Air innovation has always been known for continuous innovations of air gadgets and an excellent customer service, which has however earned her a reputation to be listed as one of the fastest growing privately own companies in America by Inc. magazine. Our Air innovations humidifier reviews will give an in-depth description and features of the top 6 best air innovations humidifiers in the market.

Air innovations for over the last 30 years have been in the business of producing high-quality humidifiers around the world, with a philosophy of continuous growth and development. They have a product line that cuts across several industries around the world, and very low production time, putting them among the top humidifier manufacturers out there.

If then, you are on the lookout for humidifiers to purchase, that would best fit your home; you should read about the air innovations product.  This article would be an air innovation personal humidifier review, covering several top models made by this quality manufacturer.

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Getting to know Air innovations product line

The air innovations humidifiers boast of several Humidifier varieties whose specialties have been tailored with a unique characteristic.

Broadly, humidifiers manufactured by air innovations are the ultrasonic, cool mist, room, personal, aromatherapy, and the top fill humidifier. This means they don’t produce the whole house, evaporative and the warm mist humidifiers

The ultrasonic humidifier type makes use of high-frequency sound vibrations, breaking down ordinary water to create a fine water mist that does well in adding a high amount of moisture content to your environment and makes breathing easier.

With the cool mist humidifier type, you can make your home more comfortable, as they are designed to release the cool mist type only that doesn’t just add moisture, but also an element of cool, making your sleep better at night and in the day you would look and feel better.

If you decide to go for the room type humidifier, as the name implies, they are specially built to serve the whole room capacity, effectively releasing moisture that would change the humidity level of the entire room, therefore serving everyone in it.

On the other hand, you can decide to purchase a personal humidifier product, which has a benefit of just serving the immediate moisture level around you and hence you directly. A personal humidifier is also small and portable enough to be carried around to wherever you might want to go to.

On the last two types, the aromatherapy is built as an addition to the previously mentioned type or to specially constructed to stand alone and create a similar atmosphere to a relaxing spa. It combines the technology of advanced humidifier and aromatherapy in one unit, therefore conditioning the atmosphere with suitable and pleasant fragrance alongside controlling the moisture content level.

Top fill humidifier as the name implies is built for the ease, with each new model finding new and innovative ways of making easier the action of refilling the water tank in the humidifier.

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Top 6 Best air innovations humidifier reviews

1) Air Innovations 901D High Capacity Humidifier

Air Innovations 901D High Capacity Humidifier
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The 901D humidifier is built for extended duration usage, being able to run for up to 100 hours with a 1.6-gallon water capacity, hence the high capacity tag.

It is designed in a slick manner, having a stylish shape that adds a touch of beauty in any environment it is placed in, while the comfortable top for filling is also a plus for the user as it removes the unwanted stress.

The unit is very portable and wouldn’t take up too much space, with a footprint of just 10 inches across and about 16 inches high. Also, it can be doubled as a table humidifier or simply placed on the floor with possession of a 15-inch extension nozzle.

Air innovation 901D high capacity humidifier Pros and Cons

The safety and protection against infections offered when using this unit are enhanced by the presence of anti-micro bacteria inhibitor infused across the surface and at the base of the tank, whose job is to deal the micro bacterial that tends to accumulate and grow over time.

The presence of a permanent ceramic filter which is common to almost all these products according to our Air Innovations humidifier reviews, saves the user the regular expense of purchasing a filter now and then, while the mist outlet is a nozzle capable of 360 degrees directional rotation that allows you to channel the mist to your desire.

This model of air innovations humidifier comes with a timer option for the user to choose the duration in which the unit should function before shutting down, and also features a digital display interface for easy interaction. The digital interface also displays readings from a programmable humidistat, helping you monitor the level of humidity in the atmosphere and adjusting it accordingly.

Taking into consideration the capacity of room this humidifier can serve is also one of the reasons why it features on our list, being able to take on as much as 600sqft. It is effortless and convenient to use, lasting for a long time and you don’t have to detach the water tank from the unit’s base before refilling while being super quiet during operation.

However, the unit should be used with soft water only though, as when used with hard water, it releases white dust alongside the mist that settles on surfaces in the home and is a bit difficult to clean.

2) Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B 2.15 Gal. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B 2.15 Gal. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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This is a portable small-sized humidifier that shares a lot of similarities with the 901D type, being able to double as a table top or simply placed on the floor due to the presence of a 15inch extension nozzle that can be used to direct the mist when placed on the floor.

Its mist outlet is dual in nature, laying 180 degrees apart and allowing you to point at two specific directions you would want the mist in. It features a simple and attractive design and very portable in size with handles that enable the user to carry them easily for moving around.

The MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B ultrasonic humidifier contains two water tanks of about 2.15 gallons in total in it, giving it the capacity to run for up to whopping 120hours at the lowest setting which is a great plus for the user, as it can run for up to 15 nights of sleep before a refill is needed.

It is also designed with a capacity to serve rooms of up to 700sqft, meaning it can serve most conventionally large sized houses in this day. At the bottom level of the water tank is an antibacterial treatment tank like the 901D that prevents unwanted buildups of microorganisms that would contaminate the mist released.

This product features a modern feature with a digital interface that displays measurements from a humidistat which is in charge of keeping you updated on the immediate humidity level in the home at every moment.

It also contains a timer feature that allows you set the device to run for a few specific amounts of time then shuts off, while the permanent ceramic filter saves you the expense of having to purchase new filters every now and then.

Pros and Cons of Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B Humidifier

Overall, it is easy to use, is built with easy access to the top for a refill of the unit water tank, while possessing an auto shutoff feature that prevents it from overheating and leading to fire hazards when you run out of water.

The quiet manner in which it operates tops its overall performance, with a remote control option giving you a noiseless and comfortable service, though it also poses the same white dust threat as the 901D when used with hard water.

3) Air Innovations MH-701BA 1.7 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-701BA
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The MH-701BA is from the depth of the cool mist humidifier family across the families of air innovations humidifier, being designed to rehydrate the skin alongside treating dry eyes and itchy throat. It is cool mist also rehydrates the furniture in the home.

The unit is a round bottom with curved edges by the sides deepening in and then spreading out to form the top side, which is characterized by a lot of curves.

Like most of the humidifiers in our list, the MH-701BA also features a nozzle extension of about 12 inches which gives the user the option of either using it on a table top or placing it directly on the ground, and it has a built-in handle for easy carrying

This unit is built for large sized rooms, being able to release mist to serve as much as 600sqft, which is a catch for users looking to buy. It also possesses the programmable humidistat that helps monitor the level of humidity in the atmosphere at each moment, with a digital display screen that shows the value in percentage and you guessed right, the permanent ceramic filter is not missing either.

The water tank is of a 1.7-gallon capacity that gives it sufficient back up to run for up to 96 hours, and can be interpreted to 12 nights of sleep without refilling, convenient, isn’t it? At night, the light and display of the digital screen can also be dimed, helping you sleep better and more comfortable.

In the MH-701BA, the aromatherapy is not left out, and although it doesn’t come with a pad, it is compatible with all kinds out there. The unit maximizes the essential oil used in the pad, giving out scents for as long as 8 hours and scent source of different types, including essential oils, energizing citrus, uplifting green tea, and many others.

Pros and Cons of Air Innovations MH-701BA Humidifier

A remote control option is also available for controlling the unit in just about any way you would if you were close by, while it is very quiet in operation. The design of this unit makes refill more accessible, although it comes with the trouble of releasing white dust.

4) Air Innovations MH-602-BLACK 1.6 Gal. Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-602 MH-602
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Air innovation humidifier MH-602 is a powerful unit, possessing two independent nozzles that can be aimed at any 360-degree horizontal angle. With a water tank of about 1.6 gallons, it would conveniently run for about 24 hours on full power and about 80 hours on low before a refill is needed.

Although it takes a while, the manufacturers still have built in an easy refill option in which you just have to open the top and pour water into the tank directly, or you lift the water tank with a handy handle, moving it to a nearby running tap.

Like the other air innovations, humidifier this model is characterized by the typical presence of the permanent ceramic filter that eliminates the need for a constant change, as you would just have to clean once a while, and an anti-micro bacteria infused tank and base for combating bacteria that accumulate over time from your water and might tend to grow, causing harm on its way.

The unit is built to serve small to medium sized room specifically, of about 500sqft, making it a reasonable budget for anyone looking to control the humidity level of their room.

Embedded on the front side of the unit is a digital display, that makes it pretty much user-friendly and also displays the humidity level due to the inbuilt programmable humidistat, allowing you to turn off and on the unit when you desire. This is commonly known as the timer feature.

Pros and cons of Air Innovation MH-602 Humidifier

At nights, the unit allows for adaptation, in which you can dim the light emanated from the digital interface to enhance a sound sleep with less interference.

The unit is very easy to use and comes with the auto shutoff safety feature which kicks in whenever water runs out and also gives out an alarming beep sound which could be quite a nuisance but can also be turned off.

With this unit, you would also experience a white dust problem, which could be significantly much, covering the whole room in a day, which is why we advise you make use of distilled water only.

5) Air Innovations MH-505 Blue 505A Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Air innovations MH-505 Humidifier
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Using the air Innovations MH-505 humidifier is a perfect way to increase the amount of moisture content in the atmosphere, being very efficient against dry skins and sinuses and should be considered if you experience any of those a lot. It releases a cool mist that can give a soothing comfort alongside its primary function of adding mist in the environment.

With a digital interface, this unit allows the user easy control, while also featuring a programmable humidistat that monitors and maintains a set humidity level of your choosing. The timer feature is also available, meaning you can choose the working periods of the unit depending on your movement schedule, and with a 1.37-gallon capacity plus 70 hours of runtime on the lowest setting, this unit has your back for the foreseeable future, lasting for about nine nights of sleep.

Being one of the lightweight humidifiers today is also an added advantage (weighing about 3.5 pounds), affording the user a smooth movement around the home while staying small enough to manage space.

The water tank though has a refill medium that isn’t the most convenient, designed in such a way that the water tank would have to be removed from the unit and turned upside down to access the refill inlet point.

Pros and Cons of Air Innovations MH-505 Blue 505A Cool Mist Digital Humidifier

Despite all its good qualities, this humidifier is a no go area for hard water. When used with hard water it has been found to pack up in a shorter duration of time, have a faster level of micro bacteria build up while releasing a high amount of white dust compared to humidifiers with similar white dust issues on our list.

For this reason, we recommend you purchase a separate countertop distiller, as using distilled water might not cut it due to variations in quality and it could also be costly. Aside from that, this product gets green light from us with the anti-micro bacteria infused tank and base coming in handy and a 360-degree rotation nozzle.

6) Air Innovations MH-408 1.1 Gal. Cool Mist Humidifier

Air Innovations MH-408 1.1 Gal. Cool Mist Humidifier
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This model is built with a tank capacity of about 1.1 gallons, affording it a runtime of up to 70 hours on the lowest setting (although that may not serve most needs except you intend if for light humidification), and has a 360-degree rotatable nozzle for pointing the direction of the mist outlet. There is a built-in handle on the top of the device, and also another on the water tank for easy lifting, though it is easy to refill with easy access at the top.

Cleaning could be difficult when using this device, with several nukes and crannies that aren’t easily accessible by normal hands, except you get a tiny brush. The permanent ceramic filter alongside a micro bacteria infused tank/ base, possessed by this model too, does a decent job in keeping the unit clean enough between times in which proper maintenance is carried out.

Pros and Cons of Air Innovations MH-408 1.1 Gal. Cool Mist Humidifier

The issue of white dust output is significantly reduced in this unit, unlike the other models on our list, although it is still dependent on the level of hardness of the water used.

With this unit, there is less worry about the concern of hard water usage, although we still advice you don’t just pour in any water type as a result.

A lack of digital display and a humidistat also counter against this product, as it only features the old analog knob style, allowing you to set the mist output level to a suitable level. There is also no extension nozzle option, therefore condemning this unit to a tabletop type only in any area it is used.

Although this might not have as much quality compared to the rest on this list, for the price it goes, it is a relatively good buy, but anyone looking for a powerful humidifier for their spacious room should certainly look to the other models.

Considerations for picking the best air innovation humidifiers

This air innovations humidifier reviews wont be complete without you knowing the criteria for choosing the best.

  • Room size:

When purchasing any humidifier, the size of the room you intend using it for is always the most important thing to consider. We have given reviews on some products already in this article and would advise you go for the model that would best suit your room size, whether large, small or medium.

  • Runtime:

Depending on the availability of water and how much time you can spare to tender to the humidifier, purchase a product with a right amount of runtime before a refill is needed.

The water tanks should be far in size too but not too large, as that would simply cause bacteria to develop easily due to the long stale duration of the water before the change.

  • Timer:

The timer feature is very handy in setting the perfect atmospheric conditions just before you wake from sleep or get back home from work while ensuring your energy bills are appropriately managed, and unwanted spikes are avoided in the process. It should be in, though while making your decision.

  • Price:

This would not be so much of an issue, because most of the range/ models of air innovation humidifiers are relatively affordable, giving you much quality at a fair price. Despite this, if you want more quality, you should be ready to pay a few more despite the overall low-cost.

  • Extension nozzle:

This is has been a revelation in the humidifier world so far, allowing units possessing this particular feature to double as a table top and ground humidifier. If the ground is most comfortable, place it there and attach the nozzle to bring the mist up to the atmosphere, and if not use a table top.

  • Ease of refill:

convenience should always be considered before purchasing a specific product. For this reason, we advise you to go for a unit that wouldn’t cause you much fuss when it comes to refilling time.

  • Filter life:

This would not come into play so much because all the units on our list made by air innovations manufacturers are already in possession of a permanent ceramic filter that lasts a lifetime, eliminating the need for a change while giving you optimal performance. In units produced by other manufacturers though, the filter life should be strongly considered.

Air innovations humidifier leaking: Causes and what to do

After the series of products were tested in the market, we also test these products based on feedbacks about leakages occurring while in use, wetting the body of the unit, alongside the immediate environment.

After much research, we can confidently report in this Air innovations humidifier reviews that most people who experience such leakage problems, either have the top cover loosed or the nozzle not correctly fixed.

This is what we mean, the top cover is the part that has to be taken off before you get access to the cover of the water tank, and it isn’t the direct cover of the water tank itself.

Generally, air innovations products aren’t accustomed to leakages and are certainly due to a fault in the setup, for this reason, we advise you check/ tighten the assembly and never leave the cover open while the unit is running.

Air innovations ceramic filter: Effectiveness and Cleaning

The ceramic filter for a while has been a reliable way of removing dirt from the water before it is used by a humidifier, to avoid the release of contaminated mist. It is very cheap and does an excellent job in trapping impurities with its small pore sizes, and is very useful.

This filter, however, can’t combat mineral components in the water, as you would have to use a demineralization cartridge to remove that, which is why it can’t remove the problem of white dust in a humidifier.

This type of filter is also very easy to clean, as you would have to leave it under running water for a while washing it without the use of soaps, detergents, or any other cleaning agent. This lessens the strength of the filter and causes damage eventually.

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Air innovations humidifier replacement parts 

When it comes to purchasing different parts as replacements for your air innovation products, there is no shortage on the number of dealers out there with parts in stock. You just have to look to a close by humidifier vendor or better still place an order on the company’s website itself for a more guaranteed and quality product.

The replacement parts go for several prices depending on the dealer. For example, the most commonly sought replacement part of air innovation humidifiers is the dual directional mist nozzle.

It is readily available on the official air innovations website at the time of writing this article, and going for approximately $10 for the MH505. This price could vary, depending on the model and size of the unit.

Final thoughts on air innovation products

After thorough research, consideration, and testing, from our Air innovations humidifier reviews, we have picked the Air Innovations 901D High Capacity Humidifier comes out as the best on merit.

This due to the whopping runtime of up to 100 hours on low setting, which is more than enough to cater for standard needs in the home, without the disturbance of always needing a refill.

Also possessing several other qualities that put it up here, with the amount of mist it releases being the first of many, while others are an ability to serve large capacity rooms or double up as a table top or floor humidifier.

Its 360-degree rotating nozzle also counts, with a timer and programmable humidistat feature topping it all up. The unit is also quiet during operation and also economical to uses with the permanent ceramic filter.

Next on our list is the Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT MH-801B with a runtime of up to 120 hours on the low setting, which is a better time duration by the 901D, also boasting the ability to serve a larger room capacity than the 901D too by the manufacturer (but is practically the same on testing),

But ultimately falls short when tested due to the amount of mist it releases and its ability to actually affect the level of moisture in the atmosphere. This is an excellent unit though, mirroring several features of the 901D like the permanent filter, extension nozzle, quiet operation, and a programmable humidistat.

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