The boneco products right from time have had a long track record of manufacturing good products, especially their range of humidifiers. For this reason, we have written this Boneco U200 reviews, also because the U200 is one of the top Humidifier products for the price in the family of boneco humidifier.

With several products released down the line since it came into North America back in 2001, they have been generally reliable, offering the customer everything he or she hoped to get in the intention of purchasing their product.

This unit is a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that is built with an output regulator that ensures it effectively serves the room it is placed in (with a recommended square feet of course), and a unique system that combats the presence of minerals in any water that would be used. This further protects the health of the user.

Further specifications of this product that you should know, would be discussed alongside other beneficial information would be helpful in future considerations on which model of humidifiers to purchase.

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How Boneco U200 ultrasonic humidifier works

The Boneco U200 is an ultrasonic humidifier type, meaning it doesn’t heat water to steam like the conventional type of humidifier we are used to. Instead, it makes use of a piezoelectric transducer in converting water into mist before releasing it into the atmosphere.

Boneco u200 working principle

This piezoelectric transducer, when immersed into a water bed, has the ability to convert electronic signals into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation. At very high oscillation speeds, the water particles become unable to keep up with the oscillating surface of the transducer, and this creates a temporary vacuum or space which leads to a strong level of compression occurring.

Due to the high levels of strong compression, air bubbles are created in an explosive manner, which is called cavitation. During this process, capillary waves are generated and tiny droplets of about 1 micron in diameter, break the surface tension of the water, converting it into vapour form and dissipating it into the atmosphere in a rapid way, where it is absorbed into the air stream.

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Features and Specifications of Boneco U200

  • Design

This unit is a small-sized unit that is built for easy lifting and moving around the home, only weighing about 3.97 pounds. Removing the top cover exposes the inlet of the tater tank and a handle in which you can easily lift the tank and placed under a tap for easy refill.

The bottom part of the unit can also be detached from the water tank to further reduce that weight, leaving you with only the tank to move to a place of a refill.

It is also one of the good old analog models, featuring an analog button which is available for switching between mist outputs levels making it easy to control while possessing the modern 360-degree mist outlet that lets you direct its output in a specific direction.  It is also certified frustration-free by an independent body, further outlining its ease of usage and easy to operate nature.

Boneco U200 water tank can hold about 1-gallon water at full capacity, while the mist release rate is about 1.8 gallons of water (turned to mist) every 24 hours.

  • Fragrance chamber

Turning to the back of the unit and looking down below, is a tiny compartment that is designed for accommodating fragrances, essential oil exceptionally. When used with essential oils, not only does it increase the moisture content of the atmosphere, but it also adds a soothing sweet smell which lights up a home.

The U200 is designed to accommodate the presence of essential oils without any hazardous effects, unlike many other humidifiers that could be damaged with an addition of essential oil.

  • Accessories

Coming alongside with the package on the purchase, are a few accessories that help in further achieving a clean mist. These accessories include the hydro cell, demineralization carriage and EZCal cleaner and descaler, which would be further discussed in the Boneco U200 filter and other parts later in this article.

  • Reliability

Embedded in the conditions when purchasing this model of Boneco humidifiers, is a three-year warranty that has got the product covered for the foreseeable future. In going for this product, you wouldn’t need to be turned off by the fear of sudden faults and pack ups, as the manufacturer’s got your back.

  • Area of coverage

With an area of coverage of about 430sqft, this humidifier can serve the needs of a standard room (from large to medium size), which is an excellent advantage considering its price, and it is also very portable when compared with most other humidifiers out there that are built for the same room capacity. They are generally larger.

  • Noiseless

The unit size and manner of operation, which is through ultrasonic means ensures that it works in a whisper quiet manner. It is very convenient to be used at night and doesn’t release noise capable of disrupting your sleep, rather with quiet operation and an LED night light, it creates a nice warm, comforting environment for sleep.

In using the u200, you can wave good bye to the regular backlight and noises that have plagued the older generations of humidifiers.

Boneco u200 filter and other parts

Boneco U200 Hydro cell
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It is a maintenance system that helps keep a clean condition in your humidifier, and they last about two months, after which it is recommended you replace them for optimum cleanliness. The duration this filter lasts depends on your water quality.

Therefore it could last longer when clean water is used or lesser than two months in cases of poor water condition being used.

  • Demineralization cartridge

This has been earlier mentioned among the accessories that come with the U200 product. It is imperative to the proper functioning of the unit, with a job which is to simply remove the mineral contents in the water that is used, and by doing so, it removes the subsequent mineral deposits that would have been released into the atmosphere.

The presence of a demineralization cartridge helps in avoid a common problem experienced by many users of humidifiers around the world, which is white dust becoming evident on the surface on the walls and furniture in the home. These white dust are most times difficult to clean off surfaces. Demineralization cartridges last about 2 to 3 months depending on the type of water usage, as with hard water, you would have to change it more frequently than it would typically last.

This cleaner is designed for all boneco u200 products, containing three smaller packets in a pack, they clean mineral buildups and are very easy and safe to use. It should be used every two weeks or less depending on the hardness of water, and we recommended you purchase this alongside your humidifier for more relieving performance.

Boneco U200 PROS and CONS

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Does Boneco U200 produces white dust 

The issue of white dust is nonexistent when you make use of the U200. This is due to the presence of the earlier discussed demineralization cartridge, which removes mineral contents in the water, as it is the minerals when mystified, comes out as white dust along with mist from the water.

The mineral contents and other contaminations are further cleaned by the hydro cell containing an activated carbon filter that does more removal of contaminations in the unit, and if you opt to make use of the EZcal, then you have a three-layered cleaning system that would ensure no contamination gets through to your atmosphere. This completely eradicates any chance of white dust appearing on your room surfaces.

Frequently Asked question About Boneco U2OO

We would consider a few frequently asked question asked by customers around and adequate answers.

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  • Can other less expensive products like vinegar be used with this product order than the recommended EZCal?

Vinegar is generally considered as the best solution for cleaning humidifiers and is widely used around the world. Although it can clean the plastics, it finds it harder going up against mineral build-ups and would find it difficult in breaking them down.

For this reason, it is not recommended to be used, as the ezcal made of citric acid easily breaks down the mineral build up in the unit. When using vinegar, its possible success is recorded, but it would be of lower efficiency when compared to the ezcal.

  • How much quantity of essential oil is to be placed in the fragrance tank to have a telling impact?

When making use of essential oils with this unit, it is recommended you just place a few drops in the fragrance corner, as that is enough to effect a change in the odour level of the atmosphere. Using too much oil would result in an excessive repugnant smell.

  • Is the hydro cell to be placed into the water tank directly at the point water is poured in?

If It is thinking of how or where to place the hydro cell? You should know that it goes into the tanks water inlet directly.

But before putting the hydro cell, it is crucial you rinse it under running old water for about a minute, as this helps the carbon pallets in the filter cluster and become rigid. Placing it directly in the tank could lead to loose carbon granules that would eventually fall into the water itself.

  • Can I wash the fragrance pad in case I want to change essential oil?

The fragrance pad’s job is to absorb the essential oil that is poured into the chamber before it is used by the unit. Changing essential oil would lead to a conflict in smell, which is why it is advisable to change the whole pad and not just wash it. The pad can easily be replaced with a cotton ball.

  • How many hours does it run on a filled tank?

When the water tank is filled to the top (you remove the top covering and detach the bottom from the rest of the unit then you are left with just the water tank, a handle is available for lifting), this unit can last for a really long while, about 12 hours precisely.

Depending on the rate at which the mist is toggled to by the analog button controller at the front side, the total amount of time the water would last might vary.

At a very high level of mist release, the water in the tank might not last up to the normal guaranteed 12 hours as earlier stated, and a really low mist output and irregular usage, you might discover you haven’t walked up to the humidifier to refill for days.

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Our Final Thought on Boneco U200 reviews

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Boneco U200 in all is an excellent humidifier type, boasting impressive qualities for its price and has an impressive coverage area of up to 430sqft.

The impressive mist output is also enhanced by the presence of two filters in the demineralization cartridge and hydro cell while having a further cleaning option of the EZcal, which eliminates the chances of dirt or mineral substances getting into the atmosphere of your home.

The unit is analog controlled, which counts as a disadvantage but also makes it easier to toggle through different speeds of mist release. And with a 360-degree nozzle, you can always push out mist to an area desired or where you think is mist dried in the room.

Part of the disadvantages of this product includes the lack of any sort of automated feature or an air quality sensor, which pushes it back compared with more recent humidifiers, but for its price, what would you expect.

With a water tank size of about 1 gallon in total, the unit is well and capable of running for up to 12 hours before a refill is needed.

In all, this product looks good and would add a great deal of beauty to the home, alongside bringing much quality to the table and with these great features coming at a very modest price.

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