Seeing that we spend a good deal of our time indoors, we have to be concerned about our indoor air quality. VOCs are harmful to the health, and they are usually emitted at room temperatures, which is one of the reasons you have to get the best air purifier to remove VOCs

The office of Research and development EPA discovered that the level of organic pollutants is of high degree inside our homes, offices schools etc. and this is because we use materials that are of high organic contents in the home environment some of which include: wood preservatives, air fresheners, paints, carpets etc.

Peradventure you work in a dry cleaning firm, Printing Company, a paint producing factory or you work in industries where petroleum products are involved, photography firms etc. you need to equip yourself with an air purifier, and not just an air purifier but the best air purifier that can effectively filter chemicals like VOCs and formaldehyde.

VOCs has been a major cause of health effect, which overtime ranges from Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, rashes, dizziness and various type of skin problems depending on the level of your exposure to the VOC.

Higher level of exposure or long time exposure can lead to the damage of vital organs in the body, which include; damage to the liver, kidney or the central nervous system which could eventually lead to the loss of life, and research has it that high exposure to VOC can even cause cancer. That is why we are reviewing the best air purifier to VOC removal, so that you can, live a comfortable life, free of health hazards caused by VOCs.

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What are vocs and where do they come from

VOCs means Volatile organic compounds, they are used as ingredients in various household products, and they come from Air fresheners, Bug spray, carpets, fuels, dry cleaning solvent, glues, markers, copiers, photocopiers and printers

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas, flammable, strong-smelling chemical and it is one of the most common VOCs, it is mainly used in building materials, and it can be found majorly in household materials and products which includes Bedsheets, Furniture, Clothing, nail polish removers, Mattresses and pillows

If you work in industries producing formaldehyde or certain products that contain formaldehyde, the health care sector, mortuary etc. You are definitely at a high risk of exposure to chemical sensitivity. You are exposed at the instant you inhale a great deal because formaldehyde is a gas and with constant inhalation, you begin to have health-related problems attributed to VOCs poisoning which can go as far as cancer.

A high exposure to VOCs have an adverse effect on human health, and seeing that exposure to VOCs looks so unavoidable due to the fact that VOCs are present in significant household materials, they seem to be just everywhere and if you do not take proper precaution, you could be down anytime soon with health problems related to exposure to VOCs.

What to do? The good news is that an air purifier can save you from the adverse health effects of VOCs. The best air purifier to remove vocs and formaldehyde will prevent you from the complications (multiple chemical sensitivity).

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Top 5 Best Air purifier to Remove VOCs

1) Dyson pure Hot+ cool, HP02- HEPA Air Purifier

Dyson pure Hot+ cool, HP02- HEPA Air Purifier
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This air purifier does not only monitor the air quality, but it also senses the air quality and report the air quality levels. It is capable of detecting different types of volatile organic compounds.

The HEPA HP02 heats in the winter and cools you in the summer; this air purifier makes you and your family comfortable all year round.

One of the awesome thing about this purifier is that you can control your purifier from anywhere with the intelligent purification feature using the Dyson link app. With this feature, you can adjust the fan speed, temperature, oscillation and the airflow type. To cap it all, you can monitor the air quality of your home or office anywhere you are.

HEPA HP02 has certified asthma and allergy-friendly purifier; you can control the air purifier using the specially designed remote control; you can also set the sleep timer. The HEPA HP02 air purifier is easy to clean and maintain


  • Very simple to program the air purifier
  • It works with the WIFI and Alexa
  • It has an excellent filter, fan and heater
  • It covers 618 cubic feet
  • Purification has auto mode


  • It is very Expensive

2) Winix 5500-2 Air purifier with true HEPA filter

Best air purifier with HEPA filter.
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The WINIX 5500-2 Air purifier is a beautiful air purifier that comes with a four fan speed; the air purifier maintains the speed it is set to. You can switch between various speed levels (low, medium, high and turbo). The different speed levels enable you to be able to switch to the speed level that suits you and also purify the air at your own convenient speed level 4

It is tough to monitor the air quality of your room or office, the WINIX 5500 using its smart sensor and auto mode, displays the quality of air and on a scale of good to poor. When there is a change in air quality the air purifier adjusts the fan speed to purify and also filter the air in the environment

This purifier is considered one of the best because it effectively, reduces VOCs and household odours ranging from cooking to pets, smoke, mould etc. The overall filtration quality of this unit is credited to the plasma wave generator, which is completely silent. Plasmawave is an ioniser and not capable of generating ozone.

The ease of use of this device is characterized by the remote control, friendly control panel, washable filter, and replacement filter.

In short, this air cleaner performs a great deal of cleaning work with little noise, and it’s easy to convey around the house with the help of the handle at the top.


  • Quiet on the first three speeds
  • Awesome backlight
  • Smart sensor
  • Four fan speed


  • Replacement of filter is very expensive
  • The sensor is not very good with the remote

3) Alen Breathe Smart Flex Air

Alen Breathe Smart Flex Air
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Alen breathsmart flex filter contains everything you could ask for in an air cleaner. What calls for attention about this unit at the first instance is the perfect beautiful shape. By the sides of the unit are two handles that provide you a handling option while the unit itself is of lightweight, making moving it more manageable.

The unit employs a 4-layered HEPA filter for the purification process. The first stage consists of a pre-filter whose job is to deal with large particles floating in the air like pet dander, ensuring that the air proceeding to the next level is free from particle contaminant.

The filter was modified to deal with bacteria and moulds next, trapping and killing them, which is done by the silver filter, while the trapping of allergens like dust, pollens, and dust mites follows next in the third layer. After the air has gone through all these stages, the air is very clean and breathable but the alien flex, further deals with it in the fourth stage, by employing a carbon filter for absorbing odours in the air.


  • WhisperMax Technology that makes it quiet and allows you to rest comfortably.
  • Energy efficient
  • Broad area coverage
  • Easy mobility
  • Extended filter life


  • It lacks an air quality sensor

4) Alen Breathe smart classic large Room Air purifier

Alen Breathe smart classic large Room Air purifier
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Asides from VOCs, If you suffer from allergies caused by pollen, pet, dust, mites etc. basically allergies. This is just the best air purifier for you. The Alen breathe smart classic comes with an easy to understand display panel, that makes it very easy for you to know how clean the room is and also knows how good the air quality of the room is.

It has a 4-speed option which gives you the ability to switch between speeds, the lowest produces a small frequency, and the turbo produces a lower tone. There is nothing as annoying as an unwanted sound; the Alen breathe possesses a whisper technology that allows you to rest peacefully. The sound ranges from 41.5-56db.

The Allen breathe has smart technology that uses the infrared to detect particles in the air. It has three on/ off rings that changes colour to display the quality of air levels. Red is for the high pollutant in the air; orange is for a moderate level of pollutant or VOC in the atmosphere. Blue is for clean air. This feature makes it easy for you to monitor the quality of air from afar anywhere in your home or office at any time.


  • Easy lift handle at the back for easy and stress-free mobility
  • Particle air sensor by the side which makes it easy to detect allergens in the air
  • Auto mode to adjust fan speed setting
  • Can purify large rooms


  • Makes horrible noise after several years of use
  • Expensive to maintain

5) Aeramax 300 Large room Air purifier

AeraMax 300 Large Room Air Purifier Mold
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Aeramax 300 large room air purifier is the right choice when it comes to removing allergens and germs in the air in your home or office and also improving the air quality. This purifier has 4 stage purification, which makes it one of the buyers’ choice. This product has stood out among other allergens air purifiers and is certified by the Asthma and allergy foundation of America as one of the best asthma and allergy air purifiers.

It has a HEPA filter with an antimicrobial treatment that safely removes 99.9% of airborne particles such as pollen, mould, and cigarette smoke. The Aeramax 300 possesses a carbon filter that safely removes odours and captures large air pollutants.


  • Recommended for large rooms from 300-600 square feet
  • Certified asthma and allergy-friendly
  • Not noisy
  • Special air performance for allergy, and also useful during cold seasons.


  • Heavy and not easy to move from room to room

Vocs effects on indoor air quality: Acceptable voc levels ppm

The air quality around you is paramount, as this in one way or the other determine your well-being. Poor air quality can lead to several health issues that can make life very unbearable.

VOCs have a significant and adverse effect on the quality of air around you, and if proper measures are not taken one of which is having an air filter or purifier, you might be a very considerable risk of inhaling impure air that contains VOCs,

There is a wide range of VOCs that can be damaging and disastrous to the health, the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) is the limit you can be exposed to, before experiencing severe and devastating effects of the VOC, TLV is measured in ppm (part per million). VOCs have different ranges of ppm.

Formaldehyde a type of VOC when present in the air at levels that exceed 0.1ppm(part per million), if being exposed to at this ppm can cause serious health issues such as wheezing, watery and itchy eyes, dizziness, coughing etc. This is symptoms that you are at great risk and that you have been exposed to a relatively great deal of VOC.  The acceptable level of ppm (part per million) for formaldehyde is 0.1.

Acetone is also a VOC, you can find it in furniture polishes, nail polishes, paints and the TLV is 750-1000ppm. This is the acceptable level of ppm, anything outside this lead to serious symptoms of VOC poisoning.

How to remove vocs from the air: do air purifiers remove vocs?

Due to the health risk and threat that VOCs pose one of the questions you would likely be looking at, is how to guide against the dangers VOCs can pose, and that is certainly, “how to remove VOCs from the air.”

VOCs are more or less present everywhere ranging from the bed sheet to the pillowcase, to the painting etc. The concentration is even said to be more indoor, and seeing that it poses a great threat to your health a solution is needed to remove this toxin from the air, to make the air free of this toxin and free to breathe. The most suitable ways are :

  • Proper Ventilation

The quality of air in the home environment, basically indoors is free from toxins and impurity when there are a good means of ventilation. When there are a good means of ventilation, it helps remove all sort of pollutants, especially in regions where there is high concentration.

This is a straightforward method since it involves opening the windows and keeping the room adequately vented, and allowing air to build up around the home and thus making the concentration level of the VOC in the house to drop.

This means of VOC removal is not the safest because if you have someone with allergies, asthma, bronchitis in your home or office, a small level of concentration can cause severe and unbearable symptoms. Due to this fact, Proper ventilation is not considered the safest means.

  • Best Air purifiers for Voc removal

If you want to make the air around you free of impurities and toxins such as volatile organic compounds absolutely,  the surest and safest means that will save you from later regrets is the air purifier. If you work where there is a high concentration of formaldehyde, acetone or any other forms of VOCs, you need not worry; the air purifier can do a great deal of work.

Air purifiers or sometimes called air cleaners are devices that remove contaminants in a room to improve the air quality in the room and to save you from health hazards that VOCs can pose. There are different types of air purifiers or filters ranging from formaldehyde purifiers, mould purifier, purifier for VOCs etc.

Considerations for picking the Best air purifier for voc removal

  • Type of filter

This is a question you really need to have an answer to when looking to buy an air purifier. Basically when you are choosing an air purifier, you need to consider the air quality needs around your home or office.

If you are considering to have a general air quality improvements in your home, then you probably need to go for the HEPA filters which are one of the best in the market, not just a HEPA filter, but a HEPA filter with carbon filter, germicide UV lamp, photocatalytic oxidation.

If your need is directed towards allergies, asthma, smoke and pets, you will need to get an air purifier with an advanced filtration system which is designed for allergy relief, asthma air purifiers, smoke air purifiers, mould purifiers etc.

  • Size of unit and coverage area

The size of the best air purifier to remove vocs is one of the factors to consider. Over the years technology has made electronics devices as miniaturized as possible.

In choosing the best air purifier for yourself, you have to consider how portable the device is, the square footage of your room etc. You have to ensure that it is compact and also meet the demands needed for.

  • Cost Efficiency

One of the add-ons that make a product worth it is its cost-effectiveness, which includes the maintenance, the energy consumption etc. Before you choose an air purifier that suits your need, you have to consider the cost-effectiveness of future filter replacements carefully.

  • Noise level

One of the features you would want to consider when choosing an air purifier is one that is very quiet and produces less noise. If you’re going to get an air purifier that produces less sound you can go for air purifiers in the range of 21dB.

Final Thoughts on the Best air purifier for VOC removal

The Dyson pure Hot+ cool, HP02- HEPA Air Purifier is the most outstanding choice for the safest and effective removal of volatile organic compounds that ranges from several pollutants in the home and office that can cause allergic problems or cause volatile organic symptoms that can even aggravate to the extent of cancer.

It has several outstanding features that have been carefully designed to meet your particular needs. It is recognized and certified for allergy consumers.

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