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The Best Air Purifier for Cigar Smoke – Consumer Reviews

The need for the best air purifier for cigar smoke arises because many people look for comfort in different ways during cold seasons, sorting several means from double layer clothing and hand gloves, to having an in-house heater, there is an endless source which warmth can be drawn to comfort the human body. One of those ways is by smoking a cigar or cigarette, which most people turn to today due to its availability and is easy to carry around.

Cigars leave odor and stains from smoke residues. For this reason, it is essential to have an air purifier smoke eater in areas where you regularly torch your cigar. Cigar or cigarette smoke is one of the most difficult odor-causing pollutants to remove from surfaces, especially from that of fabrics and furniture, after they have been left to settle for a while.

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Henceforth, the best air purifier for cigar smokers should have an uncanny ability to somehow deal with these stubborn odor molecules, to keep your air fresh and free from smells completely.

Since cigarette is mobile, there poses a severe need for any air purifier also purchased to be portable (if you don’t want to station one every 100 yards from where you are), being able to be moved around as quickly as you move your cigarette. Portable air purifier for cigarette smoke can be used In rooms at home, offices, and whatever confined space you are used to relaxing in, which is why it is a good fit.

Guiding yourself from smoke released by cigarette is vital due to the danger it poses to one’s health, as it could go as far as causing damages in the lungs in cases of extended exposure to it over time.

One problem though is that damages caused does not only come from cigarette smoked by a person, as inhaling smokes from the third party could also cause a lot of harm, and this is mostly called second-hand smoke. The best air purifiers for second hand smoke also possesses the same qualities as that of immediate smokes.

This article would cover your every need, concerning what you should know and other considerations before making a choice on the best air purifier for cigar smoke.

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Top 5 best air purifier for cigar smoke

1) RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier SPA-780A

Special features: energy star rated, stylish design, mountable option, CADR rated, item weight; 19.4 pounds.

[image code=”B003D03L5U”]

This air purifier is one of the best you could find on the market today, though it doesn’t give much as per mobility, as is designed to be either placed on the table in a room or mounted on a wall depending on the choice of the user.

The device weighs about 19.4 pounds, further damaging its mobility reputation, but its beautiful, stylish design adds a touch of beauty to the home, whether being placed on a tabletop or it is mounted on a wall, and it can be easily mistaken for a flat-screen. The very explanatory button indicators are located by the side, making it easy to operate.

The build of this air purifier gives it a high level of performance in removing odor related and causing particles from the atmosphere, especially the presence of 6 layered filtration stages.

These stages contain several levels, with each, contain different filters for tackling various particle contaminants as the air is forced through. One of the unique features of this unit is the presence of a specially customized filter in which the user makes a choice between several filter types for the stage 4, depending on the peculiarity of the needs of the home.

These filters include gem defense, pet allergy, toxins absorber, odor remover, and according to the specificity of this article, you should go for the odor remover.

The other filter stages consist of a pre-filter for obviously large-sized particles, while the next is a smaller sized filter which further trims down the size of particles allowed through. The air is also forced through a carbon activated filter for absorbing odors and gases, while it makes use of a special BioGS HEPA filter instead of a regular true HEPA filter for allergen filtration.

This BioGS has been specially designed to do the work of a regular TRUE HEPA filter, but with extra abilities to reduce the growth of micro bacteria and viruses on the filter which leads to a reduction in the buildup/ accumulation of these pollutions on the filter, therefore prolonging the filter life in the process. The filter lasts up to two years before replacement is needed.

SPA-780A also comes with all the new modern features like the auto mode for varying fan speeds, battling the fluctuation in contamination levels. The sleep mode also kicks in automatically when it senses an absence of light, effectively settling the machine in an ultra-quiet mode, therefore helping you sleep well.

It is suitable for very large rooms of up to 813sqft and comes with a fantastic five-year warranty addition. A remote control function is also built in to make usage more comforting, and although it is expensive, it is well worth the price.


  • ultra-quiet,
  • mountable option,
  • long-lasting filters,
  • five-year warranty,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • remote control,
  • auto mode,
  • bioGS HEPA filter,
  • 6-stage filtration,
  • carbon filter.


  • it is expensive,
  • poor mobility option.

2) RabbitAir BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-550A)

Special features: BioGS filter, award winner (designs), energy star rated, remote control, item weight; 16.8 pounds

[image code=”B00GH19UU2″]

Being one of the few air purifiers that have actually won a red dot, G-mark, and Chicago athenaeum awards in the past, this unit’s got a lot to brag about when it comes to design and hence looks.

As another rabbit air purifier featuring on our list, and therefore cementing the place of rabbit air as one of the best manufacturers of air purifiers out there, this model is actually captivating to the eyes and is well-deserving of these awards, adding beauty to the remarkable features it comes with.

This reputation of this air purifier is further enhanced by the type of filter used, in the BioGS 2.0. The 2.0 version even betters what is found in the SPA-780A, with this design taking more into consideration human comfort by further reducing light and noise pollution while offering the same ability to effectively filter contaminants greater than 0.3microns and hinder the growth of those contaminants that could result from accumulation.

It also features a regular TRUE HEPA filter, a negative ion generator, and a carbon activated filter in a 4 stage filtration system, for further removing allergens and dealing with odors in the home.

It is built for a medium to large-sized rooms which is a very much wanted advantage (up to 550sqft), being capable of covering the rooms in most homes today. The unit is built with smart operation ability, with an auto-shutoff mode that sets in anytime the unit is idle, killing off the lights and saving energy in the process.

Due to its energy consumption monitoring, and consumption of little energy compared to some others, it has been rated energy star. Filters present in the unit, precisely the BioGS and carbon filters, can last a whopping three years before replacement is needed, saving you costs on frequent filters purchase.

A remote control feature further enhances the comfort of usage alongside an ability to operate automatically depending on contamination level, effectively varying the fan speeds, giving the user much ease.

Although you wouldn’t need to change the filters regularly, there exists still a filter indicator that alerts when the filter exceeds its life span. There also exists an ever dependent lifetime technical support, to make the user experience as stress-free as possible.


  • 4 stage filtration,
  • suitable for medium to large-sized rooms,
  • filter replacement indicator,
  • auto shutoff,
  • lifetime technical support,
  • remote control,
  • long-lasting filters,


  • it is expensive,
  • lack of a timer.

3) AeraMax 300 Large Room Air Purifier

Special features: certified allergy and asthma friendly, item weight; 12.5 pounds.

[image code=”B00D8Y1YNC”]

Standing about 25 feet off the ground and 16 inches wide, it spans about the size of a regular home couch from the ground, and comes in as one of the best air purifiers in the market, with effective filters built to counter odor-causing pollutions in the home as well as regular contaminants and allergens.

The unit features a mixed color design, with a balancing bottom that keeps from wobbling and being easily pushed over by a knock. The top right corner features several control buttons that are touch-sensitive, making it easy and interactive enough to be used.

Aeramax 300 also boasts a shiny amour of its own in the awarded certification of being allergy and asthma friendly. This stands as a guarantee that not only does it reduce and prevent further contamination, it doesn’t aggravate already existing health issues of individuals in the home.

It is suitable for large-sized rooms with sizes of up to 600sqft, which makes for modern homes, and possesses a 4 stage filtration system for efficient air cleaning.

These stages include a carbon filter, a true HEPA filter with an extra area safe anti micro bacterial layer, which helps in dealing with the buildup of micro bacterial on your filters, effectively killing pollutants organisms and elongating your filter life. A plasma wave technology at the end of the filtration stages is a major catch, attacking contaminants that manage to slip through the filter cleaning system, at a molecular level.

The HEPA filter lasts about 12 months which is a healthy duration in itself, but you would have to deal with changing the carbon filter more regularly (since it is the main filter under consideration due to the battle against smoke odor) as it lasts just only three months.

Several modes are also built in to make the user experience less difficult and worthwhile. The auto mode for one basically runs the machine on par with the requirement posed by the environment in question, effectively cycling through the different fan speeds. It lacks the timer feature though, meaning it would have to be manually monitored to prevent excess energy consumption, which is a downside.


  • auto mode,
  • suitable for large-sized rooms,
  • true HEPA filter,
  • activated carbon filter,
  • plasma technology,
  • anti-micro bacteria treatment,
  • 4 stage filtration,


  • it is expensive,
  • no timer feature.

4) LEVOIT Smart WIFI Air Purifier LV-PUR131S

Special features: smart Wi-Fi control, CARB certified, Energy star certified, sleep mode.

[image code=”B07GKVS2N8″]

If you are very tech-savvy or have the slightest excitement when it comes to making use of groundbreaking technology that makes life easier, then you would be so thrilled after coming in contact with this air purifier and seeing the numerous control it affords off your phone.

The unit doesn’t come with many fancy designs that give it an appearance to behold, though it adds beauty to the home still, standing some feet off the floor and it isn’t the smallest of products around.

The amazing specificity about this unit is its compatibility with virtually any mobile android phone. All you have to do is download, install, and connect to your device.

Its connection with your mobile affords you several options and automates the “already seen as automatic features” that are found in most devices today. When connected to a mobile phone, it enables the phone to actually operate as a remote, from toggling through the various device settings to acting as a filter life indicator, there is almost an endless list of things you can do.

The connection enables the user to make use of the timer function, choosing a duration from a 1 – 12 hours scale and even setting schedules of times at which the unit is expected to run. The filter quality sensor employs an algorithm that calculates from the air quality, runtime, and fan speed, the several an estimated healthy time for your filter. The app also displays the current air quality in the atmosphere, keeping you updated at all times.

Further on the impressive CV of this unit, is its ability to work with most modern-day AI, allowing the user to make use of voice control. AI’s like Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, have been proven to be compatible with this model, allowing to power on your device without having to lift a finger. With all these great features, however, this unit is built to only serve small to medium-sized rooms with a maximum capacity of 306sqft and is a letdown compared to its modern features.


  • easy to use,
  • air quality sensor,
  • timer,
  • android mobile compatible with voice control option,
  • filter life indicator,


  • it is expensive,
  • suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

5) LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Smokers LV-H132

Special features: night light, lightweight, portable.

[image code=”B0788GPZPB”]

This product, the final air purifier on our list is the LV-H132, comes with a lot of portability comfort, being almost a tower type look alike, with its fairly wide symmetrical body stretching up just a few feet above the ground.

This portable air purifier for cigarette smoke could be easily carried and moved around the home depending on where it might be needed, while the control buttons are stationed at the top side for ease of comfort while it is being operated, and have embedded symbols that make it easy to identify with their individual functions at first glance.

While operating, this unit possesses an ultra-quiet performance ability that can be barely heard even when in the same room as the device. It also possesses long-lasting filters that can work for up to 112 months before a replacement would have to be bought, though this duration depends largely on the level of contamination in the atmosphere where it is being used.

The three filtrations stages account for the units ability to clean the air effectively over a small area, containing a HEPA filter for dealing with allergens and dander, while a high efficiency activated carbon filter is responsible for combating odor-causing contaminations around the home. Buying filter replacements after they expire or become completely overrun by pollution, isn’t as expensive as that of many air purifier filters out there. This makes the running cost of the unit lower than most.

With a two-year quality assurance warranty, the deal packaged alongside this product is a fair one, and although it might not be able to serve large capacity rooms, it does well in places like offices, smaller sized rooms, and confined spaces. The unit also alerts the user when there is a need for filter replacement, although it lacks any sort of common modern features like the auto mode and timer.


  • quiet operation,
  • lasting filters,
  • 3-stage filtration,
  • cheap replacement filter costs,
  • two-year quality assurance,
  • filter change indicator,


  • no auto mode,
  • lack of a timer.

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Factors to consider when choosing the best air purifier for cigar smoke

  • Activated carbon filter:

Asides other important components that you basically find in an air purifier, when dealing with specifically cigar smoke pollution, it is important, in fact, compulsory that the unit purchased possess a good activated carbon filter. These carbon filters are designed with special carbon that has been processed to contain ultra-fine pores, which increases the surface of the medium and allows gaseous smoke to be collected through absorption.

  • Service capacity:

Reading through our list of top products for dealing with cigar smoke problems, we have taken time to carefully indicate the room size capacity each is designed to serve. Depending on how spacious your home might be, do go for a unit with the actual service capability to suit your exact needs.

  • CADR and energy-efficient:

The clean air delivery rates simply tells us how often the air in the atmosphere can be recycled within a specific duration.  Choosing a unit with high CADR number, surly comes as a plus, as it performs better. On the other hand, being an energy star rated might have nothing in relation to the actual performance of the unit, but it comes in handy when there is a need to drop energy bills.

  • Automated features:

The more automated features a unit has, the less stress it puts the user through while operating it. This is why we always recommend you go for units with the auto mode, timer, or air quality sensor.

What you should know about cigar smoke

The dangers and hazards of inhaling cigar smoke have been well documented over time, with several health organizations raising awareness over time. The cigar company responded by placing filters in a cigar, so most of the harmful substance is filtered before getting into the lungs of the smoker.

Well, there is only so much those filters can do, while the smoke emanating from the actual burning of the cigar itself is even more dangerous to the health of the smoker.

Effects of second-hand cigar smoke on non-smokers

Second-hand smoke has been found to even be more dangerous than the actual smoke inhaled by the smoker, meaning the ignorant passerby in the neighborhood could fall victim of excessive pollution of the environment with smoke.

Studies have shown that 5 minutes of exposure to cigar smoke can go as far as stiffening the aorta, and within 20 – 30 minutes, causing excess blood clotting as well as a buildup of fat deposits in the blood.

Constant exposure for 2 hours and above, increases the chances of irregular heartbeat and can lead to a heart attack. Smoking, over time, poses a higher lung cancer or disease rate, while also causing heart diseases and other forms of respiratory infections.

How does air purifier remove smoke and its odor?

An air purifier’s major job is to take in regular air from the environment, pass it through a series of filters, and release a decontaminated edition of the same air.

The specific filter that deals with smoke and odors precisely is the activated carbon filter. These filters are made with carbon, being capable of especially trapping odor-causing contaminants in the air in their tiny pores.

Final Verdict on the best air purifier for cigar

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier SPA-780A stands out amongst the rest, though it faced heated competition from the rabbitair SPA-550A and aeramax 300, its features and capacity finally give it an edge in overall performance when compared with the other two.

Falling just behind the SPA-780A is another rabbitair device is the 550A, as although it features award-winning designs and BioGS 2.0 filters, its overall capability cannot be compared to the 6-stage filtration levels with customizable filters, found in the 780A.

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