The world in this century as we know it is experiencing a high surge in technological advancement. While this technology makes life easier and less stressful, it doesn’t come without a price to pay i.e., the high increment in the rate and sources of traffic pollution, especially emissions from vehicles; hence the need for the best air purifier for traffic pollution.

Air purifiers in busy roads are specifically for traffic population due to their ability to properly filter particles released with a car exhaust fume.  When stuck in traffic, most times there is a large tendency of smoke and other substances harmful to human health, accumulating in the air. This is why you should not be ignorant of how to filter air pollution in a congested traffic.

The best air purifier for pollution is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filter air purifier, this is so due to its ability to deal with the particles released with exhaust fumes of cars.  Hepa purifiers also have an added carbon filter to ensure gases from the exhaust do not remain in the atmosphere to be breathed in. This helps to prevent against any sort of cardiorespiratory infection and any other forms of allergy in the air.

How to filter air pollution caused by busy road traffic 

Hepa is actually a type of air filter or cleaner which works by arresting or absorbing particles out of the air. It is only the most efficient form of purifier that can cleanse the pollutants of exhaust fumes found in the air.

Basically, most HEPA filtration works according to the combination of any 3 of the 4 mechanisms listed below

  • Diffusion:
  • Interception
  • Impaction and
  • Electrostatic attraction

The first phase of this filtration consists of the pre-filter which is responsible for removing most of the larger specks of dust and minute pollen particles from the air. Then the HEPA filters out the finest particles which was lucky to pass through the pre-filter, thereby removing almost 99.97% of these pollutants.

In essence, if we are to talk about how to filter air or traffic pollution from car exhaust in a busy road, we would simply say it is by making use of air purifier with the HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. This two filter has a way of automatically filtering pollutants in the form of pollens and gases.

After using Hepa to filter pollutant out or the air, you may start to wonder if it’s safe for the health. Yes, HEPA unlike ionizers or ozonizers are very safe and the chances of allergies or asthma is very rare.

Attributes to consider when choosing the best air purifier for car pollution

  • Portability:

The first thing to think when selecting your car purifier for traffic pollution is the portability. Most vehicles are not as big as a room, hence the need for a smaller air cleaner. In fact, it must come in handy in such a way that the car movement doesn’t affect its stability in your vehicle.

  • Air contamination removal capacity:

One of the primary attribute to bear in mind when choosing the best traffic air purifier in a polluted atmosphere, is its ability to deal with the contaminations released from pollutants.

Firstly, there are tiny particles that are released from the exhaust fumes of cars in traffic zones, and for these particles to be successfully filtered off, the air purifier must contain a HEPA filter.

The next type of air contamination to be dealt with are gases released from exhaust fumes such as Nitrogen Dioxide, these are actually more difficult to filter out because they are not particles and cannot be trapped in the HEPA filter. The molecules of gases are so small that they go through the HEPA filter easily and unobstructed. To remove these gases, the air filter you go for must also contain an activated carbon filter.

Activated Carbon filters are the only types that can absorb harmful gases. You should beware, however, because many air purifiers which claim to have these filters inside has just a little amount activated and isn’t really efficient in dealing with the gases.

In summary, for a purifier to be considered as a HEPA, it must be able to filter 99.97% of particles that have a greater size ≥ 0.3µm.  This is one of the considerations for picking our best air purifier for car pollution.

  • Design:

Another thing to consider when making a choice on the type of air purifier for traffic pollutions is the design and portability. The design of the air cleaner should be pleasant and add a decorative factor when placed in your vehicle, in such a way that it can confidently be displayed instead of having to be removed and kept at various locations.

It should also be really small in size for an easy handle and convenience, mobility is also a factor to consider because it would be better if your air purifier could be removed and fixed at any time as opposed to being attached permanently.

  • Made of top quality base materials:

The base material used in making an air Purifier must be one which can absorb pollutants from the air in an efficient manner. For example, air cleaners with pleated paper as their base would not be a good option to go for because the pleated paper does very little to absorb pollutants from the air unlike air purifiers made with polyester as their base, which absorbs pollutants easily.

  • Filter quality:

The filter of the Air purifier must be such that after absorbing pollutants, it keeps them trapped and not re-release them into the air. For excellent filtering attributes, a sticky adhesive is mostly used in order to ensure that particles absorbed are not going to come back to bite you. The filter should also be able to a trap and contain nasty odors, it does this mostly using a particular carbon layer that absorbs smells and purifies them.

  • Extra-value qualities:

Depending on your choice of preference, you could go for air purifiers with low noise of operation for comfort or decide to get one with an easy to disassemble body, for the sake of replacing the filters in the future. There are so many other qualities that you check out before getting an Air purifier based on design, most of them are stated in the product description.

Top products in best air purifier for traffic pollution

1) Wynd personal Air Purifier – Most Efficient

best air purifier for traffic pollution
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This is by far the best air filtering device I have encountered. What prompt me to check this out at first is the feature of its connectivity to my android phone; on which the app can tell the quality of air I am breathing in and out.

I then found out that It is also very portable. Wynd essentially contains a medical grade filter based on the materials, weighs less than a pound and having a size of a travel coffee mug that can be controlled remotely from the Wynd app on my mobile phone.

I am in this best position to testify to this product because I live in a garden level apartment with such a multiple numbers of allergies. Wynd actually started with fixing the smell around after which I noticed a change in my sleeping pattern

Wynd air purifier with its quality tracker works really well, the air quality tracker is very portable that it can be easily carried around.


  • medical grade filter,
  • rapid cleaning and long battery life,
  • lightweight,
  • smart air purifier
  • very durable


  • it’s a bit expensive compared to others,
  • only a 1-year warranty

 3) Exemplife Car Air Purifier – portable and useful

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This product can effectively remove airborne particles like dust, pollen, smoke, and PM2.5 Dill Harmful bacteria by generating a safe amount of ozone. It also comes with a dual USB port for charging of devices.

its remove the odor just like other products do, but it also charges phone too. It’s an amazing two in one product. My wife’s car doesn’t stink of fast food anymore, neither does it have a fake smell, it’s just natural.

A friend of mine that smokes a lot in his car opted for this product and couldn’t stop saying it’s by far the best. He added that it has an aftershave splash that freshens the air. It is adjustable and it does not emit heat at all.


  • it is handy with a very beautiful design
  • absorbs odors efficiently
  • it is maintenance free.


  • it cannot withstand high temperatures.
  • The Smell of aftershave doesn’t last

4) IeGeek Car Air Purifier – Best filter purifier

Check the price of this product

With hepa filter and activated carbon filters, this device is designed to utilize a triple-level filtration technology in removing of all harmful particles, food or pet smells lingering in your car’s interior.

It also comes with two aroma pieces with one already placed in the machine, a non- slip mat, USB cable, Car charger, and an English manual.

I have been testing this air purifier for two weeks now and although there have been smokes in my car, this gadget has helped keep the car smelling of its fragrance in the vehicle. But if you actually don’t like the follow come fragrance, you can replace or remove it.

The most astonishing part of ieGeek is its capability to suck in the dust. Although it’s not extremely powerful but it does sucks dust more than any of the other purifier.


  • it contains a HEPA and Activated carbon filter and also
  • it comes with many other useful accessories on the purchase.


  • it’s a bit expensive
  • comes with a 1-year warranty which is low when compared to other purifiers

5) Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier – Best Technology

Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier - Best Technology
Check the price of this product

This is the most technologically advanced air cleaner in the market for pollution. It comes with a remote control. It makes use of wifi for connection to phones.

It has an auto function that constantly monitors the air quality which then increases or decreases the fan as needed. But it also has a night mode that when switched to, would slow down the fan at night to the least quietness.

Durability is actually not ascertained yet but Dyson has proven over years to produce an only durable product. In short, its worth the money.

In short, Dyson is not recommended for use in the car but rather for those that reside close to a busy road with traffic congestion of likely air pollution from exhaust fumes


  • Automated controls and shut off
  • Dual functionality with pre-filter before Hepa filter
  • 10 airspeed settings


  • Expensive

Bottom line : Best Air purifier for car pollution

All the reviewed product are best for traffic pollution but the list wouldn’t be complete without including Dyson air purifier. That is why it was included after all.

Dyson is the best of them all when it comes to picking the best technology oriented to fight traffic pollution but it fails the use in car. its actually meant for residential areas closer to busy road that is often traffic congested

When it comes to the most efficient and user-friendly air purifier, I would advise you to go for the Wynd Personal Air purifier because it contains all that’s required for ease and maximization of equipment. Its our overall best air purifier for car pollution because it pass all the considerations for picking the best purifier for traffic congestion

For budget-friendly users, you are advised to go for the FRiEQ air purifier, as it would perform a decent job, though not like the wynd.

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