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Good Housekeeping Dehumidifier Reviews: Tested and Trusted

Excessive Humidity is one of the most faced problems in homes today, especially during summer periods. In fact, no routine can guarantee the absolute absence of moisture in homes, hence highlighting the need for the best dehumidifiers. We have carefully written this article about good housekeeping dehumidifier reviews in 2022 to help you make the best choice.

Our testing reference would be the good housekeeping and our selection will adhere strictly with the choices of the institute mentioned above

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About the good housekeeping institute and how they test products

Good housekeeping house institute has been around for almost a century, with an important goal to test and review products alongside services to get the best amongst the general market pool.

With a mission to see that every customer today spends money on the wisest and most economical of goods that actually works, this institute has built over time, a reputation and world-class facility in London for testing thousands of products per year and a GHI logo accredited to products that qualify.

These include electrical and technology-related goods wherein which a dehumidifier falls, and hence the source of our good housekeeping UK dehumidifier reviews.

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What is so special about the good housekeeping dehumidifiers?

During testing, there are several features that are considered in a dehumidifier in order to qualify for the GHI (good housekeeping institute) benchmark, and one of those is its multifunctional nature.

The best and most highly rated good keeping products are those with an ability to double in performance as other devices in the home. Which is why you would find here on our list, the GHI products has several functions, with some being able to be used as either an air-conditioning unit and also a heater alongside its dehumidifying features.

For large capacity dehumidifiers, the presence of a pump is also taken into consideration, while having a filter acts as a plus in the ratings, as well as its automatic features.

How does a dehumidifier works?

The dehumidifier works by drawing in air from the moisture-filled atmosphere, hence some of the moisture along (as water vapors), and passing it through a condenser, that turns the water vapor into water, while allowing the rest of the air pass through.

By this process, clean moisture-less air is released back into the environment, and with repeated action over time, the unit is able to drop the overall humidity level of the home drastically.

Top 3 Best good housekeeping dehumidifier reviews

1) Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Air Dehumidifier

Special features: housekeeping award winner, ecofriendly, CFC free green R-410A refrigerant, item weight; 80 pounds, storage bag.

good housekeeping dehumidifier
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Whynter products are known for their high level of automated designs alongside offering top-end performances as regarding where and what they are made for, and this product isn’t an exception.

It is one of the best housekeeping appliances one can find in the market today and comes with extra functions that make it also double as an air conditioning and heating system, packaging premium environmental comfort into one small 600 pounds device. The weight is a little on the high side, hence the need and presence of caster wheels beneath the unit that helps for easy mobility around the home.

The product is award-winning, with about two honors to its name, including that of good housekeeping. It is designed to serve rooms with large sizes, making it compatible and suitable for most rooms around today, while the presence of filters further enhances it already excellent performance.

With a washable pre-filter, the unit is able to filter air particle contaminants from the environment alongside its dehumidification process, while also contains an activated carbon filter for dealing with odor-causing contaminants that regular dehumidifying cannot solve.

With an auto drain feature, the packaging of the product comes with a hose used as a channel for continuous drain, getting rid of the condensate immediately. It also has a really high moisture extraction rate, keeping humidity low and hence molds and mildews away, while making use of a free green R-410A refrigerant.

Using this product is pretty easy, with the device having a good number of features to help give a better overall user experience. It is really quiet during operation, producing noise levels below 56 decibels, and is built with the timer function for setting its working duration, hence saving you bills on energy while offering more flexibility. It also comes with a storage bag where kinds of stuff can be kept.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • timer,
  • remote control,
  • activated carbon filter,
  • auto drain,
  • washable pre-filter,
  • high moisture extraction rate,
  • quiet operation,
  • timer.


  • it is expensive.
  • It is bulky

2) Whynter ARC-122DHP 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Air Dehumidifier

Special features: good housekeeping award, storage bag, storage bag, CFC free green R-410A refrigerant, item weight; 60 pounds, item dimensions; 17 W x 16 D x 29.5 H

Good housekeeping dehumidifier
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Another whynter product on our list is the ARC-122DHP, being designed to be compact and many other models, doubles an air conditioner and a heater.

It is a medium-sized unit with digital display at the front side, enabling it to show current user preferences, and hence overall excellent user experience. Although the unit has a pretty good design and looks, with a weight of 60 pounds and absence of caster wheels, it would make moving around nothing but tedious.

There are sever filters built into this unit, one of which is a washable pre-filter that is responsible for large-sized particles in the atmosphere, while further inside is an activated carbon filter, that works to remove the odor-causing contaminants from the air. Its system is built with a remote control function, that enables the user to choose desired preferences from a distance.

The unit makes use of a continuous drain system, effectively putting out the water created as a result of condensations from the dehumidification process. For this reason, it does not make use of a regular water tank that is installed mostly in many portable dehumidifiers nowadays. In case of a power outage, there exits an auto-restart function that kicks in on returning of power, running at the same exact parameters being set to your desire.

The unit is available in different colors and is pretty easy to use, being able to serve large rooms, which is pretty impressive and is a good buy for its price and quality. Using the unit isn’t much of a fuss, as it doesn’t release much noise during operation, hence not adding to the already existing environmental pollutions.


  • activated carbon filter,
  • auto pump,
  • remote control,
  • auto restart,
  • washable pre-filter,
  • timer,
  • can function under cold temperatures.


  • it is expensive.
  • Could Overheat

3) Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Dehumidifier

Special features: portable air conditioner, storage bag, dual hose system, CFC free GREEN R-410A refrigerant, lead-free RoHS compliant, nit dimensions; 20″ w, 16.5″ D x 34″ H, caster wheels, award-winning, item weight 60 pounds.

Good housekeeping dehumidifier
Check the price of this product

This dehumidifying product is one of its kind, with a really cool design that is able to add a touch of beauty to your home, it also doubles as an air conditioner and a heater all in one compact device.

Mobility could be an issue, with the device weighing about 60 pounds, but the presence of inbuilt wheels helping matters to a large extent. The unit features a digital display at the top side that allows easy machine user interface.

This product is built for large-sized rooms, being able to serve up to 400sqft for the air conditioning, but x5 more capacity for its dehumidifier, which is pretty impressive for its size, and it comes with several automated features that make for excellent user experience.

The unit is designed with a dual hose system for intake and outlet and hence more air intake, which gives a better space utilization and also possesses a remote control that can be used to vary just about any parameter of operation on the unit from a distance.

Its moisture extraction rate is on a really high side, being able to draw a whopping 76 pints per 24 hours, which is more than enough to completely serve your domestic needs.

A 24-hour programmable timer exists for automated functions, being able to dehumidify even in your absence and shut down at an already set time while saving energy and hence lowering bills costs.

There also exists a washable pre-filter that does the work of cleaning the air before it is dehumidified, and an activated carbon filter that works to remove odors and smells alongside regular moisture. An auto drain function for automatically getting rid of all condensation automatically also exists, while this unit boasts about two awards in the year 2022 alone.

In all, this unit is really easy and convenient to use, being very portable and can be easily set up anywhere. In cases of a power outage, on the device turning up, it is able to keep the previous user preferences and continue operating in the exact same manner that it was before the outage, hence saving a lot of stress on user inputs.

Although it seems expensive, it is well worth the price, being built with refrigerant and RoHS compliant components.


  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • remote control,
  • portable,
  • washable pre-filter,
  • activated carbon filter,
  • timer,
  • auto drain function,
  • auto restart,
  • high moisture extraction capacity,
  • mobility,
  • can function under cold temperatures.


  • it is expensive.
  • It is noisy
  • poor warranty

N:B: Although, the next 2 Dehumidifiers dont have the trademark of good housekeeping, but they are listed on their website when running their good housekeeping dehumidifier reviews

Factors to consider in choosing a good housekeeping dehumidifier

  • Continuous draining option:

This is actually very important in large-sized capacity dehumidifiers, giving the fact that housekeeping takes into consideration the ease of convenience in disposing of condensed water.

For a better convenience than having to take the tank out every now and then, it is good they have a continuous drain through a hone or built-in pump that helps them perform without you having to stress yourself out constantly.

  • Filter with indicators:

The presence of a filter in a dehumidifier, although this unit isn’t basically essential for its operation, it does well in further safeguarding your environment by cleaning the air.

Although the filters could last a really long time, they would require frequent cleaning and maintenance, hence the importance of a filter indicator which alerts you as soon as the filter starts to get cloggy.

  • Auto humidistat/timer:

With an automatic humidistat, a unit is able to sense changes in the humidity level of the environment, and adjusts its operation to suit the needs, while the timer allows the user set a working duration of the unit.

  • Auto defrost:

An ability to work in really low temperatures ensures that your unit wouldn’t just be a seasoned operator, and can work all-round the year, as many dehumidifiers cease to work in unfavorable temperature conditions.

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Conclusion: Good Housekeeping dehumidifier reviews 2022

It is important you keep your home clean at all times, and having a dehumidifier contributes a great deal of pleasure, and ease in general cleaning for you.

This is why we have picked the ARC-14SH as the best dehumidifier for your home. This is largely due to its ability to serve the largest size room, with a moisture extraction rate of a lot of water gallons per day

Going for the ARC=122DHP would, on the other hand, also make for a good deal. It comes with several automated features and is able to pull out a good amount of moisture content.

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