Small rooms have a tendency to accumulate heat moisture too quickly compared to more spacious and aerated areas, which leads to an unconducive amount of heat in most cases. In such a situation, simple relaxation becomes a drag, let alone sleeping, which is why the best air cooler for small room is a must-have device. Small room cooling is pretty natural, straight forward, and can be achieved through the use of the best mini portable air cooler.

Due to room size, dimensions of the best small room air coolers becomes one of the top criteria to consider before purchase, since the capacity wouldn’t exactly be a problem. However, there are other features that should be in the design of the product, which would enhance its best air cooler for small space claims. It is for this reason that we have put together this article to help you navigate the market with relative ease in choosing the best air cooler for smaller spaces in your home.

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Why small room is hot compared to other rooms

Although there are several reasons why a small room might be hotter, it is most times down to the amount of ventilation in both.

Small rooms are most times tightly packed and tends to hold a higher level of moisture, as well as poor cross ventilation compared to larger sized rooms which allow a larger flow of air through. There could also be other factors that come into play, like the room height, color of paint used, and materials used in making the walls.

Are air coolers the best option for a small room?

When it comes to cooling rooms, you either go with an air conditioner or air cooler. Since it’s a small-sized room, and one of the two devices cost more (air conditioner) than two times the other (air cooler), the choice is obvious; air coolers are the most cost-effective to purchase.

Air conditioners in small rooms also have a tendency to over cool the area, while sucking out every last bit of moisture too, leaving it inconvenient and unhealthy to stay in. By performance or cost, the air cooler is a better option.

Top 5 best air cooler for small room

1) Frigidaire EC200WF Portable Evaporative Air Fan

Special features: This device is designed with so much ergonomics in mind, making it one of the best out there for cooling small room purposes. Its tower design makes it small and mobile, with an oscillatory function for covering more area per time. The device is elementary to use, with convenience features like the remote control and auto-shutoff on an empty tank, making it all the more convenient to run for users.

Frigidaire EC200WF Portable Evaporative Air Fan

A standout feature about this product is the fact that it is able to cover room-sized of up to 250sqft, which, although still in the small category, is very impressive and can be said to be among the most significant square feet size in the category. The next best thing is that this device covers this area with an impressive rate of 600 CFM (cubic feet meter), which means it makes an impact on the temperature of the room at a rapid rate.

With a 1.8-gallon water tank, it can also run for the right amount of time before a refill is needed. For easy refill, the water tank is accessible and easily detachable, filled, and replaced. Taking a look at its design, the air cooler is a tower type product, which occupies just a little amount of space in the room, weighing about 20 pounds with wheels below for easy mobility.

Its dimensions stand at 12.7 x 12.8 x 31.4 inches, and with extensive oscillatory function, this device is able to cover more grounds per time than unidirectional coolers. This also helps it distribute air evenly in the room. The remote control feature is put in place to operate the product from a distance, should you choose not to interact with the digital soft-touch panel at the top, which also has a display.

This air cooler is in all an excellent product, with cool features that would surely serve you well; however, it is kind of pricy too, though worth it. For maximum effect, it should also be placed close by, but not too close; this way, its cold air would be more felt.

3) NLR Personal Air Cooler 

 NLR Personal Air Cooler is suited for small areas.

Special features: this is a very portable air cooler, which looks cool in design too, especially with a carefully crafted transparent water tank protruding by its side. The design allows water level in the tank to be easily monitored with the eyes. It is also effortless to use, with 3 control buttons, and portable enough to be moved around the home with relative ease.

Standing only about 6.7 inches tall, this device is very small in size, and would only take up less than a quarter of your tabletop. It is 6.7 x 6 x 6.2 inches in full dimensions and weighs 2.15 pounds, which qualifies it to be a small room fitted while doing an excellent job in cooling the air around.

For more cooling impact, ice can be added to the tank of this device, which means it can be used with ice alone or ice and water mixture, depending on the discretion of its user. It is tranquil while working; therefore, it can be placed very close to your bedside without the fear of sleep disturbance, and to further support is flexibility; it can be either used with a USB connection, power bank, or simply plugged to the power supply through different ports.

This small size means that it consumes a minimal amount of energy, almost guaranteeing zero increments on energy bills. It is, however, very suited to small areas, and would have to be placed really closed for it to be effectively felt. Filters are also built-in for cleaning the air which is circulated, riding of dirt, though that means that you would have to deal with frequent filter cleaning and replacements.

4) Simply Modern Personal Mini Air Conditioner

Special features: This bucket-shaped air cooler is one of the most effective types made by this manufacturer for the small room category. With several colors to choose from, this product simply satisfies the taste of so many users out there today while having an array of LED light to select too. it is small, compact, and allows user to vary the direction of released air, while a water curtain does the filtration job.

Simply Modern Personal Mini Air Conditioner is small and compact.

Being an evaporative cooler, the simple modern product simply works by blowing air over water in its tank till evaporation. For a more substantial effect of evaporation, ice can be added to the compartment too. The output air channel of this device, allows users to vary their direction and choosing where especially air would go to.

A unique water curtain (which is actually a filter), stands in the device to filter water from dust problems that might pollute the air. it, however, runs very quietly and can keep up for up to 6 hours before a refill is needed.

The downsides to this device are the fact that you have to keep up with the expense of purchasing this water curtain or filter every now and then is sure to add to running cost though the device doesn’t consume much energy. Its filters last up to 8 months before a change becomes necessary. Being 5.2 x 7 x 6.7 inches in dimensions, this device is tiny, and has a handle for easy carrying, while having a weight of 2 pounds.

The downside to using this device is that it only makes use of DC source, meaning you have to have some sort of computer of power bank laying around to use. It cannot make use of ac

5) Lemebo Portable Air Conditioner Fan 

Special features: the phrase “this device is small but powerful,” is valid to a great extent, mostly dependent on the room size in which it is used. Being suitable for small-sized areas, it is small and compact, plus really fits the bill for proper cooling, as its H2O cool fusion coupled with evaporative misting technology makes it very useful and efficient too. Its design also prevents moisture from directly damaging surfaces it is placed on, making it ecofriendly.

Lemebo Portable Air Conditioner Fan is eco-friendly.

Looking at this device, a ledge protruding from the front side is visible, seen, and it is singlehandedly responsible for its eco-friendliness. This tray is there to capture moisture that tends to drop to the ground immediately after leaving the device, causing wet surface and for wood, damages over a period of time. It also recycles the captured moisture.

The device makes use of both an H2O cool fusion technology, and the regular evaporative misting technology, which makes it really energy efficient. With this mode of operation, it is also able to run for about 4 to 6 hours, when it tank dries up, and it shuts down automatically. If you so desire, it can be run on the fan setting alone, making it both an air cooler, humidifier, and fan in one.

The device also fits our bill on being portable and convenient for small-sized rooms, being 12.1 x 6.9 x 5 inches in dimensions, and weighing only 2 pounds. It is, however very fragile, and lacks durability due to being built with cheap plastic material.

Features to consider on choosing the best air cooler for small room

  • Size:

This is the most crucial feature to consider while choosing a device for this category, as it shouldn’t be too large for the room. Purchasing a cooler that is too large for the room, would result in over humidification within a short period of time without actually addressing the high-temperature problem due to being an evaporative cooler type. There would also be a problem of creating space for this device in the room because of size. Keep in mind that you only need something small and portable.

  • Runtime:

This is mostly down to the tank size of the cooler in question, and it should be able to run for a decent amount of hours to avoid the inconvenience of refilling every now and then, especially if you carry the cooler around a lot.

  • Oscillatory function:

In simple terms, devices with oscillatory function are able to impact the atmospheric temperature as well as cover more grounds in a shorter period of time than those that doesn’t. Over small spaces, it becomes a vital feature which is necessary for getting cool on your body real quick.

  • Multipower source:

Coolers for small spaces should be flexible enough to be used anywhere, including tabletops and in personal spaces, without the hindrance of connecting to a single type of power source. It is for this reason that some can run with DC power from a USB port or power bank, and still maintain a different channel for AC. This is very useful, especially if you would be moving around very often. Devices with this feature also consume a minimal amount of power.

  • Mobility:

Of course, mobility had to be on this list. Products that are mobile are effortless to use, as well as convenient while being carried around. Mobility can be expressed in its actual dimensions or the presence of glide wheels for smooth movement. In the end, it’s down to making sure that moving your cooler around isn’t a drag.

Health Benefit for cooling down a room

When not in extreme measure, cool air is very beneficial for the human body, helping in carrying out lots of activities that would have usually been uneasy about doing in warmer temperatures. Some of these are;

  • Allows for easy falling asleep:

During sleep, our body naturally decreases its temperature in order to allow us to cycle through different sleep stages and recharge properly. This means having a lower temperature in the atmosphere already is sure to ease the body into that state, allowing a more profound and better sleep.

  • Speeds up metabolism:

sleeping could as well be a way to speed up the metabolism in the body, in the right conditions. Cooler sleeping temperatures increase the brown fat stored in the body, which helps in burning calories and blood sugar, therefore allowing the body to process energy efficiently.

  • Reduces the risk of high humidity associated diseases:

it is well known that humidity is associated with breeding molds, mildews, and other organisms that are harmful to the human body. Keeping the temperature low is one of the most effective ways to get rid of humidity, along with the potential diseases they sponsor.

  • Reduces asthma attack:

most of the triggers for asthma thrive in low humidity, and if you can get rid of that, then the possibility of an asthmatic attack drops significantly. This is where cold temperature comes into play, as it reduces the allergens and pollutants in the air that could result in an attack.

  • Better air quality:

let’s face the truth; it is much easier to function in cool air, which makes even simple activities like breathing very convenient. It somehow improves airflow and ventilation across the home too.

  • Prevents mold growth:

This is also tied to the humidity problem. Molds are only able to thrive in moisture-filled environs, which makes reducing moisture the most effective way to deal with them, and is just what cool air does. It prevents a truckload of health issues in the process.

  • Helps relieve stress:

Heat is a condition that is directly associated with stress. If you look closely, you find out that even when not under physical stress, when there is excessive heat, the body just feels stressed and tired. This can be all undone by cool soothing air.

Conclusion: Best air cooler for small room

Frigidaire EC200 air cooler obviously stands a class above all other reviewed products on our list of best air coolers for small room, due to its overall build and performance. It is able to serve the largest size of rooms in the small category with 250sqft and has a very high air-circulation rate of 600 CFM. The product also has a touch of modernization in the digital touchpad with a display, making it very easy to interact with, while its remote control can also be used from a distance. Being a tower type design, it doesn’t take up much space, while being very mobile too.

Your next safest bet after the EC200 is a Scinex Personal Air Cooler. Though miles away from the Frigidaire, it is still able to do an excellent job in cooling the air for small-sized rooms. It has a very cool design, with portability and flexible power source its primary selling point (being powered directly from mains or plugged into a DC USB port). It can run up to 8 hours and comes with a 1-year buyer’s assurance.

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