Using an air purifier is one of the safest way to get rid of airborne contaminations in the atmosphere. Contaminants like airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold affect the health negatively, and can even cause complications resulting in death. The importance of using an air purifier begs the question, which should I purchase? These reviews of air purifiers for allergies contain answers to your questions.

Allergen reducing air purifiers are the most effective when dealing with allergies because they rid the air of its causative factor. The products on our review list meet the bare minimum for an allergist recommended air purifier, although they vary in quality. At the very top for quality is the NuWave OXYPURE smart air purifier.

This air cleaner purifier is unarguably the best room air purifier for allergies, mainly because of its advanced 4 stage air filtration system, and high CARD. It is effective against a wide array of gases and eliminates over 99.95% of airborne contaminants.

Top 5 Best Allergist Recommended Air Purifier

1) NuWave OXYPURE Large Area Smart Air Purifier

best air purifier for the price

4 stage advanced filtration system

The primary strength of an air purifier lies in how powerful its filtration stages are, and for the NuWave OXYPURE product, it is very powerful. This air purifier boasts a 4 stage advanced filtration system that eliminates over 99.5% of airborne contaminations. These include viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

It contains a biodegradable filter through which air is forced and positive and negative ions generated within traps pollutants in the air. Contaminants do not escape and are ultimately destroyed within.

The four stages of filtration include a stainless steel reusable pre-filter, a bio guard filter, and an ozone emission remover. Yes, this air purifier also filters ozone. The last stage is a combination of HEPA and carbon filter that lasts up to 1 year before replacement. All other filters last for 20 years, which is just very amazing. Say goodbye to frequent purchases and filter changes that increase running costs.

Coverage Area and CADR

The fan of this air purifier is very powerful. It draws air at very high speed, forcing it through the filters and releases it at an impressive level of speed too. With the fan, it has a clean air delivery rate of 322 for smoke, 346 for dust, and 369 for pollen. These are very impressive numbers.

Its high CADR level allows it easily purify spaces up to 1,200sqft in size. This helps you sleep perfectly at night by eliminating pollutants that can irritate your sinuses and lungs. This product’s quality puts it as one of the best allergy HEPA air purifiers.

Easy to use and a long filter life

Like every other air purifier, the instructions for use after installing its filter is to simply power on. The unit’s top contains soft control buttons with labeling, for changing its settings easily. For maximal ease, it also has an option for Wi-Fi controls. Tether it to your mobile phone after downloading the app, and you can control it from your smartphone anywhere in the house.

It is CARB, AHAM, and energy star rated for better performance credibility.

Automatic smart mode with an all-round 360 degrees coverage

In the smart mode, the air purifier runs automatically to keep the air clean without your input. It switches between different fan speeds depending on the level of contamination. Runs at the highest level in a polluted environment, and shuts off when the air is improved.

Its design allows all round 360 degrees air intake, which makes it seem to have a faster impact than conventional humidifiers. Clean air is released from the top of the unit back into the air.


  • Eliminates over 99.5% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold in up to 1,200sqft area
  • 4 stage advance air filtration system, which includes a HEPA and carbon filters.
  • Extra-Long lasting reusable filters that last up to 20 years
  • Contains a powerful fan with CADR of 332 for smoke, 346 for duct and 369 for pollen
  • 360-degree air intake
  • Wi-Fi enabled controls
  • Effective against a wide array of gases and ozone
  • It runs in automatic mode, which helps conserve a lot of energy while being energy star rated too
  • Certified by AHAM, and CARB
  • Easy to use soft-touch controls


  • Poor customer service


  • Product is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

2) Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier

best air purifier for the price

This Dyson model is among the top contenders for the best room air purifier for allergies today, and the brand as a whole is among the top manufacturing giants in the air purifier market. They mostly produce AAFA certified air purifiers (certified asthma and allergy-friendly) confirmed by standard regulatory bodies. Based on performance, they are also one of the best in their respective class.


Although primarily an air purifier, this unit also has additional features to qualify as a multifunctional device. These features include it being able to heat up and cool air with the aid of a fan. You can also set it to work in backward airflow mode, which purifies the air without cooling or heating you.

The extra functions make the device suitable for winter and summer seasons, or those days where the temperature fluctuates unevenly. The fan also helps distribute purified air evenly across the home.

Effective air purification quality and airflow rate

The Dyson product purifies air by forcing it through two layers of filters, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The HEPA filter is completely sealed; therefore, it does not allow are through its corners, and has an efficiency of 99.97%. It traps allergens as small as 0.3 microns in the air, including some ultrafine particles, allergens, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Asides its filter quality, another impressive feature of this unit is its airflow rate. The installed fan is very powerful in drawing in air and expending it after purification. It has an impressive clean air delivery rate of 350, which is more than most products in the same price range. Air circulation is also helped by a 350degree air intake design, which allows the fan to draw air from all corners.

Cool modern features and design

Setting aside its obvious quality, this product has more than enough in looks to draw your attention. Its portable size, hollow design, and clean finish would surely be in contention for the most beautiful piece in the room. The hollow design helps it contain two separate filters, and just beneath is an LCD, which reports air quality level at every moment with graphic display. This is monitored through three intelligent sensors.

For an extra modern touch, it includes a remote control and Wi-Fi enabled system that allows it to connect with a smartphone. You can control the air purifier parameters through your mobile phone or a traditional remote control device. Simply install the Dyson link app to get started.

The topmost modern feature about this air purifier is compatibility with Alexa AI for voice command control. Voice command can be used to turn on or off auto mode and receive an update on your indoor air quality.

These very modern features and multifunctionality puts it among the best air purifier for seasonal allergies.

Coverage area and auto mode

When set to run on auto mode, the air purifier monitors air qualities with its inbuilt three sensors and adjusts speed accordingly. A higher contamination level drives the device speed up, and when done cleaning, its speed drops to a lower level or turns off completely. This mode is very convenient to use because it does not require any monitoring from the user.

The device is designed to cover rooms of up to 280sqft in size, according to its manufacturer. Note that it produces a bit of noise, therefore might not be suitable for close use like in a bedroom.


  • Multifunctionality; HEPA air purifier, space heater, and fan
  • Measures and display air pollution level on an LCD screen
  • Sealed HEPA and activated carbon filter captures up to 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns including ultrafine particles, allergens, and VOCs
  • Very impressive airflow of 350CADR
  • Includes remote control and Wi-Fi enabled for controlling from mobile using the Dyson link app
  • Compatible with Alexa for voice command
  • It can serve large sized rooms and has a 350-degree air intake and circulation.
  • Certified asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Filters have a long life of up to a year when running on auto mode for 12 hours a day and the unit has a filter replacement indicator to let you know when it’s time to replace
  • Cool and stylish design


  • It is a bit too noisy when running in the normal mode, and prone to making loud wining noise after sometime
  • It is more suited to purifying small sized rooms up to 280sqft


  • The unit comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty

3) Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier

best air purifier for the price

Alen is not a newbie in the air purifier market, and the breathe smart line has been around for a while now. This product falls with the best affordable air purifier for allergies and would be reviewing shortly. They are well known for their high quality and simple designs.

Effective air purification

The air purification system of this unit can filter 99.97% contaminants in the air. These include dust, mold, smoke as well as other domestic allergens down to 0.3 microns. Its high level of contaminant removal is due to the use of an H13 true HEPA filter and a carbon filter. The carbon filter ensures that all gaseous pollutions do not remain in the atmosphere by trapping them as air flows through.

The filters last for about 3 to 5 months longer than standard filters, which is about nine to 12 months in total, depending on use. You can also choose from 3 options when it’s time to replace the filter, depending on your needs. The three options are; a pure filter, fresh filter, and smoke filter options. The filters are protected by an external pre-filter for trapping large particles, and we recommend it to be vacuumed weekly.

Sleek design

The unique appearance of Alen breathes smart products shows that simplicity is indeed beautiful. It has a smooth, punished surface that gives the appearance of décor furniture and would surely add beauty to your room. Air is drawn in from all sides in a 360 degrees manner, which means a higher volume intake per minute and faster impact on air quality.

This large body balances on a flat bottom that gives stability. It doesn’t tumble when faced with little pressure.

High CADR and CFM rating

A CADR level of 230 for pollen, 208 for dust, and 191 for smoke tell the whole story. It has an awesome clean air delivery rate for domestic contaminations, which puts it among the best bedroom air purifier for allergies. With a powerful fan, air moves at a maximum CFM of 197, which is a good number for allergies battle.

Quiet and energy-efficient

Although we can place it among the most portable air cleaners for allergies, it is quiet and very energy efficient for its side. You can use it in bedrooms and other noise-sensitive areas of the home and has a low energy consumption of 50 watts on the top speed. At this rate, the energy bill is only 50 cents per month.


  • Contains an H13 true HEPA and carbon filter and is effective against dust, mold, smoke and 99.97% of other pollutions
  • Energy star rated for low energy consumption and CARB compliant
  • Suitable for large rooms up to 700sqft
  • High CADR of 230 for pollen, 208 for dust and 191 for smoke
  • It operates very quietly
  • Sleek and stylish modern design
  • Maximum CFM rating of 197


  • It often releases strange odor after a while of use

4) Medify MA-40W V2.0

best air purifier for the price

Medify products are well known for using a medical-grade filtration system. Although this specific product cannot be said to be medical grade, it uses a medical-grade quality filter for cleaning the air, which puts it among the best air purifier for asthma and pets.

A high-quality filtration system

Medify MA-40W uses a 3 stage filtration system to clean the air with 99.9% accuracy. It contains a medical-grade H13 true HEPA filter, which filters particles down to 0.1 microns. That is really impressive. Its substantial carbon filter contains carbon pellets that remove toxic odors, smoke, and formaldehyde.

The unit’s overall filtration system is effective in dealing with dust mites, pollen, and other tiny particles not visible to the eyes. With this product, you are sure to get a boost in your air quality. The external part of the unit contains a pre-filter for removing large particles, and for easy replacement, all three filters are contained in a single cartridge. This keeps them completely air sealed and reliable.

Coverage area and CADR

It is built for areas up to 800sqft, which falls in the large category, and it has a CADR of 330. These are very impressive numbers. According to the manufacturers, it can recycle the air in a room of 1,600sqft (2 times its rated value) in an hour.

Ionizer and timer

The optional anion generator can be used for extra filtration. This generator produces negative ions that are released to charged particles and trap them inside the unit, leaving behind fresh air. Like we earlier said, it is optional and can be turned off if you would rather not use it.

There is a built-in 8-hour timer in the device that allows you to control its work time. You can select anywhere between 1 to 8 hours, and when the time is expended, the unit shuts off.

Nice design

Perhaps one of its most underrated features is its looks. With a tempered glass panel, this air purifier has a spotless appearance for a touch of beauty. The glass panel also gives it an easy to clean, anti-scratch surface, unlike cheap plastic products. Over time it retains its sleek looks, making it appear ageless.


  • Medical grade H13 filters and carbon filter removes 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns in the air
  • Can clean large rooms up to 1,600sqft in one hour with a CADR of 330, but rated for 800sqft rooms.
  • CARB and ETL and energy star certified to consume less power
  • Contains an ionizer for in-depth cleaning
  • Material is made of nice tempered glass for sleek looks and easy to clean anti-scratch body
  • Has a built 8-hour timer
  • Decent filter life of about six months


  • Filters are very expensive to replace
  • Numerous breakdown complains after a purchase has led us to believe that the device lacks durability. There are also a few complaints of false advertising, though it seems to be only little.


  • USA registered lifetime warranty

5) Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Allergen Remover

best air purifier for the price

Honeywell products are known for their simple design, modest performance, and relatively cheap price tag. They are a good option for you if you have allergen problems and on a tight budget.

3 stage filtration

The HPA 200 makes purified air by passing it through a three-stage filtration system. This system consists of two different filters; a carbon pre-filter and HEPA clean filter. The combination of these two filters 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Its pre-filter doesn’t last very long, therefore, should be changed every three months, although it can be vacuumed, its effectiveness isn’t the same as replacing the filter.

The HEPA filter, on the other hand, can last up to 12 months, depending on use before a change is required. When due, the filter check/ reset light would remind you by lighting up.

Easy to use

With a well labeled and touch control panel, this air purifier is very easy to operate. The presence of a timer also allows you to set up to 8 hours of work time, after which it turns off completely. Turn on and allow it to run in a recommended space, and you wouldn’t have any problem with poor air quality.

The downside to this device is that it is recommended to work in small areas up to 310sqft to be most effective.

Good CFM rating

Its CFM rating is highlighted by us because of the manufacturers claims it can clean the air five times in an hour when placed in the recommended 310sqft. It works well in small spaces.


  • Effective 2 stage filtration of up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3microns
  • Operates very quietly
  • Easy to use touch controls with auto-shutoff and filter replacement indicator
  • Good CFM rating that cleans the air five times per hour in a recommended room size


  • Recommended for small-sized rooms up to 310sqft
  • Bad smell is released by the unit on use. This is a common problem with many users due to a batch of poorly produced filters, and might not be an issue for long because many of those filters would eventually leave the market.


  • 5-year limited manufacturer warranty

6) LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Filter

best air purifier for the price

Among the low budget but decent grade of air, purifiers are the LEVOIT H13. Manufactured by LEVOIT, this air purifier is a budget device; therefore, it does not do the best of jobs except when used in very small areas. It, however, has a good design, very portable, and does a good job in a recommend space, which is why it made it to our air purifier for allergy reviews.

Advanced 3 stage filtration system

Its advanced three-stage filtration consists of a pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and a high efficiency activated carbon filter. The combination of these three filters removes contaminants as small as 0.3 microns from the air with an accuracy of 99.97%. It also deals with gaseous contaminants because of its activated carbon filter. Overall, it is effective against allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor, and large dust particles.

A built-in filter replacement indicator reminds you when it is time to replace your filter. The filters last around 6 to 8 months, depending on the use and quality of air in the home.

Portable and operates quietly

With product dimensions, 8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches, this air purifier is the smallest on our list and the most portable. Weighing only 6.6 pounds, it can be easily moved around the home, depending on where you need it. This is very important because it is designed to serve very small rooms of around 86sqft; therefore, you might need to move it around with you for better impact.

It operates very quietly, therefore it can be used in places like the bedroom without disturbing your sleep.

Certified by regulatory bodies

The air purifier’s quality assurance includes ratings from the following bodies; CARB certified, FCC certified, and ETL listed.


  • Advanced 3 stage filtration system that traps 99.97% of airborne contaminants
  • It operates very quietly with a smart filter change reminder
  • FCC certified, ETL listed and CARB certified


  • It is more suited to very small-sized rooms of about 86sqft


  • Comes with two years manufacturer’s warranty

Do air purifiers help with allergies?

Air purifiers that have the right type of filters help with allergies. These filters can trap allergens from the air, allowing only clean air back into the air, and over time, reducing the environments allergen contents to a bare minimum. For an air purifier to be effective against allergies, it must contain a true HEPA filter.

Do HEPA filters work for allergies?

HEPA filters are designed to trap 99.97% of contaminants as small as 0.3 microns in the air, and medial grade quality traps as low as 0.1 microns with the same efficiency. Allergens, which is the major cause of allergies, varies from 1 to 20 microns in size; therefore, they can be easily trapped by HEPA filters.

Picking Guide: Reviews of air purifiers for Allergies

Below are the guides we use in choosing the best air purifier for allergies reviews

Coverage area:

The coverage area is how large in square feet the air purifier is designed to work . We recommend that this figure be a little bit above or equal to that of your room so that the product would work just fine. Purchase a product with coverage area far above your room, and you would be overspending, purchase something far less, and you would be left with a zero effect air purifier.

Filtration system:

The filtration system of air purifier you purchase should contain a HEPA and carbon activated filters compulsorily. These are the two most important filters to have. A pre-filter also helps in trapping large particles, therefore giving other filters a longer life, and you can also go for products with ionizers for a greater air cleaning impact.

Portability and warranty:

Air purifiers can be moved anytime due to their importance, and owning a portable model would make things much easier. You are also going to invest a sizeable sum on purchasing one of these products; therefore, we recommend it be backed by a warranty. This way, it becomes a risk-free investment in case of any faults.

Quality assurance:

Asthma and allergy foundation of america air purifier certification is one of the numerous quality assurance criteria that a product can satisfy. Other bodies include CARB, FCC, ETL, and AHAM.

Other features:

These include the auto mode, which saves power and stress, a filter replacement indicator, timer for limiting its work duration, Wi-Fi control, Alexa control as seen in the Dyson product, and many more. These extra features sum up a better user experience but do not directly affect the impact of the air purifier on the atmosphere.

What is better for allergies humidifier or air purifier?

The best way to deal with allergies is by making use of an air purifier. Air purifiers remove a verity of contaminations like pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores from the air so they would not get into your body and cause irritation.

A humidifier, on the other hand, does not remove these contaminants and may even cause their quality to rise if humidity becomes too high.

Reviews of air purifiers for allergies – The Best air purifier for asthma and pets

Air purifiers are a necessary component for dealing with air borne pollutions like allergens that causes allergies. Our most recommended product to use for this is the NuWave OXYPURE Large Area Smart Air Purifier, mainly because it covers large areas effectively with its advanced 4-stage filteration system.

This air purifier removes airborne 99.96% of air borne contaminants in up to 1,200sqft area with the air of a powerful 360 degrees intake fan. It also has several automated features that gives an overall better user experience, with filters that lasts up to 20 years.

Although a step below, easy on the eyes Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier just misses out on our top spot by a little margin. It is very automated for an excellent user experience, and has the multifunctionality of working as an hepa air purifier, sace heater and fan. It cleans the air with 99.97% afficiency with a 350 degrees air intake, and can run on the automode. Its Voice command compartibility with Alexa is also a good plus.

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX Air Purifier is the best budget device for dealing with allergies. It does a decent job, and possess just enough quality to be a good product for you.

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