Humidifiers are useful in controlling moisture levels in the air. They help increase humidity during the cold season when the air is incredibly dry. Asthma and some types of allergies are triggered by low humidity levels, and this article reviews the best humidifier for asthma and allergies. 

Humidifiers, do much more than release moisture into the air. Using a humidifier in your room can also reduce allergies, cold and alleviate asthma attacks. The moisture released helps fight off bacteria and provides clean and soothing air for its users. If you’re prone to allergies and asthma especially in cold weather you should consider getting a humidifier in your home.

However, not all humidifiers work effectively in alleviating asthma and allergies, we have reviewed the top five humidifiers that are considered perfect for asthma and allergies. 

4 Best Humidifier for Asthma and Allergies 

#1.  Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 

Best humidifier for asthma

First on our list is the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. This humidifier is one of the largest in our review and ideal if you want to cover a large area. It is manufactured with care and packed with many features that alleviate allergies and gives you a good night rest. 

Its ultrasonic technology means it produces low frequency and is super quiet. You don’t have to suffer from annoying humming sounds while you sleep. 

The mist output is 270ml per hour from a tank that is 6L large and can effectively cover up to 500 sq. ft area. This means you can have a full night uninterrupted sleep with the humidifier working. It has a total of 50 hours of mist output and will automatically shut off when the water level is low.

It also releases oil into the air via its essential oil tray, giving your room a nice fragrance and also providing healing properties.

Everlasting Comfort cool mist humidifier is filterless, which makes it economical as you do not need to buy new filters periodically. 

It also comes with a blue LED light and has natural ionizer and vaporizer that destroys bacteria, microbes and allergens. It’s 360-degree rotatable nozzle and adjustable steam output helps keep the level of humidity greater than 43% at all times so bacteria cannot thrive. 

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#2. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If there’s one thing users require, it is ease of use, and the pure Enrichment Humidifier delivers just that. It has a 1.5L tank that you can easily fill by lifting the tank off the base and filling under your kitchen tap or bathroom. 

When full, it can deliver over 16 hours of mist air. This way you do not have to wake up at night to refill your tank. The size of this humidifier makes it perfect for bedroom, office, or nursery.

The humidifier comes with a disk brush for quick and easy clean up. Use the brush to remove debris or dirt buildup from the ultra disks every week. The mist nozzle is 360 degrees allowing for effective area coverage. You can also position the nozzle away from areas that do not require moisture such as electronics, pets, and furniture.

Other features include; speed settings to control the level of mist output, a night light that provides a soothing glow, and automatic shut-off when the water level is low. 

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#3. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

The Vicks Warm mist humidifier has several features that help eliminate bacteria and allergens in the air. When used carefully, it releases 95% clean mist into the air to help cure coughs, cold and dryness. It has a cup that can hold liquid inhalants. Steam inhalants such as Vicks Vapo steam can help hasten the action of released steam to decongest blocked throats and relieve coughs. 

Also, the humidifier comes with a patented Protec Cleaning ball that can help rid bacteria in your water tank. Simply drop a ball in your tank and enjoy fresh mist for longer hours. 

The humidifier is also filter-free, and so eliminates the need for quarterly filter replacement. It is whisper-quiet so it doesn’t disturb your baby at night in the nursery.

The humidifier tank has a capacity of 1 gallon and can run continuously for at least 12 hours before refill. It is translucent so you can easily see the water level.

Lastly, the display at the front of the humidifier is quite large so you can easily view temperature and humidity levels. 

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#4. Ucareair Cool Mist Humidifier

Ucareair Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier though compact, works effectively to remove bacteria and allergens in the air while increasing humidity levels. Ucareair Cool mist humidifier ensures dryness, fatigue and nasal infections that usually come with cold weathers are prevented. 

The device is quite easy to use and refill, it has an arc-shaped design tank with a handle that allows for an easy and secure grip. The humidifier also has a 2 piece design (base and tank) and a large water hole inlet. This way cleaning is quite easy, just run water through it, shake and brush with the brush provided before each refill. 

It’s ultrasonic technology also ensures the efficient working of the humidifier. It completely atomizes water into a thin mist so that it mixes smoothly with the air without leaving water droplets on the ground or table.

It is filterless, offers automatic shut down when the water level is critically low and has a control button for mist output. Ucare cool mist humidifier’s portable size also makes it ideal for travelling and it can provide up to 25 hours of continuous usage.

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Buying Guide: Best Humidifier for Asthma and Allergies 

A good humidifier that prevents asthma attacks and fights off allergies should have the following features/characteristics

1) Precision humidity control

The standard humidity level in your home should be between 30 to 50 degrees Celsius, especially for asthmatics.

Having the humidity level lower 30 degree means the air is too dry and can affect your nasal and chest area. While levels higher than 50 degree makes it easy for bacteria and microbes to foster. The best way to curb this is by buying a humidifier that has a precision humidity control. 

This type of humidifier manages the humidity levels automatically, it turns off when air is too humid, and on when the air is dry.

It uses remote sensors to get readings from the room and determines the humidity levels accurately. You can also opt for a wireless control humidifier that allows you to manage the humidifier from your smartphone. This way you have everything done remotely and at ease (check water, temperature, humidity level etc).  

2) Easy to use and maintain 

A good humidifier for asthmatics should also be easy to install, use and maintain. Filling up the humidifier should not be a hassle as well as cleaning it. A dirty humidifier means the chances of releasing harmful bacteria into the air are higher and can affect asthmatics negatively.

The device should also come with a manufacturers guide on how best to maintain the humidifier. 

3) Size of the humidifier 

Whether you opt for a room, tabletop, or whole house humidifier, it should effectively serve its purpose. A tabletop humidifier is the smallest of the three and is ideal for nurseries, bedrooms or offices. Due to their size, they require more filling and maintenance.

Room humidifiers, on the other hand, cover large expanses 650 – 1200 sq ft such as sitting room, dining etc. While whole-house humidifier can cover an entire apartment. They also require professional services and installation. 


Keeping clean air for asthmatics and people who have allergies is important. A humidifier can help ensure bacteria and deadly microbes are replaced with clean and fresh air. No more interrupted sleep due to blocked nostrils or dry air. 

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