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Top 5 Best Air Coolers for Humid Climate – Consumer Reviews

There would always be a period sometimes across the year, where temperature spikes gradually to very uncomfortable levels, giving man a lot to think about, especially an immediate fix on the predicament, and air cooling becomes an utmost priority. Humidity levels during these weather conditions vary from place to place, but regardless of what yours is, a good air cooler can help create immediate relief. The best air cooler for humid climate or the not so humid one is recommended for dealing with this problem.

Best Air Coolers For Humid Conditions should be able to get the job done regardless of humidity level, though it might be sometimes difficult depending on the temperature levels. Air coolers are, however, known to be at their cooling best when in humid environs. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that the search is on for which air cooler is best for humid climates. Fortunately, we’ve done that, and have the simplified results below.

Best Air Cooler For Humid Climate
Airflow rate Tank capacity Technology Cooling
Hessaire MC37M 3100CFM 10.3gallon Evaporative high-velocity axial fan blade
Honeywell CS10XE 300-412CFM 2.6 Gallon Evaporative fan and humidifier
Honeywell CL201AE 470-659CFM 2.5 gallon Evaporative Humidifier and Ice compartment
Hessaire MC18M 1300CFM 4.8 gallon Evaporative high-density grid media pad for cooling
Luma Comfort 500CFM 1.5gallon Evaporative Humidifier and Fan

What are air coolers, and how do they work?

Air coolers are simple devices that are release air into the atmosphere, with the aim of reducing its temperature. They have a straightforward design, wherein a fan blows air across the water, causing it to evaporate, and it’s this evaporation that cools the atmosphere.

The air is sucked in from the environs, blowing across the water in the cooler and carrying along some of its molecules, which causes it to cool before releasing it back. In the real sense, the air doesn’t just blow on the water, but rather a soaked pad that draws water from the tank where it’s stored.

Do evaporative coolers work in high humidity?

To say that air coolers do not work in high humidity would be unfair, and literally an act of watering down their effect. However, in high humidity, the effect of the evaporative coolers especially is somewhat reduced.

This is a result of the fact that they cool by evaporation of water, which adds moisture to the air, and in an air where moisture is already readily available, the impact of the coolness might not precisely be felt. Atmospheres with a saturated level of relative humidity tend to not accept any further moisture too.

How can you make a cooler more effective in humidity?

The straight forward answer to doing this is by adding ice to the process of air cooling and is where products with ice compartment really come in handy. Though ice could be added directly to the water in the tank, it melts not too long after that, leaving an effect that wouldn’t last more than a few hours.

However, using dry ice that wouldn’t readily melt in room temperature, which is placed in a compartment separate from the water tank, is a perfect combination that would at least do more than pouring it directly.

Top 5 best air cooler for humid and hot climate

1) Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Special features: evaporative cooler, 10.3-gallon tank capacity, high-velocity axial fan blade, heavy-duty wheels, product dimensions; 24 x 16 x 38 inches, item weight; 39 pounds.

best air purifier for the price

This is a high capacity evaporative cooler, which employs the services of water, cooling the air alongside adding a level of humidity to it, though it’s not much. The capacity of this device is, however, awe-inspiring, and when we say capacity, meaning how effective it as at easing temperatures, and from tests, it handled 90F temperature level admirable.

This quite bulky equipment would be quite challenging to move around, if only it had no supporting design. It is a good thing that this device has one, however, with the presence of caster wheels, which makes mobility much more comfortable, though you wouldn’t be moving this device around too often because it can serve spaces of up to 950sqft. In this rated room size, it is able to blow air at a rate of about 3100 CFM.

The water tank is enormous, being 10.3 gallons in capacity; don’t be surprised, however, that it disperses faster than one expects. Its high-velocity axial fan blade design helps to distribute air circulation across the room, to ensure more even cooling. Since the capacity of this device means water dries up really fast, there is a built-in direct hose inlet for channeling water to the cooler; this way; you never need to refill.

We would wrap things up by saying that this is a perfect cooler for large rooms, and is well worth the cost. It can be easily operated, too, with simple controls at the top and an analog knob for varying cooling rates.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • large water tank,
  • oscillating design for adequate air circulation,
  • wheels for easy mobility,
  • a high airflow rate of 3,100 CFM,
  • direct water inlet for continuous supply


  • it is relatively expensive.

2) Honeywell 300-412CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler, Fan & Humidifier 

Special features: digital LED display, evaporative air cooler, fan and humidifier, caster wheels, no compressor design, detachable water tank, product dimensions; 15.7 x 13.5 x 31.5 inches, item weight; 18.5 pounds, 2.6-gallon water tank capacity,

best air purifier for the price

This device kind of defies the odds in size pertaining to coolers today, though not by many gaps, because it is actually quite portable, and for more effortless mobility, wheels are also built underneath. It is every modern design, especially with the presence of an LED display panel, which harbors indicator buttons and a sensor for remote controls.

The water tank is pretty decent in size, though nowhere near the Hessaire, at 2.6 gallons. It is also detachable for an easy refill as soon as water runs out, as well as when it is time to wash. The air blown outwards runs through a carbon dust filter, which helps in preventing dirt from getting out to the atmosphere while cooling, and when the water runs low while in service, the low water level alarm comes up.

As a splash of automation, the timer feature is built-in, affording users the flexibility of selecting how long the device would run, which effectively saves power in the long run. Its remote control feature also allows for changing the settings of the device from a distance, and with a 1-year warranty attachment, the manufacturers have your back covered for a considerable amount of time.

Though this device puts out the right amount of cool into the air and is able to drop temperature levels as well as double function as a humidifier, it is, however, noisy while operating, while being practically suited to one small-sized room alone.


  • Remote control function,
  • timer feature,
  • easy to clean and refill,
  • carbon dust air filter for particle filtering,
  • low water level alarm,
  • timer for limiting runtime,
  • easy mobility,
  • consumes low energy,
  • 1-year warranty


  • noisy while operating,
  • suitable for cooling small-sized rooms only,

3) Honeywell 470-659CFM Portable Evaporative Cooler 

Special features: evaporative cooler, humidifier, ice compartment, product dimensions; 14.6 x 18.9 x 32.9 inches, item weight; 23.4 pounds,

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We shouldn’t see Honeywell product once again ranking as one of the best cooling devices out there, and we would admit that this device really cuts it. This product has a really cool design that would surely leave it ranking top if that’s all there is to coolers, but though it is not top, it’s undoubtedly one of the good ones. Being quite bulky in size, the air cooler sits on wheels for much easier mobility around the home.

A feature that stands out in this product is in the presence of an ice compartment chamber. At the top of this device, ice can be added to the chamber, which brings more cool directly in contact with the air blown, which kinds of simulates winter season in your room. Air blowing out from this device is also cleaned by a carbon dust air material, for an extra level of safety.

For much ease, the device can be controlled using a remote from a distance and has a holster compartment for keeping it close. Its water tank is pretty easy to fill, too, being as easy opening a designated chamber and pouring in. there is no need to remove the tank. For auto function, it can be set to run on the timer, which limits work duration to your desired number of hours.

This device is, however, useful for cooling only small to medium-sized rooms only, though it has a benefit of also acting as a humidifier while cooling. There is a high chance of leakage, too, due to complaints filed in overtime, and it is quite noisy while in operation. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • remote controls with a holster for easy use,
  • carbon dust air filter for removing dirt,
  • low water level alarm,
  • ice compartment for release of colder air,
  • easy to fill the water tank,
  • timer for unattended operation,
  • 1-year limited warranty,


  • suitable for cooling small to medium spaces only,
  • high leakage tendencies,
  • it is noisy while in operation.

4) Hessaire Products MC18M Mobile Evaporative Cooler

Special features: 4.8 gallons water tank capacity, heavy-duty wheels, product dimensions; 20 x 10 x 28 inches, item weight 16 pounds, float valve

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This is a lightweight and portable device (lightweight when on empty water tank actually) and is supported by wheels down below for smooth movement when the tank is filled. With a 4.8 water tank size, this device can hold the right amount of water, though heavy users would still have to refill about twice a day (if you run on the highest setting).

It possesses a reasonable air circulation rate of 1,300 CFM, which also enhances even and more effective distribution of the cold air it produces. Looking by the side of the unit is a protruding float valve for connecting garden hose size, channeling water directly, and eliminating the need for refills now and then.

It is built for small-sized rooms, and in actual fact, cannot adequately serve the 500sqft size manufacture’s recommendation. From tests, we would instead confine the size to around 300sqft at best, where we are sure it would make an impact. There is also a built-in high-density grid media pad that performs basically two functions in the cooler. The first is for enhancing the level of coolness of air getting out with its grid media pad, and its dense nature ensures a long life span.

We don’t recommend using this device in already humid conditions, because there is a broad tendency that it just over humidifies the atmosphere, while barely making an impact on dropping the overall temperature.


  • reasonable air circulation rate of 1,300 CFM,
  • easy mobility due to heavy-duty wheels,
  • high-density grid media pad for cooling, and
  • long life.


  • suitable for cooling small to medium-sized rooms,
  • it tends to over humidify the room, hence should be used in low humid conditions.

5) Luma Comfort Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Fan & Humidifier

Special features: evaporative air cooler, humidifier, fan, compact and stylish, 1.5-gallon water tank size, ice compartment, product dimensions; 12.8 x 11.2 x 34.5 inches, item weight; 16.2 pounds,

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With these dimensions, one might hardly believe this to be an evaporative air cooler because it kind of looks like a blend of tower type humidifier with a little more width than they usually have. It’s really compact and stylish nature makes it very easy to move around. It is also able to work as a standalone fan, while it adds a touch of humidification to its cooling mode too.

The tower-like design with width also has the benefit of allowing the device to operate in an oscillatory manner. This allows more even spread and air distribution in the room, as well as it being able to cover more extensive areas directly, and for more cooler breeze, ice can be added to the ice compartment, recreating a winter-like feel.

Programmable features like the timer are also present, which is used in streamlining the device working hours to your taste while conserving power in the process.  For user convenience, the cooler can be operated with remote control from a distance, as well as having a low water level indicator that keeps users informed on how soon a refill would be needed.

Despite these remarkable qualities, this device is a real turn off in that it can only serve up to about 100sqft in size at max, while it’s a tiny water tank of 1.5 gallons is sure to have you shuffling it between a tap and wherever it is needed.


  • portable with caster wheels make it very mobile,
  • programmable timer feature oscillates for even distribution of air,
  • remote control option,
  • ice tank compartment for extra cooling,
  • water level indicator,
  • can run on only fan mode for a pure cool breeze


  • suitable for small-sized rooms only,
  • small water tank means frequent refills,

Features to consider in choosing the best air cooler for humid climate

  • Capacity/ air flow rate:

How effective an air cooler would be in room space is mostly dependent on its design, precisely in capacity. Matching small capacity devices in the large-sized room would be pretty much ineffective, not because the device is weak, but rather the fact that it’s not built for that purpose. Size your room and purchase a befitting device.

After the cooer meeting the minimum capacity requirement, the next thing to consider is how quickly it can blow the air across. This, however, is mostly ties to its capacity. Therefore it is almost sure that a device that meets your desired room capacity is able to circulate air across effectively too.

  • Oscillatory function:

There are basically two types of air coolers in the category of air distribution mode, which are the ones that oscillate, and others that don’t. This is pretty straightforward, as seen in standing fans. Any source of air blowing device that oscillates is always more effective and meets the needs directly of users than the stationary ones. They also allow precise air blowing, for example, directly to where your couch is placed.

  • Ice compartment:

Devices that have this compartment offers a way to release cooler air into the atmosphere. When ice is added to the chamber, air blown out passes through, taking some of the chills alongside it, and making the environs cooler than ordinary air would have. In essence, coolers with this chamber can affect temperature faster than the ones without.

  • Ample water tank/ continuous supply:

Asides the ice compartment, the original way of adding cool to the air produced is by blowing it across the water and causing evaporation in the process. This has a benefit of both humidifying the atmosphere, as well as cooling to an extent, and depending on how large the water tank is, convenience in refill varies. Purchase a sufficient capacity device that wouldn’t need you to refill every now and hen.

  • Noise level:

Although the default work mode of most air coolers is noisy, but in the realm of noise, there are still some that are more tolerable than the others. For a more peaceful home, and minor discomfort while using, get an air cooler with the least possible noise which you can tolerate, and trust us when we say you wouldn’t regret in the long run.

Besides air coolers, how do you keep your room cool in humid weather?

The following ways, methods or process can be carried out to maintain cooling in humid weather:

  • Use loose cotton fabric in the home:

Using clothes that have tiny spores at numerous locations compared to tight fabrics might make a massive difference in how cold the air is. These clothes range from cloths to curtains, table-cover, bedsheets and a lot more. Tight fabrics aren’t exactly in favor of adequate air circulation that could keep the area cool, mainly when used in strategic locations like window curtains.

  • Unplug electrical devices:

most electrical devices are significant sources of heat; therefore, when not in use, they should be turned off.

  • Only use high-efficiency lighting:

power saving bulbs that don’t generate much heat should be the maximum preference in your room if you intend keeling temperature low.

  • Create airflow passages:

There are several heat-generating activities that are unfortunately also necessary and cannot be done without, like cooking, or ironing. If you can, halt these activities, or better still, do them in a different location, but if you cannot, the next best thing is to open windows and doors for proper air circulation.

This exchanges the hot air with cook one from outdoors; doing this in hot seasons, however, could lead to more heat than cold, especially when the sun shines directly through your windows.

  • Use a ceiling fan:

This is the most common way to get the job done. The fan should be mounted at a central location and set to blow forward in a counter-clockwise direction, forcing air down and making you cooler.

 Evaporative cooler vs. air conditioner in humid weather

Both standard air conditioners, as well as evaporative coolers, can be used for cooling in humid environments, but when high humidity joins the game, the best amongst the two falls to just one of them, which is the air conditioner. High humidity doesn’t exactly go well with evaporative coolers majorly due to them using the evaporation of water as the primary cooling mechanism.

In humid conditions, the air is already saturated or is close, and when it gets there, evaporation of water by the air cooler becomes much slower, too slow enough to make the same impact as using an air conditioner. Air conditioners use a chemical refrigerant that keeps flowing through a series of coils that are designed in a loop that connects indoors to the outdoors. It is, therefore, as a heat exchange system, absorbing heat indoors, and releasing it outside. This is the most efficient process for cooling when humidity is at an all-time high.

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 Final Verdict: Best Air cooler for Humid Climate

Share power is the most crucial consideration to keep in mind when picking the best air cooler for humid climates, and in direct consideration, the Hessaire MC37M is undoubtedly the best product for you.

Although lacking in all the cool automatic features commonly associated with coolers, this device is able to serve large sized rooms, with an awe-inspiring air circulation rate of 3,100 CFM. That is more than enough to get it the top spot, really. It also comes with a massive 10.3-gallon water tank, as well as an oscillating function for more even distribution.

The next best value is found in Honeywell 300-412CFM. Though boasting an impressive cooling capacity, this device is much suited for small to medium-sized rooms only, which is why it cost far less than the Hessaire, and if you can, save up that extra cash instead. if you cannot, however, this product would do well for your cooling purposes, and also comes with all the excellent features like remote control and timer. It contains a carbon air filter to clean the air too.

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