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Top 5 Best Dehumidifiers for Mold Removal – Consumer Reviews


Molds are almost an automatic problem in virtually every home today. Should you decide not to take any conscious step to get rid of them, they might get rid of you. Although, there are several ways in which anyone can top the battle against molds in their favor, in the end, it only subsides their quantity but doesn’t completely eradicate it. What if we tell you that there is a way of removing mold almost completely, which is by making use of the dehumidifier for mold removal.

Dehumidification is the most effective process against molds development since it involves drawing out moisture from the air, and molds primarily require humidity to thrive. The process is also very efficient mildew remediation, owing to the fact that mildew is a close relative of mold, and is most often seen not far off when mold is present.

Molds and mildews are also harmful to the body when inhaled, which makes getting rid of them a priority, and since that is done quickly with the use of the best dehumidifier for mold, it takes this device purchase priority to a whole new level.

In this article, we would run through the best dehumidifiers for mold, with a pick on our top recommendation for you. Do know that these products also double in essential function, being able to deal with damp; therefore, it can be wrapped up in the phrase “best dehumidifier for damp and mold.”

Why so much emphasis on mold removal?

In the real sense, the emphasis is not on mold removal per se, but instead on keeping your environment contaminant-free, and its inhabitant completely safe. Mold just falls into the category of things that could compromise that mission, and it is for this reason that the emphasis can fall on them.

Mold are organisms that thrive in small corners and tight spaces when there is efficient enough humidity to keep them moist, and while thriving, they release spores into the atmosphere, which, when inhaled by man, over time could cause problems ranging from respiratory disorders to allergic reactions.

At what humidity level do dehumidifiers get rid of mold

The level of humidity that is best for trying to get rid of mold problems around the home is recommended around 60% relative humidity.

Do know that 60% is the maximum cap zip-top for humidity if you intend getting mold out of the way, however for more ideal implications, it is expedient to keep the humidity lower, precisely somewhere between 35% and 55%.

Keep in mind that the goal is to get moisture to a safe level, and not completely eradicate it or dropping it extremely low, as doing that comes with its own fair share of contamination problems.

What kind of dehumidifier is best for removing mold?

There are three main kinds of dehumidifiers in the market today, which are the refrigerant, desiccant, and whole-house dehumidifier.

Amongst these three, the most effective is the whole house dehumidifiers, but they usually require additional installations, which are expensive. They don’t fall into the portable dehumidifier class which we are considering, and would be left out as a result.

This leaves us with two types, which are the desiccant and refrigerant type, with the best being the refrigerant product. Desiccant dehumidifiers make use of moisture-absorbing materials, which draws in moisture from the air, and are most suitable for very small spaces and low moisture problems, though cheap and inexpensive to run.

Refrigerant product, on the other hand, applies the same work principle as a fridge, which is cooling moisture across a metal plate, while the fan keeps the air running in and out.

They are the most effective in-room temperature, though they slow down in colder conditions, due to ice forming on the metal cooling plates or coils. This occurs at any temperature from 18 degrees downwards.

Top 5 best dehumidifiers for mold removal

1) hOmeLabs 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Large Rooms and Basements

Special features: 3,000 sq ft Large Dehumidifier: Our dehumidifier removes up to 35 pints (50 Pint 2012 DOE Standard) of water from the air per day. product dimensions; 15.4 × 11 × 24.3 inches


Being a high-efficiency dehumidifier produced by LG by brand name, this device is pretty high efficient quite literally due to its impressive moisture removal rate. Designed to take out up to 70 pints of water from the atmosphere per day, this dehumidifier is sure to make a significant impact even in the most humid of environs, and it is also supported by a 13-pint water tank for holding condensed moisture as water.

With caster wheels, mobility is not even close to being a problem, though it is bulky in size and might commandeer a certain amount of space in your sitting room. It’s all-black design give it a touch of beauty, and the front accommodates a digital panel with LED screen. On this screen, the immediate humidity level is measured and displayed, keeping its user update on the current atmospheric state.

The device is also suitable for round the year work, being able to function in low temperature as low as 410F due to a built-in automatic defrost control. Its body is made of compact and heat resistant metal, as well as the inner parts being thermal resistant, too, therefore reducing fire hazards to a bare minimum. There would be no instance of fire startup should you choose to go for this device.

Other convenience features include the auto mode, as well as a timer feature for enabling the device to function automatically without constant monitoring by the user (shifting across speeds based on user set humidity level), as well as limiting its work time to particular duration. For further safety, the standby mode is built in too, which turns off the device as soon as it runs for up to 24 hours at a stretch, in order to prevent damages from overheating. A washable filter is in place for cleaning too.

Despite its large water tank, there is also the option of a continuous drain, which eliminates the stress of continually having to empty the tank when full. Should, in case the tank gets filled up, the device also shuts off, avoiding flooding in the process, and humidity from escaping back into the air. To match it a pricy tag, a 1 year part and labor warranty is attached to purchasing this device; it is, however, a bit noisy in operation.


  • high moisture extraction rate,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • it is able to work in temperatures as low as 410F,
  • auto mode for running independently,
  • 12 hours timer feature,
  • large water tank with splash guard,
  • automatic shutoff with full tank alert,
  • washable filter,
  • easy mobility and several insulations makes it fire resistant,
  • safety standby for preventing overheating,
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty


  • a bit noisy in operation,
  • it is expensive.

2) MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS Dehumidifier

Special features: 70 pints moisture removal capacity, 1.6-gallon water tank, continuous drain option, continual operation, auto defrost, energy star rated, product dimensions; 25.8 x 17.2 x 13.3 inches, item weight; 33.5 pounds, caster wheels

This is quite a large-sized device, with those dimensions as well as the weight of 33.5 pounds, but not it’s not for no reason. The large size is directly linked with capacity, as the device is pretty impressive in moisture extraction rate as well as the actual performance.

It has the ability to draw up to 70 pints of humidity from the air in only 24 hours, which depending on the user, can be stored in its 1.6-gallon water tank or the option of continuous drainage, which is more convenient.

The device is built for out rightly rooms as large as 2,400sqft, which falls in the high range, and makes it very desirable, and we would say that it is pretty easy to use. This is mainly due to the presence of a digital panel at the top side, which also has a display screen that works with a humidity sensor for measuring and displaying the next humidity level. For more cleanliness, while doing its job, this device is built with a washable filter, which also has an indicator that glows when it’s time to be cleaned.

A distinctive feature of this device is its continual operation mode. This enables it to run continually, and on, and on. Though it sounds not so unusual, this mode is coming in handy when you have a large amount of humidity to deal with within a short period of time. it, however, also possesses the auto mode, which allows it to tailor its speed according to the amount of humidity present.

The caster wheels it sits on pretty much allows it to breeze through mobility, and do know that its water tank is visible for those who prefer this option, allowing for easy sight monitoring. It can run in low temperatures too while consuming minimal power as it is energy rated. This device is however not very durable, and should be handled with care, and has also had leakages complains over the years by users.


  • high moisture extraction rate,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • auto restart function for easy use,
  • quiet operation, 1-year parts, and labor warranty,
  • auto mode,
  • timer feature for setting run duration,
  • visible water tank for easy monitoring,
  • washable filter,
  • can function in low temperatures,
  • consumes low power, easy to move around


  • lacks durability,
  • prone to leaking problems.

3) Inofia 30 Pint Dehumidifier 

Special features: 30-pint moisture removal capacity, digital LCD display screen, continuous draining option, auto defrost, Automatic error detection, product dimensions 8.3 x 12.2 x 17.3 inches, item weight; 26.4 pounds, 0.5-gallon water tank capacity

Though the grade of this dehumidifier is still pretty okay, it, however, takes a big hit in capacity compared to the earlier reviewed products. with a moisture extraction rate of about 30 pints per day, this device can do an excellent job for spaces as large as 1000sqft; at least that’s what the manufacturers say. We would, however, talk about its practical performance in a short while.

The dehumidifier isn’t lacking in any modern feature common today, particularly the auto mode and timer, and even adds an automatic error detection to the stash. In the auto mode, it is able to run independently, with reference to a set humidity level chosen by the user, and shuts off as soon as it attains that level, also turning on once again when it falls short. This feature is monitored and works in hand with an inbuilt humidity sensor.

The timer helps users cap its working duration, and with the auto error detection system, the device is able to diagnose and display error codes, which helps for a much easier repair should a fault arise. Its LCD display screen gives it a pretty cool appearance too, showing humidity level, and its display light can be turned off, though the sensitivity of the humidity sensor behind this measurement is pretty dull. This leaves the product either giving a false reading or circling across too many values within a short period of time.

Despite these flaws, it is tranquil while operating, with an auto-shutoff safety feature for keeping the tank from overflowing, and can also operate in temperatures as low as 410F. With a washable filter, be sure to keep dirt away, while spending nothing on frequent replacement, and for durability, its compressor is designed with a 3 minutes delay protection at the start and stop times.

In real fact, the moisture extraction capacity of this device is about half what the manufacturers say, and it is unable to serve anywhere near a 1000sqft room size. In numbers, it has a moisture extraction rate of about 15 pints per day at max, and can only do justice to about 400sqft. It also has the tendency to stain surfaces in which it sits on top.


  • quiet operation,
  • an auto mode for independent functioning,
  • auto shutoff,
  • continuous draining option,
  • can operate in temperatures as low as 410F,
  • washable pre-filter,
  • 3 minutes compressor delay protection from damages,
  • 12 months free warranty,
  • fair moisture extraction rate.


  • leaves stains on the floor it is placed in,
  • suitable for small-sized rooms,
  • reduced sensitivity of humidity sensor

4) Honeywell, White TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier 

Special features: 30-pint moisture removal capacity (20 bits 2019 DOE), an electronic panel with digital LED display, sleep mode, energy star rated, continuous draining option, caster wheels, product dimensions; 10.5 x 13.2 x 20.1 inches, item weight; 30.9 pounds,

This is a product from Honeywell that never ceases to impress when it comes to the design of their product, and this one is not an exception either. With all white colors, this device looks really good and has a blend of black at the top-edged and its handle too. It also contains a digital control panel at the top side, which also has in it a LED display, and another display at the front side too.

The device is quite bulky and weighty in size, and as a result, it is designed to balance smooth-gliding caster wheels, which enables it to be easily pushed to wherever it is needed, with the support of a handle at the top side. Coming to the capacity, this is a 30-pint dehumidifier, which means it can draw up to 30 pints of moisture per day, though it has a tiny anti-spill water tank to help hold this condensed moisture.

It is a good thing that the water tank isn’t the only drainage option available, as users can also choose to enable the continuous drain system, which saves the stress of emptying its tank occasionally, in the first place. There is an installed filter for keeping dirt off, which also comes with an indicator for alerting users when it is time for a change. It is, however, tranquil while operating.

The auto mode is present for more, allowing it functions to meet atmospheric conditions, precisely maintaining humidity at a safe level, and is also coupled with a timer for setting its work extent. There is, however, the problem of poor durability, though, in all, it is easy to use, and with a 5-year warranty, it makes for a relatively riskless purchase.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • filter change indicator,
  • anti-spill water tank design,
  • high moisture removal rate and timer,
  • full water tank indicator,
  • 5-year warrantee,
  • easy mobility,
  • quiet operation,
  • auto mode


  • fair durability,
  • small water tank,

5) Frigidaire 50-Pint FAD504DWD High-Efficiency Dehumidifier

Special features: 50-pint moisture removal capacity, caster wheels, 2-gallon water tank capacity, a digital panel with LED display, product dimensions; 12.3 x 17.3 x 25.5 inches, item weight; 37 pounds, continuous drainage

Best Dehumidifier for mold removal

This is another decent dehumidifier for dealing with moisture problems in large-sized rooms. Being able to cover large sized rooms of up to 1000sqft, this device is a good fit for most homes today, though it is really let down by the presence of a 2-gallon water tank capacity. It, however, has a very high moisture extraction rate, being able to draw in up to 50 pints over 24 hours.

The device is much quiet in operation, though there are some complaints of loud noise, it is generally as a result of a defective product. For safety reasons, it comes with an auto-shutoff feature, which is in place for switching off the device when the tank becomes filled up. There is also a filter present for holding back dirt, and it is washable, meaning users would spend zero cost on the replacement.

Auto mode, as well as a timer, is, however, absent from this device, taking along with themselves the ease of use compared to devices that can run on its own and also requiring users to keep an eye watch on it while working. As per the drainage system, there two popular choices of either making use of the water tank or going along with the continuous drainage option.

Due to how small the tank is, continuous drainage is your best bet. The downsides of this product, however, are in the numerous complaints about an abysmal customer service, which receives so many calls in the first place as a result of the poor durability of this product. From leakages to poor performance, there are many possible things that could go wrong, and we recommend you pick up the extra available warranty purchase option to safeguard your investment.


  • quiet operation,
  • auto-shutoff on a full tank with indicator alert,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • easy mobility,
  • washable filter for cleaning dirt,
  • easy to remove tank with front level indicator,
  • 1 year limited,
  • 2 – 5 years warranty on the sealed system.


  • poor customer service,
  • poor durability of the product,
  • lack of auto mode

Features to consider in choosing the best dehumidifier for mold removal

  • Moisture extraction rate:

The moisture extraction rate or capacity of a dehumidifier is virtually its most valuable asset, and is what directly segregates them into different classes, also the expensive from the cheap. Sadly, if you really want a capable device, then you just have to pay that few extra dollars, and it would be worth it in the end. The higher a devices moisture extraction rate, the more effective and quickly it would work in riding the air from moisture

  • Tank size/ drain options:

There are two standard drain options seen in dehumidifiers today, and we must say that any device you purchase should have both. The first is a water tank, which collects moisture after it condenses to a liquid, storing it till filled, then the user has to empty it, while the other option is the continuous drainage, which is essentially channeling the pipe to an outlet of your desire away from the device.

Should you decide to use the tank option for any reason, ensure, the tank is of a right size, as that would save the stress of having to empty it every now and then, though the continuous drain is far more convenient, and also allows you to maximize resources by using the condensed water elsewhere.

  • Room size/ Mobility:

High capacity dehumidifiers are literally big in size too most times, and as a result, ease of mobility should be put into consideration. Firstly, the device should able to serve the room size, which is to be used in, and for large size rooms, be sure to have a large device on your hand. Mobility options like caster wheels or lifting handles becomes an essential feature as a result; trust us when we say you are going to be moving the device more often than not.

  • Auto mode:

The king of convenience in the world of dehumidifiers is the auto mode, and it rules firmly with a very streamlined manner of leadership, which is making things easy for users. With this mode, devices are able to run independently, some with reference to a set point chosen by the operator, while others just bring humidity to a safe level. Whichever way, it saves the stress of having to toggle settings always to meet our ever-changing needs.

  • Auto shutoff:

This feature primarily helps against over flooding for those who make use of the water tank option, while also preventing the waste of energy. Water overflowing from the device would only be humidity escaping back into the air, on evaporation which defeats the very purpose of having a device run 10 hours per day. It is a must-have for dehumidifiers today.

Timer: dehumidifiers with this feature allows users to set the extent to which it would run for, before shutting off. It is useful for energy conservation, as well as much flexibility in usage, for example, leaving your device to run for a particular time while you can conveniently walkout.

  • Durability/ warrantee:

With manufacturers always on the hunt, looking for cheaper materials to make this product saving cost and not affecting performance, the durability of most dehumidifiers to date have come into question. The market is now filled with cheap but costly products that might give way anytime from purchase, and if you want the old day’s durability, one really has to be ready to part with a lot of cash.

To circumvent this problem, you can either spend obviously, or go for only products with a considerable warranty, that way you can make a relative risk free investment, and wouldn’t be in the receiving end should the device choose to give up.

  • Washable filter:

Some devices are infused with air filters, as well as water filters for the bucket. These filters are useful for cleaning the air and water accordingly, helping you get cleaner results overall, though they are not exactly a must-have feature. A device with these, however, comes with a plus.

  • Auto defrost:

Most refrigerant dehumidifiers, which are the most common type today, make use of metal plates or coil in condensing moisture to water, and as a result, are not exactly friendly with cold seasons. In the cold, this cold tends to freeze, causing a blockage and creating a less capable device; however, products with this feature automatically heats up the coils, leaving you with a 100% efficient dehumidifier both in cold and warm seasons.

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Mold removal precaution: Mold can get inside your dehumidifier

When using a dehumidifier in mold infested rooms over a long period of time, there is a good chance that the accumulated moisture collected by the device would lead to the growth of mold in it, when not regularly or adequately cleaned.

As per precautions for keeping this from happening, the primary thing to do is clean the device regularly. Prevalent mold-infested areas include the water tank or drainpipe depending on your option, and over time too, there is a chance that mold accumulates in hidden areas of the device such as the air and tank filters.

How to get rid of mold in your dehumidifier

If you are left with a mold-infested device, do the following to get rid of the contamination as soon as possible;

  • Unplug the dehumidifier from all power source
  • Wipe the outside body with a dry or wet clean cloth depending on how much dirt is on the body. Avoid spraying cleaning solvents directly on the body, as they could cause damages.
  • Clean the reservoir with soap and water.
  • Clean the air and bucket filter correctly, and replace accordingly if it is in an appalling state
  • Vacuum the device to get rid of tiny particles that you might have missed along the way, or never even got to in the first place.

Final Verdict: Best Dehumidifier for Mold Removal 

LG High-Efficiency PuriCare dehumidifier is the top dog amongst products in this class for removing mold, and it is mainly due to its tremendous moisture extraction rate, which leaves basically nothing in excess humidity for molds to thrive on.

It is also straightforward to use product, and backed up by amazing features like the auto mode, timer, auto shutoff, and even standby mode for overheat prevention. Its metallic build, as well as thermal resistant parts, makes for a very durable device in all while being able to function in low temperatures.

Out next top choice is the MIDEA MAD50C1ZWS, which bears almost nearly the same features as the LG product, but ultimately falls short in durability contest. It has the same moisture extraction ability of up to 70 pints per day and isn’t missing the auto mode or timer feature either. Low-temperature problems are far from this device too, and it cleans the air too through the use of a filter

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