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The Best Dehumidifier with a Pump for Basement – Consumer Reviews

For homes in the US today, having a basement is non-negotiable due to its numerous benefits. Although having a basement comes with several benefits, navigating the imminent presence of mold and mildew in your precious basement could become a  headache, some would even rule out the possibility of completely eradicating them. But if you play your cards right alongside a little commitment, molds can go completely. But a very vital piece of the puzzle is locked in having the best dehumidifier with pump for basement.

Generally, the best dehumidifiers with a pump have been specially built for areas with a specific high concentration of moisture that could lead to mold growth, and they work with little effort applied by the user.

Removing moisture from the air and with the aid of the pump through a drain hole that can be channeled to your desired location like a sink is what they do since you exactly stay long enough in the basement to see the water tank fill up like regular dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier units that are made for basements mostly possess a high level of moisture extraction rate due to the tendency of moisture concentration, especially in the rainy seasons. They should also possess some key features which would be highlighted here in order to make the user experience as convenient as possible.

This article on the best basement dehumidifier with pump have been packed with the important and relevant information only, that would ensure at the end of the day you come out on top far above moisture and its aftermath effects.

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Why is my basement so humid?

There are a few reasons that could cause your basement to become more humid in the home, first of which are leakages that could accumulate in hidden places, soaking woods and other furniture, and therefore causing mold and mildew or other biological growth.

The accumulation of this environmental condition, raises the moisture content of the home in general, while regular home activities like cooking and bathing also contribute. Since basements are always well below the ground level of the house, it serves as an accumulation point for moisture, especially condensation of cold concrete walls and floors during humid months.

Why buy a dehumidifier with pump for basement?

The primary reason for purchasing a dehumidifier with pump is due to its ability to automatically drain water stored up in the water tank, hence eliminating the need for the user to walk down to empty the tank regularly.

Top 5 Best dehumidifier with pump for basement

1) Honeywell 70 pint with Built-in Pump Dehumidifier for Basement TP70PWK

Special features: caster wheels, energy star certified, sleep mode, low-temperature operation.

[image code=”B07PWH59GR”]

This product is actually a complete boss at what it does, standing a good number of inches off the ground, it is a pretty large-sized device that would efficiently serve the basement of your home in a proper fashion.

Although one might be worried about the size of this unit, in the end, you are always going to need a powerful dehumidifier to remove stubborn moisture, hence the size of this product, as it is compact and designed to have a moisture extraction rate of a whopping 70 pint per day.

Despite its colossal size, moving it wouldn’t be a problem because of the presence of caster wheels that it balances on, where there are handles also present for pushing around, making it relatively mobile.

Considering that most basements are barely up to 500sqft, the unit is able to serve really large-sized ones of up to 4000sqft that is basically covering your basement and more.

Despite its capacity, this unit has been rated energy star which is quite a surprise, as it even consumes lesser than many smaller dehumidifiers out there.

With a pump built into this product, it is able to push water through an outlet pipe whether in the horizontal or vertical manner, as far as 15 feet. That is an impressive distance, even for the Honeywell TP70PWK.

At the top front side of the dehumidifier, there exists a filter whose job is to trap the particles in the air as it comes into the unit. The filter is washable and can be used for a very long duration, and is easy to identify when dirty because the filter indicator light begins to glow.

Below the front side, exist a water tank, where the water extracted from the atmosphere is stored in a case of no piping system available, and the water extracted would have to be manually emptied.

Measuring and maintaining a moisture level in the atmosphere is also part of the responsibilities of this unit, and it does this through the use of a humidistat. The humidistat works by maintaining a set humidity level by switching between different fan modes depending on atmospheric condition.

A timer feature for setting the working hours of this unit is also present, while there is a smart inbuilt auto-restart feature that is responsible for ensuring the unit continues to run on the exact same settings after it comes up, whenever there is a power failure. With a five year warranty, you can rest assured that the machine is durable


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • Highly mobile,
  • high moisture extraction rate,
  • right pump water drain length,
  • programmable humidistat,
  • washable filter,
  • five years sealed system warranty,
  • timer and auto restart,
  • full water indicator,
  • filter replacement indicator.


  • it is highly expensive.

2) Friedrich D708P 70 Pint Dehumidifier with a built-in drain pump

Special features: caster wheels, digital touch controls, anti-frost

[image code=”B007PIZRLC”]

The body design of this particular dehumidifier is really cool, and there is a guaranty of it adding a good amount of such beauty to the general appearance of your basement, that’s if you are concerned about such.

Below the unit are caster wheels for supporting its 42 pounds weight, and although it might heavy, it is easily mobile for this reason. There is also installed, a water tank beneath the unit for holding water down below, with a pump present for draining water off across a distance.

While moisture is being dried off the air in the atmosphere, there is also present an anti-micro bacteria filter which removes contaminations alongside it, and a digital display at the top is present to help display the humidity level and the temperature of the room.

Information is fed to the digital display through sensors that are present in the unit. Concerning the moisture extraction rate, this unit actually has a good level, being able to pull up to 70 pints of water from the atmosphere per day.

Functions in this unit are fully automated through the presence of a timer feature and a programmable humidistat. With the timer, the user is able to choose the extent precisely to which the unit should function, helping you save more power and hence the energy bill, while the programmable humidistat focuses the efforts of the unit on maintaining a set humidity level.

The effects of cold on dehumidifiers and its pipes are negated on this unit, with the presence of an anti-frost mechanism for keeping the unit in function even on very low temperatures.

Purchasing this device comes with a four year sealed refrigerator warranty, making anyone choosing the product a sure bet. In all, it is easy to use and would do a pretty good job in your home.


  • washable antimicrobial filter,
  • Highly mobile,
  • timer and hydrostat,
  • temperature sensor,
  • auto defrost,
  • 4 years sealed refrigerator system warranty.


  • Tube of the drain pump might leak if not tightened properly
  • Not power conservative enough

3) Iviation 70 pint Energy star Dehumidifier with pump

Special features: energy star rating, item weight: 45.5 pounds, caster wheels, low-temperature operation.

[image code=”B078HVJG8Y”]

This is another really efficient dehumidifier for basements, possessing reasonable moisture extraction rate over areas of extensive areas and their medium size means that you would have to create space somewhere in your basement, although not too much.

The unit is built with a digital interface at the top side, which helps for easy machine user interface and sits on caster wheels for easy mobility though it weighs about 45.5pounds. While operating, this unit consumes a very fair amount of energy for a dehumidifier of its size and capacity. Hence its energy star rated, and very suitable to be run continuously in a basement.

This unit has a built-in water pump, that can drain water through an outlet, pushing it as far as 16.4 feet which are good enough to pipe to a drain. In cold seasons, most dehumidifiers find it difficult to operate due to the low-temperature levels, but not this unit. It has been specially designed with an anti-frost mechanism, which allows it to work under really low temperatures, serving large sizes rooms of up to 4,500sqft.

With a built-in smart temperature, humidity sensor and programmable humidistat, the device are able to display on the digital screen, the value of the rooms temperature and humidity level, further adding a touch of automation and information to the overall user experience.

There also exists a water tank at the bottom side of the dehumidifier, which is able to hold a fair water amount and a transparent indicator that offers a direct view to the user for the purpose of water level monitoring.

When it comes to moisture extraction capacity, this unit is top-notch, being able to squeeze out an average of about 70pints of water from the atmosphere per day. It is effortless and convenient to use, with it overall operation further enhanced by the presence of a timer and programmable humidistat for choosing its working hours, alongside having a say in the exact level of humidity you would want the room to be.

The pre-filters are placed at the front side, with a function of proper filtering the air before it enters the unit correctly, and these filters are easily maintained by regular washing and wouldn’t have to be changed often. After a loss of power, on coming up, this unit has the ability to remember your exact settings.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • good pump water drain length,
  • timer, temperature and humidity sensor,
  • full water indicator,
  • filter replacement indicator,
  • Highly mobile,
  • water level indicator and auto defrost,
  • programmable humidistat,
  • washable filter,
  • auto restart.


  • it is expensive.
  • Might leak off the base after use for 2 years

4) TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier with pump for large rooms

Special features: caster wheels, energy star rated, light touch control panel.

[image code=”B07FJHZ58L”]

This is a medium-sized unit (which shouldn’t be a surprise considering we are working with a basement), that is designed for heavy-duty moisture extraction, of about 70 pints per day precisely, like most of the dehumidifiers on our list.

For smooth movement around the home, caster wheels have been built in at the base of the device, easing the users. Looking at the top side, one would find the control panel, possessing soft-touch buttons for varying the operating parameters, depending on the preference of the user.

Like all the devices on our list so far, there exists an internal pump, which is able to push the drain water as far as 15feets away from the unit, while there also exist a detachable drain bucket at the bottom side that can hold a good amount of water too.

An energy star rating awarded explicitly to this model of TOSOT, that helps the product work at an adequate capacity, while also reducing the amount of energy consumed, and hence your energy bills in return.

As earlier said, the control buttons offer parameters that help the user set the unit to run at a preference, but this could quickly become a real deal of stress as any time there is a power shortage due to whatever reason, most dehumidifiers would require the user to reset the parameters all over. This problem is rectified in this unit with the presence of an auto restart that retains the current set user preference in case of a power outage or even the device restarting.

An outstanding feature of this product is its low noise emission level. For a unit with pump, and designed for basements, it produces just about 48 decibels of sound which is pretty low and is able to afford you a peaceful environment, blending into the background of regular conversations at home. A 1-year warranty is attached to purchasing this unit too alongside the presence of a programmable humidistat.


  • Highly mobility,
  • filter indicator,
  • quiet operation,
  • right pump water drain length,
  • auto restart
  • Energy star rating


  • lack of a timer,
  • it is expensive.
  • only one year warranty.

5) hOmeLabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier with pump featuring intelligent humidity control

Special features: Energy star rated, item dimensions 13.4 x 10 x 19.5, caster wheels, large water tank capacity, item weight: 50 pounds.

[image code=”B07PMFMVDP”]

The last dehumidifier on our list is the hOmeLabs, and it doesn’t take this position due to poor performances, as it boasts of pulling out the same amount of moisture in pint capacity which is about 70 like the rest of the products reviewed so far.

This device is made with a good design, almost looking like a mini-fridge and therefore has a pretty weighty figure of about 50 pounds, although it shouldn’t scare you off, as it features caster wheels like all products on our list, for easy moving around.

Below the unit, the water tank is fitted in, and it’s actually pretty large in size, with a 6Liter capacity, it can run for days without needing to be emptied. On the other hand, with a built-in pump, the water tank wouldn’t need to be emptied at all due to the presence of drain pump that pushes water out from the reservoir through a reasonable distance depending on wherever it piped to.

Filters are present in the unit for further filtration of air contaminants, and these filters are also washable, therefore can be used for a really long duration, not having to purchase a replacement every now and then. With a humidistat for easy humidity monitoring and control, depending on the preferences set by the user, this unit functions with reasonable accuracy, removing moisture to meet its user’s needs.

For further convenience, a timer is also put in place for automation and control of the duration of which the machine would function. The unit also features a display panel at the top side, which working in conjunction with the humidistat, displays the current humidity level of the environment at all times.

Being energy efficient also guarantees you a reduction I electric bills compared to when you were using your previous dehumidifiers, and it is pretty quiet while in operation while being able to serve rooms of up to 4000sqft.


  • humidistat,
  • timer,
  • washable filters,
  • mobility,
  • right pump water drain length.


  • If power supply goes out, this may comes back on with the drain pump turned off
  • Timer feature feature may only work for one cycle

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Factors to consider before choosing the best dehumidifiers with pump for basement

  • Pump feature:

Giving the fact that we are actually considering purchasing a dehumidifier for a basement, having it come with an inbuilt pump becomes an essential feature.

The reason is that since most people seldom go to the basements or spend much time there, there is a big chance that a dehumidifier is forgotten and the water tank filled up and overflow, or the unit shuts down in case there is an auto-shutoff feature present.

It wouldn’t be able to carry out proper dehumidification with interfered running, would it? NO. Hence, the pump is there to automatically drain the water in the tank, freeing you from any responsibilities.

  • Moisture extraction rate:

A basement always accumulates much moist for sure, and only a dehumidifier with an equal rate of moisture extraction would perform well under such circumstances. It is for this reason that we chose units with at least 70 pints per day moisture extraction rate, as that is good enough for basements.

  • Room size capacity:

Of course the device should be able to extract moisture from even the tiniest spaces in the basement, hence the need for a large capacity size dehumidifier. This would help combat the high moisture rate buildup in the atmosphere.

  • Auto features:

For the convenience of not having to run to and fro to adjust the units setting to match the environment condition, ensure the product you go for possesses features like the programmable humidistat and timer, as well as temperature and humidity sensor. The anti-frost option is also very import for cold seasons, as the basement is many a time the coldest in winter.

  • Energy star rating:

Since the humidifier would run almost 24/7, therefore, consuming much energy, and there is an option for one that would do the same job at lesser consumption rate, why not go for it.

How do I reduce the humidity in my basement?

We would advise you to take the following steps to reduce the humidity level in the basement.

  • Stop water leakages; thoroughly look around the home and quickly fix water leakages.
  • If the basement has a dirt floor, it is advisable you make use of plastic in covering the floor to reduce the amount of water vapor coming through the soil.
  • Purchase a good dehumidifier, especially for hot, dry, humid months.
  • If there are cloth driers present, they should be vented outside.
  • Seal all air ducts leakages in the home.

Also, we have written in here on how to dry your basement fast

Final Verdict: best basement dehumidifier with pump

The honey well TP70PWK dehumidifier comes out as our best bet in choosing dehumidifiers with pump for basement. Its high moisture extraction capacity, alongside its numerous inbuilt automated features, would make the user experience more than pleasant.

Not too far behind is the Friedrich D70BP, boasting the same moisture extraction rate, alongside a hand full of automated operating features, this unit does an excellent job in basements of vast capacities. The deal of coming with four years sealed refrigerator system warrantee is of course very enticing too.

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