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The Best Temperature Controlled Space Heater – Consumer Reviews

Many factors determine how conducive the human environment can be; an essential one is its temperature. When the temperature is too cold, it becomes so difficult to be active, and it can lead to serious health issues too. To get that conducive temperature for you when it gets cold, a temperature controlled space heater is the solution. Read on and find out the best temperature controlled space heater for you.

Space heaters are devices used to generate heat in rooms and areas smaller than an entire house. (i.e., single, small areas at home or offices). The best type of space heater is usually either powered by electricity or an ignitable fuel, such as propane, natural gas, fuel oil, etc.

Portable space heaters usually run on electricity and are arguably the best room heaters. On the other hand, heaters that run on fuel require a permanent exhaust; thus, they are not movable.

Why do you need a temperature controlled space heater?

Like we said earlier, temperature is a very important factor to consider in having a conducive environment. And oftentimes, we don’t get the best room temperature we desire; hence, a temperature controlled space heater is highly necessary in regulating the temperature by producing the needed warmth during cold times in your houses or offices.

Can a temperature controlled space heater be left unattended?

Given that the space heater possesses some certain features, then it is possible and quite safe to leave a temperature controlled space heater unattended, including while sleeping. These features must include;

  • Certification by one of the major testing organizations,
  • An automatic shutoff,
  • Tip over protection,
  • A shut off timer, and
  • An adjustable thermostat.

Modern space heaters are very safe when left unattended, even for long periods.

Do all 1500 watt heaters put out the same amount of heat?

Actually, all 1,500-watt heaters put out the same amount of heat. Aside from that, they also use the same amount of energy regardless of the unit cost.  Generally, these electric heaters generate 3.4 BTUs of heat per one watt of electricity.

Top 5 Best Temperature Controlled Space Heater

1) Electric Heater – Wall Mounted Room Heater with Standing Base

[image code=”B08DXJ66XJ”]

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Wall-mounted with standing base

This wall space heater comes with a standing base and wall-mounted tools, which is ideal and super easy to install for bedroom or office rooms. Using the portable standing room heater option is preferable if there is a need to move from time to time.

This is also one of the best space heater for basement. This electric wall heater is also highly recommended in bathrooms for a nice and warm shower in the winter. The wall-mounted feature of this space heater helps in maximizing floor space, reducing space wastage.

Quick and balanced heating

This wall space heater has a 1500W capacity, which can cover average-sized rooms as large as 160 square feet when used as a subsidiary source of heat. With an in-built turbofan and quartz tube, this electric heater produces sufficient heat for the entire room rapidly and evenly. Additionally, this infrared unit is one of the best room heater that can aid in natural cross-convection in your room during winter.

Energy saving and safe

Concerned about saving energy and maintaining low heating costs? Then this temperature control heater is the best 1500 watt space heater to consider. It prevents excessive charges on your electric bills with its special features such as energy-saving modes, adjustable thermostats, and a programmable timer, which all aid in minimizing power usage and add to economic operation.

Interestingly, this wall-mounted heater is also equipped with overheat protection, keeping you, and everyone safe at the same time.

Timer function

This electric 1500W Space Heater is designed with a smart timer function that can be set to both Power-On timer and Power-Off timer. Automatic power-on will heat the room at the programmed time when one is not at home to turn on the heater.

Automatic power-off, on the other hand, comes in handy in cases where one forgets to turn off the heater, especially at night, minimizing power wastage.

LED indicator screen and remote Control

This wall heater is controllable by both the LED indicator screen and remote control. The led indicate screen feature is designed with indications and control buttons such as;  “Temp up/down, Timer, Modes and etc.” This feature makes it easier to control the room temperature directly on the panel and know the current situation as displayed on the screen. In addition to this is a remote, which is also perfect for easy control of the wall heater.

Special lock system

With this electric wall heater, there is no need to worry about kids being playful and messing up the setup of the heater. This heater comes with a lock screen function that makes it inaccessible to kids or a third party.

Waterproof “On” switch

The space heater is ideal for use in the bathroom as it is perfectly safe due to the waterproof casing on the “On” switch.


  • Comes with a timer function
  • A special lock system
  • An “On” Switch with a waterproof case
  • A built-in turbofan
  • Rapid and balanced heating system
  • Led indicate screen and remote control
  • An electric space heater with two standing bases, which supports the heater.


  • Quite expensive

2) Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier

[image code=”B0142T7250″]

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Awesome design

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier, 1500-Watt is a spectacular device and one of the best type of space heater for your home.

This portable space heater is designed with a silent ultrasonic humidifier built-in to the heater and, therefore, generating a very high level of comfort. The humidifier functions by adding the moisture needed to dry winter air and, at the same time, dispersing warmth throughout the entire room.

Being a newly engineered heater designed in the US, this is one of the most efficient heating source and best electric space heater. Dr. Infrared Heater is also unique with its advanced dual heating system with the combination of PTC and Quartz Infrared components.

Aside from the dual heating system, this electric heater also comes with a  high velocity low noise blower, thus, heating the room to a comfortable temperature and at a really fast rate.

Safe operation with energy saving and auto mode

The highest safety standard is definitely ensured when using Dr. Infrared Heater as it is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada. This portable heater is highly safe around kids and pets and only gets warm to the touch.

Also, it does not possess exposed heating elements that can cause a fire. Dr. Infrared portable space heater is designed with an energy saving auto mode, this allows the unit to cycle on and off and inter-change between high or low setting to maintain the desired temperature setting.

High power output

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater can heat a room of up to 1000 square feet in size. The high-quality infrared quartz tube inside the heater also has the capacity to produce even more heat than many other models. With the ability of this space heater to produce more heat than many other heaters, this model will provide plenty of warmth and comfort in any room. It stands rated at 52,000 BTU.

Low noise production

Designed with high pressure and low noise fan integrated into its cabinet, it is certain to produce and distribute warmth effectively around the room without worrying about unwanted noise.

Highly portable

This space heater has 4 casters in the base of its cabinet, thus making it easy and convenient to move from one room to another. Also, these casters are highly durable and long-lasting.

Easy to clean

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater has a removable filter that is easy and convenient to clean. The filter can be removed from the back of the casing and then vacuumed or cleaned with warm water. It should be allowed to fully dry before it is returned to the heater.

Remote controlled

The Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater with Humidifier comes with a remote control feature that allows easy control of the heater’s temperature as well as other features such as the auto shutoff and the oscillating fan feature. All this can be controlled from your comfort end as the user.


  • Infrared heat does not dry out the air
  • Has humidifier that adds further moisture to the air in winter
  • Has an oscillating fan that is usable with or without heater function
  • Comes with remote control for easy operation
  • Operates quietly, ensuring that there is no disturbance by unpleasant sound
  • Easy to move due to the 4 castors
  • Digital front display showing the setting of the heater


  • Uses a lot of electricity if you have all the features working at the same time
  • It Requires a high-quality extension lead to stop the fuse from being blown

3) FLAMEMORE CH-3003 Portable Electric Space Heater

best temperature controlled space heater

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Thinking about the best space heater for basement? FLAMEMORE portable electric space heater has got you covered. This 1500W space heater is finely designed with many outstanding features aimed at providing that perfect conducive room temperature.

6-Element infrared heating

FLAMEMORE portable electric space heater uses 6 element tubes that are heated in a few seconds. Making it quick and also durable. This wooden cabinet indoor electric infrared heat produces sufficient energy for efficient heating of your room or office.

Three modes and remote control

FLAMEMORE CH-3003 space heater comes with three heating modes, 1500W, 750W, and an eco mode. The eco mode reduces energy usage, saving up to 300 watts of energy. It is also designed with a remote control feature, making it easy to control the heater from anywhere in the room.

Low noise level

With the quiet feature of this space heater, noise disturbance will never be an issue when sleeping or working. This unit is very quiet and decent enough to be run in your home without causing obvious distraction. It runs in the background.

Built-in safety protection

Aside from being certified by  ETL, This portable electric space heater also has a built-in tip-over and overheating protection. When this infrared space heater is tip-over or overheating, it shuts down automatically, keeping you and your family safe at all times. This space heater also comes with a lock that can prevent children from controlling it by mistake.

Easy of use and movement

This electric space heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and a 12 hours timer making it easy to set the desired room temperature. It retains the desired setting even when turned off and restarted. Also, it is equipped with four carrier wheels and can be moved to wherever it is needed.


  • Designed with 6-Element infrared heating
  • Comes with 3 modes and a remote control
  • Easy to use and move
  • Tip-over and overheat Shut Off


  • There have been complaints of poor thermostat accuracy of some products. However, this is most likely due to specific manufacturer faults and not a general problem with this heater.

4) AmazonBasics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater – Wood

[image code=”B07JW4C7BJ”]

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Awesome design

AmazonBasics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater – Wood is another space heater Ideal for homes and offices.  This portable heater effectively and efficiently heat room up to 1000 sq ft (standard 9-foot ceiling height) and conserves energy with its ECO-smart setting.

It is a portable space heater with an adjustable electronic thermostat, easy-to-read LED display, Including remote control and an over-heat sensor ensuring safe operation. It also has a 12-hour timer with automatic shut off, giving the user fewer worries.

Dual-heating system

Eco-Smart Space Heater has an electric heater dual-heating system consisting of a quartz tube and PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient). This enhances its ability to produce heat effectively since it releases heat from two sides.

Powerful performance

This portable space heater comes with a standby mode and three power settings; Auto, Low (1000 watts), and High (1500 watts). It has a thermostat that regulates the heater, cycling it on and off to maintain the set temperature, then the noiseless 7-inch blower of the heater distributes heat out into the room. This space heater uses 12.5 amps of power, heats up to 1,000 square feet, and can operate for 80,000 hours.


  • Portable with adjustable electronic thermostat and easy-to-read LED display
  • Over-heat sensor for safe operation
  • 12-hour timer with automatic shut off for peace of mind
  • Dual-heating system (Quartz tube and PTC) with two power settings: 1000W and 1500W
  • ECO-Smart setting for energy savings
  • Includes remote control (batteries not included)
  • Heat rooms up to 1000 sq ft (standard 9 foot ceiling height)


  • It consumes a high amount of power.

5) Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater with Auto Climate Control

[image code=”B017C6IRDG”]

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Awesome design

The AVH10 vortex auto climate control heater is one of the best temperature controlled space heater for whole room. It is finely built in a stylish and modern way giving it an elegant appearance. It is also designed with enhanced features such as; auto climate control for automatic adjustment and maintenance of a balanced room temperature. While  vortex auto climate control heater produces sufficient heat to keep everyone in a room comfortable,  it’s exterior remains cool to the touch.

Easy to control

With the LED screen and push button control feature of this space heater, regulating and adjusting the setting becomes quite easy. It is at your call and beckon, as you only have to press the buttons, toggling its controls to your desire.

Energy saving

AVH10 has the capacity to heat an entire house or multiple rooms at a time, yet it is energy saving.  With this space heater, it is possible to heat a particular room being occupied and turn down the thermostat to release less heat to other areas of the home.

Auto Climate Control

AVH10 is the best Space heater with temperature sensor that senses the precise heat needed in a room and circulates it. This is very useful in maintaining a set temperature and also in making necessary adjustments automatically.

Advanced safety features

AVH10 heater is also designed with advanced safety features, including a cool-touch exterior that keeps the heater cool at all times, tip-over protection, and an automatic safety shut-off system.


  • Auto climate control to automatically adjust and maintain room temperature.
  • Automatic safety shut-off system
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Tip-over protection
  • LED screen and push button control feature


  • AVH10 heater is built to meet U.S. voltage requirements and might not function properly if used in conjunction with external devices that convert or alter voltage/frequency of electricity.
  • Improper use or shipping of AVH10 heater outside the U.S. will void all warranties

Features to consider in choosing the best temperature controlled Space Heater

When it comes to purchasing a space heater, some basic questions come to mind, such as; will this heater adequately heat my space? And what is will the cost of operation? To get answers to these questions, there are some important factors that you should look for in a space heater. They include;

  • Type of heater

The first factor to consider before choosing a space heater is the type of heater needed. While there are a lot of heater styles, there are basically three heating technologies under which every space heater falls: radiant, convection, and fan-forced.

Convection heaters basically provide even, whole-room heating, radiant heaters delivers rapid, spot heating in small spaces; fan-forced heater uses an internal fan that blows across a heating element; and micathermic heaters offer fast, widespread heat while saving space. Selecting the most appropriate type of heater is the best way to ensure effective performance.

  • Heating capacity

When looking out for a personal space heater, another one of the most important things to look for is the size of the space the heater will cover. The heater wattage rating can determine this. Generally, a room heater requires 10 watts of heating power to heat each square foot of space.

So a typical 1,500-watt heater will cover average-sized rooms as large as 150 square feet when used as a supplementary source of heat. Depending on the heating technology, your indoor environment, and the application, some portable heaters may cover more space.

  • Energy-efficiency

Concerned about conserving energy and maintaining low heating costs? Then considering efficiency before choosing a space heater is ideal. To keep electric bills from skyrocketing, it is necessary to choose the best energy efficient space heater for the room or office space size.

Special features to look out for in this regards include; energy saving modes, adjustable thermostats, low wattage, and a programmable timer. These functions aid in minimizing power usage and contribute to economic operation.

  • Safety features

Portable heaters can lead to fire hazards if not well monitored. Therefore, considering the safety features of a heater is essential in choosing the best type of room heater. Safety features to look out for in a space heater include;  cool-to-the-touch surfaces, an internal switch that automatically shuts off the power off the heater is accidentally tipped over or knocked down. Overheat protection is another invaluable safety function. This switch serves as a temperature sensor that automatically turns the heater off if the internal components reach an unsafe temperature.

  • Noise level

Just like most electrical appliances, many portable heaters produce some noise during operation. Some models, however, produces more sound than others, so it is advisable to go for a space heater with a low noise level, especially when considering heaters for bedroom or office.

Final Verdict

Space heaters are necessary devices needed to control temperature and create a more conducive atmosphere in houses and offices. So it is very important to choose the best temperature controlled space heater when deciding on a purchase.

In view of this, we recommend the Air choice electric heater, as the best temperature controlled space heater.

This is in regard to its outstanding features, which includes; its efficiency in heating small and medium rooms rapidly and evenly, its wall mounted feature or portable standing heater options. It’s waterproof “on” switch amidst many other features also counts.

The Vornado AVH10 vortex heater is definitely a heater to consider too. It is also designed to generate heat effectively in any given room. Aside from that, it comes with special qualities, too, such as an auto climate control sensor that senses the exact temperature needed for a room.