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The Best Portable Air Conditioner for a Large Room – Consumer Reviews

The air conditioner is truly one of the greatest appliances ever invented. In fact, as global warming increases, the ability to escape the heat is one of the most enjoyable conveniences of our time. Moreover, portable air conditioners are an especially convenient and cost-effective way to cool your home throughout the blistering summer months. For instance, in addition to the ability to enjoy cool air wherever you are at in your home, you can also lower your utility bill. This is because, with a best portable air conditioner for a large room, you can avoid needlessly cooling rooms you are not using.

How Portable Air Conditioners for a Large Room Work

Portable air conditioning units serve the purpose of moving warm air from the room to provide a cool environment for those using the area. These units vent the warm air through an outside window or wall opening. Setting a unit up to operate can be done easily.

Most units use a standard 120-volt outlet for electrical power. Air conditioners with a 14,000 BTU rating may have to be operated on a 240-volt outlet. The plugs on the unit will be different than a standard 120-volt outlet plug. Make sure to read manufacturer directions on what power outlet the unit operates. All types of units should be operated separately from other electrical devices to avoid circuit overload.

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Portable Air Conditioners Can Cool Other Rooms

Homeowners can use a portable air conditioner to cool more space when the openings are larger through the house. This means areas where the living and dining rooms have an opening large enough to view both rooms. A den leading into the dining area is a good example of where a portable unit can keep both rooms cool.

Window units never operate efficiently when air conditioners placed in a room are separated from other rooms by long hallways. Homeowners must think about other options when trying to cool several rooms separated by hallway space. They might need to install another portable air conditioner for a large room to keep them cool.

The Difference Between Single And Dual Hose Units

Portable units are designed differently than regular window air conditioners to allow windows to remain free of an obstructed view. The units can be installed with the hoses attached through wall openings to provide the entire window to be free of any obstructions by homeowners should they choose that option. Most people install the hoses directly through windows to avoid the extra installation work involved.

Air conditioners must push warm air outside through exhaust venting to cool a room properly. Air is drawn in through one vent to be exhausted through the other side of the unit. Dual hose units pull air through one hose to exhaust air through the other hose. The unit must remove the warm air to cool a room efficiently. The difference between the two units is one has two hoses while the other one has a single hose. A single-hose unit removes warm air through refrigerated coils outside of the house.

A single-hose unit will have to work harder at removing warm inside air due to air leaks around doors and windows. This cost more money for homeowners to operate the machine unless those cracks are sealed off to prevent the air leaks from being drawn into the room. The size of the room being cooled plays a role in how much energy consumption is used by the unit.

Single hose portable air conditioners are convenient for their ability to be moved to other rooms without much labor. BTU output plays a role in how efficiently the unit will operate around other heats sources that can include office equipment or a small refrigerator.

Dual hose air conditioners draw air in from the intake hose, which is cooled by the coils to send out into the room. The other hose removes air that exhausts through the unit to help cool it down. The dual hose unit never has to work as hard as a single hose unit. The dual hose unit costs more to purchase and may mean more money spent on electrical bills to operate depending on how large the room is that is being cooled.

How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner In Windows

The majority of portable air conditioner units are easy to install following the manufacture directions. Standard window kits include a bracket and hoses four to five feet in length. Trim the window kit to fit snugly in the window opening. Attach the hose adapters with the hoses to the kit.

Connect the vent hose to the window kit. Make sure the window kit is sealed tight within the window opening. Plug the unit into the correct power source. Turn the air conditioner on to adjust the settings to the desired comfort level.

Other installation methods can be utilized by following the manufacturer directions included inside the box. Some people may prefer to ventilate the unit through a wall opening or drop ceiling.

Details To Consider When Purchasing A Portable Unit

Portable air conditioners designed for use at home can cost hundreds of dollars. The square footage of the area to be cooled will play a role in what you spend for an air conditioner. Some portable units have heaters that will add to the cost of the machine.

Purchase a name-brand unit that has good reviews on being a solid machine that will last for many years. Look for those with the energy star-rating label for efficiency. The size of the unit is important to consider. You want an air conditioner that will cool the room without having to operate continuously.

The higher the number of BTUs of the unit will determine how large a square foot space the machine can cool efficiently. Here are two examples of portable air conditioner size to cool area spaces. A room size of 300 square feet will require an air conditioning unit with 7,000 BTUs. An 18,000 BTU unit is required to cool an area of 1,000 square feet.

Top 5 Best Portable Air Conditioners for a Large Room

1) MIDEA MPF14CR81-E Portable Air Conditioner

Standout Feature: This unit has a feature dubbed Follow Me. Controlled by a proximity sensor located within the remote, this air conditioner adjusts the temperature based on how far you are from the unit. With this smart technology, you can be sure to enjoy cool, comfortable air throughout your day.

[image code=”B07MDW44JN”]

Perfectly designed to cool rooms up to 350 square feet, the MPF14CR81-E from Midea also incorporates a dehumidifier to keep any room feeling cool and comfortable on even the most humid of days. Additionally, you can simply make adjustments via the digital LED display panel if you desire individualized control over such things as temperature, timer, and fan speed.

In terms of keeping the air clean, there is no need to repeatedly check the filter as this unit provides an indicator light that reliably lets you know when it is time to clean the filter, ensuring you can keep this air condition properly maintained and reduce the costs of potential repairs. In terms of set up, all installation accessories are included. Regarding size, the window brackets adjust to fit window openings from 26.5 inches wide up to 48 inches wide, and the drain hose reaches up to 59 inches.

Installation is made easy with the MPF14CR81-E. All you need to do is install the bracket into your window frame. With that in place, all you have to do is add the drainage hose by attaching it via the clip-on function.

In addition to cooling the air, this portable air conditioner includes an eco-friendly timer that can turn the unit off at night, providing energy savings as well as helping to control your utility bill. Also, because the filter is washable as well as reusable, you can keep this air conditioner well maintained from season to season without the added expense of purchasing new filters.

When the unit is in sleep mode, the temperature adjusts automatically to provide you the optimal level of cooling, allowing you to achieve a good night’s rest. Finally, the oscillating fan includes three speeds, providing you an extra level comfort and control.


  • LED remote control
  • clip-on drain hose
  • 12-month warranty for parts and labor
  • fits narrow and wide windows
  • compatible with sliding and hung windows
  • built-in wheels for easy portability
  • temperature can be set anywhere between 62 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit


  • may be noisy for some users

2) Ivation 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Standout Feature: In addition to the built-in water tank, this unit also includes an option for continuous drainage.

[image code=”B07RG5SZ99″]

With up to 500 square feet of cooling power, you can enjoy quick relief from the heat with this portable air conditioner form Ivation. There are five operating modes that provide you the ability to achieve the perfect level of comfort–no matter the season. For instance, the dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, making even the most humid days comfortable. However, on days when you just need a bit of a breeze, you can set the fan to one of the three available speeds. Finally, on days in which you need instant relief from the heat, all you need to do is push the turbo button, and this air conditioner will immediately start cooling the room.

In terms of size, this air conditioner boasts a sleek design for any room size. For instance, it is a mere 29 inches tall, 14.5 inches deep, and 17.5 inches wide. Simply put, it packs a lot of cooling power into a small space.

In terms of ease of operation, the included remote control gives you convenient access to all the features from across the room, allowing you the ability to make quick adjustments without having to interrupt what you are doing.

A main highlight of this portable air conditioner is the control panel. The touch-control panel provides you with a variety of options to ensure you can easily individualize your cooling experience. For example, you can adjust the temperature to reflect either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Additionally, you can easily switch through five different modes and use the timer to help keep your electricity bills under control. Interestingly, the fan is located on top off the unit, which helps to direct the air upwards, a design that helps cool the air more efficiently. The fan vent is also adjustable, allowing you to find the best angle for your cooling needs.

In terms of installation, this unit comes complete with a universal window kit that fits most horizontal and vertical window openings up to 58 inches. For safety, you can install the security brackets to make sure the window cannot be opened from the outside.

To help you keep your room continuously cool, you can opt to use the auto button, which automatically keeps the temperature below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, for a quiet night’s sleep, you can turn on the sleep feature. When the air conditioner is set to sleep mode, the temperature is maintained while the fan remains on low, which helps to minimize any unwanted noise.


  • caster wheels
  • remote control: batteries included
  • drain bucket
  • easy installation
  • venting kit
  • child lock


  • higher humidity requires frequent bucket emptying

3) Whynter ARC-14S Portable Air Conditioner

Standout Feature: Expertly designed, the dual hose allows this unit to quickly cool your room. Additionally, the auto drain incorporates advanced technology that recycles the moisture collected by the unit during the cooling process and uses that moisture to then continue cooling the air.

[image code=”B0028AYQDC”]

Most air conditioners work well. This one, however, has won awards. For instance, it is the recipient of Good Housekeeping’s 2019 award for best air conditioner. It also received the 2019 highest score from Consumer Reviews. Simply put, the ARC-14S portable air conditioner from Whynter is famous for its ability to cool a room faster than most any other portable air conditioner on the market. With three modes of operation, you can cool, dehumidify, or add a nice cooling breeze via the fan to any room up to 500 square feet.

In terms of air quality, the ARC-14S comes with a washable pre-filter as well as an activated carbon air filter for an extra level of air filtration, so you can be sure you are breathing clean air as you remain cool and comfortable. Also, because this unit operates at a noise level of less than 56 decibels, you will not be disturbed by excess noise during the day or night.

With 101 pints of daily dehumidifying power, your room will stay comfortably cool even on the most humid of days. You can also enjoy an extra level of cooling control via the 24-hour programmable timer. For instance, you can set the air conditioner to turn on before you arrive home, allowing you to quickly and reliably escape the heat of the outdoors. Of course, you can also set it to turn off at night to help keep your electric bill manageable.


  • GREEN R-410A refrigerant: CFC free
  • lead free
  • easy installation
  • automatically re-starts following power outage
  • programmable timer
  • 61 degrees to 89 degrees Fahrenheit thermostatic control
  • auto drain


  • may be noisy for some users

4) DELLA 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Standout Feature: You can also enjoy this unit during the winter months with the included 11,000 BTU heater. Designed to heat a room between 350 and 500 square feet, this unit will warm your room such that you never feel a chill.

[image code=”B07GHZRQ29″]

The portable air conditioner from Della provides 14,000 BTUs of cooling power and is a perfect match for cooling rooms measuring between 550 and 700 square feet. It is also a multi-functional air conditioner that allows you to remain comfortable in any season. For instance, in addition to cooling capabilities during the summer heat, the choice between three fan speeds means you can easily keep your room comfortable during the spring and fall seasons. Additionally, the built-in dehumidifier helps to prevent mold and bacteria from growing during the most humid times of the year.

One of the main highlights is the self-evaporating feature. This advanced technology means that you will most likely never need to empty the bucket. Additionally, the built-in dehumidifier eliminates up to 157 pints every 24 hours. There is also a continuous drain option that supports extended periods of operation and does not require monitoring.

The user-friendly LED display makes operating this unit quite simple. You can choose among a variety of options to control such things as temperature, fan speed, and blowing direction. You can also use the timer to turn the unit on and off at predetermined times within a 24-hour period. While this is a convenient feature, it should also be noted that programming the timer will ensure that you do not exceed your monthly utility budget.

In terms of mobility, this air conditioner incorporates caster wheels with integrated carrying handles, allowing you to easily maneuver this unit to any spot within the room.


  • remote control
  • noise level 51 decibels
  • temperature range 64 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • three-step installation


  • installation difficulty with certain sliding windows

5) Honeywell Condition MN12CES

Standout Feature: The innovative dual filtration filters a variety of unwanted items, such as pet dander, hair, and dust. In addition to keeping the air clean, the filters help extend the life of the unit. Finally, to clean the filters, all you have to do is run clean water through them.

[image code=”B008UHXLGA”]

With 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, the portable air conditioner from Honeywell is a perfect choice for cooling rooms up to 450 square feet. This three-in-one unit includes cooling capabilities, a dehumidifier, and a fan to keep you cool and dry no matter the outside temperature or humidity level. Additionally, this unit includes 6,500 BTUs of heating power to keep you warm throughout the winter.

The front-facing control panel, a unique feature of the Honeywell Classic Series of portable air conditioners, allows you to easily view the settings from across the room. Additionally, choosing your desired settings is made easy with the exclusive feather-touch operation of the control panel.

To increase your level of comfort, the vertical louvers move automatically to help distribute cool or warm air throughout the room in a more even and consistent manner. In terms of safety, the MN12CES includes a thermal overload feature for both the motor and compressor, providing an extra level of protection for both you and the air conditioning unit. Finally, the dual motor delivers an extremely hushed operation. In fact, even at the highest fan speed, this unit will only reach 54 decibels, which is a noise level similar to a conversation between two people.

In terms of humidity, this air conditioner features auto evaporation, which means you will likely never need to empty the bucket. In addition, the dehumidifier eliminates up to 69 pints of water from the air every 24 hours and comes with a continuous drain option to allow the unit to continue to work unattended over an extended period of time.


  • washable dust filtration
  • 12-month warranty
  • compatible with vertical and horizontal windows
  • continuous drain option removes 69 pints per 24 hours
  • includes window installation kit
  • option to select dual drainage


  • continuous drainage hose not included

Other Air Conditioner Brands to Consider

Haier portable air units have mixed reviews. Most customers seem to be satisfied with their air conditioners. Units vary in price, which depends on how well the air conditioner will cool area space. A good place to start a search for more information about their line of products is the Amazon website.

Koldfront air conditioners have many positive reviews. Customers claim they’re easy to set up to use. They say the machines cool rooms efficiently. The units operate quietly while providing the correct comfort level for the space being cooled.

KwiKool portable units are manufactured for larger commercial settings. KwiKool’s line of products is more expensive due to being used more in business environments where they are used to cool electrical equipment inside rooms. Many reviewers claim the machines are both powerful and last for years.

LG portable air conditioners have many positive reviews. Customers like the easy set up with the units. They praise the price and cooling efficiency of the portable air conditioner models. Some customer complaints claim the units are noisy to operate.

Frigidaire portable air conditioners have tons of reviews. Many of the Frigidaire units are easy to use and cool efficiently. Prices vary on their models, which depends on what size unit and type of machine purchased.

EdgeStar sells many varieties of portable air units in different sizes and BTU levels. They have many reviews on how great their products work. They like the prices and durability of the units.