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5 Best Air Coolers for Closed Room – Consumer Reviews

One of the solutions to body heat, which is very paramount in the summer season, is  air cooler. Whether for small room cooling or large ones, having the best air cooler for closed room is basically the most efficient domestic way to control the atmospheric temperature with relative ease. Having the best personal air coolers in hot seasons is really relieving.

Today, most people prefer air coolers better than using other old conventional means, which speaks volumes about their importance, especially with millions spent on their market alone. If you are reading this, then evidently, a large part of you intends to get one of these devices; well, we are here to help.

A bedroom is a place where maximum comfort is felt in the home, which makes it essential to keep it as comfortable as it can be all year long. One of the necessary gadgets to get this done is through the best air cooler for closed bedrooms. It is also essential to consider the space consumption in a bedroom since they aren’t correctly built to be spacious, which is why this same product should satisfy the best small air cooler criteria too.

We would be reviewing some of the best products to help begin and make your search comfortable, then recommending the best type amongst them, to basically end the search. It’s a 100 percent work done, all you need do is read.

What to know about the closed room and its ventilation

Because the room is closed literally, air fails to circulate properly and leads to stale air being present most of the time.

Over time, the air could start to smell moisty and stuffy, and we all know that all in that category isn’t any way comfortable to breathe in.

poor ventilation in closed rooms also leads to an ever-present warm or hot temperature, which is undoubtedly uncomfortable. Thick stagnant air coupled with warm temperatures can make trying to fall asleep more suffocating than relaxing.

In conclusion, closed rooms mostly have poor ventilation.

Room cooler vs. air conditioner in a closed room

A room cooler and an air conditioner basically serve the same purpose, which is to reduce temperature level in the room, though they go about it in different ways, and have slightly different outcomes.

And the air conditioner is a device that reduces temperature by circulating internal air in the room over and over again, taking the hot air outwards, and replacing it with a more cooler one. They are instrumental in cooling, far more effective than coolers, but always leave the air very much drier than anyone would want it. Some have resulted in using a humidifier alongside this device to solve the problem.

On the other hand, air coolers operate in a very different way, creating cool through the evaporation of water. Hot air is blown on a water-absorbing filter, causing it to evaporate and cools the atmosphere in the process. They need water to cool, and for more effect, one can always add ice cubes

Air conditioners are more effective than coolers; however, the dry atmosphere they create is unhealthy and promotes the spreading of infections that thrive in such conditions, compared to air coolers that also add moisture to the room. Air conditioners are also more expensive to run, but requires less attention than the coolers. For an air cooler, there is a need to frequently refill its water as opposed to just letting it run wild like the air conditioner.

Air conditioners also have a negative effect on the environment, especially if the refrigerants used in cooling gets out into the air. They are also not as portable as coolers and would attract special installation costs.

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How to choose an air cooler for a closed room: Appropriating sizing

The way to choosing the best air cooler for your closed room is by looking out for its airflow rate measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). This value shows how much air is cycled in a room per minute. In order to know the right CFM for your room, firstly calculate the area in square feet, then multiply by height and then divide by 2.

For example; in a room of 200sqft, and height of 7ft, CFM required would be;

(300sqft x 7ft) / 2 = 700 CFM.

This means that the most effective air cooler for your room is the one with a 700 CFM, though coolers with lower capacity might do just fine. They can’t be just as effective, however.

How do you cool a closed room with an air cooler?

When living in a closed room, placing an air cooler in the same room would be nothing short of discomfort over a short period of time.

This is as a result of the fact that coolers also adds humidity to the atmosphere, and when there is no cross ventilation for moisture exchange to occur, the air becomes oversaturated with moisture. It is, therefore, best to place air coolers in an external spot just outside the room, or in a window where it fits perfectly.

Top 5 best air cooler for closed room

1) Honeywell CS071AE Quiet, Low Energy, Compact Portable Evaporative Cooler

Special features: Basically a home appliance giant, Honeywell designs and produces several arrays of devices for domestic use, which have been known to be top-notch and of high quality. This device is not an exception. It has quite a large mass, which sits on caster wheels, though it operates very quietly and consumes very low energy.

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This device is designed to perform the function of 3 products in 1. It is able to act as a fan for simple blowing of air, a humidifier, and of course, air cooler. With provision for water in its tank, this device cools the air with the air of evaporation, which releases water molecules into the atmosphere too, humidifying it in the process. Evaporation is achieved by having a fan blow water absorbed by its filter with a carbon dust filter standing in lime to allow only clean, fresh air through.

Should you decide to, you can run the fan alone for a pleasant old fashion breeze. For optimal air circulation, the fan of this product is designed with a patented brushless motor, which also makes it very quiet while in service. It also doesn’t make use of compressors for cooling, but rather evaporation, and this reduces the noise generated by a considerable margin. The timer feature is built in this device for the user’s flexibility, and allows the device to only run for a particular amount of time then goes off.

With dimensions 9.8 x 15 x 25.4 inches, this device is supposed to be challenging to move, especially on a full water tank. This is why it was built with wheels below, which enables users to push around quickly. Its settings can be changed from a distance with remote control for maximum comfort, or the old fashion style of pressing the buttons on the device. These buttons are located at the top side for easy of reach.

2) COSTWAY Air Cooler and Heater 

Special features: This costway product is very ergonomic in design, having almost everything in a device that would make life easier for its user. It is, however, simple in looks, though it has a powerful 5 in 1 combination of being an air cooler, heater, humidifier, and air cleaner and fan. That’s basically about 5 crucial electronic devices in one, and as a result, would call it the most cost-effective device on our list. For user’s convenience, automatic features like the timer and remote control are also present.

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Being primarily an air cooler, it makes use of evaporation like the earlier reviewed Honeywell CS071AE. Fresh air is produced by a fan blowing a filter, while the fan can be run separately too, and for even more cooling air, there are two available compartments, where ice can be added to further drop the temperature of air that leaves the device. This is most useful in sweltering weather conditions.

The air-cleaning part of it makes use of an ionizer, which simply generates negative ions, which attracts themselves to particle contaminants in the air, making them too heavy to remain afloat in the air. The heater does the opposite of cooling, releasing heat accordingly, to increase the temperature level. This means that the device remains useful all across the year, both in cold and summer, while keeping your environs clean during the days of natural, convenient temperatures.

Dimensions; 15 x 11 x 29.5 inches makes it quite big in size, though it doesn’t hinder mobility because of the wheels down below, and for smooth interaction, the top is fitted with a digital display panel, with indicators, as well as buttons for interaction. However, should you decide to keep the air cooler far away from your couch or bed, it can still be interacted with through the aid of remote control.

It has a timer and a washable filter for cleaning the air, too, with a 7 liters water tank that would last for a fair amount of time. For more coverage area, it also comes with oscillatory motion design.

3) Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Evaporative Air Cooler 

Special features: if you are looking for the most portable of devices that comes with the coolest of designs, then you are absolutely on the right track, though the final puzzle piece should be that you intend using it in a small space. The looks of this device are very appealing, adding beauty to wherever it is used and functions in the background without consuming much energy. This evapolar device is also practically bacteria resistant.

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It is designed to be more suited to tabletops, like placing it on your office desk or bedside, and only requires as little as 10Watts of power to run. This means it can be connected to a computer or UPS asides the standard power outlet socket. For maximum effectiveness, ensure it is placed very close by because it virtually cools the space immediately around it only.

Being 6.7 x 6.7 x 6.9 inches in dimensions and 2.87 pounds in weight has its advantages, which includes being handy and easy to carry about where ever you go, though the disadvantage of a dwindled capacity exists too. a standout feature in this device is its resistance to any form of bacteria spread. When bacteria gets to the filter of any cooler, it becomes a significant problem and a question of replacing the filter or just managing it that way. The choice is obvious. However, the filters are usually challenging to get to.

This device makes use of a specially designed patented non-organic evaporative pads, which prevents bacteria spread, eliminating the stress of going through any of those problems in the first place. It also acts as a humidifier and air cleaner asides its cooling ability and very cheap to run as a result of consuming only 10W of power. It is, however, a little bit loud while running.

4) COSTWAY Evaporative Cooler 

Special features: in case you decide to pass on the first costway device on our list, then this presents a second chance, and not in appeal, but rather performance. This oscillatory tower type air cooler is very portable, and would only take a small circular diameter off your total room space. It makes use of a fan-less design, which makes for very safe operation, and has the timer for more operational flexibility.

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At the very peak is an LED display for smooth interaction, and of course, with buttons for operating the device. Expanding more on its bladeless design, this allows the cooler to work more quietly, and also enhances safety around children, completely eliminating the risk posed by fans seeking a harsh relationship with the fingers of children. As a result, it is UL safety certified.

Its dimensions are relatively small at 11 x 11 x 41 inches, with the 41 portraying its tall height, which makes it closer for users to reach, instead of the discomfort of bending towards the unit. It is also able to cover a full area while cooling due to its oscillatory rotation option, which can be turned on or off depending on its user. All these functions can be done and undone with the use of remote control from a distance too.

The product can serve medium-sized rooms and comes with a timer for setting its working duration, though it is known to be a bit noisy while operating. It also needs to be placed close by for optimal effect because it doesn’t cool well enough to be felt from a distance.

5) Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler 

Special features: This cooler is living proof that the evapolar evachill series always comes with designs that stands out. It is very good looking, with LED light glow by the side giving a suiting night light for users who fancy one. It is handheld portable and consumes a minimal amount of energy, which would certainly not add a thing to your energy bills.

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This device is also an evaporative cooler, which makes use of a fan in blowing water off a filter until it evaporates and cools the air. Its filters are designed with a non-nonorganic material, which means bacteria and other contaminations that thrive on moist wouldn’t able to grow on it.

It is also a 3 in 1 device because it can be used as an air conditioning fan, as well as air cleaner asides its primary air cooling function. Being able to convert these many functions in one makes it a cost-effective device at a very reasonable price. It is, however, suitable for only tiny spaces, because it literally cools just the immediate atmosphere around it (45sqft recommended).

Despite its relatively small size and water tank, it can run for about 9 hours in total, before requiring a refill, and it works very quietly compared to the other evapolar air cooler. It consumes precisely 7watts, which is less than a light bulb does for virtually zero running cost, though it is quite fragile and should be handled with care.

Features to consider in choosing the best air cooler for closed room

  • Capacity:

Since we are considering air coolers for closed sized rooms, which mostly have a small capacity, the category of device that was reviewed in this article are all tailored to fit medium-sized rooms at best. If your room is of a larger size, purchasing an equivalent capacity device that can effectively cool the place is your best bet.

  • Ease of use:

Convenience features in air coolers includes a user-friendly digital control panel, which could come with a display screen for more ease. The remote control feature is also a nice one to have, allowing users to vary the device’s performance from a distance, as well as change the mode which in it operates.

  • Multi-purposed:

if you read carefully across the review articles, you would discover that no device exists as an air cooler alone. We recommend purchasing devices that are air coolers and more for maximum cost-effectiveness. Some extra features an air cooler can have without much stress includes a humidifier, fan, and air cleaners.

  • Oscillatory design:

Devices with oscillatory functions either rotate physically or contains internal glides which change directions at the interval, varying the direction of air released, and covering a more substantial area per time than stationary air coolers. This makes it able to give cooling effect for multiple users at different locations in the room.

  • Portability:

Air cleaners are usually bulky in size and kind of heavy, especially when with a full water tank. However, they kind of remain portable too if they have wheels for users to roll them with. If you intend moving your air cooler frequently, then be sure to get one with this feature:

Ice compartment chamber: The ice compartment does just one job in the cleaner, which is to add more cool to the evaporated water molecules. With this chamber, one is easily able to reduce the temperature of cold air released, therefore reducing overall temperature faster. It is especially useful in warm weather conditions.

Final Verdict: Best Air cooler for closed room

The best product is a close call between Honeywell CS071AE and COSTWAY Air Cooler, but the Honeywell product comes out on top ultimately.

The Honeywell is a 3 in 1 evaporative cooler with fan and humidifier device, which makes it cost-effective, but isn’t what places it top above the costway, as that is a mainly down to an excellent cooling impact, as well as a relatively large-sized water tank. It is energy-saving, and quiet while operating, with automatic features like the timer and remote that enhances better user experience.

The costway device, on the other hand, is a befitting match in capacity but ultimately falls lower in ranking due to not being able to work for too long before a refill is required. It is, however, a 5 in 1 device comprising of air cooler, heater, humidifier, air cleaner, and fan, which all operates in a quiet fashion. Its oscillatory design also means it covers a wide area, while the timer and remote controls for more comfortable use are also present in this air cooler.

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