction rate is useful for knowing how well a dehumidifier is able to get moist off the air in a recommended space.

            • Auto shutoff:

            This feature is a must-have in all dehumidifiers today, with those that a lot cheaper, like these ones, aren’t an exception too. This function is vital for shutting down the machine as soon as its tank gets filled, in order to prevent an overflow.

            • Continuous draining option:

            Although the capacity of products in this class, means they wouldn’t gather as much condensed moisture in water, as larger products, the continuous drain option is a rather still useful feature to have. This allows for channeling the water directly away from the device, rather than allowing it to be collected in a tank. It is not a very compulsory feature to consider.

            • Quiet operation:

            if you are reading this, then you almost certainly intend running the dehumidifier in a confined space, because it obviously wouldn’t be able to serve large ones. As a result, how quiet it becomes imperative, as running noisy equipment in an already tight area only brings repugnance to the table first, before any other feature.

            • Warranty:

            purchasing devices in this price range is a risky investment, being that it might work just well enough, or not even come close to your needs. There is also a chance that it ends up being a cheap plastic device with no durability; whichever case it might be, you can always fall back on the warranty.

            Final Verdict: Best Dehumidifiers below $100

            Our best bet for you in purchasing dehumidifiers under 100 dollars is the Pure Enrichment product. Amongst the products on our list, this device boasts the highest moisture extraction rate and is also able to serve the most significant space, which is what makes it clear on top of the others. It would also operate safely due to the auto shut off feature, with a continuous drain option and a 5-year warranty attached to the purchase of the device.

            Hathaspace Portable Home Dehumidifier is also a safe pick for dehumidifiers that wouldn’t cost much. it has a fair moisture extraction rate and auto-shutoff quality, that makes it bear much in resemblance to the pure Enrichment device, though there is an extra edge of possessing filters, while also having a 5-year warranty attached on purchase.

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