Why the quietest Humidifier for bedroom: You would agree with me that having known the numerous benefits of humidifiers and how they can make life better and more comfortable especially in dry seasons, one might take the next logical step in going ahead to purchase one.

Now let’s consider this, when a humidifier is intended to be used in places like the whole house i.e., best whole house humidifiers, it is easy to neglect the level of noise that it produces, but not in cases where it would spend most of it stay in a bedroom. At this point, how quiet it is, becomes of utmost importance, as a quiet home humidifier for bedroom is the most suitable.

Bedrooms are the respite area around the home, being where everyone falls back to in order to find peace and rest; therefore, they should be really conducive for vital human actions like relaxation and sleep. For this reason, fixing humidity in such areas would require the best Humidifier with no noise for bedrooms, making sure the comfort of the room is not maximized at the expense of more noise being released into the ear.

Whisper quiet humidifiers for bedrooms are mostly of an ultrasonic make or type, as the technology used in breaking down water into fine mist ensures little or no sound or noise is released in the process. These humidifiers are also apt in adding moisture to the air, therefore effectively raising the humidity to a healthy level, and preventing infections associated with dry air along siding making breathing easier.

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Type of humidifiers that makes noise

Trying to avoid that type of humidifiers that makes a great deal of noise? Then you should stay away from anything that rings evaporative.

The evaporative type is generally the loudest of portable humidifiers since they make use of internal fans in generating airflow.

The noise produced isn’t so loud per se, in fact, they are classified as white noises which can be handled by some people, and it’s a no go by others. Compared to the ultrasonic type, the evaporative is said to be loud.

In conclusion, When comparing evaporative vs ultrasonic humidifiers, one would preferably go for ultrasonic when noise factors matters.

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Top 2 quietest Humidifier for bedroom in 2024

1) Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (6L)

Special features: aromatherapy, night light, large tank capacity

Quietset humidifier for bedroom
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An everlasting comfort humidifier is a small-sized unit with a relatively small footprint that wouldn’t take much space around the home. Its design divides the unit into two unequal halves, wherein the more significant portion being the water tank, while the rest of the control and humidifying process sits down below.

The water tank is detachable from the unit, and allows for easy filling due to the ample inlet space at the top, while the unit also possesses a 360 degrees rotatable output nozzle for precise direction of mist by the user.

Unfortunately, the build of this product doesn’t come with a digital display like the first two famous types, instead, it makes use of a control knob for one primary function, which is in varying the mist output levels.

It does an excellent job in the amount of released per day though, being able to push out as much as 270mL/H, and can serve rooms or large sizes up to 400sqft with a runtime spanning as long as a whopping 50hours.

This long runtime is possible because of another remarkable property of the unit, in its large volume of the water tank. Its tank can hold an impressive quantity of about 6 liters of water. At the backside of the unit, exists a small aromatherapy pad, enabling the device to make use of essential oils, hence allowing the user to add a touch of fragrance to the mist released into the atmosphere. This is another strong point of the device.

Overall it would do an excellent job in your home in case you w=decide to go for this product, though it doesn’t quite match the other two reviewed so far.

Cleaning the unit is relatively easy, as well as refilling and controls. It doesn’t come with the timer or auto feature though it possesses the auto-shutoff, and it has a strict no hard water usage policy, as it could lead to white dust being released alongside the mists.


  • high mist release rate,
  • auto shutoff,
  • compatible with essential oils,
  • quiet operation,
  • long runtime,
  • filterless,
  • 360 degrees rotating nozzle,
  • easy to clean.


  • lack of auto mode,
  • two years replacement guarantee,
  • white dust problems,
  • lack of a timer.

2) Crane Humidifier, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Special features: Teardrop design, product dimensions; 8.6 x 13.4 x 8.6 inches, item weight; 4.5 pounds

Quiet cool mist humidifier
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Putting once again their trademark design in the teardrop shape, this crane humidifier is lovely to behold, and adding a touch of beauty as well as its expected humidity functions to your home.

The unit comes with a completely transparent water tank, sitting on the humidifying system and control panel, and this helps for easy monitoring of water levels, and hence refill times. At the tip of the teardrop, is mist outlet, being also a 360-degree rotatable type, for directional purposes.

The device is of really lightweight, and therefore mobility is not an issue at all, as it is easy to be moved to wherever it is needed in the home, hindering ant micro bacterial growth by controlling humidity levels.

It is able to serve vast rooms of up to 500sqft, affording an excellent relieve and easy breathing while being built to operate without a filter adds to its economic value as it reduces operational costs.

With a water tank of just a gallon, this unit cannot afford a long runtime, which is a letdown in its design, being only able to go for a maximum of 24 hours on the lowest settings, though it is really energy-efficient, consuming less power than a regular household light bulb. It possesses the auto shut off function that turns of the device as soon as the water in the tank runs dry.

The unit is an average buy-in all, and its easy refill and cleaning afford the user lesser stress during usage in the home. it is also tranquil during operation, like a proper ultrasonic humidifier, releasing fine mist that would suit your needs although it lacks any sorts of automated feature or the sleep mode.


  • 360-degree rotatable nozzle,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • no filter required,
  • auto shutoff,
  • quiet operation,


  • small water tank,
  • white dust problems,
  • no auto mode,
  • no timer.

Factors to consider when choosing the quietest Humidifiers for bedroom

  • Noise output level:

Actually the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a humidifier for your bedroom, the unit should ultra-quiet, barely releasing any noise during operation in order to maximize your comfort both at day and in the night.

  • Room size capacity:

It is essential that a humidifier can serve the bedroom it is intended for to a large capacity, for this reason, all the products on our list are able to cover large-sized rooms, effectively removing moisture to a comfortable extent.

  • Moisture output rate:

For a humidifier to efficiently cover your large room, it should be able to push out a good deal of moisture into the environment per day. A good rating should be picked depending on your room size, which for large-sized rooms should a minimum of 270 mL/H.

  • Automated functions:

Units having automatic features are always a joy to have, effectively making the user experience a worthwhile, while helping the machine perform to maximum efficiency and limiting energy consumption and remaining safe to use. Some of these features include auto-shutoff, timer, and digital humidistat.

  • Night light and sleep mode:

For those who can cope with and enjoy a dim, cool light lit up in the room at night during your sleep time, units with night light option would actually be a good buy by you, but we would recommend it rather be optional (being able to be turned on and off).

Units with sleep modes also afford the user an option of that further silences units operation, while turning off display lights including that of the digital display. It is handy for heavy sleepers, as it provides maximum comfort at night.

Humidifier making noise: causes and what to do

The primary reason of a quiet humidifier product suddenly becoming noisy, is mostly attributed to a fan motor or drive mechanism which is in dire need of lubrication or is clogged with debris after a long period of usage.

This happens mostly as a result of poor maintenance and can be corrected by lubricating wonky motors, while properly cleaning the unit overall.

Be careful to read the manufacturers statement though, as some actions you embark on might void the products warranty.

Final Verdict: Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifiers for bedroom

In order to obtain maximum comfort and quietness at the same time in your bedroom, we recommend you purchase the OPOLAR Quietest Filter-Free Digital Humidifier, as it is our best bet due to the amount of mist it is able to release per day while being capable of serving up to 500sqft. It makes for its small water tank in the presence of several automated features to make your experience more comfortable.

You can also aim for something similar in the OPOLAR Cool Mist Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier, as it is going to do just fine in your bedroom.

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