The closet is the place holding the right amount of everything pertaining to looks and whatever extra you want. However, due to its enclosed nature, moisture tends to build and stay trapped. Therefore causing damage to items in the closet ranging from clothes to shoes and even the closet material itself. For this reason, the best dehumidifier for a closet has safeguarding valuables.

Having the best closet dehumidifiers around (depending on your closet’s size), helps to prevent moisture buildup. It works by extracting moisture from the atmosphere. Therefore leaving the air dry and preventing bacteria and mold that thrives in moist condition, from causing damages.

The best wardrobe humidifiers should also be very efficient and effective because using one that wouldn’t make a dent on the humidity of the air wouldn’t just cut it, and most products fall in this category today.

In this article, our focus is going to be on the best dehumidifier for a closet. We would be discussing several products as well as recommend one for your use. The device should, however, possess certain features that guarantee their effectiveness. We would be discussing all that in a short while.

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Can you put a dehumidifier in a closet?

Using a dehumidifier in a closet is very okay! Leaving it there is even more effective, which is why you should have one in your closet. Although it might be dangerous to with use this device in a closet, when you do it correctly, you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all.

The significant danger associated with using a dehumidifier in a closet is basically the risk of water leaking out. If it is moisture absorber, the problem of getting burst and toxic content getting out.

This, however, only happens when you have a broken device or isn’t just careful enough, or the device lacks an auto-shutoff feature. With a durable device having an auto-shutoff feature, one can quickly leave a dehumidifier to work in peace in a closet.

Types of dehumidifiers for closets and wardrobe

There are two primary types of dehumidifiers for enclosed spaces. This could be either an electric type or a simple moisture absorber.

  • Electric dehumidifiers:

This type of product is like the name implies, is powered by electricity. It needs a power outlet, and depending on the humidifier, it could run using a compressor or not. The product mostly has air ducts, through which it sucks in air from the atmosphere, removing its moisture content (which is condensed in a tank to liquid), and releasing it back into the atmosphere.

Running this cycle over time would have a significant impact on relative humidity. It reduces it drastically to a safe level for your clothes. They are instrumental in humidity control. Thus, being able to impact the environment in a short period of time compared to the other type.

  • Moisture absorber:

Unlike the electric dehumidifiers, this type literally absorbs moisture from the air. These contain desiccant materials, which are able to absorb water efficiently, and more precisely, in this case, moisture from the air.

They usually last really long, and depending on design, some you can recharge, while others you cannot. Also, some of the desiccant materials are toxic when they come in contact with a human, and others aren’t. They are usually less effective than electrical products, and cannot handle significant moisture problems.

How big of a dehumidifier do You need for a closet?

The size of the dehumidifier needed is relative to the size of the closet in question. Therefore there is no direct answer to this question.

Dehumidifiers suitable for closets are very small in size, called mini-dehumidifiers. Precisely, though, in the class of mini-dehumidifiers, there also exist large and small capacity products. Before purchasing, it is expedient to rate its capacity and match it with the size of the closet.

Top 5 best dehumidifiers for closets

1) Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier 

Special features: product dimensions; 7 x 6 x 11 inches, item weight; 2.4 pounds, 16-ounce water tank, Peltier technology.

Best Dehumidifier for closet
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This is a very simple product that comes with everything you could desire in a humidifier for closet use. With a height of just about 22cm off the ground, we’d say that the device is quite portable. Its width would allow it easily fit into small spaces commonly associated with closets. It also has an impressive water storage capacity for its size, which makes it an all-round suitable device.

Though designed to be used in a closet, the device is designed to work with Peltier technology, which is a cooling technology that operates without a compressor, allowing the device to operate at maximum quietness. Coming to its primary purpose of removing moisture from the air, the pro breeze humidifier is also impressive, and is able to draw up to 9 ounces of water from the air per day.

With the auto-shutoff feature, the device monitors its water tank level, and turns off immediately if filled up in order to prevent an overflow. Should that happen in your closet, you can kiss goodbye to your precious items after a while. After activating the auto-shutoff, the humidifier turns on its LED indicator to alert its user about what has happened.

Despite all its excellent features, it is unable to function in extremely low temperature. It isn’t exactly durable, which makes it not suitable for very long term use. Asides those, you have a pretty cool device on you’d hands.


  • Suitable for large closets,
  • compact and portable for smooth movement,
  • full water tank  indicator with auto-shutoff for avoiding flooding,
  • Peltier technology quiet operation,
  • high humidity extraction rate of up to 9 ounces of water per day,
  • Easy to empty water tank,


  • Cannot function in deficient temperature levels;
  • it lacks durability; therefore, it would likely not have a long lifespan.

2) SEAVON New Electric 2024 Mini Dehumidifier

Special features: Peltier technology, product dimensions; 6.5 x 5.3 x 11.5 inches,

SEAVON New Electric 2024 Mini Dehumidifier for closet
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This product is designed to have a borderline performance between capable and not so up to standard. Though it depends mainly on other conditions surrounding its use, with the main one being the size of the closet and moisture level. It is, however, minimal in size like the other products reviewed before it, and comes with a single operational button with LED indicator lights.

Below the device is its water tank, which can be easily detached from the unit when it is time to empty. The tank is about 16 ounces in size, enabling it to hold about 500ml of water in conjunction with the humidifier that is able to extract up to 9 ounces (250ml) of water per day. Doing the math, this device is able to run for up to 24 hours before the tan gets filled up.

The auto-shutoff is a prominent feature possessed by this device. It enables it to immediately turn off, avoiding all sorts of problems caused by water getting into a closet. It also comes with the low water level indicator, which alerts the user on even a full tank.

While operating, this device is very quiet, as it does not make use of a compressor (called Peltier technology), making it very suitable to bedrooms. It also comes with a 1-year warranty on purchase. Though this device lacks capacity in effectively removing moisture, with the attached warrantee, purchasing this device wouldn’t be much of a gamble.


  • Suitable for large-sized closets,
  • portable and compact for easy mobility,
  • auto shutoff,
  • full water tank indicator,
  • quiet operation,
  • 1-year warranty,
  • easy to remove and empty water tank,


  • low moisture removal capacity in actual performance,

3) hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier 

Special features: Peltier technology, product dimensions; 6.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches, item weight; 2.4 pounds,

 hOmeLabs Small Space Dehumidifier 
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Another Peltier technology device on our list is the hOmeLabs product, which employs quite popular technology that enhances quietness in humidifiers due to it enabling them to work without compressors. Compactness and portability aren’t lacking in this product; hence it can be easily moved around depending on where needed.

This product bears much resemblance to the earlier reviewed pro breeze product, though it doesn’t quite match its capacity. It is, however, a decent product for humidifying medium-sized enclosed spaces like wardrobes, with a humidity extraction rate of about 9ounces or 250ml of water per day. Designed to be energy efficient, this product uses a 25W ETL certified adapter to prevent overheating. As a result, safer use while consuming little amount of energy.

The auto-shutoff feature is also present in this device for effectively turning off the product when its tank gets filled up, as this offers users more flexibility in monitoring and using the product generally.


  • auto-shutoff for preventing overflow,
  • compact and portable,
  • quiet operation,
  • low water level indicator,
  • suitable for medium-sized closet,


  • low moisture removal capacity,

4) DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber

Special features: moisture absorber, 350g silica gel absorbent, product dimensions; 3 x 3 x 8.1 inches, item weight; 1.7 pounds,

DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber
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If we would categorize this product correctly, it is not a dehumidifier. Instead it’s a moisture absorber, literally, because it contains materials that absorb moisture directly from the air instead of running it through some sort of system like regular humidifiers. The device is tiny, much smaller than humidifiers, and would take literally next to nothing in space when placed in a closet.

With the aid of silica gels, it is able to absorb moisture from the air, effectively dropping the humidity level. Silica gels are unique materials that are able to absorb moisture. Peculiar to the design of this product, the gel turns from orange to dark green, signifying that it has reached saturation and is in need of a recharge. You can recharge it by plugging it to a rated power outlet.

A fantastic feature about this product is its ability to work for a really long while. You can literally dump it for almost a month before checking back (2 to 3 weeks precisely). After this, you can charge it for about 12 to 15 hours, and the silica gel changes color back to orange.

Though silica gel is toxic, the one in this device isn’t, and wouldn’t cause harm to come in contact with. To prevent this, however, the device is tightly packed and sealed, hence leaving room for only a slim chance of that ever happening. This device is however much suited to tiny spaces only. It cannot do quite as well as electric humidifiers in the same class, in moisture extraction.


  • rechargeable and renewable,
  • non-toxic silica gel,
  • works for a long period of time before recharge is needed,
  • compact and properly sealed against leakages,


  • suitable for small enclosed spaces only,
  • long time required for a full recharge,

5) airBOSS Closet Dehumidifier

Special features: product dimensions; 3.88 x 4 x 5.75 inches, item weight; 6.7 ounces,

Best closet dehumidifier
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This humidifier is also a moisture absorbing type; therefore, it does not function like regular electric humidifiers. It is simply made of a container, which contains moisture-absorbing materials, and of course, absorbs moisture, condensing it into the water, and leaving it trapped on the inside. In the event of getting filled up, the whole humidifier would have to be disposed of and replaced with another one.

The device is a really low budget product for those who aren’t willing to pay more to get more and is much suited to tiny tight spaces. We must say once, and for all that, it isn’t beneficial and suitable for spaces where humidity isn’t exactly in high quantity or very liable to cause damages.

Despite its budget design, this product is made of materials that make it spill-proof; therefore, you can rest assured that water collected isn’t getting outback anytime soon, though we recommend you be careful not to let it drop from a distance. We can’t guarantee such happening would leave the moisture absorber intact.


  • spill-proof,
  • Very Affordable
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • can only be used once after which replacement is required,
  • takes time to have an effect,
  • inadequate moisture absorbing capacity.

Features to consider in choosing the best dehumidifier for closet

  • Capacity:

The capacity of the dehumidifier, precisely its moisture absorbing rate, is a vital feature to consider before purchasing a device. In a situation of using dehumidifiers with a capacity much smaller than that which is required for where it is to be used, the product would simply be a waste of money. On the other hand, purchasing a very high capacity device for use in a small area would only be a waste of precious cash.

  • Auto shutoff:

Devices without this function are prone to overflowing, defeating the reason why it was placed there and had been running for hours in the first place. After extracting moisture, it condenses as water in the tank, and should this water get out, it would merely be back to square one and is sure even to speed up damages and moist creeping all over the closet. This feature is a must-have.

  • Quiet operation:

Owing to the fact that closets are almost always in bedrooms, it is best to go for a product that can function with relative quietness, and wouldn’t call your attention at nights from your sleep. Though many electric dehumidifiers run quietly, no one does it better than those that apply the Peltier technology, which allows a unit run without a compressor (chief noise generator in dehumidifiers).

  • Water tank size:

The tank size of a dOehumidifier is directly responsible for how well you would have to empty it, though this could vary depending on atmospheric conditions.

The larger a tank size, the more time it would run before needing a refill, making it more convenient for users generally. When we say large, of course, it is relative to the fact that we are considering dehumidifiers for closets, therefore, cannot be as large as those for open spaces.

For example, a 16-ounce water tank is pretty significant for this class of products but basically useless for a room or whole house dehumidifiers.

  • Size:

The size of a humidifier should be considered owing to the fact that a closet contains limited space, and you wouldn’t have the luxury positional flexibility. For this reason, go for devices that are pretty small and compact, even barely noticeable when placed in the closet.

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How to dehumidify a closet

There are several ways to get rid of humidity problems in a closet, including both active and proactive ways. The most efficient, however, is by making use of a dehumidifier, though we would still give some useful points that would help in your quest for kicking out excess humidity for good.

  • Purchase and install a competent dehumidifier:

This is the most crucial action to carry out in dehumidifying a closet, at it removes humidity from the air directly.

  • Dry all clothes properly before storing them in a closet:

Stockpiling undried materials in a closet also causes the water vapor to get trapped after evaporating in the enclosed space, leaving you with much more humidity than there would usually be.

  • Leave the closet door open once in a while, except the dehumidifier is on.
  • Do not place clothes too tightly packed in the closet, as it leaves room for proper air circulation and, as a result, more humidity control.
  • If you can, install a light bulb in the closet and leave it on occasionally, as the heat dissipated from the bulb can help dispel moisture. Do this at a position preferably low to the ground so that the heat rises upwards.

Final Verdict: Our Pick of the Best Dehumidifiers for Closets

Speaking about the best dehumidifier for closets, the electric-powered type would always outperform that of the moisture absorber in direct comparison, as moisture absorbers are only economical when dealing with tiny sized spaces.

Amongst our list of reviewed electric humidifiers, the Pro Breeze Electric model comes out as the best for you based on performance. This is as a result of the fact that it has a remarkable moisture extraction rate with an auto-shutoff feature, and is small enough to fit into small spaces. It, however, wouldn’t work in low temperatures and doesn’t last for really long.

The next device that follows, which is obviously not a moisture absorber, is the LONOVE Dehumidifier. This product is also suitable for pretty large-sized enclosed spaces and has a fair moisture extraction rate though there is only so much than it can do with a large water tank. It can run for a little over a day, and also boasts of the safety auto-shutoff feature.

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