If you have a child that is asthmatic, and you’re thinking about the right humidifier for their room, you’re in the right spot, because in this article, we reviewed the best humidifier for toddler asthma.

The best help you can render to a child who has asthma is to make sure he or she breathes in high-quality air at all times.  Asthma symptoms are usually presented following overexposure to dust and contaminated air,  it becomes aggravated when there is continuous exposure to conditions and things that triggers it. 

You can relieve your toddler of asthma symptoms if you go for the humidifier designed for that purpose. It works by producing additional moisture in the air. Not only that, some humidifiers purify the ambient air.   These features enable an asthmatic toddler to breathe easily and lessen their symptoms.  

Getting the right humidifier for toddler asthma may be overwhelming because you are expected to choose from several products.

You are faced with numerous options, so your choice is dependent on your knowledge about the product, which means that your understanding of the crucial features of the humidifiers will help you in making the right choice. 

To make your selection easier, we have done extensive research and have come up with the top five humidifiers that are designed to ease asthma symptoms in toddlers. Before picking one of these products, you must understand some of the features of this kind of humidifier. 

Choosing the Best Humidifier for Toddler Asthma: Buyers Guide 

You will end up selecting the wrong product if you intend to make your purchase without adequate knowledge.  It is critical that you have a good understanding of the vital factors to consider before going for this product. This way, you will not only buy the right product but also have an excellent value for your money.  

Humidifiers come in diverse sizes and are meant for different purposes. If the product looks useful to you, but it does not meet your needs, buying such a product is as good as wasting money.  Hence, you should pay attention to the specific functionalities of humidifiers for toddler asthma.  

Humidifiers for Toddler Asthma: Why is it important?

Toddler asthma comes with symptoms like coughing and wheezing due to constriction of the airways that carries oxygen to the lungs.  In most cases, toddlers suffering from this health issue won’t be able to sleep soundly due to difficulties in breathing.  

Breathing challenges in asthmatic toddlers can be relieved when there is extra moisture in the air that makes the airways become soft,  significantly reducing the pressure on delicate tissues. There is more oxygen in the air when moisture is increased. So, the lungs won’t have to work excessively. 

Toddlers will have a peaceful sleep when their lungs are relaxed.  Therefore, the benefits of humidifiers for toddlers cannot be over quantified. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Humidifier for Toddler Asthma 

There are some vital features to consider when going for this product. Your knowledge of these features will help to differentiate a humidifier meant to ease asthma from those designed for other purposes. Here are some of the elements to consider:

Coverage Area 

If you are looking to buy a humidifier for toddler asthma, the coverage area is one of the features to put into consideration. It has to do with the square footage of the room that the device is meant to cover.

Ideally, you need a high-capacity humidifier for a large room, while you should consider a small one for rooms that are not up to 200 square meters. 

Mist Time 

The duration of your humidifier’s operation before the water in the tank runs out is referred to as mist time. The mist time is dependent on different factors like mist setting, as well as the capacity of the container.

Volume of Tank

The capacity of the tank is critical when looking for the right product to buy. Note that the capacity of the humidifier hinges mainly the size of its tank. That is, the larger the humidifier, the bigger the tank. 

Apart from that, the volume of the water tank determines how often you need to refill the tank. A big water tank means you won’t have to refill often while a small water tank will require to refill frequently.

If you need a humidifier that will run throughout the light, ensure that you get a high-capacity tank. Else, you will have to keep waking up to refill the tank. 

Mist Type 

There are warm mist and cold mist humidifiers.  Warm mist humidifier is ideal for the winter, while cold mist is comforting in the summer. 

Some humidifiers come with both options, so they produce either cold mist or warm mist based on your selection. 

Noise Level

Humidifiers come with different noise levels, so you should choose based on your preference.  If you intend to use the product overnight, then you should look for a humidifier with a low noise level.  

Top 5 Humidifiers for Toddlers with Asthma

#1. Bizond Ultrasonic Humidifier 

BIZOND Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Bizond Ultrasonic Humidifier is a high-quality product that is designed to relieve your child from asthma, cold, and other health challenges associated with dry air. 

The humidifier is easy to use, and durable. The fact that it can produce cool mist or warm mist makes the product a top choice among parents. The Bizond Ultrasonic Humidifier comes with auto shut-off functionality for the safety of users.  

Adults who have asthma can also make use of this humidifier to ease the ailment, and also have a sound sleep.  The machine works effectively; it does not make noise, so you can keep it running while you sleep.

Furthermore, the tank is easy to fill, and it comes in an attractive design.  Apart from humidifying your living space, it also works as an oil diffuser, giving your ambient air a pleasant smell.

#2. Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier

Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier

If you need a humidifier that enables your toddler to sleep well all through the night without any health-related disturbance, then you should go for the Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier

The device is designed to improve the quality of air in your entire house. It comes with a built-in seven-color LED night that makes your environment colorful in the night. Apart from that, it comes with an aroma diffuser that circulates the fragrance of essential oil around your living space.   

The Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for the Baby room, living room, bedroom, offices, hotels, among other places.  It comes with a control knob for easy adjustment of mist flow. Also, the device operates quietly.

The Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier comes with a high-quality stone filter that keeps it clean and eliminates foul odor.  With its 2.8 Liter tank, the humidifier is capable of running continuously for about 20 hours. The weight of the humidifier is about 3.22 pounds, while its dimension is 6.2 x 6.2 x 9.1 inches. 

#3. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier

Are you looking for a perfect humidifier to place in your baby’s room? If that is the case, then the Fancii Cool Mist Humidifier is your ideal choice.  The humidifier is designed to moisten the air in a small area adequately. It runs quietly so that your nothing interferes with your baby’s sleep.

The product comes in a simple design, but it is highly effective in operation.  It is worth noting that this device makes use of an individual water bottle to improve the air quality of ambient space.  

If you need a humidifier to minimize the side effect of dry air on your toddler to the minimum, then you should not overlook this unique product.

It utilizes pure mist technology to increase the moisture content in the air. Some of the essential features of this humidifier that you need to know are automatic shut-off, two filters, battery-operated, timer function, and many more.  

#4. InvisiPure Alta Cool Mist Humidifier

InvisiPure Alta Cool Mist Humidifier

The Invisipure Alta Cool Mist Humidifier is a product that is perfect for relieving your toddler of asthma.

The product will humidify your baby’s room and also diffuse your sweet-smelling essential oil.  It comes with a dual water level sensor.

This functionality enhances the safety and reliability of the humidifier. Its nightlight feature is specially designed to give kids a soothing relaxation before they sleep. 

The InvisiPure Alta Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for overnight use, enabling the asthmatic toddler to enjoy a sound sleep. Another noteworthy feature of this device is that it is quickly dried.   

The nightlight is not also an excellent feature for children; it is also perfect for adults. You can select from seven different colors with two brightness options to choose from. 

Furthermore, it features two mist mode settings. The device can run for 7 hours on when on the high setting and 5 hours when you select the other option. The product has a compact design, and it comes with a one year warranty.

#5. Anypro Cool Mist Humidifiers

Anypro Cool Mist Humidifiers

Are you looking for a humidifier that will keep your toddler hydrated throughout the dry season? If your response to this question is in the affirmative, then you should give the Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier a try. 

The device provides total relief from a bloody nose, dry skin, cough, asthma, and other health challenges that come as a result of low humidity.

If you are desirous of better indoor air quality, the Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier is your ideal choice.  It features a 2 Liter water tank that provides up to 16 hours of continuous operation. Apart from that, the air humidifier comes with a 360-degree nozzle for effective discharge of mist in your baby’s room, bedroom, offices, and other average-sized room.  

The humidifier is light in weight, and it operates quietly, enabling your toddler to sleep without disturbance. The humidifier also comes with an optional blue light for soothing relaxation before going to sleep. Other essential features of this machine are flexible mist level, timer, automatic shut-off.

One of the most effective ways to relieve asthma symptoms in a toddler is by getting the right humidifier that comes with features designed for such purpose. Our top picks are excellent humidifiers that are sturdy, easy to use, and they are capable of purifying the surrounding air. 

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