Indoor and outdoor pollution are serious problems that we all have to deal with today. Its effect is especially more dangerous for those with existing lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, allergies. A good way to take charge of your air quality is through the use of the best air purifier for lung disease. This way, it secures you against pollutants that cause harm.

If you have a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, then you should take this very seriously. It is a lung disease that obstructs your airflow, seeing you stop breathing, coughing, and mucus production. Asides from other treatments, running the best air purifier for COPD patients keeps contaminants that may trigger a reaction, away from you.

Top of the American lung association air purifier recommendation is the IQAir HealthPro Plus, which we also recommend as the best air purifier for respiratory issues. The IQAir unit makes use of a tested and proven medical-grade air filtration that allows it to filter ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 microns. It also impressively does this with a 99.5% accuracy and is suitable for large areas up to 1125sqft.

Filtration StagesCapacityCFM
IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier] Medical Grade Air31125300
AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier UltraHEPA4900373
Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier3700230
Bissell Smart Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters3800300
Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier3800350

Top 5 Best Air Purifiers for Lung Disease

1) IQAir [HealthPro Plus Air Purifier] Medical Grade Air

Hospiter grade air purifier
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IQAir has always been known for class. They design and manufacture high-quality air purifiers, which, although expensive, are worth every bit of the price. Their products are mostly a class above its respective peers, which is why IQAir sits top of the American lung association recommendation list.

Medical grade filtration

The most price asset of this air purifier is its medical-grade filtration. With this enhanced filtration system, it can trap ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 microns. It also does this with a 99.5% accuracy. This quality blows away that of a regular true hepa filter that can only trap 0.3 microns.

The filtration stages consist of pre max filter (equivalent to a pre filter in a regular air purifier), which traps large particles from the air, a v5-cell gas and odor filter, and a Hyper Hepa filter V5 filter removes gaseous and odor-causing pollutants from the air. The HypaHepa filter is in charge of the major cleaning.

This humidifier is powerful enough to trap all domestic air pollutants including pet dander, odors, smoke, pollen, dust, and other ultrafine particles that you cannot see with the naked eyes. In all, it is argueably the best air purifier for respiratory problems.

Triple seal technology and Capacity

The build of this air purifier is also another impressive aspect of it. This is especially seen in the triple seal technology in which its housing and filters employ to give a perfect filtration of all air that goes in.

For one, this technology ensures the filter media is 100% sealed into the filter frame, and then a 3D ultra-seal perfectly units the filter frame into the housing. These multiple layers of seals ensure that the whole unit is airtight, and no air escapes unfiltered.

The capacity of this air purifier does not disappoint at 1125sqft, which makes it suitable for large rooms.

Impressive CARD and filter life

Its clean air delivery rate stands at 300CFM; therefore it cycles the air at least once in any hour when ran in the 1125sqft recommended space. It also consumes only 215 watts at the highest speed, therefore costing very little in bills to run.

Another impressive quality of this air purifier is its filter lives. They are all impressively long. The pre max lasts 18 months before replacement, while the V5 cell can go up to 2 years.

Most impressive of all, the HyperHepa filter lasts up to 4 years and 2 months before it requires a change. The duration might be hard to keep track of; therefore, the unit is built with a filter life indicator that informs you when it is time to change the filter.


  • Tested and proven medical grade air filtration
  • HyperHepa filter that stops ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 microns with a 99.5% accuracy.
  • It contains a pre-max, V5-cell, and HyperHEPA filter.
  • It is suitable for large spaces up to 1125sqft
  • The filters have very long lives; pre-max; 18 months, V5-cell; 2 years, and HyperHEPA filter; 4 years and 2 months
  • High fan speed of 300CFM on the highest setting for quick air clean.
  • Triple seal technology helps the filter fit in perfectly and enhances filtration
  • It has a 320-degree air delivery for a more even flow
  • Energy efficient with filter life indicator


  • It is pretty expensive and a little noisy on the highest setting.

2) AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier UltraHEPA

Best air purifier for lung disease
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4-stage Filtration

This next air purifier also contains a filter that is more powerful and effective than regular true hepa filters. This specially designed air purifier contains a specially designed filter that, according to the manufacturers, is 100x more effective than a hepa filter.

It can capture ultra-fine particles as small as 0.003 microns with a 99.95% accuracy. This makes it perfect for cleaning your home or a more streamlined use like a nursery, kitchen, or bathroom. It is effective against all types of domestic air pollutants.

Because VOCs are dangerous gaseous molecules in the air that could worsen lung diseases, this unit contains a dedicated filter for that purpose. The VOC filters remove gaseous molecules from the air. It also has a carbon filter for trapping gaseous molecules in the atmosphere.

In all, this unit makes use of a 4 stage filtration system that cleans your air powerfully.


Its high clean air delivery rate of 373 provides the unit with just enough capacity to clean the air in a 900sqft room. It is, therefore, suitable for large rooms, wherein it can effectively cycle the air 3 times in an hour.

Automatic mode and energy star rated

The auto mode is a desirable feature in an air purifier because it provides you with the best user experience. This unit has just that, with an automatic smart sensor that measures air quality and runs respectively of it.

In this mode, you need not keep a constant eye on your air quality, or speed of the humidifier because it does all that by itself. Being energy star rated, it saves power better than a regular air purifier and would only add a few bucks to your energy bill.

Quiet operation

It operates very quietly due to a whisper jet fan that is 30% quieter than a traditional small or large room air purifier.
There is security in purchasing this unit because of the manufacturer’s No-Hassle return policy. If you do not like it, send it back.


  • Powerful filter that is 100x more effective than a hepa filter. This filter traps particles as small as 0.003 microns.
  • The unit has a 4 stage filtration system
  • A high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 373 means the unit can change the air 3 times per hour in a 900sqft room.
  • Automatic mode for independent cleaning of the air
  • Energy star certified helps it save power
  • Quiet operation and a Plus Air Doctor No-Hassle return policy.


  • There is a possibility of it generating a chemical like smell during your first few weeks of use

3) Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier

Air purifiers good for breathing
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Design and capacity

If you are any familiar with air purifiers, the finely polished surface of Alen products should not be new to you. With zero sophistication and no digital display, alen breathsmart flex still constitutes a good décor for those who fancy good looking air purifiers.

Designed for 700sqft, its capacity is also very impressive; therefore, it would work just well in your large room. This air purifier kills germs and mold and is recommended for allergens, pet dander and odors, and dust. It has an all-around filtration system that keeps you safe by cleaning your air.

Excellent filtration

Although it makes use of only one filter, the filter is more than capable of getting the job done. The filter is a H13 true hepa grade and comes in different specialties for you to choose from. Depending on the most predominant pollution in your home, you can either select the pure filter, fresh filter, or smoke filter.

The pure filter is designed to trap all contaminants like dust, mold, pet odors, and dander, while the fresh filter does exactly the same job but comes with 0.66lbs of activated carbon for absorbing light smoke. The third filter type contains the qualities of the pure filter but with activated carbon for dealing with heavy smoke. Select the type that best suits your needs (They are all H13 true hepa filter grade).

Good CADR with sleep mode and timer

This Alen product has a CADR of 230 for pollen, 208 for dust, and 191 for smoke. It cleans the air in your 700sqft room every 30 minutes. Although quiet, you can decide to run it in the sleep mode for even less noisy operation. This mode is most especially useful at night.

Also, you can control the running duration of this air purifier due to its timer feature. This feature allows you to set the precise duration in hours, which you want the air purifier to run.

Energy star rated

As an energy star rated product, it only consumes 50 watts on the lowest speed. This translates to less than 50 cents a month on energy bills.


  • Awesome polished design
  • Anti-microbial infused filter that traps and kills germs and mold
  • It makes use of a true hepa H13 filter that traps 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. You can also choose from three H13 true hepa filter options; they are – pure filter, fresh filter, and smoke filter
  • Sleep mode allows the unit to run in a more quiet condition
  • High clean air delivery rate of 230
  • Energy star rated.
  • It is suitable for medium to large sized rooms up to 700sqft


  • The filter does not last long (an average of 4-5 months)

4) Bissell Smart Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters

Best Purifier with HEPA and Carbon Filters
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This Bissel smart air purifier makes use of a 3 stage filtration in cleaning your air. The air firstly forced through a fabric pre filter to remove large particles and give the other filters a longer life. The main filtration stages consist of an activated carbon filter, as well as a hepa filter.

Their combined quality captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns sized particles and also gaseous pollutants from your air. The unit is effective against VOCs, pet odors, pollen, dust, smoke, hair.

The activated carbon filter is built with a honeycomb structure that gives it a higher efficiency for trapping gaseous molecules in the air that goes through it.

Automated CirQulate

Bissell’s special tag for automatic mode is “Automated CirQulate System.” In this mode, the air purifier cleans the air automatically. It does this through a sensor that monitors your air quality and varies its fan speed accordingly.

Large capacity and quiet operation

Air movement in this unit is possible through a whisper-quiet fan. This makes it very quiet while running. Also, it is built for large rooms up to 800sqft, wherein it can clean the space at least once every hour. This capacity makes it suitable for whole-house cleaning or more streamlined use like bedrooms and other living areas.

Easy on-hand controls and auto night mode

With this unit, controlling an air purifier has never been easier. Its controls are soft-touch, to give you an excellent user experience. Also, it works with an automatic night mode. This way, the unit dims its lights as soon as it senses that you have turned off yours.


  • 3 stage filtration that includes a pre filter, an activated carbon filter, and a hepa filter.
  • This system helps it capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.
  • Automated CirQulate system for automatic monitoring and cleaning of the air.
  • The unit also indicates the immediate air quality through a light bulb.
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • A capacity of 800sqft makes it suited for large spaces
  • Easy to use soft touch control with light sensors that turn off the LED when the room is dark


  • Although quiet, it is loud on the highest setting.
  • It makes use of an ordinary hepa filter and not a true hepa filter.

5) Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier

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Blue air 211+ air purifier is a decent unit for those looking to clean small to medium sized rooms. Effective against domestic pollution, it contains a particle filter and two pre filters that help it capture 99% of air born pollutants. This particle filter is, however, not as effective as a hepa or true hepa filter.

It also contains an activated carbon filter that virtually traps all odor-causing molecules in the air. It has a total of 3 filtration stages; one pre filter, a particle filter, and an activated carbon filter. The particle filter can also be referred to as a pre filter. This unit is more suited to cleaning gaseous contaminations because of the absence of a true hepa filter.

Also, the pre filter is stationed at the external part of the unit and is in direct contact with the external environment. For decoration sake, Blueair 211+ comes in 5 available pre filter colors for you to choose from. Select one that would go with your house decoration. The purchase comes with 2 different colors of pre filters.

Capacity and Good CADR

It is built for small to medium sized rooms of up to 540sqft. In this room size, it cleans the air at least once an hour. This air purifier has a clean air delivery rate of 350 cubic feet per minute; therefore it is suitable for domestic use.

Quiet and energy efficient

Lastly, it is very quiet, probably more quiet than all the other products reviewed earlier. This however, could be down to its lesser capacity (lesser capacity requires a smaller fan, hence quieter). It also consumes only a little power, and for a better impact on your atmosphere, it draws in air from all sides.


  • Effective air filtration for capturing 99% of airborne pollutants in medium rooms up to 540sqft. It cycles the air at least once per hour.
  • Dual pre filters, and a particle carbon filter
  • Energy efficient and Very quiet while operating
  • AHAM certified for a 350 cubic ft/ minute clean air delivery rate (CADR)
  • 5 available pre filter colors to choose from

This unit draws air from all sides for a more robust cleaning of your air


  • It does not contain a true hepa filter

It is suitable for medium sized rooms


  • The product comes with a basic 1-year warranty, which extends to 2 years when you register the product through blue air

Features to consider in choosing the best air purifier for Lung Disease

Quality of filtration:

This is the most important feature to consider in the air purifier. The quality is non-negotiable. You can determine the filtration quality of an air purifier through its filters. Any air purifier you purchase should at least contain a true hepa filter and an activated carbon filter. If you can, purchase a unit that has a medical grade filter like the IQAir, which can trap ultra-fine particles.


The right capacity for your air purifier depends on the size of your room or house. Purchasing a lower capacity (in square feet) unit for your house would render the air purifier ineffective. Estimate your house size in square feet, and purchase a unit is designed to clean the air in the area.

Noise level:

Noisy air purifiers should be avoided. Although an air purifier would generate some noise because of its fan, it should be minimal. Quiet units keep the peace in your home and cycle air in the background. On the other hand, noisy units may be effective but would constitute a nuisance.

Filter life/ filter life indicator:

In treating lung diseases, you can afford to run an air purifier with a dirty filter. A filter life indicator tells you when it’s time to change the filters, therefore preventing you from aggravating the symptoms of lung disease by inhaling dirty air. We also recommend that you purchase a unit with a long filter life to help you ease the cost of replacement.

What are the major causes of lung diseases?

Lung diseases are primarily a result of foreign bodies getting into your lungs. They can be caused by any of the following:

  1.  Smoking: Smoking is the number one cause of lung diseases in the world. Quit smoking cigars, cigarettes, and pipes and avoid second-hand smoke by asking smokers to smoke outdoors only.
  2. Inhaling an odorless and colorless gas called radon. Radon is present in most homes, and you can check its level through the use of a radon kit.
  3. Inhaling asbestos fibers: this is a natural mineral fiber commonly found in roofing sheets and used in fireproofing materials.
  4. The fibers are too small to be seen and dangerous to your lung cells when inhaled.
  5. Inhaling can cause mesothelioma (cancer that forms in the lung tissue).
  6. General air pollution: residing in areas with poor air quality could cause lung diseases or aggravate existing lung infection conditions.

Do air purifiers help COPD patients?

Yes, they do. However, you should know that an air purifier does not treat COPD, but it is part of the process of treating it. The job of an air purifier is to create the cleanest possible quality of air for you to breathe in, while undergoing professional treatment. Running an air purifier helps alleviate symptoms of COPD.

Can air purifiers cause breathing problems?

Air purifiers cause breathing problems when the filters are dirty or due for a change. Running a unit with dirty filters would do more than harm to your air than good because it is basically equivalent to supplying your air with a from a germ box. Inhaling such air could cause breathing problems, especially if you have preexisting health conditions.

Final thoughts

IQAir, beyond all doubts, stands as the best air purifier for lung disease. It uses a medical grade filtration system that filters down to 0.003 microns. Even ultra-fine particles are not spared from your air. This quality, coupled with its suitability for large sized rooms up to 1125sqft makes it the best for you.

AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier is also a good choice for you. This is because of its filter that is 100x more effective than regular true hepa or ordinary hepa filters. With this filter, it can also trap ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns but ultimately cannot clean as well as the IQAir product.It is only rated for 900sqft. They are both energy star rated and can run in the automatic mode.

Air purifiers are important in the treatment of different lung diseases. This is why they are recommended by professionals and health practitioners around the world. Even in treating more complicated lung diseases like pulmonary fibrosis, the best air purifier for pulmonary fibrosis should be run constantly to help ease the symptoms while standard treatment is going on.


If you can perceive a chemical odor when running your unit for the first time, turn it off immediately and contact the manufacturer. Inhaling such chemicals could do more harm if you have a lung disease.

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