Air purifiers at first glance don’t look like it worth it, and most times their effect are underemphasized. Also, those air pollutions seem like little or no problem but affect our health significantly. This brings to light the importance of an air purifier and their function in ensuring a safe atmosphere, and to go a step further, knowing the affordable best air purifier for the price under $100.

Knowing about air purifiers is one thing, but when it comes to choosing the best air purifier in the market, it can be challenging to find one that passes the test of efficiently cleaning the air, has fair size, and most importantly falls within your budget range. This is why we have decided to write this article, as it would serve as a guide to educating and ultimately helping you pick the most suitable best air purifier under $100.

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Are air purifiers a waste of money?

You might have been wondering whether air purifiers are worth the investment costs, and how effective they are in actually doing what they have been designed to do or what the manufacturers claim they do. This might have to lead you to the question “are air purifiers a waste of money?”  Answering briefly, they are not a waste of money.

So far you can invest in the proper type of air purifier with the appropriate treatment and filters, there’s always a response through the performance of the device in eliminating air contaminants.

A good air purifier eliminates pollution and contaminants in your home, but you must first know the type of pollution you want to address to purchase the right product for your needs. Generally, pet fur, dust, odor, pollen, and bacteria are the most common contaminants.  Later in this article, We would also consider some qualities to look for in any best affordable air purifier.

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How much do air purifiers cost?

Air purifiers cost generally are dependent on the design, but you should know that even after first investment cost (varies depending on the design and size of the machine), there are still operational fees majorly due to the need to replace the HEPA filters occasionally, and also cost arising from energy bills.

If the air purifier breaks down, parts replacements also cost a few bucks depending on the type of air purifier, and this cost could add up leading to a significant sum. Therefore, you should put all these into considerations before purchasing an air purifier.

The device cost is dependent on the size and the area of coverage it is designed to operate. Basic air purifiers cost an average of $145-$150, while more advanced ones are placed at around $255-$325.

The best and most advanced air purifiers would cost from $450 upwards. Installation costs are also separate and are about $150-$175 for basic installation, $190-$220 for more advanced, and $250-$390 for the most advanced types.

In all, there are devices out there that goes for awesomely affordable prices less than $100 that would adequately suit your needs.

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Qualities to consider before purchasing affordable best air purifier under $100

  • CADR rating and AAFA/AHMA certified

The clean air delivery rate (CADR) is administered by the association of home appliance manufacturers (AHAM) after they’ve carried out independent tests on air purifiers to check the rate at which they can remove particles from the air. The higher the CADR number, the better the device and a rating of 350 and above speaks of excellence, while 100 below signifier an inferior device. The score can be found on the box of any AHAM approved device.

  • True HEPA/ three-layer filter:

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are designed with a sticky membrane that captures up to 99.97% of particles and particles as small as 0.3microns. They are the best for efficient capture of micro particles such as pet dander, pollen, mold, smoke, etc. some devices are built with several filter layers, for more effectiveness.

It is mostly designed with a three-layer system which are the pre-filter, secondary filter and HEPA filter. The pre-filter acts as first step protection to the HEPA filter, retaining large particles, and only letting microns’ particles through, while the secondary filters (mostly made with charcoal) are designed to deal with gases and odors that are too small for the HEPA filter to catch.

  • Ease of use:

we recommend you go for an air purifier that wouldn’t cause much stress and money during usage. There are several factors to consider like how often you need to clean or replace the filter (of course how expensive the filter replacements are too), the automatic features built in the device, and cost in the long run (including extra expenses from increased energy bill).

  • The noise made by the fan:

Most electronic air purifiers makes use of a fan in an attempt to draw in air into the device, passing it through the HEPA filter for purification purposes. These motors/fans are mostly really loud and could cause quite a bit of noise in the home, although there are much more quiet models. If you value quietness, then you should purchase the less noisy ones.

  • Area of coverage:

Depending on how large the room you intend using it is, you should purchase a device of equivalent capacity. Generally, the larger the device, the bigger the area it can serve efficiently.

  • Size/portability:

Of course you should purchase a device that can be quickly moved around the home, depending on your needs as they arise. Always check the dimensions and weight of the machine to know if it is portable, and whether it can fit into tight spaces where it might be placed in the home.

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Best Affordable best air purifier for the price under $100

1) Levoit LH-H132 Air Purifier

Special Features: 3 Stage filteration system, unique size, 3 speed settings and affordable relacement filter.

best air purifier for the price
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This is a pretty small and portable device, shaped like a cylinder with the filtered air exit point all round at the top, allowing for even distribution. It also has a cool light indicator at the top when powered on, which gives a touch of beauty and lights up your path. It could be easily placed on a nightstand or a side table.

The device is built to be small enough to be out of the way, but large enough to make a telling impact in the air quality of your room; it is a bit noisy in operation depending on your ear sensitivity due to the white noise it releases (humming sound). It is built with a three-stage filtration level; a true HEPA filter, secondary filter and carbon filter for dealing with odors. The filters last really long before there is a need for change (about 6-12 months).

The device is very convenient to use although the blue light might be a source of discomfort to light sleepers, and it really has cheap filter replacement which is around $15. We highly recommend it as one of the best air purifiers for the price.


  • 3-stage filtration system (pre-filter, hepa filter, carbon filter),
  • long lasting filter.


  • not very effective against odors,
  • only suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

2) AeraMax 100 Air Purifier

Special features: Odor eliminator,  Four stage filteration, aerasmart sensor and auto settings

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This is a tower-shaped air purifier that only stretches a few feet above the ground with the control soft buttons located at the front part of the device. Its slim structure helps it fit easily into tight spaces, with a lightweight and portability that ensures you never find moving it around difficult.

The main catch of this device is the auto-sensing and operation where you can see the switching between fan speeds depending on the contamination level of the air in the surrounding. It also comes with 4-stage filtration levels (true HEPA filter, charcoal filter, pre-filter, and an ionizer) that ensures air released is decontaminated adequately due to the presence of a true HEPA filter.

There is also a built-in ionization field function for killing particles smaller than 0.3microns although it can be turned off if you prefer not to use it for health reasons. The device also releases no noise at the lowest level but could become a bit noisy at higher fan speeds


  • True HEPA filter and carbon filter,
  • 4-stage filtration process,
  • automatic sensor,
  • AHMA certified.


  • suitable for small sized rooms only.

3) Germguardian AC4825 Air Purifier

Special Features: UV-C light technology, Filter Replacement Indicator with true HEPA filter

best air purifier for the price
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The germguardian like the aeramax 100, is a slim shaped air purifier and although smaller, it is built to be space efficient therefore can be placed in tight spaces in the home. With this device, the movement to where it’s needed is not a problem.

This air purifier is built with a UV-C function that deals microparticles in the atmosphere that is too small to be captured by the HEPA filter (like dust mites), the UV light is really bright and can be a bit of disturbance at night. It operates quietly, although it releases white noise that isn’t suitable for light sleepers. The replacement filters are also cheap to purchase and needs to be replaced every 8-10 months.

The device is worth it for the price it goes for, and it is AHMA certified, ensuring its effectiveness in purifying the surrounding air.


  • AHMA certified,
  • UV-C function,
  • high CADR


  • suitable for small sized room only.

4) Hamilton beach air purifier

Special Features: Zeolite technology, vacuum clean, HEPA filter and replaceable carbon zeolite filter

Best air purifier for Nursery
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It is medium sized but portable, and is a controlled with a knob at the top. It is quite easy to take apart and clean when necessary. Its average size means there isn’t a need for creating particular space at home to occupy the device, and the air outlet design allows for the device to be placed horizontally or vertically.

There is also two zeolite filters (for odors) and permanent filters built within, means you wouldn’t have to worry about frequent purchasing of new filters, which therefore saves you from future expenses.

The devices work great, and at the lowest setting releases a white noise which could help in fostering a sound sleep or create disturbance depending on your preference. Although the manufacturer claims the permanent filters are HEPA enabled, it has proved ineffective against most of the particles a proper HEPA filter would filter.

Therefore we advise you to purchase a real HEPA filter that fits into the device, as its structure is easily rigged.

In all, it is an excellent product at the price it gives for and could instantly make an impact in a room of about 15 x 20 feet, clearing it of dander and odors with acceptable effectiveness.


  • permanent filters
  • zeolite technologies


  • AHMA certified,
  • No True hepa filter.

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Final Verdict: Best Affordable air purifier for the price under $100

The Levoit LH-H132 Air Purifier is the most recommended due to the three-stage effective filtration system and its ease of mobility around the home, and it offers the best out there at the price it goes for. The filters are also pretty cheap to purchase.

While the AeraMax 100 Air Purifier comes out next due to it possessing a 4-stage filtration system that includes an ionizer option, ionizers are more effective in dealing with particles that escape the HEPA filter. The device also has an automatic sensor that regulates the fan speed according to the level of contamination in the atmosphere.

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