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Have you ever tried cleaning your humidifier and all you could see at the misting part of the unit is a whitish or brownish settled fine dust? That could push for a need to invest in the best humidifier for hard water, but I tell you, that isn’t enough, you should probably get to know something about hard water.

Hard water brings about concern because it is the most prevalent water we can find around us. As reviewed, Hard water contains a high amount of mineral content, and health wisely, hard is related to some diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and reproductive health.

In using a humidifier, water fills the tank of various capacities. In this same way, hard water can damage your humidifiers. Hard water can build up bacteria, and most importantly, they produce white dust which might be finely dispersed into the air and can cause irritations and health problem when inhaled.

For this reason, your health should be the priority when you are considering investing in a humidifier and not just a humidifier but one of the best room humidifiers for hard water. This article is surely a helpful guide in helping you get one of the best humidifiers without white dust, all for the sake of your health.

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Top 5 Best Humidifiers for Hard Water

1) Air Humidifier by Mooka Green Totem : Best room humidifier for hard water

Special Features: Ultrahigh frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology, Anion generator, One-touch sleep mode, Large capacity of 16 hours

Air Humidifier by Mooka Green Totem : Best room humidifier for hard water
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Mooka Green Totem air humidifier is a whole house humidifier with a high frequency of ultrasonic oscillation that can atomize water into fine particles 1-5 um in diameter. This singular property help keep the air you breathe, fresh and healthy.

This humidifier is also built with a humidity sensor (ST800) that can sense the moisture of your room in real time. With this product too, you can control the humidity level of your room in a healthy range by turning on the humidistat mode, at this moment, achieving a healthy and cool air.

Another property is its capacity. This humidifier has a large capacity of 4L, and it can last up to 1 hours non-stop, giving you all the freshness you desire. You can also choose from its three different mist levels of output depending on the size of your room.

Do you want to feel nature? This product is the best! You can bring the forest atmosphere to your home as Mooka Green Totem air humidifier comes with an anion generator. A good level of anions in the air can support cell metabolism and increase blood vitality, help you recover from exhaustion and improve your appetite, sharing the same effect of taking a long distance through a forest.

Family friendlyProblem with mode setting
Built-in humidity sensorInterference with float switch by cleaning brush
No batteries requiredA white layer dust residue results from high running
Easy to clean and set upMechanical problem
Built-in timer and multi-filtration
Three levels mist output

2) PureGuardian H1510 Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier : Best humidifier with mineral cartridge

Special Features: Large 2-gallon tank, UV-c Light, Aromatherapy Tray option, Ultrasonic Technology Protection

PureGuardian H1510 Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier : Best humidifier with mineral cartridge
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This PureGuardian humidifier has a 2-gallon tank. These 2 gallon tanks are easy to fill and are used in a medium to large rooms. It also has a UV-C light which actually helps reduces germs to emit a cleaner mist. This PureGuardian humidifier also had clean silver protection embedded in the tank to fight mold and mildew which grows on the surface of the water tank.

Another unique characteristic this humidifier possesses is an aromatherapy tray. This is rare in other humidifiers. With the presence of this aromatherapy tray, a few drops of essential oil is added to create an atmosphere that you can feel relaxed in your home or office. So comforting! However, you should know that while investing in PureGuardian humidifier, you will be buying your aromatherapy oils separated.

For PureGuardian H1510 Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers, you can choose from 2- options for warm or cool mist plus a 3-speed setting. Awesome! In addition to this, when you invest in PureGuardian humidifier, you have a home that glows in the night because it has a soft glow night light. Think of having your room with a beautifully serene and look!

Aromatherapy trayNo humidistat for mist adjustment
Low water indicatorFilter needed for tap hard water
Silver clean protection
Warm and cool room option
3- speed settings
UV-C Technology

3) Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier : Best humidifier without white dust

Special Features: Translucent tank to monitor water filling, Usage time: 20 hours per filling, Auto-off timer, Runs up to 30 hours per filing, Cough and congestion relief

Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier : Best humidifier without white dust
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Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier is another quality humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology to quietly distribute visible cool mist into the air. This humidifier is health friendly because it gives temporary relief from cough and congestion.  It also provides comfort from general dryness.

As the name implies, it is filter free. It also does a quiet work and so does not disturb your sleep in any manner. It has a wide tank which allows for easy refilling of water and cleaning. You do not have to spill water on the floor when operating your Vicks humidifier. While it is running when you sleep, it has an auto shut off that quietly shuts down when the water in the tank is out.

Another unique feature of Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier is the Vicks VapPads, which allows you to enjoy soothing vapors as you run your unit. There are two Vicks Vapopads, and each pad provides up to 8 hours of soothing mists so that you can get the ultimate soothing vapor experience you so desire!

Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier also features vaporizers and steam inhalers which help you breathe more comfortable as an asthmatic patient, all unique features in one humidifier!

Low maintenance designMedium sized room only
Easy monitoring of water
Translucent tank
Easy to clean
No filters required
Usage time of 20 hours per filling

4) Total Comfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier: Best humidifier for nature

Special Features: Hot and cold ultrasonic humidification, usage time: 120 hours, Auto-timer for water conservation, Essential oil for a comforting and friendly atmosphere

Total Comfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier
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Total Comfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is one unique humidifier that promises your home a green life. With this product, you can feel nature at its best.

This humidifier has a programmable humidifier and essential oil diffuser. With this oil diffuser, you can have a friendly and comforting atmosphere for you and your family. Its technology works to make your home more comforting with its digital display.

This Total Comfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is also designed with a hot and cold ultrasonic modification which delivers micro-fine warm or cool mist. In addition to this, it is designed to have a 2- gallon.  For the sake of convenience,  each gallon tank is divided into a one-gallon tank for easy carriage and this product usage time can be up to 120 hours. It also has an auto-timer to conserve water.

Total Comfort Warm & Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is also designed with Clean Tank Technology which protects the tank from mold and mildew. This humidifier opens the door of your home to a new environment you have always envisioned for yourself.

No batteries requiredNot easy to clean
Oil diffuserNot easy to fill
Dual tankThe unit cannot be uncoupled easily
Auto-off timer
Less expensive
Fans or filter not noisy

5) Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier : Best Furnace humidifier for hard water

Special Features: Automatic Humidifier with dual sensors, Evaporative humidifier, Convenient Digital Control, Health friendly

Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier : Best Furnace humidifier for hard water
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Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier is an evaporative humidifier that functions by piping water into the dispersing tray on top of the humidifier. The water is evenly distributed across the entire width of the tray and through an outlet.

The water flows by gravity over the water panel evaporator. As the water evaporates, hot, dry air from the air conditioning system moves through the moistened water panel evaporator. The water turns to vapor naturally, and the humidified air is distributed through your room.

Its convenient digital control shows percentage of humidity. It has a light indicator that tells you it is running, tells you when to refill your tank. This product is health-friendly and can be used in a home with an individual suffering from chronic asthma.

Dual sensorsFormation of slightly thin white dust layer, so endeavor to use distilled water
Large coverage of 3,000 square feet
Convenient digital control

Hard water and humidifier build up: What you should know

We all know a humidifier to be any device or equipment that helps to keep the atmosphere moist. Hard water is water that has high mineral content. The minerals include salts of calcium and magnesium as bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfate. They form when water filters through deposits of limestone and chalk.

When you use hard water to produce the moisture for your humidifier, you may be causing more harm both to yourself and your newly purchased humidifier.

Hard water when used with your humidifier pollutes the air, introducing these minerals and chalk to your room air because your humidifier evaporates the water and releases the vapor into the air.

You do not want to have bacterial invade your air, especially if you are dealing with allergies. Also, misting of the hard water in your humidifier can result in the production of white dust, which can cause irritations and some breathing related issues when you inhale them.

Is Humidifier White Dust Harmful to Health

Is Humidifier White Dust Harmful to Health

White dust may not be a concern to most people. However, it is a major problem when you have asthma, other lung/sinus health conditions, or allergy related issues. This white dust results from mineral content in the water that goes into a humidifier.

The hardness of your water determines how heavy or light the layer of the dust formed. Many, however, believe that the white dust produced is not harmful. They can be cleaned just as you would clean off other household dust. In most cases, only the ultrasonic and the portable impeller humidifier produces white powdered dust, and they are often not toxic, except only if you are allergic to it.

White dust generted from the humidifier in most cases are not dangerous to health as perceived by many. The hardness of a water only becomes a concern when consumed as a drinking water. Several reports have implicated hard water consumption in kidney stone formation, diarrhea, cardiovascular diseases etc. No standard research has implicated white dust formed from humidifier hard water with diseases.

There are several ways you can get the dust from your humidifier caused by your hard water. You could make use of a humidifier with a filter or purchase a demineralization cartridge which is designed to trap the minerals before they are released into your air. You can also consider investing in a warm mist humidifier. Otherwise, you eliminate hard water by using distilled water for your humidifier tank.

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What is the Best type of Humidifier for Hard Water?

As earlier stated, the best humidifier for hard water is a humidifier with filters. You can use a cool mist humidifier with a filter. The function of the filter in a humidifier is to keep the moisture produced, clean. The filter will also remove the minerals from the water vapor before they are emitted from the humidifier, providing you with a clean and free air free from white dust.

Unfortunately, the filters can get clogged up quickly and thus calls for replacement. These filters are also quite expensive.

Another option is to go for a warm mist humidifier. However, one advantage a cool mist humidifier has over a warm mist humidifier is that it is safer to use when you have your kids around the house. A warm mist humidifier is less expensive and will add some heat to your room. They are also less noisy than the cool mist humidifiers

Investing in a water distiller is another great idea. The distiller will remove the minerals from your hard water. Although expensive, you can use it for other appliance that deals with hard water. One benefit of water distiller is that there will not be a need for frequent filter replacement, although it is advisable your water distiller is still subject to cleaning

A demineralization cartridge is another option you can think of considering. However, it is not safe to be used with a warm mist humidifier because of its heating element. In this option too, you will need to change the cartridges. These cartridges are also expensive but not as much as filters.

How to Prevent Humidifier Scaling (Mineral built-up)

Below is a brief and straightforward step you can take in preventing mineral build up, otherwise called humidifier scaling.

How to Prevent Humidifier Scaling
  • Turn off the power to your humidifier and unplug it from the electric outlet
  • Drain the water from the tank and clean off any sediment that has been collected.
  • Pour a solution of white vinegar into the reservoir. For every one cup of white vinegar, you pour one cup of water such that you have an equal amount of water and white vinegar solution.
  • Allow the solution soak for about 3 to 4 hours
  • Drain the humidifier tank and damp with a sponge. Rinse all removable parts in a running hot water
  • Clean the interiors of your humidifier with a cloth soaked in vinegar-water solution ensuring that all mineral deposit has been cleaned off
  • Ensure all parts are clean and dry
  • Re-assemble humidifier and fill the tank with distilled or filtered water.

Can I use soft water in my humidifier: Why not?

YES. In fact soft water is the best water to reduce the scaling in humidifiers and to also prevent subsequent white dust formation.

Any water is considered a soft water when it has less than 61mg per litre of calcium carbonate.

So, how do you tell if your water is hard or soft?

The easiest way to tell is by checking for scales on your household plates, glass ware or even the shower faucet. If that is a bit difficult, try to wash your hand with soap using the tap water. If it foams easily and slippery on time. Thats a soft water, if otherwise, the water is hard.

So if you are previlege to have this soft water, i would say you are very lucky. but if your water is hard, there are numerous ways to soften your water before using it.

Consideration for picking the best humidifier without white dust

There are quite several factors you should consider when you intend investing your money in purchasing a good humidifier for asthma and allergies. While some factors may not be important, some are important and should be considered especially when you have a respiratory ailment like asthma and allergy

  • Ultrasonic evaporators vs steam humidifiers:

Ultrasonic evaporative is best for protection to asthmatics and people prone to allergic reactions because it cuts down on toxic chemicals, germs, bacterial and impurities when compared to steam humidifiers.

  • Space coverage:

Single room humidifiers are available as well as large room humidifiers depending on space square feet.

  • Cool mist or warm mist humidifier:

This is a significant factor because with it you can breathe clean and germ-free air as it helps in eradicating bacterial from the air. A cool mist humidifier will require a filter while a warm mist humidifier does not require a filter because the heat is enough to kill any possible germs

  • UV-C light:

It helps reduces bacterial and other germs embedded in the tank, so they are not dispersed back into your room air.

Final Verdicts : Best Humidifiers for Hard water

Mooka air humidifier clearly took its position at the forefront among the five products of humidifiers. A careful look at this product reveals that it possesses special and unique characteristics.

PureGuardian follows suit. This is another best humidifier for hard water. It has a warm and cold mist option where you can choose from. A cool, warm humidifier is known to be best for hard water. This humidifier is also easy to fill, preventing water spillage and help for easy cleaning in case of mineral clogging.

The next in line is the Vicks filter free cool mist humidifier. Health is life; this humidifier is friendly health wise because if provides temporary relief from cough and congestion.

The fourth in line is the Total comfort warm and mist ultrasonic humidifier. This product also uses a dual tank and usage is 120 hours! It is designed with clean tank technology that protects the tank from mold and mildew, most suitable for your hard water.

Aprilaire 500 whole house humidifier, the least on the list is also a good humidifier. It has a capacity of 3000. It is heath friendly in the sense that it is a good product for your home if you are asthmatic. Investing in this product is actually not a bad idea.

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